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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ted C or Lainey. Who Do You Believe?

Poor baby...
I'm going to talk about Ted C and Lainey today.
They kinda used to be on opposite sides of 
the whole "Robsten" drama.
Ted was for...
Lainey against.
But all that has changed in recent months...
The lines have been blurred...
The sides have become vague.

Um... nice jawline.

The biggest difference is that while Ted C
has always been on the "Robsten" train...
Lainey used to scoff at the idea.
She made fun of Robert...
She made fun of Twilight fans.
So at first I was reluctant to like her.

I read both sites every day.
Lainey and Ted both adore Kristen.
They have a sense of humor about the whole thing...
And Lainey has come to accept that there is indeed
a Rob/Kristen relationship.
She is a sane, rational being after all.
(Plus she loves Ryan Gosling... big points in my book)

Isn't she lovely?

That brings us to the Haters/Nonstens 
(is there a difference? Probably not)
They despise Ted.
They have accused him of being paid off by Summit.
Working for Kristen and doing PR for her.
They constantly say he is 'full of shit'
and only posting stuff to placate the 'shippers'
When Ted was on Twitter recently...
Some of his Tweets were kinda cryptic.
Was there trouble in paradise?
Were we seeing the beginning of the end?
The Haters latched onto Ted's words.
All of a sudden he was someone to be believed.
All of a sudden...
Well maybe...
He wasn't so full of shit after all.
How does that work exactly?
Picking and choosing when Ted is
telling the truth?
Is he a liar? 
Or is there really a 'Deep Twi'?
You can't have it both ways.


Business as usual.
Read the sites for yourself...
And remember to do so with a 
grain of salt.
Ted C
And oh yeah...
Robert Loves Kristen Loves Robert.
Resistance is futile.
Acceptance is victorious.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I'm still firmly on the Lainey is a total Bitch train. Can't stand that worman.

Ted C is a pain in the ass. He knows exactly what he's doing trying to stir the pot. It gets him plenty of hits on his blog.

They both do their jobs very well.

Anonymous said...

really love your posts. thank you
Love Rob and Kristen too

monika said...

Lainey takes a cheap shot at Rob at every opportunity, even when talking about things that have nothing to do with Rob, she still brings him up only to criticize him more for no reason, she's like Perez Hilton with his irrational hatred for KStew, only she hates Rob and girl crushes on Kristen. Perez and Lainey deserve each other.

misty said...

I as well read both of their blogs. And you are right, needs to be taken w/ a grain of salt. The fact that they both think Kristen is badass is good in my book. Also, Lainey seems to support actresses who do not fit into the "typical well-trained tell the public what they want to hear" type of actress. I tend to like Lainey's posts because of that. And she has come around lately to Rob (at least a little).
As usual, love your posts Rose.

May said...

@11:42 Hon,ITA with you. Lainey has serious issues with Rob and that doesnt mash well with me.

Plus,tbh,her loyalties have been all over the place in the last year,so I take her posts with a truck full of salt. Someone who worships NR can`t be very sane,imo.LOL

Also,I expect she will turn on Kris the moment our girl does something that she won`t approve.JS
Ted...well,Ted can be amusing.He delivers with a grin,so although I sit on the fence of both of them,I kinda do prefer him. At least,I can laugh with him.:p

But this is my fave part of your post,bb.

Robert Loves Kristen Loves Robert.
Resistance is futile.
Acceptance is victorious.

I heart you. <3

kristin said...

Very well written - I did not like Lainey at all - bad mouth and I felt she just didn't like Rob because she just didn't like Rob. No real reason. And then when Canes/Erika came up well that is when I changed my mind about her. She supported the lies that were going out about Rob. She knew the truth and she put it out there. I have a little more respect for her now. ps. she sure does get some very crazy and sick people writing her!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for voicing what's on my mind. As always, you always hit the nail perfectly. Love them both.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt compare Lainey to Perez. She said many times that Robert is a beautiful and polite boy. She just doesnt uderstand the Robsession, because she doesnt see enough character in him. And she doesnt necessarily make fun of him just the Twihards. When Lainey hates someone she calls him a famewhore or a douchebag.Never saw Rob in that category.

Lainey at least has (mostly)legitimate info and a healthy take on todays showbizz. She is a bitch,yes.But I love bitches.

Ted likes to cause drama.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't blindly believe everything any of them say but I do read them every once in a while, Lainey less often cause I really can't deal with all the Robert hate. I really like how much she likes Kristen but her dislike for Rob is a bit too much and her bashing unnecessary. Although Ted is a drama queen who likes to cause trouble every once in a while, at least he likes them both and has never bashed any of them

Patricia said...

Hi Rose : I just started to read your blog last week. Every morning I look forward to what you're going to say because we are very similar with our "LOVE" for Rob, Kristen, and Rob and Kristen ! I have posted all this week, because I have read Ted's blog for months and Lainey's also. BUT you and I think alike. I believe that Rob and Kristen have been in England together since before New Years Eve and that's why she was soo tired when getting off the private jet to Sundance ( she just came from England.) I believe also that the people in charge of their pr and movies coming out are a little worried that this couple (YES COUPLE, THEY ARE AND HAVE BEEN TOGETHER for awhile now) are spending too much thought and time on each other ! let's face it love and separation is hard to handle. I think that's what Ted is trying (and not clearly) saying. Fine, I understand. That doesn't mean anything except ( DON'T GO SO CRAZY) they are in love with each other , but they are also going to focus on their new movies, and I believe they can do both. All I can say is no wonder they want to keep their relationship under wraps. Look how crazy we all get when we hear something negative . Do we know if it is true? NO ! We are under the mercy of people that we hope know what they are talking about, because WE SO want to know what this couple is doing and when they will be together again and if we will get to see that. I'll never forget how I felt when I see them on the tar mat in Paris. I was "over the moon" Please keep letting us know Rose what you know. I believe in you and that you love them like I do. grazie for all your posts.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Lainey's posts but she is so utterly shallow sometimes it's hard to take. Saying she doesn't like someone because of the way they look, etc. She's done that so many times it's uncomfortable.

She's fun to read but I'm glad I don't know her in real life. She doesn't seem like a genuine person at all. She belongs here in LA....she'd fit in GREAT.

Rachel said...

Interesting blog, funny this is that K & R don't really care what is written.....I read both sites and yes Lainey has softened a bit about Rob and of course loves Kstew...but grain of salt.

ps love love love the new banner picture at the top...took me a few moments to actually move down to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny because Lainey was kind of like the original R/K shipper back in 08. Now she is how she is. Ted is drama. I like Ted a lot. But he knows what he's doing when he words things in a way to get people riled up, and that can be annoying. It's funny the haters have turned their back on Lainey ever since she said Rob and Kristen are together and happy, and yesterday they cling to Teds words. Weird.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny because Lainey was kind of like the original R/K shipper back in 08. Now she is how she is. Ted is drama. I like Ted a lot. But he knows what he's doing when he words things in a way to get people riled up, and that can be annoying. It's funny the haters have turned their back on Lainey ever since she said Rob and Kristen are together and happy, and yesterday they cling to Teds words. Weird.

Anonymous said...

hey Rose i did read some of Teds post but had to stop to see what you had to say i dont know what to say about Ted and Laineys and dont really care i do love your post and i too think that Rob and Kris are doing there jobs(making us happy with new movies) i hope that they do get to see each other soon thanks again Rose you make my day

Lisa said...

Great post Rose. I love Ted cause hes always stirring the pot. I stay away from his boards a lot now though cause of all the haters. I cannot like Lainey however. I used to like her but then she started to bash Rob and I couldn't understand why. Its such a mystery. I didn't like what she said about him yesterday. I do love how she supports Kristen however. I only wish she could say more positive things about Rob.

Deborah said...

I don't like Lainey purely because of how she constantly bad mouths Rob. She use to be more objective back in 2008, but now reading her comments is like taking a swim in a garbage dumpster. Ted has his faults, but at least he does balance it out with positive Rob comments.

Lainey is the female Perez! bleh

Anonymous said...

I don't read Lainey because of the Rob bashing. I read Ted daily, but he is a definite blog-hit-whore; while I like him, it's transparent and annoying that he stirs the pot to keep those hits coming.

You, Rose, are my favorite blogger. You feel just as I do on most issues about Rob and/or Kristen, and you call it like it is. You are also our revered, irreverent poet for the millennium.


Anonymous said...


I tell you, it's like you're sitting inside my head, and I honestly have to just tell you that yesterday I was daydreaming that I had enough talent or the kind of talent that you have for writing. I was wishing that I could sit down and articulate the very idea that nonstens/haters love to be so wishy washy, I love that they "don't believe they were/are together" yet when there is any hint of "trouble" they jump right in to say "told you so". What, what was that nonstens? I thought they were never in a relationship to begin with... How can there be trouble when there's no relationship...(You see where I'm goin' with this)Anyway, you of course brilliantly write what I think. I read you every day with pleasure. Thanks once again.

lilyb said...

In the beginning, Lainey used to like Rob and was indifferent towards Kristen. She's done a 360 now and takes potshots at Rob every opportunity she gets. Take this coment for example "Robert Pattinson hasn’t shown me much character beyond his hair to deserve the force that is Kristen Stewart"....lool WUT?!
IMO she's the female equivalent of Perez(his continuous dislike towards Kristen), a class A BIATCH

imloco2 said...

My first exposure to Lainey was right after Rob was a Cannes and the whole Erika thing went down. Lainey happened to be there for part of it debunked the whole piece of twaddle. So I was predisposed to like her.

Then I started reading her every day and realized that while in a lot of ways she was pretty great (I happen to like snarky) she really did have a huge chip on her shoulder when it came to Rob. Pretty much like Perez has for Kristen. So I gradually stopped reading her.

Ted...well, I love Ted. He's been on the R&K train for a long long time now and got plenty of ridicule for it until lately when he was proved right. I really can't blame him when he tries to whip the rabble into a frenzy. He never gets more hits than when he does that. And that's his bread and butter after all. Just read it with a salt shaker nearby and you're good to go. The comments section, however, should be treated like 3 mile island. Don't. Go. There.

"Robert Loves Kristen Loves Robert.
Resistance is futile.
Acceptance is victorious."

LOL Words to live by. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rose, can I ask you something? please don't change your banner, just not yet, please?


marble pole said...

Ab-sol-fucking-lut-ley! Well said - BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

my comments have been removed, and they were positive...why? It's happened before.