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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Robert Pattinson- It's in the DETAILS.

Sound the alarm!
Everyone on high alert!
The DETAILS photo shoot/article
is finally out!
Someone remind me...
What was the big deal about these pictures?
What is so scandalous and out of character for Rob?
The pictures were 'artsy'
and yeah... there was naked chicks.
But they were tastefully done...
And Rob really doesn't interact with the models that much.
And big deal when he does?
I liked the pictures.
I loved the pictures.
They are Robert, after all...
and he is beautiful... as always.
And seeing him with naked models
is kinda like watching him grow up a little bit...
That's a GOOD thing.

And the accompanying interview?
No one gives better interview than Robert.
He's witty, sarcastic and so damn adorable.
To me...
The interview was worth a thousand pictures.
And the pictures were fucking awesome...
And what the writer wrote about Robert...

"Rob's face is constantly busy- especially his kaleidoscope eyes, 
which are continually rolling and dilating,
because he is always thinking."

That IS Robert... isn't it?

Jesus.. this one kills me.

Let's deal with the interview.
I think it was brilliant.
I loved every word.
But of course...
You can't just look at beautiful pics of Robert.
And you can't just enjoy what he has to say...
You have to deal with all the bullshit drama
that surrounds every fucking piece of minutia 
that is Robert Pattinson.

There are certain quotes that seem to be causing
some people severe angst.
Personally, I don't get it...

The first one that has Nonsten/Haters
all giddy and joyful...
is this:

"The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog.
The relationship with my dog. It's ridiculous."

So of course... this means that he has 
no connection to Kristen.
Robert doesn't mention his family...
His friends... Anyone...
when he is talking emotional connection...
But yet omitting Kristen's name is what's important.
Obviously this means that Rob doesn't have an 
emotional connection to any human being.
I kinda thought it was cute that he was so
taken with his sweet little dog.
Sometimes owner/pet relationships...
especially ones you had since you were a child...
are important to you.
Nothing wrong with that.

Then we have THIS one:

"he tried to let go with the photo shoot accompanying 
this interview- it wasn't easy. 
'I hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina. 
But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a 12 hour shoot, 
so you kind of get the picture that these women
are going to stay naked, after, like, 5 or 6 hours.
But I wasn't exactly prepared. 
I had no idea what to say to these girls. 
Thank God I was hung over."

Lots of stuff from this tidbit.
Some people were actually saying
that Rob must be gay!
If you don't get his sarcastic sense of humor by now...
You really should just get the fuck out.
And OK... 
So he WAS a bit uncomfortable with the naked models...
So what?
It is kinda awkward posing with naked women
that you just met.
I think that's such a normal thing to say.
Especially normal for someone
as shy and awkward as Robert.
It really just makes him all the more endearing.

Kristen last night at a benefit dinner 
for Haiti.
It was good to see her face.
Nice to see her smiling...
Especially considering all the bullshit 
that was spewed on her behalf last night.
The Vogue shoot was released last night as well...
I couldn't find an actual picture
that wasn't a scan of the magazine.
But there was a picture of Robert and Emilie
holding hands...
And it was a lovely picture.
Emilie looked adorably pretty.
She did.
And Rob looked...
Like Rob always does.
But of course...
The hand holding picture of Rob and Emilie...
is a picture of 2 people REALLY holding hands.
Although its not much different than the HB
picture of Rob and Kristen.
Don't people ever get fucking tired
of spewing endless bullshit?
Ripping every word and picture apart?
I'm tired.
The thing is?
I actually saw a spark of chemistry 
between Rob and Emilie in the Vogue pics.
It gives me hope.
Everything will be OK.

Final thoughts.

1. The DETAILS pictures were sexy hot.
I loved them.
I love Robert.

2. The Vogue pictures were lovely.
Both Rob and Emilie looked wonderful.

3. Kristen Stewart looked great last night.
I missed her face.

4. Every time there is a new interview...
or a new photo shoot...
doesn't have to be the end of the fucking world.
And doesn't have to be a
drama/hate filled attack
on Robert.
Or Emilie.
Just enjoy the pictures.
Enjoy the words.
It's never as bad 
as everyone makes it out to be.
I have faith in Robert.
He hasn't let me down yet.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, as always. Just one thing to add about the "the only relevant emotional connection is with my dog" quote. Somebody told me that quote was from the first time they met at the end of 2008. He talks about the dog in the present tense, but Patty unfortunately passed away some time ago. So that quote is old. Just saying ... And I thought the vagina quote was funny and soooo Rob. :)

Anonymous said...

Personally I found the Details photos a bit disturbing but that is just because it isn't my cup of tea. He did look gorgeous though.

The article was just cute. One of my pet peeves is when people make derogatory comments about interviews because they put their own expectations and perceptions on celebrities. It really seemed like a rare glimpse into the parts of himself he was willing to share.

I liked the Vogue pics and thought Rob and EDR looked better together than in the RM stills and clips. I did notice in the hand holding photo though that she is looking at him but he is gazing away. Both are truly photogenic.

I liked seeing KS out and about too. And smiling. :)

Thanks for your blog.

May said...

Dear Rose,you said it best:

1. The DETAILS pictures were sexy hot.
I loved them.
I love Robert.

2. The Vogue pictures were lovely.
Both Rob and Emilie looked wonderful.

3. Kristen Stewart looked great last night.
I missed her face.

4. Every time there is a new interview...
or a new photo shoot...
doesn't have to be the end of the fucking world.
And doesn't have to be a
drama/hate filled attack
on Robert.
Or Emilie.
Just enjoy the pictures.
Enjoy the words.
It's never as bad
as everyone makes it out to be.
I have faith in Robert.
He hasn't let me down yet.

Its like you read my mind,bb & imho,Details interview might be Rob`s best yet.It bugs me when ppl dont "get" Rob & his way of

I love when he`s completely relaxed,because thats the time you can see just how intelligent & all around awesome Rob really is.:D

Plus,dont they say that God is in the details? ;p

Library Babe said...

I too agree with you Rose. I loved the Details article and pics. The Vogue shoot was wonderful as well. And I enjoyed seeing Kristen out and about. What I didn't enjoy was all the drama that came because of this. I know I have been out of school for a while, but I could have sworn I was was taught reading comprehension. No where in that article did Rob say he was gay or he wasn't with Kristen. I think people need to come to the conclusion that Rob isn't Edward, Kristen isn't Bella and at the end of the day, neither of them could give a rat's ass about what we think of their personal life.

This is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs.

Patricia said...

Rose: "You took the words right out of my mouth" Rob is soooo Gorgeous ! OMG I'm having a moment. What that man does to me! Just looking at him. Jesus !You're right he was a little bothered by the shoot because HE IS SHY ...The "vagina " mention was very funny (I LOVE his sense of humor) It's too bad some people don't get that ! The message (2:00) is right, he did loose his dog last year. I think in his interviews lately he says"no personal questions please" I also enjoyed seeing Kristen (I'm still hoping she can see him for Valentine's Day) I'm such a die hard for their love story ! I too enjoyed the pictures of Robert and Emilie. They had a better connection! But it's all about the movie and I'm sure the premier will be a copy of that. Kristen probably will be at the "after party" not the red carpet ! Grazie once again for your post, which I think you know by now, I love.

Anonymous said...

Well, I share your opinion Library Babe. I really don't think that the people making these ridiculous comments even read the article. If they did, then they read it with the intention of tearing it apart. Sad really. I found this article to be one of my favorites. I can't even class it as an "interview". It came across more as just a conversation between friends. It showed the comfort level that Rob had with Jenny.

Regarding the comment about his dog, come on now. Again, if people would read it in context, they would understand. I thought it was very sweet. Rob has always talked about his love for Patty. There is nothing sweeter then seeing a little boy, or big boy, with his dog. I had my dog for 17 years before she died. I cried like a freaking baby & I was 27 years old at the time! Maybe these peoples should watch Marley & Me.

The Vogue photos are just lovely. How pretty did Emilie look!?!? Hopefully we'll see some more of those photos.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Vogue shoot! So pretty! Details was cool too.

The haters have been going on all day with things like 'Rob and Emilie, now theres a real couple' and 'you can tell how much he likes her'. I agree they get along great but he holds hands with Kristen in real life, goes to dinners, concerts and trips with her, but he can barely stand her? And he does a photoshoot with Emilie and they are/will be together? Anyway, the emotional connection quote I also heard was in 2008 but even if it wasn't if the haters want to take it literally do they believe he doesn't care about his parents or friends either? Or does it just apply to Kristen? The way they think sometimes is mind boggling.

imloco2 said...

I <3 you Rose. You've said what I was thinking again. Perfectly. I thought the interview and the pics were great. You can really tell how comfortable he is with Jenny. I remember thinking he liked her during the RM rewrites. It shows. It was great getting a peek into Rob's brain. Not an easy thing to do. *g*

Anonymous said...

The story about his uncle was obviously in the past. He just told what he thougt at this moment!! It can be 4 or eben 5 years ago. It was an analogy about sacrificing your life!! His dog died christmas 2008, so this quote is not a reference to any current relationships (with mother, father, sisters, friends, girlfriend). The present tense in the headline is MISLEADING.

And the vagina-comments just translates into = I am reserved and don't feel comfortable around naked girls.

And yes he had a hungover, it was the day after the night out with K. Perry and R. Brand.

And you have to consider when the interview is done: " And a London night ...after an epic storm that paralyzed Heathrow and shut down the Eurostar trains", ...24 hours before start rehearsals for Bel Ami..." => Storm that closed tunnel was jan 7/8 so interview took place when Kristen was still in London or just left!!

But sometimes he deserves a slap on the head for making the comments. He should now what tabs will make out of his comments. Or maybe it is on purpose and he doesn't want to be the adorable, clean cut guy any more?

But my thought: If you don't like vaginas (= don't feel comfortable in such a shoot), you shouldn't do it in the first place. So why did he do it?

Therefore I totally believe the info Delaney gave a week ago that he wasn't fully aware of the nature of the shoot.

BTW: I don't think that Kristen is bothered at all. I believe she will respect him more when he just says what he thinks, has is own flaws, is not the cheesy "Disney-guy" or perfect boy. And I love the fact when he gets now a slack too. BECAUSE I HATE HIS JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR IMAGE; CANNOT STAND IT ANY LONGER, POOR GUY.

But it might be not the best timing, weeks before RM. It would have been better to break out of the shell next year before Bel Ami. SIGH. But in the end it is his decision.

Anonymous said...

Rose, once again you have taken the words right out of my head and put them on your blog! People are taking the interview WAY too literally. I loved the part where he talks about his uncle and the sacrifice. What 23 year old can imagine doing that? As someone who just lost my father on New Year's eve, and my husband lost both parents last year, you can't imagine what you would do when it comes time to take care of them. I loved that he was honest. I loved that he was uncomfortable with the shoot - not because of his image, but just being around all those naked women he did not know. I think it was endearing. People need to lighten up, not over analyze everything, and let Rob be Rob. He is trying to break out of his Edward shell. I thought the photos were artsy and well-done, and after reading the interview, I thought for the umpteenth time that Robert would be someone I would love to have a long conversation with. I have always thought this about him, and think it even more so now. He seems very interesting, honest and intelligent. I love that about him. Thank you Rose for your thoughts! I wish everyone thought like you did. (and me!) Oh - also loved the elephant story. I thought it clearly illustrated how amazing he thinks his life is! WHO GETS TO HAVE THOSE EXPERIENCES? He realizes he is lucky and he shared an awesome moment with us. What a guy.


Anonymous said...

I also really enjoyed the Details article. I think the writer did the best job I've seen of interviewing Rob and getting him to release some of that charming candid Rob personality.

Regarding his comment about vaginas, I agree with whoever said it reflects his discomfort with conducting a photo shoot with naked women he's never met. In the U.S., there's the common perception that men are panting dogs who always revel in seeing and being around naked women. Not always true.

Rob has never been a hound, and his honest response reflects both that and his dry wit.


Anonymous said...

I do think it was a bit bad to refer to the models as vaginas (freshly plucked as they were), but I guess that was what stuck in his mind lol, and he just blurted it out. Hilarious really.

robsten obsessed said...

Rose, i agree! I just have to remember that this is their jobs! i liked the article, it was soo rob!! and i loved seeing Kristen out last night, ive missed her soo much!! I just really want to see them together again, i miss that!! bc i start to get delusional when i havent seen them together in soo long!! i just miss them!!!

Mary said...

Of course he hates vagina, his girlfriend has 'balls'!!! Just kidding. anyway, this a very insightful interview. The interviewer did not hinder him. She just lets him rambles. This is a guy who reads. Like anything! He would not lack of anything to say. He is young! You can actually feel his thirst for intellectual fulfilment. He obviously did a lot of thinking and self-reflection on a lot of things esp. of success so valued by others.

Anonymous said...

Must add also, that Rob is British and British people (mainly) are uncomfortable about nudity. If it had been a Frenchman would have been a different matter!

Kat said...

You know I'm not Robsten, and you know I'm not Nonsten... I'm Idontgiveafucksten - but I loved this post. :-)

And yeah... the BLUE BLUE eyes pic just about flat-lined me too...

Anonymous said...

What is disturbing about Rob is his first interview with the premiere of HP wearing this red suit and he said that he felt like a girl that night with all the fans around. The MTV interview with Kristen and said that ... and I'm just gay. Then most of the interviews he always said he is single, then a ridiculous connection with his dog, allergic to vaginas and about BFF "peeping Tom S". If you suspect that Kristen has "balls" then it will not be difficult to understand and we could google about Rock Hudson.

Brazilian said...

I'm so sorry I only found this blog and you on Twitter a few days ago.

I'm seriously considering the existence of a channel of thoughts between US and Brazil. Because your words fit so rightly with my feelings, it's ridiculous.

Regarding the problems you bring up, IMO the source is people's bad reading comprehension plus the complete lack of capacity to distinguish connotative interpretation.

Really, only in Europe we find guys like Rob - who can talk about Greek thinkers, make jokes about tropical diseases and have the sensitivity he has.

And only a fiction writer and former actress could comprehend his thoughts so well. Jenny did an excellent job. It's the first article I read that isn't like all the others. Vogue was just like the others - besides great pics, of course.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous Rob isn´t gay OK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey rose I loved you post today .You again said what i was thinking . I did like the pic. of him and Emilie and what he said about him mum was cute .You can see that Rob has gone a long way (still shy)but he is growing up into a man.I cant wait to get the magazine to read it ( AND SEE THE PICTURES haha)And i think he did ok in the interviews cant wait to see his next movies And I to love seeing Kris out last night i miss her and Rob. I do hope they get some time together ( maybe valentines day)Thanks again Rose for making my day (YOU AND ROB)

Anonymous said...

Rob is definitely an intellectual that is clear. He was close with his dog, he had that dog for a long time, unfortunately the dog died last year. I like his reflection on his uncle and the elephants. The vagina line was his way of saying he didn’t want to do the shoot or felt uncomfortable about the shoot. The only thing that people were saying that bothered me was, they were calling him a racist, because of the Negro comment. I read the article twice and notice that the interviewer started that, why I don’t know. I don’t believe Rob meant any harm, but I would say consider other people’s feelings regarding race, joking or otherwise. Rob is a complex personality, he is a deep thinker, he cares about things, he cares about animals and people. That’s why I don’t believe he meant any harm, and he is not a racist.

Anonymous said...

The "negroe" over analyzation may bother me the most. The INTERVIEWER brought it up, it is not a racist word, and it is being taken out of context. I do not think people can read. I am only coming here from now on. People here think - they might not all agree, but they can read! Thankyou.

Except for the person above calling Rob gay - not that there is anything wrong with that. But really, that's what you've got? Have you seen the red suit her wore for HP premier? BAAAD.

Anonymous said...

People are taking now quotes out of context and reading a lot into it. I just did an experiment and picked quotes. If you read it, your impression would be total different and it would be not very flattering about the whole fandom/fame thing. Then you see a humbled guy, who is not happy with all the female attraction, not comfortable around naked girls and like his character Tyler is now stepping more into the world...Get my point? You can read into it what you want. Here the quotes:

".....Despite the legion of fans trailing him from hotel to hotel...
That may not sound like a big deal, but think of the context: Complete strangers want to fuck you, shoot you, be you, buy you, sell you, run their fingers through your hair, watch you have sex, hear you pee, eat chips with you, and kidnap you and stuff you in the trunk of their car.
I ask him whether, at this point, he's able to sniff out crazed fans lurking under the tables. "Yes. Sure…. It occurs to me that London seems to afford him a freedom he doesn't have in New York or Los Angeles...
We're talking about how he copes. "I can barely remember the last two years. Not like a haze of partying or anything like that. Just ...it's been crazy."
There's been surreal stuff. Like the time at a charity event in Cannes when two attendees bid nearly $60,000 combined to have Rob give their daughters a kiss on the cheek...There's been scary stuff, though the idea he might truly be at risk strikes him as absurd….
He tried to let go a little bit with the photo shoot accompanying this interview—it wasn't easy..."I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina. But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours. But I wasn't exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover."
...In Remember Me he plays a guy whose issues are eerily like his own. Tyler is a young man who has retreated into himself, but then he meets a woman, becomes conflicted, and has to choose whether to remain in lockdown or step into life and the world.
What attracted you to the role?
"I'm a lucky person. Thank God. And I'm conflicted. Thank God."

Anonymous said...

Thank You !!! Wonderful post!!!

bella ami said...

I just began following your blog and I have to say I love your take on all things RP...people like to jump to conclusions & freak out over things they no absolutely nothing about! One thing I know for sure...he is fuckhot!
That is all!

Anonymous said...

I think when Rob said that quote about being allergic to vaginas, I think he was feeling at the time that their nakedness around him was so "in your face" and basically it was like they were flashing their vaginas! I don't really take offense to it because in reality those models are the ones who were laying it all out there. I do agree that he was uncomfortable with the shoot and I believe he didn't know what he was getting into when he signed up for it. It makes me kind of angry though if that is the case.

Anonymous said...

In the above post, I meant that it makes me kind of angry that he may have been put into a situation that he wouldn't have chosen to put himself in in the first place. I don't know if that's the case, of course, but it kind of bothers me to think that used him in that way to make money off of him.

Anonymous said...

Rob has said he is straight many times, didn't Catherine say he wasn't PG13 below the waist during the kissing scenes with Kristen? Put that with how he dresses and you know he isn't gay. I don't see how it's even a question. I'm straight but I wouldn't be comfortable with naked men around me for six hours. People always make a big deal out of nothing.

Legion said...

You are one of the few voices of reason that I've read in the last 24 hours. I laughed my @ss off while reading the interview -- his wit and wisdom are a joy to behold!

The two comments that seem to be getting the most play are the "vagina" and "Negroes" ones. I wasn't offended by the "vagina" comment simply because those models are so anonymous -- they are literally "vaginas" that the photographer chose to drape Rob around. It's an old gimmick and not particularly "fresh", as the young 'uns say. I suppose that Rob could have seen it as "daring" or something that might be a little out of his comfort zone and he was willing to give it a go. Lesson learned (one way or the other). I wasn't particularly impressed thematically, but I thought Rob looked beautiful. As for the "Negroes" comment, I don't understand how anyone could construe that as racist. Ms. Lumet, who initiated the comment, is the granddaughter of Lena Horne, the beautiful and talented African American actress and singer. Draw your own conclusions if necessary.

And BB, just for the record, I *still* don't see the chemistry between Rob and Emilie. The "Vogue" pictures looked like he was taking his older sister on an outing. However, like you, I have high hopes for "Remember Me" because I want to see Rob succeed in all he does.

Thanks again for being a sane voice in the vast, and apparently brain dead, "entertainment" landscape.

Anonymous said...

Well, now I'm hearing that this Jenny Lumet interview was done 14 months ago? Which doesn't sound accurate to me, that would mean it was practically before Twilight.

I think that's b.s.

As to the quote - I'm aware he doesn't mention any other human connection but his dog - that of course seems to be the point.

We all know it doesn't matter if he was joking, and it doesn't matter that his family could be offended as well, and of course we know he loves his family.

My point is that his detractors or Kris' detractors will simply exclude the family from the diss, and look at it as if he's answering the question and responding to it, like when we heard it the first time last year (he has said this before pre Kristen)...reporters were asking him if he had been 'in love,' and THAT is what he came back at them with the crazy about his dog stuff.

I don't know, it's getting tiresome and kind of hard to rectify the mixed messages and having to twist myself into a pretzel to explain what he meant, and/or say he meant nothing by it, especially when haters are using it to beat up on Kristen.

Why give people ammo??

...and MORE IMPORTANTLY, and BOTTOMLINE: if you're so willing to take the hits in the press over stupid stuff like this, and open yourself and your girlfriend up to mass ongoing ridiciule in which you and she get dissed by haters, then WHY NOT be open about each other.

Just put it out there, and THEN say no comment.

Because seriously, it can't get any worse than what's being said now.

Anonymous said...

The article did include when Jenny first met Rob in 2008 so the 14 month thing isn't BS.

IMO, if people are using the comment about his dog as a diss, then they haven't read the article for themselves & should shut the hell up.

I'm not getting any mixed messages. Maybe because I don't try to over analyze every word that comes out of his mouth. Maybe if people didn't do that, there wouldn't be so much hate thrown Rob's way. But then so many people just look for anything they can pounce on.

Neither one of them have to come out about anything. Even if they did, they would still get shit thrown at them.

One good thing about this article though...it brought a lot of the hypocrites out so now I know who to avoid reading or following.

Amanda said...

People keep asking why Rob isn't open about him and Kristen, have people forgotten that Kristen is the one that said she wants to be private about it and keep it to themselves? I personally am glad they keep it private. At a nonsten site some of the users were saying they want to stab Kristen(SCARY!)and those are the ones who supposedly don't believe in their relationship, I can't imagine if they actually came out. Besides Rob's scary fans, I don't think they need more scrutiny from the media than they already get. People will make a big deal out of these comments, but they'll blow over. If nonstens want to take them and be happy over them for no reason, I say great! Atleast they will take a break from spewing hate maybe. Anyone who is logical knows what he meant by the comments, and others who feel better to think he doesn't care for Kristen..whatever. Time reveals all.;)

Deborah said...


Rob is not going to confirm the relationship when Kristen has clearly stated she won't answer the question. The fallout for going against what his love wants is far worse than people spouting off at the mouth due to poor reading skills.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know how much backlash there would be from this interview.:/ I've just read about five articles blasting Rob over what he said. Even comparing him to John Mayer with his use of the word negro. I love Rob and I LOVED this interview and he didn't mean anything by his comments. But, he should be more careful. Like he said before the media builds you up to tear you down and they'll twist things. Rob NEEDS to get a publicist. I know he doesn't want to be told what to do, but people are really tearing him up right now. This was not the time for this interview. We get what he was saying because we've seen his interviews and know his sense of humor, but others who don't follow him are taking it badly.

imloco2 said...

I loved the interview and enjoyed the pics and I never thought about media worms. I should have. Rob's people should have. Rob should have. Because they are always waiting to pounce. And these kinds of sound bites are gold to the entertainment machine. I'm thinking about now that he does need a publicist. Like yesterday. Because it's becoming clear to me that when you are not a sheep in hollywood you will get sheared. (okay, I couldn't help that) But seriously, you're only paranoid if they're not out to get you. And obviously they are out to get him. Most people are not going to read the article. They'll just read the headlines and believe 'em. It makes me soooo mad.

Anonymous said...

I just reread the part of the article in which they use the word "negro." There's no racism in it at all (although the writer might have chosen a better word as an example, since there is some sensitivity around the use of the word today).

The writer was comparing Rob's lowering of his voice when he says the word "actor," to the discomfort many people feel over using the word "negro," which may not be acceptable in today's lexicon.

Rob then makes a rather complex and tongue-in-cheek play on the word "negroes" and the act of acting.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading the comments of the articles talking about Rob's Details interview and most are saying he's gay, he's racist or he needs to keep his mouth shut. Ugh. I'd like to say it doesn't matter what people think, but this is a pivitol time in his career, right before his first big non-twi movie and it's getting a really negative reaction. Most people who haven't followed him don't 'get' him like people that do. They are either making fun of him or hating him. Sometimes I really don't think Nick and Stephanie know what they are doing, and it's times like these he does need a publicist. When I read it I never thought it would get this reaction. It really is bad timing.

Anonymous said...

Now I could compare Rob's kindness to everyone and being abused while Kristen's bitchiness and aloofness to media did a good thing for her, they don't talk much about her.Two different personalities with different approach is something to observe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:04
Kristen doesn't get abused? She gets a ton of unnessessary hate all the time. Again people making a competition where there isn't one, and dragging Kristen into something that has nothing to do with her.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling something else needs to happen to lessen the impact of this, it's getting wildly taken out of context.
I personally thought it was a great interview, I enjoy rob's 'lack of filter'. the photo shoot could have been so much better (and still sexy) if the models simply had on lingerie

Anonymous said...

I really don't get all the fuss about this interview and photoshoot. That was typical Rob, joking and saying things that makes you go 'uh'? That makes me things of interveiws from Twilight with Kristen and sometimes it happened even to her to look at him in a 'what the hell are you saying?' way. She just laughs and moves on. And I think that's what we all should do with some of his comments, realizing he was just kidding, whether you get his sense of humor or not, and we all should stop over-analyzing every words he says. I didn't see anything bad in this interview. Only part I was 'uh?' was the part about the elephant lmao I laughed at the vaginas comment (I totally understand what he meant, I guess I'd have the same reaction and comment if I was in the same situation). I thought it was an unusual but interesting interview as far as I'm concerned.

The photos? well I thought they were okay. Not the best photoshoot but that was fine. I was surprised though that there were quite a few of them where either rob was alone or not in the same shot with the models. Did they try to accomodate him if he was uncomfortable?

Anyway, I don't think it was a bad move and that it could hurt his carreer. And in hollywood, most of the time (not always of course) controversary is a good thing, good publicity. I remember a script writer saying that better have controversial reactions than no reaction at all and i agree. As long as it isn't too much and the audience is not unable to overlook it. I don't think Robert absolutely needs a nice guy image, a little controversay wouldn't hurt his image, it'd bring him some 'edge' in the eyes of some HW people. Some fans won't follow but that's not a big deal. As long as he's not disrespectful to himself, his friends/relatives, and the industry, as long as he doesn't loose himself. It's a fine line to walk but I think Robert is doing well so far...

Mary said...

You've got to hand it to Rob, he doesn't give a boring interview. So far, the Details mag is his best interview ever. The fotos showed the artificiality of his new world but the article gave us a glimpse of a conflicted young adult who is thrust into this extravagant situation. People should take a lesson of how this boy is handling this massive fame.You have always liked his honesty and nowyou wanted him to be careful of what he is saying.He could never win either way.He is British, a public school boy and TBH if his intention was to insult anybody, he would wrap it in a language so sweet that you won't ever know what hit you.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anon 2:04, I'm refering the word "abused" to the journalists, I did mention media, not to the fans bashing Kristen. I always believed that most of the journalists are twisting some words or recycling some old interviews or gathering reports which are not relevant anymore. Just the contents of that interview of Rob in Details with Beer 1, Beer 2 ...... seems to me not a friendly one.

Anonymous said...

i hate the rob hate , but come on , leave kristen alone. is there a person in twilight saga who got the half of hate kristen got? no
For Rob , it's just new because he got praise since the beginning. HE needs to be careful, because he has the highest level of popularity an actor can have, and can do better so he may be put down by the same people who praised him. He needs a new publicist , seriously

Anonymous said...

A lot of noise for nothing !!!!! as usual with rob's pictures or interviews LOL Let a few haters say he's gay if they can feel better !!!!! Who care's????

GOROB said...

Is that all the haters have? Rob is gay or a racist? Both can be proven wrong so what else have they got? Grow up America! Rob is as hateful to nudity as most of you are! Women standing around nude and he is sitting so of course all he sees are vaginas! He was sick of looking at vaginas! Big deal! They call everybody gay on the internet, so what! I'm glad he doesn't feel he has a ***#### image to protect! Rob is a sweet soul anyone who is a real fan will know the truth!

TIKisokA said...

I love the artsy Details photos
(tho the naked models were kinda creepy)
and love sarcastic and smart Rob anytime!