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Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 26- Robsten. Rants. Ramblings.

I've missed my blog.
Is that kinda pathetic?
I never realized how much I need this
to vent and get out my thoughts.

1. This pic of Robert.
Well... its all been said before.
But thanks Rob for
being so damn beautiful
and for making me smile.

I think I'm officially sick of that word.
Not the couple
(of course not!!)
But the word kinda grates on me.
And it kinda isn't fair to Kristen.
I mean...
She just gets the STEN.
I suppose KrisBert would suck equally.
And that sounds like Kristen is hanging out
with Ernie's better half.
And that's never good...
Unless you're Bert.

3. Some friends were discussing
how the whole Rob/Kristen thing
is kinda ruining New Moon for them.
They are worried that when they
watch New Moon...
That all they will see is Rob/Kristen
instead of Edward/Bella...
I find that kinda interesting.
But I understand it to some degree.
It's easy to let both worlds collide...

As for me?
No problems here.
I lose myself immediately in the characters.

4. Have I told you lately that I
absolutely ADORE Kristen Stewart?
Well... I do.

5. I watched "Panic Room"
over the weekend.
What a little actress...
11 years old...
and she was already kicking ass.
How can you not love that?
Or at least...
admire her talent?

6. I'm still bracing myself for the
New Moon press onslaught.
The calm before the storm.
I like storms.
A lot.
But just thinking about all the Robert
that will be thrown my way
in the next couple of months...
is both exhilarating...
and overwhelming.

7. Eclipse has finished filming?
That kinda freaks me out.
Well... freaks me out
in a happy, excited way...
I'm liking that I don't have to
wait a year to see it...
but again...
it's both exhilarating...
and overwhelming.

I might as well get used to it... yes?

Bye for now


TillyBabie said...

everyday i waited til kstewartnews posted ur blog until i actually caught on that it was bein re-tweeted (i kno im slow LOL) and then i followed u...

UGHH its like ur mind is my mind (even tho its ur mind :S LOL) ,, everything u say is EXACTLY what ive been thinkin...
well just wanted 2 get that off my chest.. U ROCK ,, KEEP THE POSTS COMING :D...

and as u would say Bye For Now <3
LOVE IT !!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that maybe R/K don't confirm officially their relacionship,because they want fans to watch Edward and Bella in the movies and not them.Many fans think the way your friends think.
As for the word "Robsten",i find it stupid and really offending for both of them.They're two people,not a thing.

longtobeme said...

Thank you for the song and your your affirmative words for R & K as individuals, a loving couple and leading characters, Edward and Bella.
I agree with you, I have no problem getting lost in the characters for New Moon. The previews are so expressive of the characters and not the couple.
BTW, I refer to our couple as R&K, simple,clear and balanced.

Lula! said...

I hate the term "Robsten, too. Which is why I lovingly refer to them as "R & K," as you well know.

Have you seen that video of the book signing in Italy when that d-bag of a fan mentions "Robsten" to Kristen? The look on Kristen's face mirrored my own...as if she wanted to retort, "Get an effing clue!" So second-hand embarrassing. So pitiful.

I hope Kristen drank a bottle of wine after that encounter. She totally earned it.
(Wait, the drinking age is 18 in Italy? Right? Ha.)

Tanya said...

I dive right into Edward and Bella as well... We really have no idea what they're like privately so there's nothing to compare their onscreen personae to. I kinda thank them for that. Alot.

Robsten's a sound folks make to speak of them collectively. Connotations surrounding it are what annoy me - esp. the implied cutsiness. Uch.

No matter how many clips I watch, I cannot wait to see New Moon in its entirety, in sequence... That's what I'm talking about -

Vampsus said...

I'm with you. Bring on the clips. I'm good with those.
Show me the interviews.
Show me the movie.
I'm good with it all.
I'm very....happy.
Rose: About those pictures of Rob you posted today, well you've got a real knack girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,i kinda feel we're good friends, but i knowu don't know me,buti like u a lot, your blog,words and specially your love for R/K.Bc i love that girl,bc in my opinion she's just PERFECT for him.I think now they r together u can see how R is more mature, intelectual in his interviews...sigh...I LOVE R/K!!!

Anonymous said...

Yet again another day when you seem to be reading my mind. Love love love your blog. Pattinson Intoxication is completely my new addiction.

Photos of gourgeous Rob and kick ass Kristen (who is my girl crush) with always a fun opinion to read about.

Looking forward to day 27.....

Anonymous said...

I saw the break up scene and forgot I was watching Rob and Kristen. They are very different from the characters they play, just shows how talented they are.