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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 21- All About Kristen Stewart.

This post is all about Kristen Stewart.
I kinda missed yesterday.
(Real Life does bite me in the ass from time to time)
But I still had to have a picture of Robert.
Cuz I love Robert.

So... Yesterday...
While I was running around like a lunatic...
I managed to buy a number of Twilight related magazines.
2 of them being Allure and Seventeen.
And then... while I was reading 17...

My son says to me...

"Hey Mom *chuckle* Whatcha reading? *chortle*"

He knows I'm reading Seventeen.
And he knows I'm a bit north of 17...
(A teeny tiny bit.)
He finds that totally amusing.
(OK, it IS kinda funny)

But I don't answer him.
I can't.
The only words going through my head
at the moment...
are very un-Mom like words.
I take deep breaths.
Ignore his laughter.
Some things are better left unsaid.
It's true.

Another gorgeous picture.
So many to choose from.
And the Allure magazine?
If you love Kristen...
Buy it.
She is so fucking fierce in that mag.
The pictures are amazing...
but so is the interview.
She is so aware of her 'image'.
She knows how people see her.
And I love how she is awkward and uncomfortable
talking about herself.
It's just another part of her charm.
The more I know about her...
The more I like her.

OK... OK.

I know I don't usually post pictures of Taylor Lautner.

But this is to 'prove' a point about Kristen.

She obviously has chemistry with Taylor.

(Not like she does with Rob... but what did you expect?)

This pic is really quite adorable.

And for the sake of New Moon...

I'm glad.

But so many people are always trashing

Kristen about being bitchy and bitter

and sour and blah blah blah.

But the people that fucking KNOW her?

They ADORE her.

What does that tell you?

Have you ever read where a co-worker slammed her?

Where she was a Diva or a bitch on set?


The only time you read negative bullshit about Kristen...

is in the fucking gossip blogs...

and the anti-Robsten sites.

But the people who know her...

Love her.

Even people who don't know her.

Love her.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

I love Kristen Stewart so much.

TanjaB. said...

I love kristen Stewart!

I love you, Rose!

Your blog is pure fucking awesomeness! Fuck yeah!!! :)

Rach said...

another fucking brilliant blog. I <3 kstew! and have to admit that pic of her and taylor is too adorable!

Anonymous said...

i love Kristen and i love you Rose.

loveactually said...

Aww Rose this was awesome!

Kristen is an intense and extremely passionate individual. Put her in an acting setting and multiply that passion by a thousand. Kristen took alot of heat for morphing completely into Joan Jett for The Runaways. Instead of admiring her commitment to the role and to Joan people bashed her hair cut. (superficial much?)

Comparing her to other actresses of her generation I see a complete difference. She's unique to say the least and I truly believe Rob knew that from the beginning. Hot bods and pretty faces are a dime a dozen in Hwood and Kristen has something special...something you don't find everyday. I truly feel fans that "get" Rob would understand a pretty face alone will not interest him. He comes across to me as a deep, sensitive and intelligent person who needs someone with those same qualities. Yes Rob and Kris are both beautiful on the outside but it's what lies beneath that connects them and that's what matters most.

Dustin Milligan who has worked with Kristen on 2 movies had impressive to say about Kristen.

Here is a link on IMDB of just a snippet of what people who know Kristen has said about her.

Your blog was such a nice read this morning! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very well said loveactually. And I totally agree with everything you've posted. Kristen is truly one of a kind and I'm pretty sure Rob knows how lucky he is to have her in his life. And by the way she lights up around him, I'm sure he's pretty special to her too. Love them both.

Tanya said...

And I do... love her. By herself. And more with Rob. All good, but together's better.

Found myself stuck in the Atlanta Airport on Monday and also bought mags to pass the time... Allure, US NM & People NM Special Editions. Gorgeous [GORGEOUS] pics and bits of new info. When my teens saw the mags, they just rolled their eyes. I am way past 17, but still experience the obsession. And so it goee...

Anonymous said...

Great post loveactually. I totally agree with everything you said.

And I love Kristen too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm 34 and think of Kris like the little sis I never had. So any and all criticisms of her I tend to take personally, which are mostly personal attacks these days. You said "the more I get to know her...the more I like her". What's happening to her goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Rather, you shouldn't. People do, miserable, catty, superficial people. While K is out there pouring her heart and soul into her job, which she considers a "craft", these idiots are picking at her like a bunch of crows scavenging for food. She's better than them and they know it, and they can't stand it. Let them rot, I say. And let our amazing, talented, beautiful and soulful Kstew shine!

Lula! said...

I love me some Kristen! Her Allure cover is GORGEOUS. (I copied her eye make-up last Friday night...I was in Vegas. It was warrented.)

I think she'd be friends with us in real life. Even if we are far older than she...

Anonymous said...

Charlie Bewley (the volturi hunk) said that he "loves" Kristen, Alex something who played Paul the Werewolf said she's awesome and badass...

Anonymous said...

gosh i love this http://robynesk.livejournal.com/20032.html#cutid1

kristine.hills said...

BRAVO!!!WOW!!! I LOVE KSTEW, i think she's adorable, and of course a cute/nice man as Rob would choose a huge woman as the woman/love of his life.She has BRAIN and it makes all the difference.LOSERS (robssessed/nonsten/antirobsten blah blah blah) can't understand INTELLIGENT/SMART people.LOSERS are always LOSERS. THX ROSE

Anonymous said...

(gives cyber hug to Rose…) I have been her fan since Panic Room, I was blown away by her performance…I was like… woah! this kid, she got something. Just look into her eyes…most her movies don’t tell story from the scripts but rather from her eyes & her facial expressions. I mean Rob one lucky duck…she got beauty, brain & talent, what else a man can ask for?? Some of his “fans” wants him to be with some generic girl…WTF they expect from the girl like that??..soo they (the “fans”) & Rob can chats with the girl about something that they can easily understand & identified …like fashion week & designer handbags???
p.s sorry for my English…cuz its not my first language.

Anonymous said...

Kristen is really a rare gem. I think more and more people are learning more about her and loving her. I only wish her great success in her career and personal life. She's the real deal. We need more people like her.