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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 14- Kristen Swears. Rob is Sex.

Thank God for pictures like this.
Because looking at Rob...
Looking like this...
Saves my fucking sanity.
Can he look any fucking sexier?
Can he?
No... he can't.

I was going through my emails last night
and I had a couple of real charming
(if charming is like getting stabbed in the eye)
letters from really nice people...
(if nice is like getting stabbed in the other eye)

"When are you going to accept that there is no Robsten? You Robstenners are all the same. You twist and turn everything around to fit your delusion. Did you ever ask yourself why you are so invested in Rob and Spew being together? Why do you care so much? All the manips and videos aren't going to change a thing. You can try and read into the pictures of Rob and Spew all you want. It doesn't matter. If you ask me Rob and Spew are miserable together. Everytime you see a picture of them Spew is putting on her best bitchface. Spew is just bringing Rob down! Even if Rob and Spew are together in any way, its only because they are fuck buddies. Nothing more. Rose, you are so pathetic. You must lead a very lonely sad life. All you have is your silly blog that means nothing. I feel sorry for you. Go find some ice cream and eat all your Robsten frustrations away. It must suck to be fat and ugly and so wrong about Rob."

Dear Anon~ Wow. So much emotion, and all for me!
Should I feel honored?
Well, to be honest, I just feel sorry. For You.
I don't have a 'delusion'. I have an opinion...
You ask me why I care so much about Rob and Kristen being together...
I ask you the same thing.
Why do you care so much if Rob and Kristen are together?
And why is it OK for them to be fuckbuddies...
but not have actual feelings for each other?
Thing is... this is my blog.
These are my thoughts. My feelings.
I don't claim to be the Robsten Spokesperson
and speak for the masses.
It's just me.
And yet... You are the one coming to MY blog...
Just to talk shit. Cool.
I've said it once...
I know I will say it a million more times...
I don't have a problem with people
who don't share my opinion.
I welcome it.
Some of my dearest friends don't give a shit about Rob/Kristen.
Some of my dearest friends don't really care for Kristen.
And see... they are still my friends. Why?
Because we respect each other and our right to an opinion.
There will always be that lunatic fringe...
That 5% on both sides of the Robsten debate...
Who ARE scary delusional
That fuck it up for everyone else.
You are in that 5%, Anon.
Way to fucking go.


I'm loving Kristen hard today.
I guess it might even be a bit maternal.
She doesn't need my protection...
But I still want to shield her from all the hate.

Here are a couple of quotes from INTERVIEW magazine...

The first thing I want to say to them is,

“It’s insane! And, as a person, I can’t do anything!”

But then I think to myself,

God damn it, shut the fuck up.

All I’m thinking of is the fact that

everything that I say is going to be criticized—not criticized,

just evaluated and analyzed.

And it’s always something that matters so much

to me that doesn’t come out right.

This is what I love about Kristen.

She's honest. She's true to herself.

And she does care!

Oh. And she curses.

Like a fucking sailor.

Love it.

Love her.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you are so completely right, all of us who love robsten love them for ourself, not for the masses, we speak our opinion not anyone elses. its crazies like that girl that screw it up for everyone else. thank u for telling her off. we greatly appreciate it.

Laura said...

Well said, yet again Rose!!! That anon was fucking ridiculous. Sounds like an 11 year old got ahold of mommy and daddy's computer again...LOL
Thank you for sticking up for Kristen,too. Not many people do that. Seems like the trend is to nit pick EVERY little thing about her and put her down. Sorry, but putting her down won't make Rob like and respect her any less. :)
Great post, bb xoxo

loveactually said...

Hi Rose!

Why must the "ugly" always rear it's head when it comes to Rob and Kristen. And yes it comes from both sides. The topic of Rob and Kris equals adrenaline. Clearly that was an adrenaline filled message. And with all of this adrenaline and these strong "opinions" flung around fans wonder why Kristen runs from the papz and is so guarded when it comes to the things that matter most.

Pretty in Pink anyone? Andie is Kristen and Rob is Blane...and a portion of the fandom act just like Benny and the Ritchie's. LOL!

I'm gonna quote Rob here..
"She is the only person that can relate to me on the same level."

"Yes, we were good friends from the beginning ... I´d like to work with her on other projects too but I don´t think we can now, at least for a while. I think she is the best actress of her generation. And that´s after reading with loads of them recently, haha."

Clearly Kris still holds top spot in his eyes.

But ya know... never mind his clear respect and admiration for her...she can only be his "F" buddy. I'm sure that type of set up is satisfying to soulful intellectual.."where's his heart on his sleeve" Rob. And what was that about YOU being so WRONG about Rob. :D

If that makes some feel better...carry on.

Hey Rose... pass me that ice cream. If you want we can eat some while we watch Pretty In Pink.;)

Anonymous said...

great article on RP and KS http://www.examiner.com/x-23294-Kristen-Stewart-Examiner~y2009m10d14-Team-411-talks-Kristen-Stewart-and-Robert-Pattinson

Cat said...

wow... i cant believe someone actually went out of there way to sound like a retard. haha. Thanks for putting the kid in her place!

Anonymous said...

Snippets from the article linked above :

"We like Rob Pattinson, we’re Team Robsten, and we don’t care if you like Kristen Stewart or not, because this isn’t about liking her, it’s about respecting her."

"Every time someone implies (or in some cases outright says) that Kristen Stewart isn’t good enough for Robert Pattinson, they demean a choice made between mature, consenting adults. Even if you think they’re just good friends, you’re still diminishing the person your idol chooses to spend time with."

And a spot-on from a commentor:

"Sometimes I think that (some) Robert fans think he's stupid. They feel the need to tell him what to do, or they even go out of their ways to make sure he knows he's wrong and that they know who's or what's best for him. They don't realize he's a grown up man. He's completely capable of making his own decisions, and it's their place as fans to respect, if not support, his choices."

kristine.hills said...

I don't know, but all time that i come here and i see how lovely and nice you r supporting this magic couple, i feel like wrinting here and say that you r WOW, no words to describe you...I feel exactly like you, I love and support and of course i pray that they(K/R)stay together forever...sigh... Yes, they don't need we fans say what is or isn't good for them, we are fans and we should be happy with their happiness, just.What's the f* problem with some insane fans? LOVE U Rose.And we support you and this wonderful blog that makes my day every single day!!!

kristine.hills said...

The haters should see/read this article,it's fantastic!!!

imloco2 said...

Someone actually wrote this drivel? For real? I don't get people. At. All. And the lines.."If you ask me Rob and Spew are miserable together. Everytime you see a picture of them Spew is putting on her best bitchface" Wow, what universe that? Everytime I see them together they have a smile on their face. In fact that's about the only time I see them with a smile on their face.

I really don't think people get how serious Kris is about acting and that includes Twilight. Twilight might be cheesy to some and her and Rob might snicker or cringe at some of the stuff privately, but I could tell from Comic Con just how much she is putting into this. Questions that others might give a glib answer to or make a joke about she tried to answer seriously and with great thought. Maybe she's not the best public speaker in front of thousands of shrieking fans who are yelling for her man, but she tries and I think gets an A for effort.

And don't all hollywood people curse like a sailor? She just doesn't pretend that she doesn't. ;)

kristine.hills said...

The VF kiss very clear http://i34.tinypic.com/25693pt.jpg in spain magazine http://robwardandkrisella.blogspot.com/2009/10/el-beso-en-hola-espana.html

Anonymous said...

Rose I read your blog everyday and love it...even if I don't comment. If I miss a couple of days, I make sure I read all the posts that I've missed. Thank you for the effort you put into this blog. As for your email from Anon...incredible what lengths people will go to, to put somebody else down, whilst hiding behind the curtain of anonymity.