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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rob and Kristen. You Don't Always Get What You Want.

Not a lot to say today
(I say that everyday, don't I??)

But I do have a few thoughts.
As always.

I keep getting emails from people
who obviously have NO reading comprehension at all.

Let me go through this S L O W L Y
so that you can understand... O K?

1. I love Robert Pattinson.
No, I'm not IN love with him
(although I'm sure that wouldn't be hard to do)
But I love everything about him.
It goes beyond how he looks.
And I think a lot of people understand that.
So saying that I will always be his fan...
That I will always support his work.
Should go without saying.
But of course... I have to keep repeating myself
for the people who just don't get it.
Why do I bother?
I guess I feel sorry for the terminally stupid.

2. Just because I don't get all 
excited about the Vogue pictures with
Robert and Emilie...
Doesn't mean I don't like
Remember Me.
It means...
Got that?
Is that really so hard to understand?
It doesn't mean that all I want
is for Rob to be with Kristen.
He already IS with Kristen...
I don't need to see them together
in everything they do.

3. I love Kristen Stewart, too.
No, I'm not IN love with her, either.
But I adore her...
Love what she does...
And will always support her movies and projects.

Here's the thing...
Yes. I think Kristen and Robert are together.
No. I won't boycott films that they aren't in together.
I want to see The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys
almost as badly as I want to see Remember Me.
And guess what?
Even if there comes a day
when I don't think Rob and Kristen are together...
I will STILL love and support everything
that they both do.
One has nothing to do with the other.
At least for the rational brain.

And please stop telling me
what I think 
how I feel.
I don't need you to put words in my mouth
I'm pretty straightforward in what I say.
and honestly...
Why the hell do you keep coming back here?
are you ROSEsessed?
Get the fuck out.

Oh yeah.
The BAFTAS aren't about Rob and Kristen.
It's all Kristen.
I would love for Robert to show up to support her.
But you don't always get what you want.
But sometimes...
You get what you need.

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

Rose: Well that's pretty clear! I HOPE! Once again you took the words right out of my mouth ! Grazie
And HATERS go somewhere else with the hate and bull-shit ! This sights for lovers of Rob Pattinson and kristen Stewart ! Rock on Rose

Patricia said...

Rose: Well that's pretty clear! I HOPE! Once again you took the words right out of my mouth ! Grazie
And HATERS go somewhere else with the hate and bull-shit ! This sights for lovers of Rob Pattinson and kristen Stewart ! Rock on Rose

carol benatti said...

Rose: You rock my world!
Thank you for your amazing words!
I couldn´t say it better!
I am hoping Kris will recive the knowledge for her amazing work,the girl rocks since she was a kid!
I can´t wait till The Runaways and Remember Me are release!
Love your blog
xx from Brasil!

lostinphilly said...

You Go Girl!! Truer words were never spoken!!!This is exactly my opinion on that situation, I couldn't have said it any better!!! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose you got it all right again. I can see there is a lot of us that feel the same way you do. ALL WE WANT IS THE BEST FOR THEM BOTH.( I to love Rob and Kristen) and I well go see all there new movies.Thanks again for the post .I hope you have a good day my friend. lov. ya . Deb.

Lizzie said...

Rose -


and just have to say - that little bit of tummy and underwear showing in picture #1 is driving me insane

May said...

Dear Rose,I fucking love you.Srsly,thats all I have rn. Coming to your blog&seeing there exactly how I feel totally makes my day. Thank you for that. :D

Tedracat said...

As always, I agree, sweet Rose. Although I did quite like the VOGUE photos of Rob & Emilie too. I love all photos of Rob and support everything he does, and I know you do too.

Keep being your honest, no bull self, my lovely! <3 you!

kristine.hills said...

And please DON'T stop telling me
what YOU think
how YOU feel.

I come here bc i like so much reading your thoughts! Thank God we have you to put our feelings into words. LETS SPREAD OUR LOVE!!!

Love you and you little HUGE blog.
Huge bc you can feel LOVE here! ;)

lisa said...


Anonymous said...

Have I told you I love you. x

Anonymous said...

Good blog Rose---------------I love visiting your website!!!!!!!

~j~ said...

Epic win again darling. I live how you support our boy. And how you support our girl. And how you support what makes THEM happy (i.e. Their movies, their projects & THEIR choice to be together). I can't for the life of me understand people who are SO immensely against them being to together. R makes K happy. K makes R happy. You can be a rob fan and not a Kristen fan (and vice versa). But you arn't a truely supportive fan if you don't support what that person wants. R&K's relationship status has absolutely nothing to to with anyone but Rob & Kristen. These crazy people who feel the need to (and it's mostly our beautiful girl who bears the brunt of hate) bash, need to get the fuck over themselves. You don't have a chance in hell at being with him. Don't hate her just b/c he looks at her like she hung the fucking moon. Move on. Be supportive. Try to e better, more compassionate, and want was best for whoever you believe in.

Curious George said...

Rose, I love your blog, but I'm curious...why do you constantly defend your opinion? The subject of Rob and Kristen will always be met with resistance from haters, trolls, stupid people, etc. Keep supporting them, keep talking about them, keep up the love, but you should stop trying to defend yourself, defend Rob and Kristen, and defend their relationship, career choices, even there clothing choices. Just keep on and skip the drama.

Anonymous said...

For God´s sake, are people still mad about your opinion about the Vogue photoshoot? Move on idiots. Rose, You shouldn´t bother answering those stupids anymore. It´s your opinion and they don´t have to agree. If they don´t get it...well, f** them!
Love ya.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken once again Rose !!!! Sometimes peoples idiocy truly amazes me. IF they DON'T like it then they need to stay the F*** OUT !!!!

Anonymous said...

love your site, your always have the best pictures to match up with what is going on. What the Fuck is going on in the fandom?

Anonymous said...

Rose, you make it perfectly clear in your posts what you mean. If people don't get it, it's because they are trying not to. The haters sending you the emails will probably read this post and still think what they want about you. You make too much sense to them, and they can't have that so they twist what you say to make their own point seem more valid to themselves. Anyone who reads this blog objectively knows you're a Rob fan and will support him and Kristen nomatter what happens in their personal lives. You say that all the time and people who haven't grasped that yet, will never and they don't matter anyway.

Kelly said...

@ Curious George,

Great comment... I wonder that too. Rose shouldn't need to defend her opinion... no matter what people may comment.

Rose, along with getting rid of the terms "robsten" and "shipper" I really wish people could stop using terms like "haters" and "stupid". I wish people could stop being so mean to one another.

All these hateful terms only make those wanting to fight more willing to fight. Let people state their peace and move on. No one has to agree.

The power in words only comes from the power one puts into them.

Or... sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. :)

Again Rose, you make me think.. and that is why I come here.

Anonymous said...

I feel precisely as you do, Rose. Beautifully said. I don't know how you could have been clearer. It all comes down to reading comprehension and maturity levels.



Anonymous said...

toAnon @2:36 ~ what the fuck is going on in the fandom? It's crazy! Why the attacks and cyber-bullying? Rose,thank you once again for stating your opinion. Everyone may not agree (I do), but the bs has got to stop! You and the others who are being bashed - keep up the good work! Don't let the bastards get you down!

Anonymous said...

you said "I don't need to see them together
in everything they do."
neither do rob.
hear this...
I am quite pretty sure he does not suppose... he KNOWS...what it is to be away from his love...
hear this video you tube about not being always with each other...

greenangelice said...

love your post! totally read my mind on how i feel about them.. i love them both.. individually and together.. and will support them whatever their work is.. some are just too consumed in the edward/bella story that they live in their own delusion... awesome rose!

Anonymous said...

Rose i love ya yes ill say it again i love ya girl And that is why im sooo pissed off at what i just read at the (A. T.) Some bitch said some things about you that was not true (like your not a fan of Rob any more ) Bullshit we know that thats not true YOU are ONE OF HIS #1 fan.But for (HER OR HIM) to go and say things about you in another post well just PISS me off .Oh ya I put my 2 cents in about how they were wrong about you . Sorry Rose just want you to know i got your back .AND to HELL to all thoughs HATERS

Anonymous said...

That's why you shouldn't read the AT.

Anonymous said...

YES! We are ROSEsessed!,LOL! We love to read what's your own opinion and agree whenever we have to agree and give some reasons and discuss whatever it is. Nice blog really.

Anonymous said...

"I guess I feel sorry for the terminally stupid."

Kudos, Rose!

Once again, I love your post and share your thoughts.