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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are Robert and Kristen going to NYC?

I want to talk about Remember Me.
There have been a lot of trailers released.
Typical Summit... Typical Overkill.
It's like with New Moon...
I feel like I've seen the whole damn movie!
But honestly?
The more I see...
The more I like.
Robert looks so damn beautiful in this movie.
And I know he's got a quiet determination
in his voice... his actions...
But Robert's face has always been a 
huge part of showing his emotions...
Of his acting.
That gorgeous face shows everything he's feeling.
I'm SO excited to see this movie.
To see Robert.

Is it March yet?

Some of the BEST pictures of Rob
are from the Remember Me set.

Do you think this movie will attract the teen fans
that all the Twilight movies do?
But I'm guessing there are so many
people who are actually fans of Edward first.
Who won't be interested in this.
Kinda hard to believe...
That's why its so important that this movie does well.
So people realize Robert isn't Edward.
There is more to him than the sparkly vampire.
(not that I don't love Edward... but you know what I mean)
As a fan of Robert...
I want EVERYthing he does to do well.
Because I want him to keep making movies
beyond the Twilight Saga.
I don't see me getting over him.
He owns me.
For life.

Ah yes.
I'm gonna guess that Rob and Kristen
will be traveling to the States together.
This weekend.
It just makes sense to me.
Rob has stuff going on...
Jimmy Fallon, The View, RM premiere
Kristen has Leno, Oscars, Runaways premiere
Will Kristen go to NYC with Robert?
I would like to think so.
Kristen haters are all up in arms
about her showing up at the RM premiere.
Of course she is just there riding his coattails.
Stealing his thunder.
How DARE she go to upstage RM!!!
How is it any different then when Emilie
showed up at the New Moon premiere?
Some people got all upset that she was there.
And the haters defended her right to be.
If it was OK for Emilie to be at NM
on the basis of working with Robert/Summit
and promoting RM 
Surely its OK for Kristen to be at RM
on the basis of working with Robert/Summit
And maybe...
because Robert WANTS her to be there?
Who the hell knows.
Maybe she won't show up.
But I hope she does.
I kinda think the relationship ball is 
rolling pretty good right now...
Why stop it?

Bye for now


MARiLiA said...

i love you blog! (: keep it up!
RPattz for life! (:

katy said...

Love your blog. I Hope Kristen will be there to show her support to Rob...I have feeling she will be there.

RPaddict said...

Rob owns me to. Whatever he does I'm going to support it. He's a chameleon and can be someone different in every movie he makes.He's talented and gets better with each role.
I hope that Kristen is at the RM premier to support him, in what ever capacity he needs her to be. It's their call and not anyone else's business.
I can't wait for RM!!
I love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Well,Rob looked so handsome in RM set,because that's his job,to look pretty.It's the only thing he has to sell,because he has zero acting skills.

He looked relaxed,too.Well,maybe because he was banging EDR?She looks cute and sexy.Kristen looks awful all the time,depressed,pissed.But at least she can act.I give this to her.

They're both overated,IMO.Too much for nothing.But all this PR moves,with gossip,hiding,works very well for them and the movies.They're two very smart kids.

a plee said...

I really hope, that Kristen will attend the RM-Premiere, and I was thinking about Rob, if he'll attend the premiere of "The Runaways" which is also in New York. Might be possible ;)
Thank you so much for your blog, I can't say it enough!
Keep on,

debbi said...

Rose, you always seem to have a sense for this stuff. I'm thinking Kristen will be heading back o the US with Rob too. Not sure she will actually turn up at the RM premiere, but perhaps will celebrate with him after. That seems to be their way - get away after the event and have their own time, away from the crowds. Hope they get in ok. We're getting buried in snow here in New York for the next 2 days.

I also agree about all the Remember Me clips - it's overkill but I'm liking what I"m seeing more and more. I think Rob is going to own us even more after this, as if that's even possible.

Patricia said...

Rose: "You read my mind" as always, love what you have to say. Kristen has already seen "Remember Me" she praised Rob for his acting in this movie when she was doing her press with Eddie. I've been thinking they would fly back together from London (she'll probably stay out of sight) BUT BE THERE TO SUPPORT ROB. But at the after-party for the Premier, I'm thinking that's when they'll be together. More private (that's their style) We know THEY ARE A COUPLE AND LOVE EACH OTHER AND I HOPE THAT THEY WILL RELAX AND JUST LET IT HAPPEN WITH THE PUBLIC! because most lovers of Rob and Kristen would be OVER THE MOON! But I know it's up to them, but" I can dream can't I" ? I also will see everything that Rob makes, I don't see any change in my love affair with him either. grazie Rose I'm really looking forward to all the beautiful pictures of our man in the next few days! Ignore the haters, EMBRACE THE LOVERS !

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose Lov your post today.And I cant wait to RM comes out I think i'v already seen the movie to BUT that dont mean i wont go see it over and over again you see I LOVE any think that Rob dose .To me he is a growing actor and i love his work .I hope that my girl Kristen well be there for her man We mite not see her but I do hope shes there.I like the way you said the relationship ball is rolling why stop it now.I hope they have a good time in NY And i hope you have a good day my friend. Deb.

Anonymous said...

Good call on them traveling to New York together! I never thought about it and now that I do, it makes perfect sense. : )

Anonymous said...

Just because they release clips, it doesn't mean you have to watch them. I'm not planning on seeing Kristen on the red carpet. She may be there behind the scenes, but not in front of the cameras.

Rob fans don't want the thunder to be taken away from him just like the Kristen fans don't want the thunder taken away from her. Kristen fans have done their own fair amount of bitching regarding that subject.

Thesabstar1 said...

ITA with everything you said! And desperately want to reiterate how important it is that we (his fans) support this movie as much as we can - and on opening weekend even better!

Anonymous said...

Spot on, once again! You´re amazing and so is your blog.


Anonymous said...

why is there one anonymous poster everyday spewing hate? god they have no lives. anyways, cant wait for RM and i am really happy for both rob and kristen.


Anonymous said...

I say you're just about perfect, Rose. Dry wit, keen intelligence, unfiltered honesty, wisdom and common sense. What more could we ask for?

I do believe that R&K are in a serious relationship. But I'm most happy that they have each other as friends (within that relaysh!). Imagine what it would be like to have a target on your back and the terrible burden of excessive love and hatred as well. Who would better know the ropes and offer support than a loving friend you trust 100%.

I wish them much happiness and most of all safety.


Anonymous said...

Rose I'd like that your wishes would turn real but I guess not, not all of them.

Kristen will surely fly to NYC with Rob but she's not going to show up in RM premiere. Summit is not going to let her attend. Do you remember NM premiere? They weren't even allowed to pose for a pic together. Just Taylor and Kristen. Rob was not a leading part of NM but he's of the Saga. Summit is not going to let Robsten interfere in any of their business and Kristen is not part of RM.

Anonymous said...

Rose, you always put a smile on my face. I hope you know that hon. Yes, we all love Edward but I want people to love Rob for ROb. Not only be screaming because "Edward" is there..because of him as a person! Don't get me wrong I know most people (like me) love him for just him but some dont...they see Edward first and this can be really really fustrating! Edward is beautiful, perfect, sexy as hell, and the perfect earth man. But Rob is Rob. The reason why I love him is because, he his human ( lol that sounds cheesy) but he has a great sense of humor. I did not start to really pay attention and like him until I watched his interviews on youtube. It is almost hard not to laugh when he is talking becuase he is bound to say something funny. Also his humbleness the fact that he doesnt think he is great...but we all know he is and HE doesnt see that. very humble. These are a few reasons why I love him.

And with Kristen coming with him to RM promos and etc. OF COURSE!! Why not? this is his woman!!! hello? If EDR came to the NM..why shouldnt KRisten? She is like "the first lady". It will not be right if Obama does not shows up at most important events with Michelle..so Kristen should most certainly be there with him. And this will certainly show the haters how much they care about each other to support each other's movies and that they are more than "just (best) friends" (but as usual summit sucks and this will not happen)

Sorry for the rambling..thanks Rose, your blogs make my day! and a shout out to everyone on this blog!!!

Kathy said...

As much as I would LOVE Kristen to be at the RM premier, I really don't think she will be. I'm sure there are several reasons behind that...Summit, for one, and Kristen, the other (she may be thinking that it will only add to a ROBSTEN confirmation). I'm sure Emilie's husband will be there, don't you think? Either way, I'm sure Kristen will be with Rob at some point during the night. I totally understand why she wants to keep everything under wraps, but IF it was ME, I'd want to flaunt it. Maybe some day she will feel comfortable enough to do so. Anyway, I hope they have a safe flight from London and that they thoroughly enjoy their time together.

Anonymous said...

Kristen the first lady? Surely in Rob's heart but oficially Kristen is nobody's first lady. Ask SCUMMIT.

TINK said...

im so with you...RM looks wonderful. it IS just like NM promo. i dont mind all the clips but that's me. being objective, I think its too much. but this is still so very exciting as a robsessor.

im in for life too ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I meant Kristen is the "first lady" in Rob's heart.

As for summitt..lets not talk about them they always dissapoint me!!!


Bellaroma4 said...

Hope they do fly back to the States together. Hope Kristen does go to the Remember Me premiere.

Hope so, Rose. Thank you! =)

Kiki said...

Hey Rose, i hear today's your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY
I hope you're enyoing this day with ur family & friends, and Rob's letting u know, he loves you and he's afraid he can't come visiting you, but he has to stay in London for filming Bel Ami ;D
So just wanna let you know i love your blog, your sarcastic humor, that you're ROBsessed, your statements about the Kristen haters, i just love all things you write and i'm looking forward to your post every day :)