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Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 16- Vampire Groupie. Rob and Kristen Again.

You know...
If this picture was taken in a real life situation...
instead of from the movie...
People would still find some way around
how close Rob and Kristen are.
Just sayin'
I watched Vampire Diaries last night.
I'm kinda worried.
I'm really liking that damn show.
I'm really liking Paul Wesley as Stefan.
A lot.
OK, I know he's kinda a substitute for Rob/Edward...
but dammit... He's still sexycute.
And I like the show.
A TV show on the CW
has more violence and sex than Twilight.
Is that right?
And my 'thing' for Vampires is getting worse.
I used to laugh when B would say I was obsessed...
I would brush it off and act like he was full of shit.
Well. Shit indeed.
I am to the point that everything I do
is full of Vampire goodness.
The FanFic I read.
The movies I watch.
The books I read.
Am I a Vampire groupie now?
Yes, I am.

I put this picture in my post again today.
Because it fucking makes me happy.
And because for some strange reason...
Rob kissing Kristen on the cheek
Shook the Twilight world!
It just makes me smile.
Especially the look on Kristen's face.
Kinda like...
"Yeah haters... his hands are on MY ass...
and his lips are on MY cheek.
And oh yeah... MY hand is in HIS hair.
Deal with it."

Another beautiful picture of Kristen.
Loving her smile.
Loving her.

I've been thinking of doing a
Kristen movie marathon
This weekend.

If I can tear myself away from Vampires...
Either that or I will end up
just watching Twilight
over and over again.


Bye for now


Rach said...

rofl <3 it
so glad to know I am not alone in my obsessions. Kstew is made of awesome!

snow queen said...

I really really like your posts!!!
and I really like Rob and Kristen, together or not.
The kiss pic is super cute.
And you're not alone in this obsession, as rach said... and I'm here, too!! :))

MLU1126 said...

I absolutly agree...Rob and Kristen are amazing together...Its almost too much ha...Love them!!!!!

Heather said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one Jonesen on Paul Wesley. He is Hawt. I some how feel like I'm cheatin' on Edward, nevermind my own husband.Maybe I need Vampire Rehab.But al least I know I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. Rob is a walking talking hormone. The man seethes pure raw sexuality without even trying - the look in his eyes, his facial expressions, body language, GAH! Kristen, baby doll, it was destiny that brought you together. Enjoy. There aren't many couples on the planet who have what the two of you are blessed with. He's so in love with you that he'll do anything to make it work. Go for it :>

Anonymous said...

I love Vampire Diaries too! I guess I am a vampire groupie too...maybe we should start some sort of support group? Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, bc when i'm here i feel comfortable, do you know why? Bc here u make me feel that i'm not dreaming about R/K love.I think i'm tired of reading gossip site, yes it's true, i read Ted's, and i've never seen so bizzare stories about Rob, as you said pictures/videos of RK worth more than 1000 words.Yesterday i was about crying, when i read an R's interview an he said he was single,he wasn't in love,and being with a girl now it's not his plan.WTFH!!! So i went to bed breathed, and thought "OMG i know there will be a lot of old stuff on media now, and what's the problem??? I have my faith, and i can see with my eyes and hear with my ears, and body language CAN'T BE UNTRUE.YES THEY'RE REAL!!!And when i'm here i know that i'm 100% right.Now i'm feeling much better!!!THX! XOXOXO. I'm Kristine.hills

Anonymous said...

I really like the twilight saga, but i'm in love with K/R.They're the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life.I BELIEVE IN REAL LOVE NOW. IMHO i do think Kris is the RIGHT person/girl for Rob.They have a THING that i never saw with other couples.Can you see that too???YES LOVE is in the air all the time they're around... Kristine

loveactually said...

Hi Rose. I DVR'd the last 2 eps of VD's and caught up last night. I was just telling hubby this morning how good it was getting. Learning the back story between Stefan, Damon and Katherine was juicy to say the least.

With Rob and Kris the only thing I can say is I believe good things are to come. I've been quietly intrigued with the dynamic between them before the movie even came out. I think there is so much more to this real life love story than we know right now. It's hard for me to understand those who don't see their connection...especially what has unfolded since last spring.

I could tell there were feelings on both sides from early on but what really floored me was the way Rob looked at Kristen during the Today Show interview when she was describing why Rob was the perfect Edward. The intense way he stared at her as if to hang on every word....as if her opinion of him was the most important thing. I'd never seen anything like it. I also believe what makes all the difference is Kris knowing the real Rob and loving him for the man inside..not the heartthrob that us woman swoon over. With all the hype surrounding him..I think he needs that...to have that special someone who knew him from the beginning.

People can say what they want but RK have connected on a much deeper level then what is on the surface. The level of intimacy they seem to have with just a look is a rarity and I hope they hold onto it for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Rose,what do you think of Rob's interview on seventeen magazine in which he says that with Kristen is just very good friends?Do you think that's why they don't talk about their relaysh,because they're just friends?I hope we will have some confirmation soon.

Cat said...

when I was little I was terrified of them, I use to have nightmares... The only thing that would give me nightmares was vamps... but I guess they visited my dreams so much that I obsess over them today...

I love how now a days you can love the whole vampire horror/thriller stuff without having to look like one. (we all know about the documentaries on people thinking they are vamps)

LadyArt said...

The photo you are refering to was made the second day before all the filming of Twilight started - he did not know Kristen at all, it was a photo-shooting just to get the crew agitated, to make them know each other - Rob said several times after the shooting that he had been shy very shy because he did not know anybody and that he thought that they regarded him as a stranger...
one doesn't notice that he had been shy, but he said so, and so we should believe him. Here in this shooting he did not neither like nor love Kristen, he just held her in his arms, because they had told him to do it... it was a sort of FORCED SEEMING-LOVE-AFFAIR!!!

Sorry, but this is the truth!!

Anonymous said...


Cat said...

@ladyArt, Im conpuzzeled, are you speaking of the VF shoot? If so, thats very interesting....

what interview was that? I want to read it. you caught my attention, lol.

And I thought he knew kristen cause they auditioned with eachother in Catherines bedroom... and thats how he got the role as Edward.

Now Im more confused.

kristine.hills said...

LadyArt darling, don't say bs#t, here we know and believe in RK, so just get a life...Sorry Rose,but i couldn't resist...

Anonymous said...

VF photoshoot was in Sept 2008, right after the MTV VMA 2008. Twilight filming was over waaay before that, around April (2 months pre-production + 3 months shooting). In between they have done the charming MTV twilight thursday interview (the one where she picked on his teeth), MTV movie awards, and comic-con.

If counting the first twilight audition (end of 2007) they've known each other almost a year when they were doing the VF shoot. Pls get your info straight... such BS.

to get a fair account of Robsten timeline visit this site : http://robsten-investikudos.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot to mention the comment above was for @ladyArt

loveactually said...

Lady Art-
Vanity Fair shoot was done on September 13th 2008 months after Twilight filming wrapped....not before.

Kristen and Rob met in 2007 for the audition.

I could give you alot of facts, dates and examples but I wont because it isn't my place to do that.

I'm sorry you see all of this so differently...then most of us who visit this blog. But that's ok....you have your opinion and I have mine. That's what makes the world go round.

Cat said...

good, I thought something was off about LadyArts comment.

I just dont know dates and stuff.

But I was positive they knew eachother before filming cause every interview they bring up the audition in Catherine's bedroom.

Anonymous said...

...oh, I caused quite a turmoil... but, in case I got mixed up a bit let me just tell you that I got my info from an interview (one of the many he made at the time - where he said, that he had been an absolute stranger (or felt like a stranger with the cast) when they were shooting these fotos - of course he had auditioned on a bed and tried kisses, but this doesn't mean that they knew each other - he very often expressed that Kristen intimidated him because she was such a powerful girl who knew exactly what she wanted etc. etc. -
They are professional models and actors, fotoshooting with partners does not mean that they love each other when they seem to be in love on the foto... this is what I wanted to say - and the dates... I will try to find the interview where he discussed this special fotoshooting - OMG - it has been quite some time ago... and as far as I remember it was "before" filming TWILIGHT, it was somewhere in the warm area and not in this cold and terribly rainy period -
my dear co-Rob-Pattinson-admiring-and-loving-in-a-crazy-manner-GIRLS - please forgive me if I ruined your evening - bullsh. or not - I am part of the club and will be till the end of my days, so in case I got something wrong I keep smiling anyway ...
this hysteria is just wonderful ...
...and keeps me away from RL horrors...


Anonymous said...

again Lady--Art:

I have to admit: You´were right... it was a f t e r the making of Twilight!!! So, again: Sorry!

thanks to everybody for the information and dates...