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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 31- Random Rants Regarding Robert

It's Saturday morning.
B is outside cutting the grass.
I'm on my laptop...
trying to get this posted before he is done.
I'm actually laughing out loud
at how insane my life has become.

Some pictures have been released from
Rob's upcoming photo shoot for Vanity Fair.
You know what I am about to say.
The boy always looks damn good.
In fact, he gets better looking by the day.
Is that possible?
It must be.
His hold over me will never falter.
Life is good.

So anyway.
EXTRA is reporting that they have
a "scoop" on Robsten...
That Rob talks about it.
Ya think?
Is he going to deny a relationship?
I surely don't see him admitting to one.

Does it even matter at this point?
Rob can be vague...
Rob can say
"we are just buddies"
Rob can say
"I love Kristen madly"
and it will still get all skewed
and fucking mangled.

It's kinda getting to the point...
That I fucking hate
Hate it.
Not Rob and Kristen (of course)
Love them...
But all the fucking drama...
surrounding ROBSTEN
is tedious and annoying.
I hate the damn word.

I find it hard to believe
Either Rob or Kristen
would speak in anything but vague terms
(and in Rob's case... maybe his usual joking around)
about their relationship.
And they shouldn't have to discuss it.
It shouldn't be an issue.


Oh and Kristen and Taylor
are in Brazil.
From the looks of things...
They are getting fucking mobbed.
I just feel this maternal instinct coming out.
I want to stand in front of Kristen...
and make all the bad nasty people
get the fuck out of her face.
I can't even watch the videos.
They upset me so much.

I'm letting this bullshit get to me.
I hate when that happens.
Kinda sucks when you care about the welfare
of someone and there isn't much you can do about it.
I'm glad Taylor is there with Kristen...
I'm glad she's not alone.

Can you fucking take care of your stars?
You better take care of Robert in Japan...
Fucking ridiculous what these people
have to go through.

I have to stop here.
I'm SO irritated and annoyed.
I apologize.
I'm just so worried about them.
I wish Summit felt the same way.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

If Rob said that he and Kristen are just good buddies,then the case's closed.I think the rumors must die.As for Robsten and all this gossip and speculation ,i think it's offending for our brains.

Laura said...


And I would just like to add that Kellan Lutz and Annalynne Mccord DENIED their relationship constantly and then pics of them making out surface. So even if he does deny, I don't know if that means much. Maybe if they stop spending every waking moment together and staying at each other's hotels, THEN I'll believe his denial! LOL

longtobeme said...

Wow, so not surprised that another news rag, mag or organization is stirring through old news to find a story to spin before New Moon opens in a few weeks.
Mario Lopez?? How funny! He was juiced on steroids in major league ball and his credibility as a host is laughable.

Anything that Mario reads from a monitor should be taken at face value. What a waste of energy for many loyal R&K fans to be hassled with the "CLOAK AND DAGGER" teaser from Extra.

Also, I refuse to use that silly moniker, robsten. I call our couple R&K.

Cat said...

all I know Is for the next day Im gonna eye-rape that picture you posted.... purkay?

imloco2 said...

Nah, if he denies him and Kris then I'll just wonder why he's lying or what kind of relationship is not romantic, but involves two people sending 24/7 together and staying in the same hotel rooms. I might have possibly believed they were just friends if Rob hadn't spent a year or more telling everyone Kris is his crush, he admires her, he could imagine proposing to her etc etc. LOL So this is all his fault!

So...I don't care what he says in the mag, but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, have you seen the cover of VF?



Anonymous said...

Hello Rose, I'm from Brazil and i can assure you THEY'RE NOT MOBBED. Here in Brazil, K has hundreds of fans that love that girl to death. I read a lot of fans encounter with Kris, and there is no drama. They said about an incident with Kris, but it's not true. I agree fans were quite excited with K and T. Kris was VERY KIND AND SWEET with her fans even exhausted, she chatted and took pictures with them.

Anonymous said...

I found this, read it:

"Hey, my friend told me since i have VF connections i should post something. I've never been on this site but u guys sure are passionate. Anyway my aunt is an editorial assistant at VF and recently i asked her if she's heard anything about Rob's interview she gets to see articles and help in the editing process, she said there has been nothing too juicy other than he is really funny in the article and mentions something about w/o Kristen he would be unemployed. she hasn't seen the final product but word gets around in that office about revealing articles ..back when jennifer aniston spoke about brad in the VF article, there was lots of buzz in the VF office about how she cried a few times during the interview and revealed how hurt she was about the W magazine photos with Brad and angie (when Brad and jen were still together)and i heard about that before the news outlets did so i really doubt he says anything one way or another.. If so, they have been super tight-lipped about it"

Anonymous said...

There is a cute pic of Kris wearing 3 watches, 3 different time zones: Brazil/LA/Japan? LOL
Don't worry Brazilian fans LOVE KSTEW so much!!!We will take care of her. At the airport T was far from K, and at the hotel he didn't stay there with K and fans, he just waved and left. Let's remember: Rob is her safe island. T is a kid.

Anonymous said...

Oh another interesting comment: Brazilian fan: "Kristen stewart is so cute,little,pale skin, skinny.And she has incredible beautiful eyes, she looks like a porcelain doll"