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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robert, Kristen, Emilie and Tom. It's Chemistry.

A few movie stills came out yesterday.
A couple from "Eclipse"
A few from "Remember Me"
And while I just wanted to sit back
and savor all the Robert goodness...
It became a battle of
Of course it did.
Because EVERYthing is a reason to argue.
People aren't happy unless they can bitch about something.
Nonstens were all about the RM pics...
Because Rob wasn't with Kristen.
Shippers were all about the Eclipse pics...
Well, for obvious reasons.
But some people got confused...
Saying that the movie stills proved
Robert's feelings for Emilie/Kristen
one way or another.
Movie stills.
Stills. From. Movies.
Are you as scared as I am?

This is what *I* think.
(People without a sense of humor...
You better just leave now... K?)

First one is Rob and Emilie...
Remember Me.
Rob is smiling. Emilie is smiling.
(who wouldn't be smiling in her position?)
To me...
Rob looks like he is doing push-ups 
to keep from laying on top of Emilie.
Chemistry rating 1-10?
And that's because Rob is always hot in bed.
Remember... ACTING.

Eclipse photo.
Kristen and Robert.
Not smiling.. but looking intently
into each others eyes.
Kristen is laying on top of Rob...
Rob has his arms around Kristen...
(no push ups... lol)

Chemistry rating?
Well... you know I'm biased.
but remember...

Emilie about to kiss Robert.
Robert has his eyes closed.
Pretty sweet.
Chem rating?
I give it an 8.
Rob makes the taxi look sexy.

Kristen about to kiss Rob.
Rob's eyes are closed (again)
They are both pretty intent on that kiss...
Chem rating?
Well... mostly because I keep remembering
the fucking sexy strut that leads up to that kiss...
That walk trumps EVERYTHING.
Oh yeah...
Kristen and Robert.
Close together.
Pretty intent on each other.
Going in for the kiss?
Chem rating?
Fucking 10.
And guess what?

Rob and Emilie.
In the shower.
All kinds of sexy.
You can never go wrong with wet Rob.
Chem rating?
Fine... a 9.
I would give it a 10...

(I never get tired of this one)

Robert and Kristen.
On an airport tarmac.
Sharing a quiet, intimate moment...
Holding hands.
Chem rating?
I still feel the vibrations from this picture.
And guess what?

I saved the best for last.
Rob and Tom.
Walking on a street in London.
Both are smiling.
And isn't it great to see Rob smiling??
Two friends
enjoying themselves...
Chem rating?
OFF the charts.
Rob looks relaxed.
He's hanging with his good friend.
And guess what?
He's not ACTING!


Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I love you! That is all :)

MsTwilica said...

Love it!

Patricia said...

Rose: Your feat is difficult, trying to speak your mind and being "mad"over Rob ! But you got a 10 for effort ! In all the videos that I've watched of Rob and Kristen (all 10's) for chemistry! They just have it for each other ! I think Rob has it and the lucky ladies that he is acting along side are getting the benefit of his hotness. I was dying to read your reaction to Tom and his shopping in England. Best friends grabbing some lunch and enjoying each other (in peace) love his smile. grazie for another great piece. I LOVE ROB PATTINSON! As do you (10) always !

Jimefowks said...

hot pics..all of them! I can't get enough robsten, im addicted. I do love rob and tom, he's always relax when he is with his good friend :) And tom is hot too haha

Poli said...

100% correct as usual! People should just apreciatte these pictures and stop the god damn drama! I don´t hate Emilie, to me she´s just bland, and Rob was working with her. With Kristen, well...he was working too (not so much ;)) but guess whom he choose to be with outside the movie set? Yeah.
The comments people made about TomSu are just so stupid!
Anyways, i love you, i love your blog, i love you and your blog!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You are awesome!

misty said...

Great as always Rose. I want Rob to do well in all his movies. Chemistry w/ your costar is needed to make a good movie. Agreed, the off-screen chem w/ Kristen makes that job easy. Just wish both Rob and Kris well with there careers and support the both of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh! my, you're so adorable Rose. I think you nailed them, you know, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Rob was happy,because he was out,buying underwears with his real sweetheart TomStu.I guess they're very much in love with each other and they look so alike.Tom probably plays the woman in this relationship.All the Kristen or Emilie stuff are just for the fans.Rob's real sexual intendity is not a ladies man,but Tom's boy.Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I think they are all great pics... but why blur the lines between his professional and his personal life? By posting pics comparing acting and personal life aren't you really blurring the lines more, and is that necessary. It's your blog, and this is not meant as an attack.. more as a question, clarification if you will. but your intentions...by posting pics of him acting and posting pics of his personal life and rating and comparing the two, aren't you hurting your arguement and blurring the lines to fuel the fire between the Robsten/Nonsten arguement?

(I personally believe that there should not be an arguement because it's ridiculous that people argue about what this young man does in his personal life... people are way too invested.

Just an opinion... Acting life/personal life.. they just don't belong in the same arena.

Thanks for your ratings. I think you rated Emilie's pictures lower because you are biased.. but hey it's your blog so I guess it's your right.

Jude said...

Rose, I think this is my favorite blog you've ever done so far (still working my way through the archives of your old blogs, though!)!

Rob is just...well, he's so awesome, he has chemistry all by himself as far as I'm concerned. But for the record, I met Emilie years ago when she was on Roswell, and she was really sweet and friendly, so I kind of hate when people say mean, nasty, unfair things about her.

And TomStu -- SO adorable! I have an even greater appreciation for him since seeing Pirate Radio. He and Rob happily shopping for underwear makes me giggle, for some reason.

As for Kristen, she's the luckiest one of all, isn't she? I hope she's reunited with her guy very soon. For some reason I can't explain, it makes me happy to see them happy, especially when they're together. :)

bjkay said...

Awesome! Loooove Rob. Love Kris! Their chemistry is undoubtedly sexy on & off screen! Him & Emile is good too bc he is a great actor. Rob just Rob ah!!

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. I find it incredibly sad when people say they won't see this movie because Rob has these scenes with somebody other than Kristen. They feel he is being unfair to Kristen. I just want to beat my head against a wall. ALL of these photos are great. I do have a soft spot though for the pics with Tom. They have been friends for a long time & it's nice seeing Rob hanging onto those friendships. There some reports that Rob was also at the National Theatre with Marcus a few nights ago. Got to love his Brit Pack.

KinTheFlo said...

I've been so crazed at work and can usually only focus 140 characters at a time - and hence, i found this via twitter..and it is completely WIN!

Fab Fab Blog post!
Best I've read in a long time !(according to a very ADD reader)

Thx for the A+ effort


Anonymous said...

Rose, one of your best posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Rob still has all the old friends he's always had. He and Kristen became "extremely close" during the Twilight movies. He's also said that love can be a natural evolution of true friendship. Obviously trust is a huge issue for him, and he doesn't trust easily. One can extrapolate that great chemistry can come from that kind of trust.

Love your insight, Rose.


Anonymous said...

perfect words to describe the situations.
perfect pictures.


Anonymous said...

He lights up when he is with Kristen, on camera or off. Love is a beautiful thing to watch.

loredana said...

wow! amazing! I LOVE YOU!

Kathy said...

Rose, you took the words right out of my mouth. You are, as always, 100% correct !! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Rose I think this is your best yet!
I love all your blogs but this one is awesome. The photos and your comments WOW...Thank you!!! There is nothing better than Rob and Kris acting or not...

Vampsus said...

Spot on, again, Rose. Not fing acting!!! Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

ROSE!!! once again you have presented a terrific take on these pictures vis-a-vis the reality. KUDOS!!. I love reading your blog everyday. Cel

kristine.hills said...

I have tears in my eyes, why??? I cant stop laughing. LOL LOL LOL
I LOVED it. Yeaah acting and real life is soooo different. You are 100% RIGHT <3


Rob looks like he is doing push-ups
to keep from laying on top of Emilie."

"Kristen is laying on top of Rob...
Rob has his arms around Kristen...
(no push ups... lol)"

It was amazing.Very funny.

Rob i wish you all the best w/ your new movie! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Tyler + Ally = Remember me/acting
Edward + Bella = Twilight saga/acting

Rob + Emilie = ONLY costars

Rob + Kristen = COUPLE/real life

It's easy to understand.

You are the best Rose.

Tatyana_17 said...

LMAO! I always love your post! They're cute, funny, and so true! :)
Rob and Kristen all the way! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose i just LOVE LOVE LOVE your post you got it right (like always) I my self cant wait to see the other movies he got coming out (soon) Yes him and Kris are a couple thats what makes it look so GOOD but he did good with Emilie (just acting) you know if he is doing this good that means hes doing his job right isnt that what we all want? and I'M soooo happy to see that smile THANKS again Rose .

Anonymous said...

because of this kickass entry, i'm going to reward you with "Robsten the Denim Lovers" gate lol!!!! http://i46.tinypic.com/bij5vc.jpg

i don't know why but every time Robsten pic come out...i got this stoopid grin on my face, and i dont even like the books...puzzling?IKR...

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Rose!

So true. Movie stills don't relay the feelings actors have for each other off screen. They're just a snip it of a scene meant to promote the film. I didn't look at stills from Twilight and think that Rob and Kristen were a couple. I saw Bella and Edward, nothing more. It was the chemistry off screen that made me believe there was more than just friendship between them.


jlsentangledweb said...

Rose, I love your commentary. I try to be neutral regarding his love life; if he doesn't want to talk about it, then I won't try to second guess the nature of his relationships with people. That said, I do notice that he seems happier and more open when he's out and about with Kristen...and a happy Rob makes me happy.

TIKisokA said...

superb rose!
your post = OFF THE CHARTS!!!
I couldn't have said it any better

Anonymous said...

Nice one! :)

Brazilian said...

As I said on Twitter, this is pure gold. The best post I read here so far. You're very funny, w/ a good taste (and sense) for jokes.

And if you are wondering what TomStu was thinking when the paparazzi took that pic, I made a little joke of my own -> http://www.twitpic.com/124asy ;)


shelby said...

great points, you are amazing!
i <3 you!!
<3, shelby

Anonymous said...

I love you. very much. and I agree. well, maybe not so much with RM - I still have yet to find exciment for the movie in me, but defintiely with the general idea. and that smiling, happy, relaxed Rob is the best Rob. its even better then wet Rob :D