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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 15- Rob Kisses Kristen

You've seen "THE KISS" picture by now.
And although I was tempted to post about it yesterday...
I really wanted to wait and soak up the reactions.
And it was worth the fucking wait.
The picture of the day.
And oh what drama ensued!
The Robstens collective SQUEEEE made
the earth move (under my feet).
And the Nonsten groan...
That rumbled throughout Twilight land.
Now I will admit to loving the picture.
Not because it 'proves' anything.
I mean... the picture is a year old...
But its just such a sweet, adorable picture.
Rob kissing Kristen on the cheek.
Right away the Nonstens came out with
their magnifying glasses blazing...
was heard far and wide!
His hair wasn't right.
The sun wasn't shining right.
His lips looked fake.
And then when it looked like it wasn't
a MANIP after all?
"It's ONLY a photo shoot. Rob was directed to kiss her!"
Too fucking funny.
People have no idea if it was spontaneous or not.
and honestly...
from a year old picture...
We've seen more kissing in the movies...
Why can't we just fucking enjoy the picture?
Why must everything be picked to the bone?
Oh. And.
Rob and Kristen...
Making us SQUEEEE
Get used to it.
This picture is kinda sweet.
Standing so close...
Staring into each others eyes.
And I don't care if someone told them
to do this or not...
They went above and beyond
the call of duty...
They really got into it...
Who's directing them now?
The Nonstens had a field day with this one.
"She looks like she wants to kill him"
"He looks like he can't wait to be away from her"
Again. I just think this is a cute picture.
I love Rob's face here
(and everywhere else... of course)
Ah hell...
I fucking love Rob.
And Lots.

I think this picture is my favorite of all of them.
He's so happy with Kristen so close.
He's relaxed.
So is she.
Just laying on Rob.
And while she may or may not have been
'directed' to lay on him...
I'm guessing the photographer didn't say...
"Hey, Kristen... put you hand under his sleeve."
THAT, Ladies and Gents...
is comfortable intimacy.
Something that Rob and Kristen have had together...
from Day ONE.
I just fucking LOVE the VF pictures.
Kristen looks positively GORGEOUS in every shot...
And Rob looks so calm and sexy...
Day 15 is a very good day.
Rob kisses Kristen.
Bye for now


imloco2 said...

Yep. The one of her laying on his back with her hand slipped under his sleeve is my all time favorite. There's just something so intimate about that moment. The hand, the look in her eyes, how natural it all feels. I love it to death. And the kiss ain't chopped liver either. *g*

May said...

"I just fucking LOVE the VF pictures.
Kristen looks positively GORGEOUS in every shot...
And Rob looks so calm and sexy...
Day 15 is a very good day.
Rob kisses Kristen.:)"

I love YOU,bb. For putting this out there,for being able to put on the paper whats going through my mind.IMO,writing was on the wall even then.We all knew things were heating up.IT WAS SOOOO OBVIOUS.;p
And haters can wish all they want that we are/were delusional,but at this point, I think any sane person realizes whats the reality.It`s ROBSTEN all the way,bb.;D

tragicomedia_gmr said...

I think that really there's no need to scrutinize every single detail of everything... gosh!
just enjoy the freaking pictures, they are gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

the last photo reminds me when kristen picked something from rob's teeth in that mtv interview. the same degree of intimacy and familiarity they've always had with each other. it's simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Rose,this is my favorite photoshoot of them.They both look stunning.But,i don't think the kiss proves nothing.Probably the photographer told him to do that.On the other hand,at Kol concert nobody told him to do that.He did it by himself.
By the way,have you seen the deleted scene in the biology class when Edward grabs her and bites her?Rob put his hand UNDER her shirt and very much above,at her breast.There we're talking about intimacy,my friend!

Anonymous said...

I adore this couple. Such a perfect example of one completing the other. Absolutely, completely in love with each other. Together, they are relaxed and at ease. Apart, Rob is a maniac and Kristen's edgy. Beautiful. Love the kiss on the cheek pic, so hot, so adoring, so much love seething from him, lucky girl. Love the last one most - perfection.

Purple83 said...

sigh...oh how I love your posts...it's like you're posting from my mind :)
The VF pictures were indeed brilliant :) these outtakes even more so because we've been waiting for a year to get them...thinking especially about "the one" that it would never be released...I honest to God thought those guys in front of the monitor around 17:30 into the BTS vid were deleting it :/ but no! here it is! :)
in terms of kisses, well Nikki Reed actually planted a wet one right smack on Kristen's lips during this photo shoot, so an innocent kiss on the jaw...isn't all that "interesting"...but yeah, the real killer picture is the one where Kris has her hand under his sleeve...it looks extremely intimate...and ITA with you, that's a level of intimacy that Kris and Rob have shown us on video and in pictures since the beginning...I already shared this piece of mind somewhere else on this topic...people don't just touch somebody like that, don't just put their fingers in other people's mouths or ears in public/on camera no less if they don't know for sure they won't be snapped at by the receiver...and to know that, you have to be pretty close to someone, right? :)

and yes, that kiss picture doesn't prove anything, it only goes towards showing how sweet these 2 are together, and how close they are (regardless if people believe they are a couple, they just HAVE to acknowledge how close these 2 are in real life)...so I'm happy...it's a good start for the weeks to come in terms of photos of Rob and Kris...photo shoots, events...New Moon is close :D

Cat said...

Honestly, shoots dont do it for me, I love them, but they all seem staged... The closeness I see from them are in interviews, and when they are captured and they dont think anyones watching.

however, VF is my fav. photoshoot... I just love the whole shoot, including the ones with the other cast members!

Anonymous said...

Rose you rock... That was an amazing photoshoot and the video of that day was pretty sweet too.
Thanks again

Cat said...

haha, and I just wanted to state that I think its so funny how the "nonstens" are so quick to send an email... its like theyre too scared to leave a comment and have us all get a go at putting them in there place...

I dare them to comment, instead of email.

loveactually said...

Today... I'll try to keep it short and sweet. :)

Love the kiss pic. So sweet.

The last pic is a revelation.

It doesn't matter how you "direct" someone..when intimacy is there...it's there. You can't fake it.

Oh how I echo twilite's comment above - "Such a perfect example of one completing the other." Thank you for saying that. Truer words have never been spoken. That's exactly what that pic says to me.

Once again another great post Rose!

SnowQueen said...

(third pic) Nonsten says "She looks like she wants to kill him"... Really?! She looks like she wants to EAT/KISS/HUG him, to me!!! And Rob's face is... sweet and sexy.
(last pic) is my fav too...
This photo shoot is the greatest ever! These two belongs together.

Leslie C. Franklin said...

I LOVE the VF pics...the kiss is unbelievable, and the hand under his shirt sleeve is awesome as well. You CANNOT fake that kind of chemistry- it is undeniable!

TanjaB. said...

I love the last picture. I think it's my all time favourite pic of them. They're so relaxed, they seem content. And the way she just put her hand under his sleeve is so intimate. They're both also freaking sexy (like in all the others VF pics).

Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts and I, too, love the last pic. I think her hand under his tee shirt does speak volumes. And the way they are together is not directed. In her photos with Taylor there is no similar magic. Thanks for doing this!

...another Robsten fan

Tanya said...

K's hand up R's sleeve was my fav too... Kiss may well have been directed, so?

It's all so good... including Day 15.

Anonymous said...


There's a new gif, of Rob actually kissing Kristen's chest (yes, if the kiss made the nonstens groan, this will make the tops of their heads blow off - LOL) - and it sure looks like an almost involuntary response on Rob's part from having her so close.

To echo, I'm sure the photog didn't say, 'Rob would you please kiss the swell of this 18 yr old's breast? It's for the PG-13 movie you're promoting? Thanks.'

Nooo honey, that's all Rob & Kris, completely on their own. Here's the link:


Enjoy. :)

Cat said...

please ignore the comment above... GossipMaven your the reason why the nonstens lash out...

seriously disturbing and i cant stand people like you.

Rose said...

I've never seen that gif before... When I asked about it on twitter... I actually heard crickets chirping.


Anonymous said...

thats b/c the gif isnt real.... its fake, im sure someone made it... i like how you cant see anyones face. so lame.

show me something I can believe... like rose does :)

not some image you probably produced in your own bedroom.

Rose said...


Someone put this on Twitter... saying it was a better view of that gif. I think I have a headache.

I just want to enjoy the VF shoot for all the incredible pictures and video. I'm kinda sick of everything being over analyzed to death.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind the VF gif. did CW just outted robsten?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Cat and Rose.

I actually thought this was a 'Robsten' friendly site, and that you weren't exactly ones to attack people passing along things that actually show them acting in a romantic manner.

Really odd, angry bitter reaction - I think I'll just assume you are nonstens, ACTING like fans, so your assses aren't shoo'd off these boards for being the faux Robsten fans you are, maybe? Are you undercover spies? Whyw ould you attack me? Even if I'm mistaken and it isn't the real deal (I've since been proven RIGHT, though I am not the one who found this clip, just brought it here from robstenlove.com).

Just to clarify the kiss (and Rob & Kris' FACES are visible in the new clip shown above) IS indeed an actual kiss. Don't blame me for people missing it - I missed it too. But just because I did, doesn't mean I disbelieve something someone else found.

As for me 'creating,' this? Hahaha! I can barely cut & paste, let alone make f--king manip movies. Try another one!

The gif was posted on Robstenlove.com early this morning, and then on the e! Robsten board. Almost everyone, believes what their eyeballs are telling them - mainly because it has now been found in the long form behind the scenes VF feature as well as the somewhat larger, more close-up (instead of cropped) version above.

Soooo very sorry Cat & Rose that it's existence makes you foam at the mouth in rage, odd reaction for a supposed fan to have. So F.U. losers. I won't be bringing sh*t to this msg board again.

I like this site and it's author though - back to lurking for me.

Rose said...

@Gossip maven where did I attack you? I found the links interesting to say the least. Hardly foaming at the mouth. I had quite the squeee moment if I am being honest. I love the VF pics and video!
Still not sure where you get the thought that I was against you in any way... What exactly gave you this idea?

When I said I wish people would quit overanalyzing the pics... that was more for the hatestens than anyone. I'm just sick of all the excuses that always come up whenever there are pics of Rob and Kristen 'together'.

Sorry. I'm lost as to what I said that was so horrible.

imloco2 said...

I 'think' they're just upset because they think you didn't believe them at first. Probably expecting major squees instead of cautious curiosity. But heck, you can't be too over cautious these days with the constant manips and trickery that abound. They are over-reacting and you didn't say or do anything to deserve it. You're a WIN. :)

As to the gif, it's still hard to believe it's real even seeing it with my own eyes. Still not saying they were together then, but the level of intimacy that they show here is astounding. Honestly, Rob, Kris, and hater fans alike can't get angry or bewildered by fans thinking they are together. Pics like these, hotel stays, snuggling at concerts, lunches out, shopping trips all conspire to yell 'couple'. If it's ever proved they aren't and haven't been a couple I'll have no embarrassment at all because I believed. How can I not?

Cat said...

@ Gossip
Sorry If I didnt believe a gif where it didnt show there faces...

And yes I did get annoyed by the gif. I wont be one to say I didnt... I just dont like it when people put things up saying they are Rob and kristen and it isnt even showing his or kristens face...I just dont like things being pinned on any person if there isnt proof...

Please take not of my comment being before the new gif was copied paste.
as far as the new gif... It could be possible its real, if so GREAT...another moment caught on film.. another one to go with the other 100 photos that shows how close they are.

Relax a little.

And I dont think Rose said anything Rude at all. I think it was just me.

I get annoyed and speak my mind... Dont worry, It shouldnt effect your life. Just breath and move on... and look forward to the next post on this blog :)

again, Im sorry for upsetting you.

However, I just had an opinion.

Cat said...

And I do thing that Chris outed rob and kristen.. Hmmm... very interesting...

Anonymous said...

i don't get the issue with thie gif.

of course it's real!? what are we arguing about?

Anonymous said...


Criss didn't "out" Rob and Kris, the last part of that article was made up by the writer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nonsten! you guys can MANIP my ass looking like Rob and kiss it too…
Robsten lover

Anonymous said...

kiss me thru the chest??? holy Forks!!!!

Rose said...

Wow. I'm really not sure what people are arguing about.
I fucking loved the "kiss" picture.

I guess even when you agree on stuff... there is still drama?

I always thought it was pretty obvious where I stand on Robsten...
Wherever Rob and Kris are!

Bye for now <3

Anonymous said...

Ohh the sleeve pic…how come some 1 hate this pic…I mean if a person said that they don’t like this pic, I will look at them like they just kicked a very fluffy - wide eyed kitten.

Anonymous said...

Rose, i love your blog..see this interview ??

for me its like writings on the wall…lol

Cat said...

Umm, I dont hate robsten...
so Im not kissing anyones ars...(unless its Robs... or perhaps kstews)... And I dont hate the kiss picture... holy geez... i feel like im in h/s again.

I already said what I have to, i wont repeat myself... so if you seem a bit confused, scroll up...


oh, and thanks for clearing up about the interview, I was a bit confused cause I thought I had read that interview before already and didnt remember that part.