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Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 9- Rob Loves Kristen. Sorry :)

I'm kinda tired after yesterday.
Twitter was majorly fucked up.
And it saddens me to think how much
it bothered me...
ROBsessed was under attack...
But the Rob Universe came to G's defense...
and all is right with the world.
For the moment.
(Love you, G)

I watched "Vampire Diaries" again last night.
I'm really liking Stefan.
Another thing that bothers me.
My intense fascination with young guys
who have good hair.
And play Vampires.
Paul Wesley?
Cute. Cute. Cute.

Let's see what else bothers me.
I'm afraid if I open the floodgates
of my bother-dom...
That I will never be able to close them again.

Oh... one more thing.
Have you seen the NEW MOON
Stand-up Edward?
6ft of Edward.
And I can't fucking get one.
Oh sure... friends are getting him
left and right and...
I'm pretty sure that while B
is fairly tolerant of my Vampire obsession...
Having a 6ft cardboard cutout of Rob
wouldn't go over so well.
And while I thought of ways to buy one...
and then hide it...
Its kinda big and awkward
(sorta like Rob... *sigh*)
Where do I hide it?
Under the bed?
Under my pillow?
Under... me?
Yeah... B would truly think
I lost my mind if he found something like that.
And sad to say...
I have lost my fucking mind.
Too late.

You all might as well get used to pics like this.
Rob hanging with Kristen.
All the fucking time.
It's already happening
Isn't it?
I read somewhere
(and the nonsten shit blurs in my mind)
That the only reason
Rob is hanging out with Kristen...
is because they are on the same
shooting schedule.
Where does Taylor fit into this scenario?
Surely he is on the same schedule?
And how about late this summer...
When Rob got back to LA?
He seemed to be with Kristen 24/7
and they weren't working AT ALL.
Rob and Kristen
hang out together
Because they fucking WANT to.
I mean.... seriously....
Who wouldn't??

I'm guessing the bottom of the fucking barrel...
Has been scraped clean by you now...

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

funny imagination hiding the 6 ft edward cardboard ;-))

i also like stefan/paul ... while trying not to bother about my latest affection for (much too) young guys ...

Cat said...

Vamp diaries is starting to get pretty good... not gonna lie :).

Not trying to defend Nonstens... but I just figured Taylor isnt ever really around cause hes younger.... but yeah, i agree obviously rob and kristen hang out because they want to, not cause of some shooting schedule. They like being with eachother.... i dont know why its so hard for people to accept.... I love seeing there faces light up... you cant help but smile.

the girls who hate seeing them together are the exact same girls who hated the person who was dating the hottest guy in school.... makes since though... most of the girls obsessing and hating them are the younger girls who havent grasped reality yet.

Snow_Queen said...

I really really like you blog!

A lot of fangirls say that they would be upset by Rob and Kristen together. I don't get it. I think they are really happy when are around each other (and I'm happy for them) and I don't think that he could fall in love with one of the fangirls, actually, even if he didn't love Kristen. And I think he loves her actually.

I'm italian, sorry for my bad english.

live4ska said...

i was just thinking this today! If they are 'just friends' then why bother staying at the same hotel where paps can snap them together? I love that they are together and I can't wait til they can finally be themselves in public. The paps and gossip mongerers need to get over it. Long live Robsten :)

CeeCee said...

*snicker* *snort* I am just enjoying the visual of trying to hide a 6ft Rob under me, uh, you... whoever... LOL

I'm totaly enjoying the hell out of all the pictures of Rob and Kris that pop up. Beautiful couple inside and out.

loveactually said...

I love the title of today's post.

Yep...Rob loves Kristen. It's written all over his face when he looks at her.

What I love the most is that Kristen saw Rob's inner beauty...way back in the beginning when the fans were off signing petitions to have Rob replaced as Edward...his friend Kristen was there ...supporting him and most likely the one assuring him that he is the perfect Edward.

I think that is something that most fans forget.

So yes Rob loves Kristen AND Kristen loves Rob.

And I'll gladly take the 6ft cardboard Edward..because that is as close as I am going to get. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah Rose thank you for that wonderful visual of you trying to hide the CO of Edward...I can just picture B's expression (even though I don't know what he looks like!)

Thank you for making me laugh Rose