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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Kristen Stewart a Fashion Icon?

Elle UK's Woman of the Year Award
Kristen won it.
She's having quite a week in London!

I'm no slave to fashion.
I just know what I like...
I actually relate more to Kristen
when she is wearing her jeans and t-shirts.
But she dresses up well.
And I'd say 9 out of 10 times...
She is brilliant with her wardrobe choices.
The dresses she wore on the NM press tour
were reason enough for her to win this award.
No "Daily Cling" today.

Not that there aren't zillions of 'stage 5' clingers out there.
That will never change.
Sometimes you just don't want to read
the constant negativity and bullshit.
Like an incessantly whiny buzz of a gnat.
There are times you just want to swat it...
But then you realize how minuscule and useless
the gnat really is...
It will be gone soon enough...
So why bother?
*For now, anyway :)*

There was a 'rumor' that Rob had spilled his guts
about his relationship with Kristen
to the SUN or some UK paper.
I didn't really pay attention to which one.
But come on.
No one REALLY believes that... right?
Like Rob is just going to talk about 
his relationship with Kristen all of a sudden?
Unless he was rip-roaring drunk
(which is a possibility, I suppose...
being drunk, not the talking)
But still...
I think most rational people know in their gut
if something is total bullshit or not.
It's kinda like on Twitter...
People just fucking make up shit.
And there is always someone who will believe it.
I could tweet
"Rob and Kristen spotted making out in the London Eye"
And although most would scoff...
(I hope)
There would be those few that would wonder
if there was any truth to it.
So OK.
Take Gossip with a grain of salt.
Take Twitter with a grain of salt.
Big grains.
Someone had a tweet that said
some Haters/Nonstens really did have a conscience
and a heart...
We KNOW that's not even close to true!

Kristen was just at the Burberry fashion show in London.
I watched the show online...
and I really enjoyed it.
I saw Kristen sitting next to Clare Danes
and who people were saying was Kate Hudson.
She was kicking her leg to the music...
I loved the fashion
and I can totally see Kristen wearing this stuff.
Good fun!

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

Rose: it's GREAT seeing Kristen at these Fashion Shows! That means SHE'S STILL IN LONDON WITH ROB! What could be better than that? LOVE THEM AND YOU. GRAZIE FOR THE POSTS! And Rob saying "that" to the rags "I DON'T THINK SO"

RPattzNurse said...

Total fan of yours now. I like the no BS approach and the support of all things good.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that she's wearing a nipple ring?That's slutty!

Anonymous said...

Yeap!Rob would spilled the guts with a crappy tabloid like Sun.Everybody who believes this shit has serious issues.

Anonymous said...

She looks so tired.And depressed.What's wrong with her?

Anonymous said...

I agree. She hasn't looked very happy lately. I can't help but feel something is wrong. Sorry, just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

She looks happy inside....look at more pix. I don't think the awards, fashion shows are her thing. JMO>

Anonymous said...

I think the people who insist on forwarding everything to Gossip Cop has some serious issues too. Is it really necessary to do that? Is using common sense too difficult to do? It makes them look just as desperate as the haters they complain about.

I think the celebs stylists need to get more recognition then they do. The celebs aren't picking out their own clothes for events like these. We've all seen photos of the celebs when they aren't being "dressed". It's not always a pretty site.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you had cameras following around your every moment, and millions of people questioning the status of something (and someone) special to you - you probably wouldn't be all smiles all the time either.

I'm SO tired of the Kstew hate.

Anonymous said...

People who are mailing Gossip Cop for everything are idiots and need medical treatment.They're as lunatics as the haters.DO THEY REALLY BELIEVE THAT ROB WOULD SAY SUCH THINGS AT SUN?Use your mind,losers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose love your post and your right on about it I read the G.C. post and they think the same way you do Rob never said that they were a couple.And Yes (THEY) well come out when THEY want to.Some people just cant stand it Them having there own private relationship.I do like what Kristen is wearing. That girl cane wear anything I'm glade to see her out doing things when Robs at work. Thanks again Rose for your post i just love it .I hope you have a good day my friend . Deb.

Anonymous said...

She and Rob Pattinson are like shit.Ugly,no talent,idiots....should i go on?I think i made my point.

Anonymous said...

Some crazies really need to stop forcing Rob and Kristen to do a confession about their relationship.They don't want to and all this stuff with GC has become completely ridiculous.I wish people stop this craziness.Love them less and respect them more.IMO

Anonymous said...

to 1:09 then please spread you shit somewhere else. I'd love to see what you look like, what you do for a living and how much talent YOU have. I think I made my point. Don't come where you're not wanted.

Anonymous said...

To 1:39. You did make your point. You need to get a life.


Anonymous said...

@11:53 I seriously doubt it. She doesn't like piercings, not even her ears. It's some kind of dress shield.

Anonymous said...

It drives me crazy when some shippers get so wrapped up in articles like these and then they get disappointed when they aren't real. Same with nonstens who get excited when they find out it isn't confirmation. We don't NEED anything to know they are together anymore. It's just an obvious thing. If people still don't believe they are a couple I honestly think they are trying not to, and probably would come up with an excuse for anything that happens. If you are an R/K fan and your happiness rests on a tabloid or on R/K themselves then that's not good. And have you not been paying attention?lol There are many other things besides a stupid tabloid to believe they are together.

Anonymous said...

seriously about the nipple piercing? it's a pastie!! it was a joke on twitter that of course a hater has to take too far. in what way, shape, or form has kristen stewart ever shown herself to be slutty? megan fox she is not and thank god for it. she is beautiful and talented. love her and rob and of course the sun article was fake, dont think many thought it was real in the first place.


kristine.hills said...


Thanks Rose, you are AMAZING!