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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 8- Kristen Smiles. Rob Moves.

Wild Thing... I think you move me.
but I wanna know for sure...

I'm feeling mixed emotions today.

Another grey cloudy vampire day...

Another day without Rob.

This tiny blog reached 100 followers.

This blog.
I'm... flabbergasted.
Thank you.
And for all the great
and sometimes not so great comments.
I read them all...
And I love you all.

Thank You.

So come on and hold me tight...
You MOVE me.

I think one of my fave looks for Rob..

is where he is wearing sunglasses.
Why is that?
Is it because he's sexy cool?
Is it because I love my sunglasses?
Is it because I'm a delusional lunatic?
All of the above?
Oh hell... Who am I trying to kid?
I love Rob no matter what he's wearing.
Wrinkled, stained shirts...
Pants that look like they were sewn by someone who is all thumbs.
Sex-penders. Beanies.
Nikes, Chucks
The brown bubble jacket...
Even lame baseball hats.
Love you Robert Pattinson.
No matter what.

You already know why she's smiling...

Ahh... Kristen.
She really should smile more...
I think some people would quit
bitching about her
if they saw her smiling...
I know Robert makes her smile.
I've seen her face light up
When she looks at him.
You've seen it, too...

It's a beautiful face.

p.s. I've tried to be positive today.
Not an easy thing for me to do...
You may have noticed that I'm a tad
on the bitchy side...
And I rant... just a bit.
But I can be nice.
I can.
Only for short periods of time...
It's hard work being nice.
And more fun
being a bitch.

Until then:)

Bye for now


Cat said...

I don't know what it is about the sunglasses either... he just looks so darn good...

i agree. its so hard to be nice for long periods of time... but you know, people like bitches... Im constantly surrounded by people who just get entertaining from me... and look you have tons of followers, not to mention the followers such as I who cant be counted for cause I dont have an account.. I still check your blog daily

Trixie said...

My dearest, darling Rosie,

Congratulations on 100 followers!!!

I've loved your blog since the first day I discovered it and I have enjoyed watching it change and grow :)

But most of all, I love you!

BFT! 4evah!

Your biggest fan and first official follower - Trixie

loveactually said...

Hi Rose-
I loved that you quoted Wild Thing because Rob surely does makes our hearts sing.

For Kristen..she smiles alot when her guard is down or when she is inspired. I agree I like Kristen's "look" best when she is looking at Rob. Rob brings out so much in K that she hides inside. For me Rob's best look is the way he looks at Kristen...that look in his eyes...it gets me everytime. When I look at pics of Rob and Kris I see two very in sync people who are more complete when together. Maybe that sounds a bit sappy but that's exactly how I feel.

Congrats on your 100 followers!! I'm glad to be one of them. :)

Anonymous said...

K smiling and smiling and...

...too cute!



janancon said...

congrats on 100 followers I love your blog...... and the sunglasses.......oh yes!

Anonymous said...

Love to see Rob any which way we can get him... and he does make K smile.

K's smiles are elusive but she lights up for him. As he lights up for her.

Am enjoying you from over here... Congrats on 100, you're only gonna grow.

Anonymous said...

vote for Rob: http://www.spike.com/event/scream2009/page/vote/category/33663

Anonymous said...

Please post some of the best pics of Robsten..?

imloco2 said...

Glad to be counted amongst one of the hundred. :) Thank God for Google Alerts or I might not have found you. You are one of my everyday must reads. I like you nice. I like you bitchy. I just like you.

My favorite is still the young seat filler at the teen choice awards who said after observing Rob and Kristen...'Nothing impresses Kristen Stewart, except for Robert Pattinson.' He really makes her laugh and smile and generally seem happier. You can't hate that.