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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Not Always About Robert and Kristen...

Aww darling... you need a hug.

A screen cap from the Remember Me TV clip.
Can I be honest?

1. Yes. Robert was sexy, vulnerable, emotional
sexy, adorable, smiley, sexy.
He was ALL of that and more.

2. Emilie was adorable and smiley...
and she had every reason in the world to be smiley.
She had her mouth on Rob's mouth!

3. The clip was great.
But it was kinda the same stuff we saw before?
Maybe more steamy bits...
I don't know...
I couldn't really focus on much else
besides Robert.

4. I'm beyond excited to see this movie.
I think (hope) Rob will do great.
I want him to find success outside of Twilight.

Which brings me to...

This poster makes me SQUEEEEE!


Well... it shouldn't bring me to Kristen.
That's kinda my point.

You know me.
You know I love to giggle
at the drama and reaction that 
Robert and Kristen's relationship inspires.
Remember Me
has nothing to do with Kristen.
The Runaways 
has nothing to do with Robert.

1. STOP comparing the two.
Completely different movies.
Different budgets.
Different audience.
Different everything.
It's NOT a competition.

2. Rob doesn't always have to be with Kristen.
Kristen doesn't always have to be with Robert.
They aren't connected at the hip.
I don't get all this insecurity and bullshit
when stuff for Remember me comes out.
I mean...
People photo-shopping Kristen's face onto Emilies...
Oh I get the 'joke' and enjoy a laugh
as much as the next person...
But some people really cannot STAND
to see Robert with anyone besides Kristen.
I suggest you bail out now.
It's only going to get worse for you.
Rob is going to be with lots (and lots)
of different actresses.
Did I say lots?
You truly cannot go ballistic every time.
And if you do...
Please go stand over there
WAY over there -------->
Keep going...

3. The BAFTAS are coming up Feb 21st.
There is talk that Kristen will be in London
for the event.
Robert is in London.
Will Kristen fly over for Valentines day?
Will Rob support her at the BAFTAS?
Will Rob and Kristen fly back to the States...
Who knows.
We shall see soon enough... yes?

Yeah... I like to poke the beast that is "Robsten"
I admit it.
Immediate reaction.
Snarling, biting, ferocious monster
that the hype has become.
You have to admit that the extremes
that people go to for their "side" are ridiculous...
And Twi-Twats can be very entertaining (albeit scary)
in their delusional rants and tirades.

Even though I believe that
Robert and Kristen are in fact...
Robert and Kristen.
It doesn't mean that I can't see them separately.
That I can't see Robert next to someone else...
That Kristen always has to have Rob at her side...
That's irrational.
And given the circumstances of their jobs...

It's OK.

Bye for now.


Brazilian said...




And so true!

XoxO. @BraGirl2

Anonymous said...

I really like the way you reason. well I m spanish native speaker, sorry for he mistakes.
but I really love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Now this was a GREAT post! I am so tired of people saying "It is disrespectful for Rob to be in a movie with____." "I would hate for my BF to be a 1000 miles away with all those women." It is so immature, stupid and wrong. And, Kristen will be in movies with other guys. I hope a lot of movies. I wish them both success. A lot of success. They deserve it. They don't deserve the rest of it. Love you Rose and your thoughts. Awesome, once again. Especially, WAY over there! Perfection!

Thesabstar1 said...

hear hear! *stands applauds*

Anonymous said...

Great post. But I think it is just natural that a lot of people have problems to see Rob with another woman. For 2 jears they pushed the Twilight dream-couple in the media. Their face is on thousands of products from Burger King to soap bars. And considering the fact that a lot of the fans are young girls I can understand how difficult it is to suddenly switch the button.

And second there is another group within the fandom who has now their field day to give it back to all the "Robsten-shippers" and ship Rob and Emily, which is totally useless, because negative energy brings only back negative energy.

But eventually it will all be good and fade away. I am sure that after RM and the Runaways and with all the upcoming different roles people will soon get over it.

And it will only be good for Rob and Kristen when people see them as real people and not as an "Edward and Bella off-screen version".

Patricia said...

Rose: You always amaze me "spot on" once again. I must admit at first I also had a hard time seeing him with other actresses,(in different films) then I slapped myself and said "WAKE UP" he's an actor right? You can love someone and still do your job (as an actor) . Kristen also will be making movies with other men (A JOB)! People a job! I do hope though to see them together soon, maybe at The Baftas or New York's RM premier (she'll probably be at "the after party" Because he'll have to be a gentleman (which he always is)and be with Emile.(his co star) Love him! grazie Rose I love your posts !

Angelica said...

How did your blog become so absolutely awesome?!

Anonymous said...

I think all these lunies who are bashing EDR are forgetting something.The woman IS MARRIED.She just played in a movie with Rob.What's the big deal?

The only thing that bothers me is before the RM shooting started her reps announced her divorce and when the shooting finished we learned that she's back with her hubbie.I don't know,but i smell a rat here,a Scummit rat,who wanted to link Emilie with Rob just to make fuss about the movie.

And all these nonstens and IMDb girls make me wanna scream with all this Roblie shipping.They're crazy!

Nicki Finn said...

A-FREAKING-MAZING !! You rock, your thoughts rock, your posts rock !! I think you just became one of my idols (apart from RP and KS, of course)...haha !!
Keep it up !!

debbi said...

Aside from yours, I'm swearing off message boards for the reasons you stated above. The comparisons between actresses, pictures, movies, etc is ridiculous and it's only going to get worse. The comments going around are so nasty and immature and the sad thing is, the majority of the people making them are grown women with husbands and children. Yikes. I'm looking forward to all the movies and hoping that Rob and Kristen get to have a nice visit if/when she travels to London for the BAFTAs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey debbi, I am right there with you! I am swearing off all the negativity and immaturity. Thanks Rose for saying once again what we all feel.

May said...

As always,you are right on the money,Rose.

TBH,I srsly dont get why ppl keep putting Rob against Kristen all the time.FFS Their work and private life are SEPARATE entities.Its not and never has been a competition between them,because R/K are basically moving in the same direction - FORWARD. Its called PROGRESS & EVOLUTION. Trust me,its a good thing. *sigh*

Srsly,I am getting really tired of explaining the same stuff over and over again to clueless ppl out there. Sorry for the rant,Rose. LOL <3

Anonymous said...

Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose Thanks again for your post and like always your right on I feel that you have to have great trust in a good relationship and i do think that Rob and Kris have that I hope that there will be lots and lots of movies for them both dont forget there actors and its there job Thanks again Rose And Debbi and May your right on tooo

Anonymous said...

Once again, another great post.

To 11:14, Emilie and her husband have been on shakey ground for a long time. That wasn't the first time a separation made headlines. More people probably heard it though this time because Rob's name was brought into it by the media.

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I personally don't think Summit was trying to push anything. The gossip mags & sites do a great job of making up their own stories (Kristen & Orlando or Kristen & Taylor for the most recent), not to mention the haters who have very active imaginations.

Anonymous said...

When I saw people had put Kristen's face over Emilie I thought it was so embarrassing. Rob is going to have other costars and people should be respectful of them. Honestly, I don't like any manip of R/K. There is no need to do that. They have great pictures that are real and I think it gives the haters leverage to hate on R/K shippers when they do stuff like that. If Rob or Kristen saw it I think they would be embarrassed and I think that would put strain on their relationship more than anything else.

oldcoach said...

You are a wise person

Anonymous said...

To1:37,ITA. I don't think Summit or Rob's mgmt. or anyone other than the gossip rags have been pushing the Emilie relaysh thing. It's so unfair to her and Rob. The crap she has received for starring with him in a movie may just give other actresses pause...just sayin'. Everyone needs to lighten up!

Anonymous said...

Can I get an A-MEN?!? You wrapped up everything I've been thinking for a while now. They are professionals, actors. This is their job. Their relationship is a seperate entity. How some people cannot see that is mind boggling to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello It's me again! second time isthe charm.

I just want to say, that after browsing most of your posts from the beginning of time (hehe) i.e. 2008 I see how you've evolved from a pure Rob obsessed fan to a robsten defender, I don't blame you at all...I was ranting last time I've posted on your blog about that same thing you've been so eagerly discussing here for almost 2 years KUDOS to your devotion.

Well I just wanted to say one thing, (I think) and that is, I sincerely feel that if MOST people who discuss Rob & Kris whether it be blogs, tweets, websites, gossip rags, just stopped bother with those two, I mean really just forgot all about them as a potential couple and just concentrated on their work okay and maybe drool over their looks lol, then those two will just be fine, they will just step over this hurdle in their lives that took 2 years to accumulate and just soar from there on. I think it's the responsibility of every R&K fan to not discuss their personal lives, let the rags/nonstens yab on, if they realize they are talking to themselves they will relent and let on and just drop the whole thing...I seriously would be more interested to discuss R&K's career and film choices and work. I so wish they could have met outside of the twi saga and had worked together on a serious piece of work, Kristen is so into the dark indie genre and Rob is the ever wistful romantic. It would have so awesome if they've met 3-4 years from now and made a few movies together that are just completely different. Here's to hopping they still could!

Kelly said...


Thank you.


kristine.hills said...

"Will Kristen fly over for Valentines day?
Will Rob support her at the BAFTAS?
Will Rob and Kristen fly back to the States...

If we don't believe the dream can't come true! I had a strong faith that RK would be together for holidays and they did.

Sorry but summit wanted/want to link E with R.she was at NEW MOON premiere, why??? Exactly and she took pic with R and RK weren't allowed a pic and it was RK PREMIERE. I don't hate E but i do hate how summit is leading the things, i get sick of it, it's disgusting.
AND I saw people had put E's face over K's too, it becomes a war, it's insane.

Rose i'd like we could change the world but unfortunately it's almost impossible, but lets keep our faith, we are not the majority but we can make a difference here.
Keep spreading your love for RK and we will be here for you and with you.

Anonymous said...

i truly miss Kristen...T_T

Anonymous said...

Rose, spot on as usual. Like others have said, I am staying clear of other places right now like Ted's-it's horrible there w/immature morons hating R, K, Edr, the man in the moon, whoever. I stop by IMDb to see news on R's upcoming projects etc. only.

People need to think of R/K's careers like this. A dr. spends his/her day examining human bodies and making them well, a criminal lawyer spends his/her day defending/prosecuting others, a teacher spends their day teaching etc etc. An actor's JOB is to spend their days recreating other people, BECOMING that character for 12-15 hrs a day and making them believable so that their performance knocks our socks off. Let's let Rob and Kristen do the job they have chosen to do.