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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 28- Calm Before the Robert Storm

I'm on day 28 of my 'say something nice about Kristen' campaign.
It's been just about that many days since
we have seen Robert out and about.
You know how it is...
You miss him like crazy...
(and I hesitate to use the word crazy
because I know that I am...)

But then the New Moon press starts going...
and you can't keep up with it all...
and you feel like your head is going to explode...
and you are afraid you are going to miss something...

And. And. And.

Oh hell.

I know that you have all seen the
'New' New Moon Kiss scene.
It's been on my computer pretty much nonstop.
I can't seem to take my eyes off of Robert's mouth.
And I can't stop listening to the groans...
and moans...
and this fucking kiss is kinda killing me.
And now I'm so afraid.
So fucking scared.
I'm starting to wonder if I will live through New Moon.
Seeing Robward all emotional and sexy...
Watching him actually be intimate with Krisella...
I can't fucking take it.
I've seen so much actual Edward/Bella
in just the 30 second clips
than in the whole of "Twilight".
(although... I would LOVE for Edward
to trail his nose down her jawline and neck...)

I just need to calm down.
I can do this.
One minute at a time.

See you on the other side...

Kristen Stewart.
You are in my thoughts right now.
I know you have a lot of shit
in front of you...
All the press...
The interviews...
I have such faith in you.
You can do this.
Just smile...
and be yourself.
It will be OK.

Just give Rob a kiss and a hug...
He will be there for you.

And could you do something for me?
Snuggle into Rob's neck...
and take a deep breath...
And please...

Tell me what he smells like!

Thanks :)

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

love your blog. it is awesome!! always the truth (:


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure Kristen has snuggled into his neck many many times. No one deserves that neck more than that girl.

Anonymous said...

...his groans are full of pain, he suffers, he fights his urge not to bite her, there is not that much sexual longing as far as I can see from his shivering lips and torn behaviour, but the inner struggle not to let himself be overwhelmed by the lust of just DRINKING her blood... he is a V A M P I R E... will always be...

Anonymous said...

That clip was a little too much for me yesterday... my husband happily reaped the benefits last night though! I managed to avoid the first few "What brought THAT on?" questions, but it didn't take long to realize he really expected an answer... so I told him. Now he's even more excited to see New Moon than he was before (he's read all the books too), or rather, he's excited to get home after we leave the movie theater ;-).

Tanya said...

I feel like two things are happening at once in the new & improved kiss clip...

Scenario 1: Edward is already plotting his retreat and having Bella ask him [very provocatively by K I must add, she nailed it] to kiss her just kills him... He NEVER stops loving her no matter what she may think...

Scenario 2: [my fav] Rob and Kristen are in the absolute throes of their requited love affair and are so smoking for each other that they are helpless to their sound effects [for which I shall be eternally grateful...*THUD*].

Since I adore Robward and Krisella together, how lucky a sod am I for NM - before and behind the camera? 22+days and counting.

loveactually said...

The kiss clip...well I'm not really sure what to say..it was..unexpected. Painfully sexy..how something could be so sad and yet so dayum erotic is beyond me. In my life I've read and watched my share of smut so this really shouldn't have phased me...but Oh how it did. ;)

Rob's a bit of a brooder so he expresses pain and turmoil so well...Kris is intense and serious so she pulls off angst like no other. Only the two of them together can pull of pain and sex in the same moment.

Thank God Rob and Kristen were picked to bring Edward/Bella to life on the screen because nobody else could have done it like them.

I've said it before ...Rob and Kristen stir me...I can't explain how beautiful they are together. Witnessing them both put their hearts into these characters is magic.

Lastly- I am so excited yet extremely nervous for the upcoming interviews...especially for Kristen on Conan. When she is in front of an audience like that...being asked to talk about herself...that's when she gets really nervous. Thankfully Rob and Taylor will both be there for Jimmy Kimmel. She's always more relaxed when someone else is there to be a buffer....especially Rob.

Love your thoughts Rose..thanks for putting them out here everyday.

Anonymous said...


The two young actors especially touch you, you said. Now don't you think that this kiss scene changed the whole thing a bit into "a very adult-insane vampire" is fighting his urge to bite a very "youthful-looking innocent and naive human girl" - so there seems to be as you said a sort of shift in Edward's tendency - he - as you say - might have already subconsciously played with the thoughts of leaving and knows this will perhaps be one of the last times.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

My family finally read the books as well, and I am glad that everybody somehow shares my love for the project. I'd like to congratulate you, dear Rose that you finally share all the intensity with your husband - that is something - really!!! As far as I know Rob he would be delighted - to inspire love... that is the real thing!!!

M said...

Love your blog!!!!! Makes me feel like I'm not completely alone in my craziness! And your comments seem to have come out of my head. Spot on! Is it crazy that I'm obsessed about these two people being in love? I just wish them the best!

Cat said...

MMM.... the moan. It made me blush when i heard it... hehe