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Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 19- Rob is Torturing Me...

Why don't you just fucking rip my heart
out of my chest...
and punch it and stomp on it?
Yeah, go ahead...
You might as well...
How the fuck am I supposed to even come
close to being able to watch this movie...
When the fucking pictures slay my ass.
Slay. My. Ass.
Look at his face...
I FEEL Edwards pain.
And right now my stomach is bunched
into the tightest knot you can imagine.
I'm doomed.
Doomed, I tell ya.

Kristen going back to Vancouver.
I fucking HATE these pictures.
And although some might say
I'm being a bit hypocritical in posting it...
I say this...
I didn't fucking chase her and take this picture.
I didn't fucking sell this picture.
I didn't fucking buy this picture.
All I can do is look at it
and get pissed off at the way
celebrities are treated by the Paps.
Fucking wrong.
I know if I were there...
I would have been shouting
(and I have a loud shouting voice)
I mean... look at her face.
She's miserable.
Don't these people see the person?
Don't they see how what they are doing...
is affecting another human being?
How can they look through their camera lens...
and not feel sadness...
at what they are causing?
I don't fucking get it.
Stupid fuckers.
Leave her alone.
And while you're at it
Leave Rob alone too.

How can you not love this picture?
Well... I do.
For obvious reasons.
Rob and Kristen
smiling... being playful...
(and please don't tell me that the photographer
told her to stick her finger in his ear)
The Vanity Fair photo shoot
is just about the most
fuck awesomest
(OK, awesomest isn't a word....
But I kinda like it)
Bunch of pictures EVER.
(and lets not forget about the awesomest video)
I never get tired of looking at these pics.
I never get tired of seeing Rob and Kristen.

Bye for now

* I was going to apologize for the excessive cursing...
But what the fuck?


kr said...

I love them so much. They are so beautiful together.

Anonymous said...

love it ;-) so true everything you are saying and that first picture of Rob and kristen also kills me...Oh Rob why do you have to look so fucking HOT....

Mrs. Robward said...

In pic #1 how does she refrain from lickin his chest, i mean srsly!

In pic #3, finger in ear, she must have an ear fetish, She does this alot =] (I bet she can't help it)

Mrs. Robward

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the movie :)

and I just realized, there wont be a new vampire diaries this week.... bummer.... its a re-run.

anyways, I was just reading this fan-fiction and i got lost in train of though (i re-read the same sentence 5 x's) and it all the sudden hit me... I feel so bad for Rob, think about it... when it comes to love, or relationships, paps screw everything up.

Im sure (besides them denying) that him and Kristen are together. its so obvious... But it doesnt matter who he's dating, they are going to get picked apart. Imagine being Kristen right now. She has to be really strong... esp if they werent dating, to see her face on mags, and websites, and blogs and pretty muched being bashed to tiny versions that arent even her at all. To have all that judgement on her. Seriously, I give her major props. she is so strong (not that we didnt know that) but Im getting off subject, what Im trying to get at is...

imagine being Rob. How much he probably carries around for causing all that judgment simply for just wanting to be around a person. How much it probably effect who he talks to because he doesnt want them to get hurt by all that. How horrible. all that responsibility he carries around making sure he isnt hurting people. I wish people would stop being so critcal, not because were just hurting Kristen, but also cause I'm sure its hurting Rob just as much. Imagine having to feel like you had to give up of friendships, love and even family simply b/c you had to protect them, you were scared theyre faces would be plastered on websites and mags, and made fun of. The people who mean so much to him. It would kill me to see people I love being made fun of... reminds me of the time I came home upset because some kids made fun of me on the Bus, and my mom started crying.... i never got why she cried until it happened to my neice and I balled my eyes out... it hurt me to see people pick apart something that I loved so much and make them feel like they were nothing when to me they were everything. Imagine feeling like you caused that pain on a person because you loved them and wanted to be around them.... uhhh, it gets me upset thinking about it.

Sorry I wrote so much. I know you all have probably thought it already. But reading this fan fiction story really made me cringe when it made me look at it from a different perspective.

Anonymous said...

i love the fact you curse a lot

imloco2 said...

No worries. Sometimes (good times and bad) you just have to cuss. LOL

But, really, the pic of Edward is enough to break your heart before you step foot in a theater. How people can say Rob is wooden is beyond me. There is a wealth of feeling in his face all the time, including the movie. This pic is breaking my heart for sure!

VF shoot is one of a kind. I honestly don't see how it can ever be beat. This is just another awesome hot moment. Michael had to know the writing was on the wall after all this.

And I really need for them to pass a law or enforce the existing ones to keep the paps at a safe distance. It's insane to let them gang up on a person shouting and snapping pictures. I want them to leave Rob and Kris alone, heck not just them either, but I know they won't unless someone makes them stop. God, someone please make them stop!