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Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2- Don't Mess With Kristen Stewart

Yeah... This blog is still about my addiction to
Robert Fucking Pattinson.
But sometimes you just gotta say
what's on your mind.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
Oh. And.
I know I've said this before...
But What.The.Fuck. is it about
Rob and a cigarette?
Remember yesterday...
I said I was going to say something nice
about Kristen Stewart every day...
As you may (or may not) know...
Pictures of Stewy were released
alongside an interview from...
well... INTERVIEW (clever).
So much buzz about these pictures.
I think she looks gorgeous.
Fucking Fierce.
That chick can pull off a Joan Jett head of hair...
and look fuck hot doing it.
Impressive... yes?
But of course...
The haters were out in full force.
I mean... seriously.
Can't you just admit Kristen is gorgeous
and fucking move along?
"She's wearing too much makeup"
"She's trying to be bad-ass and it's not working"
"I have some KStew Hater-ade for that bitch"
"She's so ugly"
Even when people complimented her...
They fucking backhanded insulted her.
It's like...
They couldn't just say something nice.
What.The.Fuck. is that about?
Never mind.
This picture got the most heat.
Where Kristen is 'trying too hard'.
Maybe the photographer asked her to do it.
Maybe not.
But I completely understand the gesture.
"Fuck You"
I don't think she's trying too hard...
I think she's earned the right
to flip people off.
I'm still not sure why I feel
so protective of her
(and can't you just hear Rob say that line from Twilight?)
But I am.
So don't fucking mess with the Stew.
Bye for now


Angel said...

WORD!! I know why you are protective of her, because you are a TRUE REAL Rob fan. One that will love who ever makes him happy. Clearly that is Kristen. Nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

Kristen being judged negatively is by jealous people only. She is clearly a NICE person, filled with limitless talent, beauty, and class. I'm a fan of hers and also feel protective of her. Rob loves her and admires her to the point of adoration. What a great couple. I hope they both protect what they have, it's so rare and beautiful. Go Robsten! xo

loveactually said...

I was reading through some blog comments yesterday and all I could think was...Why is Kristen just one of those people that causes "extremes" when you hate her you hate her with a vengeance yet those who love her love her with a passion. I don't really have an answer for it.

What I do know is there is a VERY LARGE double standard going on in the fandom.

These comments are coming from the same people who adore Rob's brooding photoshoots..he rarely smiles in his shoots and it's sexy...yet with Kristen she's trying too hard.
And this again is from the same people who accused Kristen of NOT trying hard enough by wearing t-shirts and sneakers. It's ok for Rob to be a hobo...he's sexy and cool when he does it but Kristen's ugly when she does.

She didn't come off as angry in this interview AT ALL. In fact it's one of her better interviews. If you couldn't get past the Twilight makes me feel boring comment then you had your mind made up before you read the interview...if you even read it at all.

Kristen was very well spoken ..honest and once again professed her love for the characters of E/B. She stated she loves that she can follow Bella for such a long time and stands behind everything E/B do.

And lastly Kris loves that E/B find solace in each other despite the chaos around them....hmm I think that was very telling and has layers of meaning to it. ;)

Lula! said...

She is straight up hot as HELL in those pictures, and I'd totally turn lesbian for her.

Yeah, I said that. And I'm sticking to it.

Cat said...

Holy crap she looks SOOOOOO good in the pic's. I hate how people make fun of her hair.... its the same thing that happened to Demi Moore for the roll of GI Jane....Only Kstew is getting it way worse.... I feel for her, I think she's hot as crap... obviously she doesnt care what people think of her and thats what I LOVE about her. Besides she has Rob... therefore she's always ahead of the haters :) hahahahahaha.


debbi said...

The most laughable comment I read was "anyone can look good with that much makeup on." Uh, no. All the makeup in the world wouldn't help any of those nasty b!tches. It must have really killed them to see Kristen looking so amazing on the cover of the 40th anniversary issue an important magazine, interviewed by a legendary actor, nonetheless. She could start saving babies in Uganda and they would still hate her. She can't win.

I'm with you - I'm not sure why I feel protective of Kristen - I adore Rob first and foremost. Maybe because the crap she's given is so catty and biased. "Loveactually" said it well above - if/when Rob does similar things, those same people worship it. Go figure.

I respect Rob and Kristen's privacy and they can and should do whatever they damn well please, but part of me wishes they would come out and confirm a relationship because that would be the biggest F-U to all the haters. Yes, they will probably hate her more for it, but at the end of the day, they'll go to sleep knowing he's doing her and not them. Living well really is the best revenge.

Cat said...

So I was just reading an interview with Robert, and he was relating to Edward and one of the things he stated was "Im sure most people like to keep a secret with there boyfriend or girlfriend, it keeps things exciting." I couldnt help but think of him and Kristen when he said that. They probably wont ever officially come out cause it probably does make it more exciting, haha. Anyways, he probably didnt mean for it to be taken that way, but of course my retarded mind goes there. I guess its in our nature to read into things... I apologize for being a annoying fan girl haha.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart has Bedroom Eyes... A term me and my friends use which pretty much states that she can give that look that makes any man (or woman) want to take her to the bedroom... haha.

JAS said...

I've decided to fight off all bad articles that are being twisted from the Interview article. Please, please send comments on articles that are doing negative spin on the original article. Some so called journalists are using really incentive title to create hatred against Kristen from the twi-hards.

jerseygrl4lfe said...

How can you be a Rob fan and hate Kristen? Seriously. Even if you close your mind and heart and don't believe they are a couple, he clearly holds her in high regard, so by criticizing Kristen you are in effect bashing Rob. She's gorgeous, he's gorgeous, their interviews were insightful and had NO DENIALS of a relationship. Don't blame them for wanting to keep one shred of privacy to themselves. Does Beyonce confirm? What about Scar Jo and Ryan Reynolds?

Andreea said...

At first I was myself more or less of a hater. The thought of Rob having by side another (ANY other) female just didn't quite fit into my fantasy picture :) I didn't really hate her, I just didn't like that she was associated with Rob. Then, slowly I became a fan myself. And not just because she might be making Rob happy, but because of the way she is. I actually really like her now and can totally relate to you being protective of her. What I don’t understand is why you actually read these hater-sites. You have clearly expressed numerous times that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So let them have their Hatesten opinions and quit letting yourself even get bothered by them. We all know that jealousy is the reason they don’t like her. I actually think they’re just really sad people. It’s not worth getting stressed over and they aren’t ever going to stop either. So what’s the point? I wouldn’t ever read a Rob hate-site (does one even exist – is there someone who just doesn’t adore him? I don’t know and I’m not interested anyways) and I don’t think you would either. So why read all the Hatesten bullshit? Just keep writing YOUR thoughts about Rob and Kristen and Robsten (because what you write is what I call Rob-poetry. It’s just beautiful) as opposed to REPLYING to the Hatesten shit.
P.S. Kristen totally rocked that photo shoot!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Beyonce confirmed.... and so did scar jo and ryan.
at some point they will be faced with the questions and answer it... it just happens... Not saying they HAVE to, of course no has to do anything... just saying that one day it will just come out... whether its tomorrow or 10 years down the road and they arent speaking anymore.

Personally I think what theyre doing is genius if they really are together, if i were them Id keep it hush hush until all the twilight movies were done... they get so much publicity with just that question alone. ITS GREAT!

It humors me how many people truly take the whole thing to heart. Not just people who show interest, but the people who truly shed tears and get heart broken by it. get over it... pay attention to your own love life.