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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Robert and Kristen... So Sweet :)

 LOVE this picture.
It's SO nice to see Kristen smile.
It lights up her whole face!
This was taken yesterday in London.
She's still in London.
Oh and Rob is in London, too.
And there are all sorts of tweets and articles
talking about seeing Rob and Kristen
out and about.
It's kinda weird.
People don't believe anything unless there
is a PICTURE as proof.
And then when there IS a picture...
It either means nothing
("Big deal, I do that all the time with my friends")
it was STAGED.
("They are just messing with the fans.
Summit is making them do that...")
So does a picture really matter?
Doesn't seem like it...
 This is the only picture I have seen
of Robert and Kristen together in London.
It's good enough for me.
But then...
I don't need constant 'evidence' 
of their relationship.
It is what it is.
And if the last few months have taught us anything...
It's that Rob and Kristen have become
VERY good at avoiding cameras.
They have both flown in and out of London
without being detected.
That is an amazing feat.
They have managed to stay pretty much
out of the public eye since New Moon.
(give or take a couple of times... )

So basically...
NOT seeing pictures of Robert and Kristen
doesn't mean anything either.
Seeing isn't believing.
Not seeing isn't believing.
Kinda a no win situation...
So what do you believe?

Oh wait.
I pulled this one out again.
But this picture is what sealed the deal for me.
And the pictures that have followed?
Just icing on the "Robsten" cake.
Just the fact that Robert and Kristen
manage to be with each other 
EVERY damn chance they get.
More icing.
Dripping with it.
And guess what?
That cake is sooo sweet.
It tastes wonderful.
You should try it...
Unless luscious, divine cake isn't your thing?
I guess you can stick with your
Sour Grapes...
Bon Appetit!


Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed to prove that Rob and Kristen are a couple?Does it help you sleep at nights?Are you one of those crazy shippers who pray night and day about Robsten?Rob is gay,everybody knows that.He's in a serious relationship with TomStu.They adore each other.Kristen is just for PR.As for her,i've decided yet if she's gay or bi.Probably the second.She has said in an interview last year that Nikki Reed has peed on her.Since when best friends do that?So,it must means something.When i read it,i was shocked.

Patricia said...

Rose: I think this is the BEST comments you've made since I've been coming to your blog! This is SPOT ON ! LOVE,LOVE, LOVED IT! I agree with every word. Take that haters ! I'm still hoping they both fly to New York together for "Remember Me" premier I know WHO he has TO BE WITH (Summit's orders) Emile (his co-star) but they'll have an after party ! I can dream, can't I? Love them, love you! Grazie

Laura said...

OMG, I am laughing SO hard at the Anon's comment above, I think I'M gonna pee on someone! ;P

And I'm laughing b/c there is NO WAY I am actually gonna take that comment seriously :)

Great post, Rose. <3 you!

Melody said...

Mmmmm I love cake with lots of icing.

Anonymous said...

What I love about your blog, Rose, is how much it upsets those who don't want to believe. Deep down they know its true but they have to cling to their fantasies to make themselves happy. And they still aren't happy. Its not enough for them to think Rob is available, people who think he is taken irritate the hell out of them. Keep them coming Rose. You spread laughter, love, and happiness. The nonstens just spread misery and hate.


ANON...REALLY??? how sad are you and why rain on others parade?!?! for us ROBSTEN hopefuls cant we just be happy thinking they are together whether they are or not...i mean i think i peed on myself laughing so hard on the moronic "facts" that you made...JEESH! GO ROBSTEN and all of us just trying to smile on what makes us happy!

Anonymous said...

Do you have pictures to prove the great love between RP and TomStu? Because you say everyone knows but I haven't seen any pictures of kissing, hugging, sharing cabs, screwing, trying on women's clothes and hanging out in gay bars. Show me that and then I'll agree with you. As for peeing on ur Nikki Reed, again I need photographic proof. Any pics of said peeing? Can I find video on youtube? Look sweetie, I spend 99.9% of my time with gay men. I take pride in my gaydar. Sorry but I just don't see RP gay. Doesn't show at all. You can always tell if a dude is gay during straight love scenes. Gay men, no matter how closeted can't really pull it off. You can tell if a guy is into a scene or not and I've watched RP in a few scenes with more than just one girl and frankly no matter what he says, he def is into chicks. Just ask the gay dudes I hang with, believe me they'd love it if he were gay. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've heard but a member of Parliament tweeted that R and K were in a conservative pub filled w/Tories yesterday and they were having dinner and shared a few affectionate kisses. Poor guy got bombarded with questions lol. As usual, nonstens missed the 'together' and 'affectionate' part that he was saying. Those 2 can't stay away from each other even when working. They are getting closer by the day and see a long happy relationship ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

I think Kristen knows every move Rob makes before he makes it. He consults with her, keeps her informed, trusts her judgment, and most importantly - absolutely adores her. We've watched them both grow up from their first Twilight audition to now. I say they have their private lives all planned out. They're both content, it's a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

I will always, always, think Rob and Kristen were together earlier than most people think. I'm not saying they were dating during Twilight... but something definitely happened on the production of that movie. Late nights in Portland hotels? Possibly. On the bright side, they're dating now and seem immensely happy. So that's all that matters now

Kathy said...

First of all...CLASSIC post Rose. Damn girl you know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it !!!! LOVE IT !!! Yes, Rob and Kristen adore each other. You can tell. But quite honestly if anyone is expecting them to go to each others "premiere", I highly doubt it will happen. MAYBE an after party. MAYBE. They are so good at sneaking around. I LOVE that. I hope they're REALLY enjoying their time together. They deserve it. YEP, THE ROBSTEN CAKE IS JUST DRIPPING WITH ICING !!! YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened to say that even though it's beyond a doubt that those two are together and are trying VERY HARD to keep their lives private while enjoying a relationship so vital so sacred to both of them, but I can't help but reminisce those SEMI peaceful times when that tarmac pic in pairs was taken, all the hate the poor girl is getting these days just by surfacing to the face of the earth and getting her pic taken is disgusting, and don't think it doesn't take a toll on Rob!! Even though the hate is mostly coming from a portion of his "CRAZY" fandom! He cant even fucking LOVE his girl properly without her being blown to pieces by those nutfkers the nonstens! I'm starting to think that SUN interview actually took place and the poor guy actually DID say those things out of frustration at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. Someone like Rob used to being carefree, having to deal with the craziness of twitards, as well as people telling him how to behave around the person he loves, just to satisfy a bunch of asshats claiming to be his fans! What a pity, that R&k have to sell their souls in order to satisfy a bunch of strangers and keep them mollified. I can't wait till the stupid twi films are done with, I just hope those two have the patience and determination to withstand this shitstorm, I wish them and their love a long and lasting future.

Patti said...

Awwww- your posts make my day!!
Long live Robsten!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:54AM Way to take a quote out of context. The peeing story is kind of funny. Kristen and Nikki were parasailing (Michael was also on this trip, BTW, they were still together at the time). The guy driving the boat cut the motor and Kristen and Nikki started plummeting. Nikki apparently freaked and peed on Kristen. If anyone thinks that was sexual, you need your head examined.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose good morning I have to say I feel the same way you do I dont need the constant evidence to make me believe that Rob and Kristen are a couple My eyes can see that and i feel it in my hart And i love love love did I say love the smile on Kristens face you cane see she happy I would be to if I was with my honey.Lifes looking good for her right now and Im happy for her.And I also was glade to see that big smile on Robs face You can see they are happy to be with each other.And what you said about others not believing Well there lost. Thanks again Rose for your post ilove it have a good day my friend Deb.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:54, I notice that you were the first one onboard this morning to spew your negativity. Don't you have something positive to do, somewhere to go?

As to the Nikki peeing on Kristen incident, you can check it out on Youtube:

Nikki Reed on Alexa Chung legendado


Anonymous said...

I love you comparing cake to sour grapes! How perfect. I just don't get all the energy that is put into all the negative crap out there. I just wish Rob and Kristen well - they both seem to be doing great and seem happy in London. I hope they stay there! Away from the crazies in this country. The English obviously love Kristen, as well they should. Their homeboy does!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, i love you! You speak from my soul. May God bless both with an exceptionally strong and deep love.
They deserve it. I want them happy together for the rest of their life.

Lula! said...

Oh, Rose...
the stuff you have to endure due to lame commenters.

Bless you!
Great post, too!

Anonymous said...

Love your insight on Robsten!!!=) You sure now to give me a nice dose of my Favorite couple Robsten!!
Ignore the haters!!

Anonymous said...

to DeDe, there is also plenty of hate thrown towards Rob by Kristen fans. It's far from one sided. Kristen has her own share of crazy fans and I say that as a Kristen fan. Rob has been called an idiot, moron, dufus & he his no where near good enough for Kristen because Kristen is a goddess and walks on water. Those aren't Rob fans calling him that.

Anonymous said...

The sad person who posted the 1st comment on this blog today needs help. Like right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so glad I found this website. Thank you Rose! I tried going to Ted's blogs about Robsten but the hate on there is soooo much. There are some Robsten fans on there but most of them are haters. So I left. Looking for a good reliable one..here I am I found Rose' blog a few weeks ago. Thank you! I like that you are not one of the crazy Robsten fans who only think of them as "Edward and Bella" but as individuals...I agreee the person who posted the first coment why is he/she here? As sane Robsten fans NEED to stick together. Because there is sooo much hate and foolishness I cannot even explain. Why cant people just be happy for them. Its like seeing a friend of mine finding their one true love. I will be happy for them. I love Rob which makes me love Kristen because HE LOVEs her. And that alone makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Aaargh, I hate this thing (not your blog, this comment thingy. I thought I posted, but apparently I didn't)

Anyway, I love you ROSE! Sour grapes indeed. That person with the first comment really needs help. Counseling. A time out. A bitch slap. Whatever works. It always amazes me when Nonstens say "A picture or it didn't happen" then when there is a picture...they make all kinds of excuses and denials and are just generally really nasty. Like, you kiss your mother with that mouth? I don't consider them real fans of Rob...just crazy stalkers. Thanks again for a great post and whipping out that Paris hand-holding picture. I never get tired of seeing it.

Tatyana_17 said...

LMAO! I always agree with what you say. Lol. People are so amusing! I totally believe that Rob and Kristen are together and the people who don't are stupid and/or jealous! Thanks for your blog, it always makes my day. Lol.

Anonymous said...

to anon 5:19 I totally agree with you...the hate at Ted's is unbelievable. The denial too. Can't take it! It was so glad to find this place. Sometimes, like #1, the posts are not so nice, but for the most part, it is good. I don't know why #1 bothers to come read Rose's blog. There are places for her .... locked up tight! Good night to all the good people here. For the most part, the posters here leave the hate behind. They don't always agree, but the hate is gone. That is all we need. Keep up the great work Rose!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To Anon 3:51 PM

as much as I would like to believe that you are a Kristen fan who's claiming that HER fans are out there putting Rob down, I find that claim very flimsy to say the least. Kristen's fans IN GENERAL are carefree, I admire them both equally I'm not a fan of one and not the other even though I'd like to think I'm more of a Rob's fan than Kristen's. But I have interacted with many of her fans and they REALLY REALLY don't have much to say about Rob, or anyone else she might be dating for that matter, they leave her personal life completely alone. However, some of Rob's fans i.e
(nonestens AKA the crazy) go out on a limb to call Rob insane and out of his mind for choosing Kristen, that's after exhausting every option of calling her every nasty thing under the sun, after possibly delusional-ly admitting to "some" of the facts like the Bafta after party pic, or the IoW pics, after ripping Kris up for breathing the same air as Rob let alone dimming his star at the Baftas
(this one's really funny considering she was the one nominated). And finally while most of the "nonsten-CRAZIES" hang on to the one card they played too much and that's the shipper(shipping E&B...girl please!!)/Kristen crazy fans being behind all the hate card, you NEVER see any of Kristen's fans dedicating an entire website to hating on Rob, NEVER. So please to all of the nonstens out there pretending to be Kristen fans going to websites like Ted's cursing out Rob or wishing him death to make Kristen fans look insane, I think you are the ones needing the straight goddamn jacket. Please seek help, get your self admitted, you're pathetically hopeless. *end rant*

February 24, 2010 7:00 PM

Anonymous said...

to anon 7:00 I had never thought of that - the Rob bashing can get waaayyy out of hand, esp. at Ted's website. I can't stand it. I almost feel the Rob hate is worse there than the Kristen hate. Now, the hate leveled at Kristen by the non-stens is so unbelievable and unconscionable. I have never been to the nonsten site, nor will I. As a Rob fan, it is embarrassing and a disservice to him to have them behave this way. Fans on both sides should stop the bashing. Like who you like, but it does not mean you have to tear anyone else down in the process. That's called insecurity. As I said, I am a Rob fan, but I've always liked Kristen. I can say that over this past week, since the BAFTA's, I have found my respect for her deepening. As a mother of sons, I have always felt that if Rob likes her, I like her. It's the consideration I would give my own children. To do otherwise is not being a fan - it's crazy. In addition, to see how the person who Tweeted from the BAFTA's was treated, as well as the politician with his tweets last night, is also crazy. To assail them with tweets and nasty comments is just just insane! If you don't like what they say, you can't handle the truth. Rob and Kristen are trying to live their lives in the crazy world in which they live. Crazy fans do not make that easy for them. MY rant is over now. Can everyone just chill? How can any person or persons live generating so much hate?? It's not healthy, for anyone.

Anonymous said...

HEY rose Im back haha just was reading some of the things that everyone was saying and I just wanted to say to DeDe and to anon7:00 that Kristen had 6 ya 6 security men with her at the BAFTS after party. You know that Rob was looking after her safety.What do you think what Rob would do if anything did happen to Kristen because of his fans ( there hate )how do you think he would think of them then???? just asking I HOPE NOTHING EVERY HAPPENS TO HER i love her and I LOVE ROB I am a Robert Pattinson fan.

Anonymous said...

you know i used to be a regular at AT but have not read it in a while. there's just too many haters; it's not healthy. besides ted often writes to stir up the fans. he is not consistent. i think he does it for the hits...bottom line, money. rose on the other hand, hi rose, is consistent, rational and loyal. so i like coming here everyday. sometimes we get people like the first poster but that's once in a blue moon. the posters here are a lot better than at ted's. cel

Anonymous said...

It seems the more obvious their relationship becomes, it's not just denial from the nonstens anymore. I've heard some really scary things about causing Kristen physical harm and tearing down her looks. I don't understand it. You don't want to believe their relationship or don't like their relationship? Fine. But there doesn't need to be over the top hatred from grown women to a nineteen year old girl. I think SOME of the nonstens just don't have a grip on reality. What does it change for them if he's with her? They had zero chance with him before and now that he has a girlfriend it stays at zero. I'm a huge fan of Rob and of course I'm jealous of Kristen, but I like her and he always seems beyond happy with her. How can you not feel happy for them? No wonder why they keep it private. Extremes on both sides have gotten way too much.

Anonymous said...

to 11:14 PM

I'm with you on the zero chance with Rob, the problem with these women is that unfortunately it's them causing all the debates and the issues everywhere on the net, they are the ones harassing people who tweet sightings of Rob & Kris, they are even the ones behind the whole dilema if they are or they aren't, as most the people who support Rob and Kris are just happy for them if they were or even weren't together...most of us support their choices personal or professional and don't press much about their private lives, sure we are happy for them IF THEY were happy together, but will not lose ANY sleep if they were to break up tomorrow. yet the Nonstens are just arguing and bickering and causing drama everywhere!! you should go hang out on Rob's IMDB board to see 500 post threads arguing about this same issue, or even the fact that Kristen's didn't shave her leggs or the fact that she needs a pedicure!! just appalling if you ask me. These women need to really lay off the crap they smoke, it's making life miserable for Rob(their idol) the guy can't even get out without a bounty being put on his head...have you read about showbiz spy putting a bounty on R&K's head? If you don't I suggest you check it out.

btw I'm 7:00 pm for those addressing that post, not sure why it shows anon I see my name next to it! oh well!

Bellaroma4 said...

Loved it! Thank you so much, Rose.

Anonymous said...

Exactly!!! the posters on here are much better (sane, normal,...) than on Ted's site! It did not use to be like this! Because of that I stop going there all together. If I go I just read what Ted has to say, filter it, take what I want from it and move on! It seems like 12 and 13 year olds have taking over that place not knowing there are adults on board which they are being very disrespectful to. Ted C. is great like him because he supports Robsten but he supports and loves his hits more (money!!!!)

Rose, I have to say you are an angel. And get out of my head lol! you say what i think about! You equally support Rob and Kristen and equally put news about them. I hope you read these comments sometimes, because I want you to know this. And i can tell you are a true fan because you say the truth and not try to "stir up any pots" You're the real deal hon!

Trish :)