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Friday, October 30, 2009


Dear Diary:
I woke up with a headache today, so you will have to bear with me.
I'm even more bitchy than usual... and that is saying a lot. A Lot.
So yesterday was an interesting day in Robsten land.
Rob and Kristen were actually photographed at the airport.
Nothing incredibly exciting...
except the fact that they were together.


Yeah... the 'NONstens' out there like to try and
deflect anything that remotely looks like Rob and Kristen are together.
But the fact of the matter is... they are ALWAYS together.
You can't deny it.
No matter what you want to believe?
You have to accept that they like each other.
Now... I always take everything I read with a big ol' chunk of salt...
because you just never know where people are getting their 'facts'...
if they are even facts at all.

But even Lainey (who is not a Rob fan...
but seems to be a Kristen fan... so she gets some points)
had written that Rob waited FOUR hours
until Kristen was done with her filming...
So they could fly back to LAX together.


Getting the drift, people?
And while Rob and Kristen go out of their way
NOT to be pictured together

(and I don't blame them for that)
They also go out of their way to be where the other one is.

Everyone sees what they want to see...
Believes what they want to believe.
I get it.
But the 'evidence' keeps piling up...
And the proof of that?
How upset and distraught Nonstens get over all of it.
Some smile on the outside

"As long as Rob is happy"

But they are fucking seething on the inside.
And then of course...
There are those who just flat out hate Kristen.
I'm not sure what the excuses are for why
Robert is always hanging out with Kristen...

"People fly on the same plane doesn't mean they are in love"

"I hang out with my coworkers 24/7 too!"

Blah Blah Blah.

People who continually turn up in the same place...
again and again...
With the same person...

I know...
It's a bitter pill to swallow for some...
But that's what happens when you
just cannot accept what is right in front of you.

Oh. And there was some 'new' interview with Kristen...
Where she was asked if she was with Rob...
and she said no.
Yeah. When did she do this interview?
When was the last time she answered questions about Rob?
But if you need to glom onto that?
I understand...
I do.
But I think you had better hang on tight...
I don't think you will enjoy what is coming up next.


Kristen in L.A.
If I were her? I would be smiling too...
I'm guessing she has a lot to smile about.
I love Kristen smiling.

I love Kristen.

I just added this picture to the post...
Cuz we haven't seen a recent picture of Robert in a while.
Positives? He's wearing the beanie, sunglasses and
a shirt that is buttoned incorrectly. Again.
Negatives? That jacket.
It makes the Brown Bubble Jacket look attractive.
I love his sense of ... style?
I just love him. Period. The end.

One more thing.
There is a video of Rob and Kristen in the airport.
(Yeah, I hate those things, too...
but someone told me to watch this one)
And Kristen is walking behind Rob...

1. So they aren't in the same picture.

2. So maybe Rob will deflect most of the attention from Kris

In the video Rob turns around and looks for her...
I went Awwwwwwww...

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

you are soooo right!

loveactually said...

My heart is so full today. They are done...finally done filming the first 3 movies they originally signed on to do. Hell even Lainey threw in the towel a bit. Kristen's smile returning home was priceless..her face just lit up. After this next few weeks of promo they will have a well deserved break from the Twi saga.

I love Rob and Kris both...individually and together...and I love your blog.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much. I love Kristen Stewart. She's awesome.

Tanya said...

Thank you [as always but in specific here]. I have been saying since last April [and the late night cab rides and the Sam Bradley gig and when K was supposedly still w/ MA], "If they aren't together... then why are the ALWAYS together?"

Now the only time they AREN'T together is when they film on separate projects... Love it [I do], hate it [there are certainly those], it is what it is.

Thanks for your blog -

Anonymous said...

Awww, your blogs are always so sweet. I agree with everything you said, and I loved that Rob turned around to look for Kris. We'd all better prepare for a bumpy ride over the next month or so; gossip is going to fly. Hearts. :)

Cat said...

Sometimes after joining the mile high club your just in too much a hurry to worry about if you buttoned your shirt correctly.... haha.

I lurve rob.

I lurve kristen.

I lurve Robsten.

Ever said...

I adore you. You make so much sense.

Anonymous said...

i adore your blog. so much sweetness and honesty. i visit daily and when i'm having a bad day like today, its the best medicine.

keep on keepin on bb. <3

Anonymous said...

Amen bb..love you.

Anonymous said...

That was another fantastic entry! So true, loved it, I always do :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with e/m. Seriously. I've always stated I'm kind of an e/m girl with these two. Just because prior to getting together, I believed Rob to be as serious as a heart attack for her, and knew that if Kristen were to ever give up and give in, it would be a VERY serious thing for her too. So when I realized they were together, it didn't take much for me to climb on board the e/m train. But as someone said, they've been together non-stop since mid-late summer, they've spent the last 3 mos. together night and day, and the day after the film wraps and they fly outta Van city, where are they??? Together again - together right now (according to x17, who claim to be there with them now..stalkerish as that might sound). So yeah. Come on. COME. ON. Even a blind man. Even a blind and deaf man. Even a blind, deaf and mute man orbiting the earth for the last 6 mos. could see what this is. Let me put it another way - if Rob had flown home to the UK, and Kris had gone back to the 'rents or her pad in L.A. - or even IF Rob had stayed in L.A. and we hadn't seen them together for several days, I STILL wouldn't consider them not together, but the FACT is they are together RIGHT NOW, not even one day after leaving Van city together. COME. ON. Hahaha. loves it!

Anonymous said...

Rose i have to say that i prefer when u r bitchy.Why? I love it, bc u r so inspired.

""People fly on the same plane doesn't mean they are in love"

"I hang out with my coworkers 24/7 too!"

Blah Blah Blah.

People who continually turn up in the same place...
again and again...

With the same person...



Of course they wasted no time, they're going to spend some time far awayfrom each other, so WTF they wouldn't spend their time together and enjoying it? Guys this is called LOVE.When u love someone and is reciprocal it's normal u want to be with your beloved.As u can see the feeling they share is strong/beautiful/amazing/natural/pure and magic.What's your problem? Why can't they date, be in love? PLEASE GET A LIFE. It's obvious they are a PERFECT COUPLE <3 SOUL MATES. JUST ACCEPT IT. I BELIEVE THEIR LOVE BUBBLE!!! IF U DON'T... WHO CARES???!!!

Sorry, i know is your blog, but i'm bitchy today too.