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Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 5- Leave Rob and Kristen ALONE!

Guess what?
I'm annoyed!
I know you're shocked.


1. The biggest punch in the gut?
Watching a video of Rob/Kristen being stalked by
fucking paparazzi.
Yeah... I know I posted a pic of them coming out
of a restaurant..
And now I feel like shit.
It honestly makes me ill...
to not only see these 2 people
being harassed and chased...
But to hear some of the things people
say to them.
It's wrong on so many
motherbitching fucking levels.
And I'm sorry I even watched the video.
Really sorry.
Especially at the part
where Rob and Kristen are waiting at the elevator...
And Rob says "I'm sorry" (to Kristen?)
Now I have no idea what context
that was said...

But my heart broke.
Into pieces.
Because I don't want Rob being all sad.
Fucking sucks.

2. Oh. And.
Some Nonstens blame the paps on Robstens
Robstens want the pictures.
Paps listen to Robstens.
Paps chase Rob and Kristen.


I would rather not see any pics
of Rob and Kristen
outside of professional shoots
and media events.

I would be happy with that.
I don't enjoy seeing him chased through
the streets, and into hotels...
I don't enjoy seeing him put his head down...
and grimacing all the time.

I miss smiley happy Rob.
A lot.

3. Did I have a 3?
I thought I did.
Well... Shit.
Guess not.

Positive Kristen Comment of the Day.

She's so damn pretty!
She doesn't try to be something
that she isn't...

What I really wanted to say is this...
Ever since Rob came back to L.A. from NYC...
He's pretty much been hanging with Kristen nonstop...
Hotel Balconies.
KOL concerts.
Rob's Friends concerts.
You get the point... yes?
A lot of people think they are just friends.
But it just seems like
You rarely see one...
without the other.
Where he goes...
So does she.

I wrote this post a few hours ago...
and now I have something else to add.
Leave Kristen alone.
People are all over her ass
for her 'attitude' in that lame ass video.
She's getting fucking chased and harassed...
and you are fucking judging her?
No one has any fucking idea
what was going down between
Kristen and Rob...
I'm totally sick of everything negative
being blamed on Kristen.
Leave her alone.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

I don't think that rob & kristen were fighting I think a fan asked for something & rob said I'm sorry I can't & kristen said can we at least wait til these ppl are gone. I hope that all this doesn't cause them to drift apart. paps suck!

Anonymous said...

Totes agree! The papz are waaaaay OVER! I hate them. And please be nice to KStew. She's a young girl. Please be respectful. We love u, KStew!

k said...

I love Rob and Kris. But I don't want them to be stalked and harrassed like this. It's too much. I feel bad for them especially Kristen.

Anonymous said...

omg wats uo with the paps i hate them right now btw the guy taking the video in the hotel is the one who says sorry but i totally agree that they make a cute couple and r awesome for eachother but like all other hollywood relationships they can get split up from all this attention and paps.

Del said...

The way the papz treat those two is just awful... it depresses me to see them constantly chased and harassed. And then you get idiots like that uber-douche Perez saying things like they deserve to be treated like that because they signed up for that movie (like they knew when they signed up that it was going to be that big of a deal). Just ugh, I'm depressed over this... I hope they can find comfort in something or each other if they're really "together".

Cat said...

Those pics of Rob if you saw the rest, he looked so annoyed and angey in them, I felt so bad, I havent seen the video... I really dont want to now that you explained how horrible it is.

Snowqueen said...

I totally agree with you. I hate these papz and I don't need any pic to confirm their affection.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is free to think.

But I need to defend the papz. Because they are accused so much. They just doing a job... Everyone of you is happy to see pix of Rob. So please stop it...

1. I saw the video and Rob&Kris don't looked annoyed. When you look at the pix you can saw them smilling...
2. I know almost of the papz who shoot them this night, and let me tell you that : these guyz are really cool, almost of them know Rob, Kris and the Twicast. And the Twicast know these guyz are good.
3. It's part of their life to be paped, and I think they accept it. But Rob and Kris need to be a little bit "mysterious". So maybe that's why they're hidding themselves...Kris is a little bit too shy with cameras, she doesn't really like media.
4. Rob & Kris are not together.
5. Papz are human, so stop insult them...It's just a job...They have to make money.

sorry for my english... it's not my first language

Kelly said...

Anon at 10:51 am..

Paps don't have a job, they are bottom feeders. They are no better than crooks, stealing what doesn't belong to them.

There is no defense.. and if you must defend them then perhaps you would like to have a sit down with Prince Harry and Prince William and defend the paps to them.... defend what they do to those young men who lost their mother because of their kind. I'll tell you what, if you can successfully defend what these ... these... animals do, to those two young men.. then I will be the first to say you were right Rob and Kristen have nothing to complain about.

I have no trouble with these people showing up at events such as the Oscars, MTV stuff, promotional stuff. My trouble with them is the private times.. and then to make matters worse they are chasing these people into the streets, into their hotels.. Can you even imagine how that must make them feel. I would be TERRIFIED.. Our world is crazy. And the fans, the real fans of Rob, Kristen, Brad Angelina, Julia, ANYONE.. We really don’t want their lives in turmoil. We care about them as people.. we don’t need to see every dinner they have, every shopping trip, every bathroom break.

Please.. Don't spout about these paps needing to make money.. these Celebrities are being raped of their privacy, their safety and their lives. You can liken it to any number of crimes.

Sorry Rose.. That just got me fumed!

HayleyLauren said...

I admit i do post thier where abouts on my blog and where they have been spotted etc but i do wish for them both to be happy. They are humans along with the rest of us! It must be pretty annoying to go out and have ppl constantly chasing you and taking your photos etc.

Cat said...

I hate paps, they arent positive people... always hoping for them to fail so they can catch it on camera... I think they are disrespectful. I agree with Kelly... paps are bottom feeders... I think they are losers who are trying to make easy money and destroying lives.

Anonymous said...

A last post for Kelly

Papz about Lady Di are the same of Vancouver...

Rob know it's part of his life. He's not annoyed... You can see it on the pictures.

Today you're upset by the papz. Tomorrow when you'll see some pix of Rob walking down the street, or in Eclipse set, you'll be happy...

That's what I can't understand...

Cat said...

No its different when he looks frustrated in the pics... look at all the pic's in the album, hes seems annoyed... set photo's are from a distance.... not in his face yelling at him to answer annoying questions.

How is this so hard for people to understand.

what we want is for rob to be happy.... those pictures he didnt look happy.

If it were up to me I could care less if we saw set photos... The only reason people get excited about them is cause we get an inside look before the movie... not because rob is being stalked.


loveactually said...

It's not just Robstens fault these types of situations happen. Is it only the Robstens that tweet Rob's whereabouts or Rob or Kristen's new sighting photos? That's a big HELL NO!!! Every single one of Rob or Kristen's blogs posts the new pics and videos of them so how in the world is it the Robstens fault?

This is just another struggle between the fans...and another reason to argue and go back and forth.

The whole thing stinks all the way around..yes it's a part of fame and Rob knows that but if he isn't responding to you and has his head down with a frown then he's obviously not enjoying himself.

Kelly hit the nail on the head bringing up Price Harry and Prince William.

To the Anon up above saying The Twi cast knows and likes these guys... then why are they running away? Why is Stephenie shielding Kristen to the cab and standing by while she gets in? CLUE- when someone is running or driving away from you LEAVE THEM ALONE. But they are just doing their job right...and that type of job has killed people in the past...time to rethink your profession.

And I also think alot of the fan blogs should no longer post videos or pictures of this nature. I've said this before and I stand by it...I'm happy with set or event pics...not pics when they are out on their own time.

Kelly said...

ANON @12:05

I can say, with the utmost certainty.... and I'm will to bet just about anything on this.. that I would be nothing but happy to never see another picture of Rob, Kristen, or any other celebrity grocery shopping, going about their daily lives, walking down the street, leaving a restaurant.. anything that involves their private lives... never need to see it again.

Please do not presume to know what I would and would not be happy about where pictures of this young man are concerned. If all I ever had were his movies to watch I would be thrilled... I do not, under any circumstances, need him CHASED DOWN ANYWHERE for a picture of him. I do not want it and, were it in my power, I would make it cease and desist immediately.

My heart breaks every time something like this happens. Sure it's part of their life, because the PAPS make it that way... nowhere in the contract he signed with Summit for this movie does it say "You will be chased by vermin down the street into your hotel, you will give up all rights to your private life, you now belong to those who wish to see you and you will no longer have anything about you private"... I'm pretty sure that's not in the contract. Celebrity is a double edged sword. I am not naive...but the second edge is so much sharper then the first..

I'm not going to argue with you about my feelings.. feel free to read about them more here:


My feelings are just as Rose has stated.. Please don't presume to know what my feelings are.

There may be times where paps catch celebrities smiling.. but more often than not... they catch them frowning.. and make them sad.. or fearful.

As I said, I have no problem with them showing up to events and what not.. it's the CHASING THESE PEOPLE into streets, into hotels into personal life.. that's where I think the trouble is.. that is what needs to stop.

That man went into a hotel lobby, and practically into the elevator! It sickens me that I saw it because all it did was make me angry, and break my heart for those two. And by the way, in case you forgot.. they are JUST PEOPLE! I'm telling you.. IOf I thought it woudl help I'd be throwing myself in front of every paps camera I could to stop it.. if I thought it would help. I'm aware it wont... The only thing I can do is avoid pics like these as much as possible.. for my own sanity and out of respect for those who are being hurt by it.

Sorry for pimping my own blog here Rose!!

Africanuck said...


Better Summit security for the cast.

Anonymous said...

That really is a petition, I found it earlier. Sign it for better security for all Twilight cast. they need 10,000 but its only at 263 ish.

Cat said...

Kelly I love your blog too... uh oh, Im gonna be a blog reader now, haha.... look rob, look what youve done to me... haha.
pretty soon Im gonna start making my own blog. (JK... i dont have time... i have a 2 yr old. who loves yo gabba gabba and insist i watch it with him at all times, haha)

seriously, its so refreshing hearing point of views that sound like my own.
you all are as addicting as Rob!
and I think Ill be reading your blogs instead of visiting rob fan sites, cause they seem to love the pics of robs space being invaded. (not all, just most of them)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I so agree with what you're saying...I hate to see pics of celebs that are intrusive, and since Princess Di death, I have not paid for a magazine that prints these pics.

It's one thing to have your picture taken when you're out in public but once you step over the threshold of your home (even if it's a hotel or friends house)then it's out of bounds as far as I'm concerned. Or any private area.

As far as Rob and Kristen's conversation, well if you took a 20 second snippet of a conversation that my husband and I had, you'd think that I was the biggest bitch that ever existed or that my husband had a nasty temper. You can't judge a celebs relationship from a situation like this.

kristine.hills said...

Hello Rose, I'd like to congratulate you, and sorry my grammar mistakes, English is not my 1st language.I found your blog yesterday at Ted's.Now i'm your huge fan.Why? bc you defended Kris.Thanks for this.I think we girls/women should be very proud of Kristen Stewart, bc she's representing us WOMEN, and WE ought to support her, instead of criticize her. I've read a lot of famous celebreties that praises Kris for being intelligent, kind, nice, strong, mature and HUMBLE. It's not easy go through all this shit, and she's just fine, bc she loves ROB...And don't believe these celeb are wrong and they praise her a lot, they know her, so what's the problem with people that want to destroy her.And don't know, i love both KnR, but i kind of feel a lot for her, i almost can touch her fear and pain.She's just 19 and she's strong enough to lead with the hurricane.And you r completely right, we have nothing to whom they hang out or not. Damn, they're so wonderful and peaceful to see.LOVE is spread on their eyes...nobody can deny it.AGAIN i loved your blog, your r fantastic,CONGRATS!!!Guys let's read more about Kristen, she's amazing, that's why she's Rob's girl... Kisses

imloco2 said...

What I can't figure out is why we, the people, let the paps get away with this shit. I've heard that the laws are much stricter in France which is why some of the celebs like Johnny Depp move there. Why can't we have laws and enforcement to stop this? I do not agree that freedom of the press means they can do whatever the hell they want and everybody else is just screwed no matter what. Hounding and swarming people, stopping traffic, following them into hotels, yelling foul things to try and get them pissed off so they can get a 'good' picture. It should be illegal. Why isn't it?

Anonymous said...


I hope its clears some BS!!!!