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Monday, February 8, 2010

All Roads Lead to Robert and Kristen

I was gone a couple of days.
I had my phone... so I had access to emails.
When I finally was able to log online...
Over 1000 emails.
Now, maybe to some of you that's not a lot.
Maybe that's a drop in the bucket.
There was no way in fucking hell I was going
to read 1000 emails.
So I'm sure I've missed stuff.
Important stuff?
Well... not so much.

I know this much.
I adore Robert Pattinson.
And I am here... right HERE
because of my feelings for this man.
We are all here for similar reasons... yes?
We like to look at him.
We find him adorkably charming and witty.
I don't really need to tell you why you are here.
You already know.

So tell me this.
When did loving Robert Pattinson
become a War?
Where you have to take sides...
and put up with verbal abuse and attacks
and lies and manipulations
And the hypocrisy.
Oh man.
The hypocrisy makes your head spin.

Can't I just come online and look at the
new DETAILS picture of Robert?
Obviously not.

Because its not about Robert anymore.
Not really.
It's about being RIGHT.
Right about his relationship status.
Right about how he 'feels'
Right about his motives.
Right about things...
That no one has a fucking clue about.
(except Rob... and he's not talking)

You think you're right....
I think I'm right.
And no one is wrong.
We are all just guessing.
Some are projecting...
Some are delusional
(you know who you are)
And some will argue with you 
for the sake of arguing.

Me:  The sky is blue.

Hater: NO! It's NOT blue! It can't be blue!
I refuse to accept that it's blue!
Purple. Yes.
It's definitely more a shade of purple!

Me: Fine... you think it's purple.

Hater: NO! If you agree with me...
It can't be purple. It's RED!

Me: Um. OK.

Hater: You are SUCH a bitch!
You just see what you want to see.
I'm right. You are WRONG.

Me: *backing away* 
I'm a bitch.

People are so determined to be RIGHT...
That they will say anything
to prove their point.
Lie. Cheat. Spy.
It's getting scary.

And me?

Do I think Rob and Kristen are together?
Do I know for sure?
Of course not.
I like to think I'm a rational, logical being...
And everything I've seen thus far...
Has led me to believe they are together.
Does that mean if you don't think
they are together
that you aren't rational or logical?

It doesn't make you irrational...
but it does make you illogical.
All roads lead to Robert and Kristen.

And the sky is blue.

Bye for now.


Grigal said...

Thank you, brilliantly said as always

jass said...

sky is blue <3

imloco2 said...

LOL Every word. Golden. :)

Ahh...but what color blue? hehe

lmrg1122 said...

Great post Rose Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

love you! Once again, spot on. I hate the war. I hate the haters. Ok, not really hate, but don't like them at all and try to avoid them if possible. That's why I come here, for the love. Thanks Rose. Oh, and we're all here cuz we love Robert Pattinson. With Kristen. Both of them. Separately and together. I have a question for the folks here - and I already know the answer - is it bad if I planned to be back from my family's spring break trip to Florida in time to go to Remember Me opening weekend with my buddies? I didn't think so!

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said, Rose. Some haters seem so invested in recruiting other haters. Others just have a mindless need to have a differing opinion than pro-R/K fans. It must be exhausting to have ones life be all about hate and negativity.


Shae said...

They are together... because I KNOW!! Great BLOG.... Oh just contact Delaney.

smurfette said...

My god you're so right, thanks god there still people who can think properly in all this madness!

Library Babe said...

You took the thoughts right out of my head again. Do I think they are a couple? Yes I do. Will my life cease to be if I am wrong? Of course not. I would continue to be fans of both of them. The hate surrounding these too has gotten so bad that I almost wish that Robert and Kristen wouldn't come out as a couple. (I stress almost). If they did say they were a couple, the hate wouldn't stop. I just want these two to be happy and have long successful careers.

Twimarti said...

You are so brave, and I applaud you. The sh1t you have to put up with is EXACTLY why I'll probably never have the balls to blog (even though I would love to).

Some people will always see things in black and white, and not in any shades of grey or colours of the rainbow. It's too bad people can't just be entitled to and respected for their own opinions.

I love your blog - keep your chin up!


Patricia said...

Rose: I'm glad your back and full of MY THOUGHTS, once again. We come to your blog because we love Rob Pattinson. I also love Rob and Kristen. I believe that they ARE TOGETHER! Just try and ignore the HATERS. There will ALWAYS be people that hate, that's why we have so much trouble around the world. let's just enjoy Rob and his beautiful face and charm and ways, for why WE LOVE HIM. The hell with the non-believers. Let them eat shit ! grazie! keep telling us what you know and I'll keep reading your wonderful messages.

May said...

Dear Rose,as always,your post makes my day.:D

All roads lead to Robert and Kristen.

And the sky is blue.

And thank God for that,bb.;D

Kelly said...

I do agree with you that it is sad that there had to be battle lines drawn where he is concerned.

I care about him and his career. His personal life isn't my business.

What is even more sad to me are those that no longer see him as an individual and only see him as part of a duo..

Why not let him go and act, and be, and live.. why not let him spread his wings? Why must people tie him down and not accept that as an actor he will be opposite many many beautiful talented women.

I adore him.. I'm not afriad to say it.. I come here to read your thoughts Rose because I think you make interesting arguements, I may chose not to believe what you do, because I don't see things the way you do.. that doesn't make you wrong in my eyes, and it shouldn't make me wrong in yours.

Bottom line.. the HATE has to stop, there is enough hate and horror in this world.. this is not an arena where we need to be berating and belitting each other. In the grand scheme of thing.. on the great world stage this one point, are they/aren't they, it will not solve world hungry, it will not stop wars, it will not find the cure for diseases.

It's all the hate that hurts me the most.. I think it would hurt them too... not that I think they pay any attention to any of it.

That's all. I don't comment here often, because my view is opposing and I don't like being attacked, but your post today Rose.. Well you main point about the differences.. that was something I could get behind.

Thanks for the forum.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose im glade your back i hope you had a good time. Im sorry you had to come back to all this shit but you know the saying same shit different day. I love Rob and Kris and only want the best for them. Some people dont have anything to do but hate. I feel sorry for them what a life to live (NO LOVE IN IT )well thanks again Rose YOU MADE MY DAY with all the LOVE for our Rob. and Kris

MsTwilica said...

Bwaha, that was sooo good!
The sky is blue!

Anonymous said...

great once again rose! You always take the thoughts right out of my head.


Anonymous said...

I love Rob, and I love Kristen and I love that they are together. Honestly though, any news about them that comes out turns into drama lately and it is getting exhausting and draining just being a fan, even when not involved with the drama. It's nonstens against Robstens, Rob's fans against Kristen's. I even read disturbing threats directly against Kristen on a site the other day, and of course there are the people that hate Emilie. It's nice to come to a site that is not extreme, just completely logical with some humor mixed in.:)

Anonymous said...

to 1:33 a.m. and don't forget Kristen's fans who hate Rob and threaten him...lovely.

Jimefowks said...

hahah i just love your blog so f-ing much.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:10AM I think those are just trolls looking to start trouble by pretending to be Kristen fans. I'm a Kristen fan and if they're dating, good for them, and if they're not, good for them too. At the very least, they're very good friends. Kristen wouldn't have flown to the UK to be with Rob for New Year's if that wasn't true.

jlsentangledweb said...

Rose, you took the words right out of my mouth.