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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 22- Edward Loves KStew... Too ;)

32 seconds.
Close your eyes and its gone.
32 fucking seconds.
Multiply that by... a thousand.
Or so.
And that's how many times I watched
the motherbitching NM TV spot.
I couldn't take my eyes off of Robward.
As usual.
But shit...
The emotion that boy shows with just his face.
He makes me feel his pain.
(as if looking at him wasn't painful enough)

One of the reasons I never had a problem
with the Jacob Black character...
is what he brings out in Edward.
Jealousy. Possessiveness.
Color me weird...
But I find that fucking hot.
And the part in the clip...
Where Edward pushes Jake...
The look in his eyes...
Fuck. Me. Dead.
Really. Right now.

The only problem I have with the clip?
(besides being 2 hours too short...)
Is if Edward pushed Jake
(which wasn't in NM... but who cares)
And Jake turned into a wolf?
There's NO way Edward would be standing behind Bella.
Um... No.
He would be in front of her.
Protecting her.
Taking care of her.


I'm thinking that Edward would love Kristen, too.

I think the fact that Kristen and Rob
both don't give a fuck
how they look on any given day...
is definitely a major plus.
They seem to dress for comfort...
For themselves.

A kind of
"What you see is what you get"

I love what I see.

Bye for now


Cat said...

I love what I see also :)

when I first read the twilight saga, New Moon was my least favorite, and eclipse of course was the best one....
But then the other times I read it, New Moon became my favorite. I could finally relax and enjoy Jacobs character without getting angry for his obvious obsession. I love Jacobs Character for the exact same reason you said, he brings out that part in edward that all us girls love seeing in our boyfriends, makes us feel like we are worth fighting for. haha. And having Jacobs character in the book, not only brings out the excitment of adding the wolves but also shows us the extent of edward and bella, shows us how devoted they are to one another.

You always give me the best points to think about... whether its about edward and Bella, or its about Rob and Kristen. You always say the perfect things.
I havent been in school for a long time, but I always say before I get on your page... "Time for my lesson of the day" hahaha.

Tanya said...

"Besides being 2 hours too short." Amen.

Also have nothing against Taycob... Robward reacts to him on film and off [recall Rob's "Arguably" at ComCon]. It's all hawt -

Anonymous said...

What boy couldn't fall in love with Kstew? Besides beauty/attitude she also has BRAIN. You can't see it in HW girls bc the young girls they're too vain to think about anything else.And Kris is very different from them, of course ROB/WARD loves her bc she's unique, she's what she is.Rob is a very smart boy, i'm sure about it, they are alike.Love them together and forever.

Anonymous said...

There's an "interview" from Kristen at the femina magazine,in which she says that she's single and that since she was five she had fallen madly in love with every boy she had seen.What do you think of this?

imloco2 said...

I loved the 30 sec trailer too! Every trailer and scene just gets better and better. But I'm drawing the line at watching the complete breakup scene. I'm saving that for the movie.

I'm still trying to figure out how some people can think Rob is 'wooden' when he has one of the most expressive faces I've ever seen. People are strange. I think he's going to have a great career. He is nailing Edward like a hammer. (okay, I just made that up)

I read a list today where they were naming the best vampires of all time. And Rob came in at #2. (Spike at #1?) But what interested me is that she said that she liked it because Edward looks like a vampire. As in when you look at his face it's just so beautiful you know he can't be human. He must be MORE. LOL And it's true. He just has a different look about him. The inhumanly beautiful look. ;)

I hope they always keep that what you see is what you get attitude. I can't wait for the NM promos to start. I need to see Rob and Kris talking to someone just to see the expressions on their faces and know that what I'm hearing they're really saying. I've been burned so many times by the mags that it's about the only way I can know for sure they actually say something. Grrr

Anonymous said...

the breakup scene…did you see it Rose?? OMG!!! *brawls!!!! its feel like robsten just rip my heart from my chest!!!its fucking hurts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous at 12:22pm, that's an 'old' interview, sorry to disappoint if you're a nonsten. haha. Kristen was stll w/ Angarano when she said that - it's also the same interview where she says she's never done anything 'romantic' for a guy, or 'put herself out there,' - she says 'I haven't. I really haven't.Considering these comments were pre-Rob, and during Angarano supposedly, let me ask YOU...what do YOU think about them apples??? LMAO