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Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 12- Edward and Bella Show Affection. Finally.

I guess this picture is from People.
Edward and Bella..
From Eclipse.
Hot Damn.
You know what I'm liking here?
The intimacy and affection that we are seeing.
Outside of a couple of kisses in Twilight...
We got robbed of Edwards devotion
and adoration of Bella.
It seems that we are going to be rewarded
for our undying patience
in New Moon and Eclipse.
I hope my head/heart
doesn't explode before November 20th...
It might.

Have I told you that scruffy, beardy Rob
is my favoritest Rob of all?
I have a thing for scruff.
(hell, even when B has a beard it makes me crazy)
But I especially love Rob with a hairy face.
Don't you just want to like... grab the beard...
and like...
Pull him closer?
I just feel that messy, scrubby Rob...
is closer to how he really is.
I think he would look like this all the time
If he wasn't making Edward
'My hair is perfect'
movies all the time.
There's just something...
Raw. Real.

Isn't she the cutest thing?
Skinny little Kristen.
Who somehow manages to have long killer legs...
And a bodacious butt?
Is that fair?
Probably not.
I mean...
She is hanging out with Rob
all the damn time, too...


Truth is truth.

Bye for now


Cat said...

I love the scruff too.... My hubby and all his friends do a "No Shave November" and its so hot... but by the end of the month it gets alittle too much... haha. Still, I look forward to the beginning of that month each year.


Is breaking dawn going to made into a movie, and is the cast staying???

Anonymous said...

And she doesn't exercise ever but thinks she's 'skinny fat'..naturally. Ugh, lucky girl!

kristine.hills said...

I think Rob seems so SAD/TIRED and in PAIN, so lost...this is ROB without KRIS...lost and suffering...and now he's very happy and completely in love...Well and I agree that K is the cutest thing...she looks like so fragile, but we know how strong she is, that's why Rob loves her.And I love them TOGETHER!!!

Anonymous said...

i totally adore this couple (who wouldn't), and wholesomely hope that they can be together forever...

however, can't help but feel that trouble is already brewing between this love couple before they can even embark on a real relationship, if any, and they have lost some of the love luster we used to be able to witness between these two - if you go back to the early interviews of these two, you will know what i mean.

they are now afraid of being seen together, so much so that they are hardly out at all. can the girl handle all these fan/paps pressure and stalkings...? she used to be so happy with her former love, Michael, always holding hands when they are out and about...something she can never do with Rob...?

the fans and the paps are to be blamed. any thoughts?

imloco2 said...

Anon... thoughts? Well, I think the real difference in Rob and Kris then and now is that now we don't get to see them and bask in the lightening sparks of their courtship. Now that they are together and have gone underground (so to speak) we just don't get to see them like we did, but I'm pretty sure that in their private times they are still creating magic. Just cause we don't see it doesn't mean there's trouble in paradise.

But you know, I've seen her holding hands with Michael, but I've never seen her look happy with him. Not like with Rob. Maybe I just haven't seen the right pics, but I'm not buying the 'she was sooo happy with Mike' idea.

Kris is a strong girl who knows her way around Hollywood. I'm sure it's stressful, this papz game, but if anyone can handle it I'd bet on her.