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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Robert and Kristen at the BAFTAS

(Laura made this <3 )

There isn't much happening at the moment.
So I've decided to do my
Another example of the Haters clinging onto
some desperate scrap of bullshit.
Silly Cling-ons

"The reason Kristen is SO bitchy all the time?
Because she loves Rob way more than 
he cares for her.
He's basically just using her for sex.
He has his needs.
She's there and she's convenient.
That's all it is.
Friends with Benefits."

We've all heard this before.
Kristen's only use to Robert is sex.
I say...
Having someone come over to England
for New Years just for sex...
Surely someone like Robert Pattinson
has a plethora of women available to him.
Yet, he still manages to hang out with Kristen
Every damn chance he gets.
Cling to the edge...

Pleasure at the price of madness. 
With delusion their minds are full.
Damned to misery are those who
succumb to temptations pull.
Their lapse of control bleeds over onto all of us.
At risk to harm as they indulge themselves.
The floor beneath crumbles into dust.
Screams of the wretched cut silent.
As they submerge into the cesspools depths.
I cling
to the edge battered by the torrent 
of disease that rages past.
Of disease that rages past.
Of disease that rages past.
Of disease that rages past.
I cling, I cling to the edge.
(Earth Crisis- Cling to the Edge)

I adore Robert Pattinson.
But this picture is a bit... strange for me.
Maybe I'm just fucking jealous
that the model got to put her damn fingers
in his gorgeous, floppy mop of hair.
Can you imagine what that would feel like?
I mean, seriously...
Rob pulls his fingers through his own hair
all the time.
Even he likes the way it feels!

Can't wait until the BAFTAS!
Rob + Tux = Fuck.Me.Dead.
Yeah... that's what Kristen says!

Tune in tomorrow
for another Daily Cling!

Bye for now.


RitaPortugal said...

Totally agree with you Rose. Why would Robert waste time with Kristen if he didn't like her? Yeah men have need, but I doubt that Rob is that kind of men! just my opinion!

Patricia said...

Rose: Every time Kristen has a press conference (they try and get stuff out of her about her and Rob) she's on to them, so she says things that confuse everyone! Then the press and haters take part of what she said and make both her and Rob look like freaks! I'm SO TIRED OF THE BULL-SHIT ! Then they wonder why she doesn't want to share their relationship! Jesus.....I HOPE WE'RE NOT DISAPPOINTED WITH THE BAFTAS (seeing them there) I wish ( in a way) they would just be together in public! How could it be worse than now? I look forward to your next blog. Grazie Rose

Anonymous said...

" Rob + Tux = Fuck.Me.Dead.
Yeah... that's what Kristen says! "

LOL. I almost choked when I read that.
So do you think she says that to him with
the tux on or after she tears it off of him?

You can be so naughty sometimes Rose;)
But I love it!!!


hotchick said...

Hey Rose, it is like you read everyone's mind, you always write what all believers think everday. I actually enjoy reading what you write everyday. By the way I think that this sunday is going to be great for both the believers and the two love birds even though they may not actually sit together at the BAFTAs . And the last thing we all know that Miss Stewart is going to make sure that the swollen of MR Rpattz jr is taken care of this weekend

Anonymous said...

Yep!YEP! YEP! cant wait until Sunday.I'LL get to see Rob and Kristen. I hope ("Yesterday and today,and Tomorrow and hopeful ALL next week")And YES i cant wait to see Rob in a Tux I just love a man in a Tux and i cant wait to see what Kristen going to wear I cane just see them pulling off thier clothes Well any way i like dreaming Have a good day my friend and i'll see ya tomorrow <3 ya Deb.

Anonymous said...

YOu totally make laugh. However you should add a disclaimer. Because you are really encouraging and assuming that those two are together. When neither have ever said they are dating.

So in turn when either is seen out and about with other people wether they be friends or something else. Those people who you encourage really get upset. And both Robert and Kristen get hate comments, calling them all sorts of names.

See how that works.
Responsibility. Practice it.

Anonymous said...

hahahha, "rob + tux= = Fuck.Me.Dead." dudee thats what i say!!! ohh my god i love it, and your blogs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose do you see the ring that Kristen has on ????/ do you think it might be the one Rob gave her ??She has it on ALL the time . I'v look at a lot of past video's and she has it on in all most all of them .Just asking what you think.

Anonymous said...

I liked coming to this blog, but disappointed the last time out, this blog KristenIntoxicacion call, the name of Rob is great. You are not fans, a true fan supports their careers or their new projects, and here I see is people with no life that nothing else is pending privacy of two people who do not know. They had reason people have left this blog is not the same as before, I leave to continue with their lives pathetic.

imloco2 said...

Another great post Rose. I look forward to reading 'my' thoughts every day. *g* Couldn't say it better. And I agree. Rob. Tux. Dead. Can't wait to see what Kristen wears too. She has a style all her own and I love it.

Anonymous said...

You know what really bothers me? Reading anonymous posts from people who obviously can't speak or write English trying to insult other people. You sound so stupid "I leave to continue with their lives pathetic" wtf? As for the other post about responsibility I understand where you are coming from I really do. I just starting surfing these blogs and I'm sometimes disturbed by some of the things I read. However you can't hold any of the bloggers solely responsible for what's being put out there. Even though they never said they were dating their behavior indicates the opposite. I really don't think there would be so much speculation, adoration, obsession if it wasn't fueled by the actors themselves in the first place. They might be trying to reign it in now but too late. The only thing that can possibly be done is to come right out and deny any connection and that would immediately remove any of the danger. Don't see them doing that though so in a sense they are the ones being irresponsible.

Kathy said...

OMG Rose, everything you said is SO true. Also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic of Kristen. I absolutely adore her. I honestly do NOT blame her for NOT confirming her relationship with Rob. Why should she? She knows all about the haters. She's said that she's VERY aware of them. WHY add fuel to their fire? Good for them for keeping their love to themselves. I hope they enjoy their weekend.

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

I don't think Rob and Kristen are irresponsible. They do stuffs and they doesn't care, it's their private lives. If fans are reacting and believing in every action they made, it's their own responsibility. It inspires them and made them happy even probably look or sounds pathetic. After all, that's what fans (fanatics) for.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose! english is not my first language, but I'll do my best. I'd like to bring over a new point about R/K relationship. BTW I love your blog.

I can't believe that Summit don't let them to come out as a couple b/c they're not teens, but when I think of RM shooting with all the fans hunting Rob, the media making up all kind of stupid stories about Rob and Emily or Rob breaking up with Kristen...it was insane and I can't help wondering if Summit was behind all this just to make R and K, actually break up.

I mean, look at Bel ami shooting, we've only seen some pics of Rob and that's all. His co-stars are three wonderful actresses, but everything is quiet by now. No made up love stories in the media between Rob and his co-stars. Nothing. I wonder whether it would be like this if Summit was behind this movie.

I can't help thinking that Summit has always made the impossible to split R and K, that they've always been behind the worst and stupidiest news the media has brought out about them or that Summit has stopped many PDA pics of R and K from coming out to light.

I don't get why Rob-Kristen don't rebel against this. Is it b/c they want to keep their relationship in the low key or Summit can actually force them to keep their mouths shut?