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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 3- KStew Rocks. Edward or Stefan?

Nice Kristen thought of the day.
Honestly... look at the picture.
Do I really have to say anything else?
Didn't think so.
The New Moon Pocket Edward.
Close up. Out loud.
I'm not really feeling this guy.
I'm kinda partial to sunglasses PE.
But my point here is this...
Who do you think he looks like?
I'm thinking he has that sad, scared look
of Stefan from Vampire Diaries.

Got this pic off of Google.
I don't know who did it... but it fucking works.
Stefan is definitely trying to be Twilight Edward.
NO one can do Edward better than Rob.
Rob is Edward.
But since I'm going through Rob withdrawal...
Stefan ain't too bad.
He's kinda cute.
Kinda cute/sexy.
(not fuck hot sexy... but we can deal)
And Vampire Diaries...
Its a nice diversion.
Keeps the mind occupied...
Until the next hit of Rob comes around.
I hope.
I miss you Rob.
So much.
Oh yeah.
Bye for now


Cat said...

I just started reading your blog.. JW did you ever watch any of the trueblood series?

Theyre amazing youd like it.

I have been watching The vampire diaries also... not the best... but it will do. Trueblood helps during the summer, haha. New Moon in november... eclipse in JUNE! and true blood in June also.... so thats my life... haha. Sad huh? But vamp diaries helps for those in between moments i guess.

Im one of the closet vampire junkies... guilty...

But I agree, I get the vibe of stefan trying to be like edward... and personally I think the brother damen is hotter.... But over all the vamps in any of my shows its def Edward all the way.

Oh, and did you hear that rob is trying to write some music for the eclipse soundtrack!!!!!???? Hopefully it works out, I LOVE HIS VOICE!

fayezeewayzee said...

*shielding my eyes*! That is scary!!All the talk about the different vampire shows..I'm still strugglin' with them..but I'll keep trying!ROBERT..EDWARD..I NEED YOU!!! :0)

loveactually said...

I'm watching Vampire Diaries..and I agree it's filling a little of the Robward void. Stefan is a cutie and I do like that it's a tad darker then Twilight. I love the dynamic between Stefan and Damon...I think that will play out really interesting.

No, it's not the same but it will do for now. :)

Lula! said...

OK, don't hate me...but I gotta be true to myself here and say what I really believe...

1. Stefan isn't trying to be Edward. The character of Stefan was written in 1991...14 years before Edward Cullen was immortalized on the page. (And honestly--Stefan and his brother, Damon, could kick Edward's ass. I love Edward, don't get me wrong, but Stefan is more badass.)

2. The Vampire Diaries book series is merely OK...yes,I read all 4, and no, they don't hold a candle to The Twilight Saga. My first love has been the Twilight books. Hands down.

3. The Vampire Diaires tv show is better than Twilight the movie. But it's not hard to be better than Twilight the movie, as I didn't particularly care for Rosenberg/Hardwicke's interpretation of it. (But I did love Rob in it--he carried the movie. That's a fact.)

4. I love Robert Pattinson. I dug him long before he was cast as Edward in the movie. And I read the books over 2 years ago--before it was the hot "thing" in the literary world. I begged all my friends to read them...before Eclipse & Breaking Dawn were even released...but no one would listen to me. ("I don't like vampire stories," or "I don't read YA fiction" were common refrains.) But I became a fan because of his portrayal of Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire.

5. Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan in The Vampire Diaries, is EXACTLY how I pictured Edward in my head when reading the books. Exactly.

Yes, I said that. And I'm sticking to it. He looks precisely as I imagined Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Before there was a Rob. Before there was a movie. Before any of this! Paul Wesley is MY Edward. The one I held in my head & heart years before he was attached to a British fellow named Robert Pattinson.

So there's my 2--or rather, 5--cents. Yes, I love Rob. But I also love Paul Wesley...and have you seen his abs? Um....yeah...they aren't painted on. They're The Hot.

Rose said...

Oh Lula, I could never hate you! I know that Vampire Diaries was written before Twilight. What I was trying to say was that the LOOK of Stefan is trying to emulate Rob's Edward.
I like Paul Wesley... a lot. But I try to keep my lusting for young 20 something males to as few as possible at one time! :)

Andreea said...

I watch The Vampire Diaries too and I think it's good, not so cheesy as I would have expected. And yes Lula, it is better than the Twimovie (there are very few things apart from Edward that I actually liked about that movie - I'm really hoping that NM will be better; and from what I've seen from the trailer it actually is). And well, Paul/Stephan does have pretty nice abs :) But he's no Robward...

Did you notice that on the last episode of The Diaries Damon picked on Twilight? He was reading the book and making comments about how far from the truth the whole thing is.

Stephanie said...

the did pick on twilight he almost exact words were "i dont know what he see's in this bella girl...." and "well these vampires are way off, they have it all wrong" haha, it was funny... but then i was like "uh, no way, dont be messin with my eddie poo" haha.

Vamp diaries are allright... but I agree with the first comment... TRUE BLOOD ALL THE WAY...

twilight comes first tho.

Anonymous said...

I agree, True Blood is a lot better than vamp diaries.... But as far as Image, I see your point in the look a like contest...

Like true Blood and Vamp Diaries I know the books were out before the twilight saga. But Stefens Image does seem to match Edwards. A nice fix for the withdrawls. Trueblood came out before the twilight movie released, so Its look seems more originally based on the books... But I dont want to start conflict b/c Ill be honest vamp diaries I didnt even know what a book series, so I dont know if the image matches the book. All I see is the image of edward when I see Stefan.

@ Lula, Thanks for the imput on the books for vamp diaries... It makes me feel a little better about the show. And I also, read the twilight books before all of the explosion... My friends use to laugh at me, now I laugh at them, haha.

True blood is a nice getaway for the orignal version of vamps, you know... the fangs, and the only coming out at night, sleeping in the ground or coffin. I love that kind of vamp. Twilight to me was a refreshing new edge, and of course you cant beat the amazing love story between the characters. Im completely obsessed with the story.
Im still on the deciding for vamp diaries, but I think cause Im comparing them to my obsession for true blood and twilight.