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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Details Drama? Not Robert Pattinson!

Details Magazine.
Do we have any actual details?
I'm sure you've heard all the 'naughty' descriptions
of the pictures that are supposedly
in the magazine with Robert.
Has anyone actually seen the pictures?

And let the Drama begin!

I'm not sure what to think.
Mostly because I haven't seen the pictures.
And I would like to save my opinion about them...
for when I actually SEE them.

But... look at that sweet face above.
Guess what?
He's not that boy anymore.
I've gotten a lot of comments here...
and emails...
saying that this is a bad move for Robert.
That he doesn't need to do this.
That it sends the wrong message.
That he was unhappy doing it.
and it goes on and on...

I would like to give Robert the benefit of any doubt.
Because he may seem all goofy and shy...
and awkward and adorkable...
But he's intelligent.
And he knows what he wants.
Was he manipulated into doing these pictures?
Who knows.
I would hope not.
I would hope that Robert is the one
who is controlling his career.
And that he knows what he is doing.

So where does this leave us?
For now.

1. Are these 'racy' pictures bad for Rob's career?
Does he need to do something like this...

Personally, I think Robert wants to shed
the Cedric/Edward teenage image
that he is best known for.
Will it cost him some fans?
But some fans also call him Edward...
And think he's a virgin...
and that he really does sparkle in the sunlight.

2. Did posing with nude models hurt his 
relationship with Kristen?

I guess only Kristen could tell us that.
But (again) she did travel to the UK
AFTER the photos were taken...
and spent weeks with Rob.
If she was indeed 'upset' by the pics...
Logic shows us that she managed to get over it.
But since when does logic
play a part in anything connected to
Robert and Kristen?

3. If this turns out to be true, I will be so 
disappointed in Rob, and may stop being a fan.
I will never see him the same way again.

Hey... to each their own.
But if Rob posing for some pictures...
is enough to make you stop being a fan?
I'm guessing you weren't much of one 
to begin with.
Maybe this is Rob's way of cleansing his fanbase...
Getting rid of those who
only see him as pure, chaste Cedward.

4. I feel sorry for Kristen.
She has to deal with this whole thing.
Can you imagine how hard this was for her?

Someone feels sorry for Kristen?
Hey... I LOVE Kristen Stewart.
But feeling sorry for her?
She's young. She's beautiful.
She's talented.
She's rich...
She's involved in a popular franchise...
She gets to BE with Robert Pattinson.
I mean...
Hang out with.
Travel with.
Vacation with.
Hold hands with.
Kiss with.
Work with.
I'm not feeling too bad for her.
Besides the fact...
I think Kristen can take care of herself just fine.
She's done a great job so far...
Hasn't she?

Bye for now.


debbi said...

Well, it's now being reported that "sources" say the photos are tastefully done and have an old Hollywood feel. Honestly, I couldn't see Robert doing anything tacky. As you point out Rose, he's an intelligent man that knows what he wants and wouldn't allow himself to be part of something he was really against. The Rob drought is doing crazy things to people. Looking forward to the new pics.

cassia silene said...


Melody said...

You hit the nail on the head again.

Patricia said...

Rose: I too have read all of your messages from yesterday's post. I agree once again with you ! I LOVE ROB ! I think he is smart and I think it's bothered him that he was being known as a "teenage idol" He wants to be more than that ! So, this may be the first step into that ! Kristen was with him for three weeks after the shoot, so I think she get's it ! IT'S BUSINESS PEOPLE" Let's wait and see the finish product please? But no matter what I still LOVE ROB ! He's way more than a sex symbol! Look what he did for Haiti ! Grazie Rose, keep your opinions coming ! I am your biggest fan !

Anonymous said...

I absolutely trust Rob to handle his life well. I think he's made some great decisions so far. And he has quite the little loyal trooper in Kristen to give him the benefit of her experience.

Rob will be fine (IS fine!). If any two young people are aware of the pitfalls of working in this industry they are. I'm glad they have each other.


Anonymous said...

I understand he needs to expand his fanbase. He can't be the virgin sparkly Edward forever. IMO, there's nothing wrong with the photoshoot. The question is the timing. His PG-13 movie is coming out. I understand Summit still wants the Teen Audience.. so what's the LOGIC reasoning for this promo now? Why his management couldn't wait to let this come out after RM? maybe in time for BA which is rated R. As a fan, I will still support him by watching RM and his other movies but I hope his mgt/PR should be careful next time.

cassia silene said...


Anonymous said...

Love ya Rose :)

Anonymous said...

Rob is just an idiot who can't make decisions.

Anonymous said...

Gossip cop just posted an article on the detail shoot they describe it as "Very sexy but tasteful". I like the sound of that. Now people can relax and not worry about it.

Hope it is ok the post this link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
First, Thanks a lot, I could still see that gorgeous banner of your blog. The only way that I will feel sorry for Kristen is when Rob will find somebody else, I will be emotionally involved of course but as what you've said that Kristen can take care of herself just fine. She is a tough person and I supposed she can handle whatever will come along her way.


Anonymous said...

i believe kris can take care of herself, she is strong , beautiful and makes good choices for her career. if this story is true i will be really sorry for Rob . i just hope it's not a lindsay lohan porn photoshoot bis.

bye for now

Anonymous said...

Go to Gossip Cop to see what they have to say. A Tempest in a Teapot, as somebody said yesterday. I don't know for sure who started stirring this particular pot, but they have a lot of 'splainin' to do! Can't wait to see Rob....in anything. Or, do you think they were first painted to be worse than they are so now we go, "oh, no big deal??" Just wonderin'?? Still, everyone was sure riled up, weren't they? Good job Rose for standing by our man. I plan to do the same.

lilyb said...

Anon 11:52 And you are an idiot who fails at common sense

I for one wants the pics to come out already because I'm sick and tired of some fandom members giving their PC opinions on how Rob should and shouldn't behave. I'm sure he is interested in their opinions (sacarsm)

cassia silene said...


Anonymous said...

"A tempest in a teapot" is definately one way to describe what has happened. My God, people were, and still are, saying that they hope Rob gets Aids or someother STD! Seriously people?

Yes, Kristen can definately take care of herself. She doesn't need a pity party. And no, Rob's management didn't set up a photoshoot just to take steal thunder from Kristen's movies. Good grief, people actually believe that.

As much as I like Delaney, I think she did a huge disservice to Rob in her posting the other day. I think it was her Tweet that got the feathers ruffled. I know she did it because she thought Ted C was going to break the details, but that wasn't the case. People took what she wrote & then let their imaginations take over.

Gossip Cop has already looked into this as others have alreay stated & it doesn't appear to be that bad at all. And they are very correct that this is Details magazine. They are always on the edge. He didn't do a photoshoot for Good Housekeeping folks.

I can't wait to see the photos.

To 11:52, seriously now?

Anonymous said...

to 12:28 ( I was 12:09) very good points. I don't understand Delaney here. Don't follow here, but saw the Tweets. Rob needs and deserves some slack here. He is not a boyscout! Thank god people, or most people, on this site are sane. And to those who are mad and upset on Kristen's "behalf", I am sure she doesn't need it. She can take care of herself, and Rob, just fine.
Thanks Rose! We love you....

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose i read your post and feel the same way i just hope that Robs TRUE fans understands what he is up to HE knows what hes doing its not the first time he did a nude (pic.)WHAT about LITTLE ashes hummm he will be doing alot of different things that is what actors do i am one of his TRUE fans and will stand by him all the way (just like KRIS)

Anonymous said...

I read in the website here in Europe today that Rob and Kristen was asked by the Producer's lawyer (didn't mention Summit)to separate for the moment until the third film (didn't mention Eclipse). For the moment they are oblige not to see each other not unless Twilight Saga promotion. They hinted that somewhat they signed a contract not to be involved personally during the filming of the Twilight Saga but it did happened as we always thought as Robsten Fans. So I conclude that infact they are not allowed to fall inlove while doing the filming of the series and I presume that all must have been started from the very beginning of the audition. MA, NR and those escapades of Rob with KP are just covered up and the secret get-aways and outings and even the denials must be in full force or else they will charge of breach of contract. They said that the studio gain more money if Rob and Kristen stay away from each other. Now I believed too that if Rob and Kristen will go rebel, they will not do BD anymore just to be with each other. It's too long to wait for another year or two to be hiding all of these love affair. They must be so stealthy and I believed that probably it's true that Summit is buying some pappzz photos of them not to be published. It seems that Robsten Fanbase is not so numerous than Nonstens and Robsessed because they are targeted by Summit to support Rob's films.


May said...

Bb,I love that you`re being a voice of reason here.<3

As usual,ppl are treating both R&K like some poor mindless flowers,who dont know what the fuck they`re doing.Oh pls.They are both smart professionals,who know what`s important & how things are done in both their professional AND private life.End of discussion.*fp*

Anyway, as always I love your genius posts,bb. :D

P.S. @Anon#2 11.52 AM - You are the only idiot here,bb. Sorry. LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive that some so-called rob fans are making such a big deal! It's just a photoshoot with a naked model. It's a magazine, almost like acting. It's not like he is going to be in a porn or something T_T

Anonymous said...

I know we've all read many times that most actors find erotically-charged movies and photo shoots anything but sexy.

By the time they've had a crew of 50 watching, directors orchestrating each tilt of the head, not to mention holding uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods, I'm sure sex is the last thing on their minds.

I doubt that Rob found this shoot very pleasant.


Anonymous said...

It's not just "so-called Rob" fans making a big deal of this. There are plenty of Kristen's fans who have taken a lot pleasure in sticking a pitchfork in his back. Oh, but they aren't bashing him though, they're just belittling him at every turn. As one of Kristen's more sane fans has said "It's just a fucking photoshoot"!

Anonymous said...

To add to what Lynn just said, here is a great quote from Kristen Scott Thomas, who is starring with Rob in Bel Ami:

Kristin Scott Thomas revealed that she approaches sexual sequences in the same way as an action shot. The British actress said: "You need courage for it. But in the end professionalism is all that counts, no matter if it's a sex scene or a fight scene. It's all about choreography. The director and the cameras dictate what and how you have to act. Just like they instruct you how to make a blow look like it hurts during a fight scene."


Kelly said...

No matter what the pictures are.. I am SO GLAD that he is continuing to take steps in the "big boy" direction. He's a man for goodness sake not a 17yr old. Is he a young man.. yes he is.. but he is a man and no matter what the pictures are people need to chill out. They will be beautiful.. how can they be anything but.. goodness... please name one, JUST ONE, photoshoot where the pictures haven't been BEAUTIFUL!

He is intelligent and quirky, thoughtful and funny, shy and sexual... he's a beautiful beautiful man.. they are pictures.. and I'm sure they can not be ANY WORSE then some of the manips people create of him that float around the net DAILY.

He's not going to do anything he doesn't want to, he is driving his career right now and that career is beyond Twilight... and being 17 forever.

I, for one, can not wait to see the pictures... because I have no doubt that they are going to break my heart.. like ever picture of him does.. just reduce me to a blob of "OVARIE.BURSTING.GIRLIE.BITS.TINGLING.OH.MY.GOD.THIS.MAN.IS.GOING.TO.BE.THE.END.OF.ME" Lust.


Time to get out of the kiddie pool!

Deborah said...

I am so sick of the one sided treatment some give this couple. When MA was rumored on planning to attend Sundance did anyone say oh poor Rob I wonder how that will make him feel? No they didn't. When it came out about the hot kissing scenes with Dakota did anyone say I wonder if Rob will feel bad about that? No they didn't. When Kristen was seen hugging that guy on the tarmack did anyone say poor Rob, I wonder is he concerned about that? No they didn't. Yet Rob appears in films with other actresses or now this photoshoot and some people form a lynch mob while accusing him of hurting Kristen.

Either people are Robsten fans aka Rob and Kristen equally or they are not. Rob is not just a piece of meat whose sole purpose is to be Kristen's lap dog despite what some in her fandom want. They are lovers, friends, co-workers and equals. I doubt Kristen would be pleased with anyone who bad mouths him. Don't people get it, when you attack him you are also attacking Kristen since she LOVES him.

Rob haters lay off the man, he hasn't done anything to condone this venom. Unless you call falling in love with a great girl a crime...

lilyb said...

@ Deborah couldn't have said it beter. This is double standard at it's best. I love Robsten but at times like these, i just want to get off the bandwagon and for Rob to get far away from the crazy shippers and their ridiculous hate when they feel that Kristen has been wronged.
It was bearable when i thought that the crazy ones were teenagers but to find out that some were old enough to be my motherand to know better was shocking

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Some of you are saying if people say he shouldn't have done the shoot they are either a crazy shipper, or not a true Rob fan. I'm sorry but just because I love Rob doesn't mean I have to think every decision he makes is the best decision ever. I realize he's a grown up and can make his own decisons and knows what he wants but he's still a 23 year old young guy and one of the only celebrities in his position without a publicist and he's going to make mistakes. I'm not saying this is a mistake and I want him to break the Edward image asap but he still does have 2-3 Twilight movies to promote, and he's only promoting a pg13 movie now so I understand people who don't think it's the right time. I don't think people need to condemn the fans who say that either. It doesn't make them any less of a fan. Sometimes it's not only about seeing hot pictures of Rob but being concerned of the backlash that may happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, First of all, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I ALWAYS AGREE WITH YOU. I'm 13. I'm a teen. But It's true that Rob isn't a teen anymore. He's 23 going on 24. He's a man. And i think it's ok for him to do that pics. Naked pics. It's ok. We're not talking about a 15 years old guy from a Disney Chanel tv show or something like that. He's an actor. A man. I think adult people is able to do that things. I think Kristen is able to do that too. And I love her. She's like my idol. But I think, that's ok for them. They're older. They know what they do. They're free. And I'm only 13.
If the rob's pics are naked or something like that, I won't see them. Just because I think I'm kinda "younger" to see that stuff. But I'll still know he did them, and I'd be glad for that.
I'll still loving him, even if the pics are r- rated. Even if he has nuked photos. Even if he wasn't in Twilight. I'd love him too.

I love him, but like a brother. Like an older brother. Most of my friends love him. They're... obsessed? maybe. maybe not. I think he's cute. He's humble. He's nice. He's smart. He's honest. That's what I think about him. I wish I had a big brother like him. I know he would be a great one.

I also wanna say that I love Robsten. I love Kristen. I love Rob. I love them together and apart. I wish they could have a week, just a week, to go ANYWHERE, without people looking at them. I wish it was true.

I always read your blog with my mom before going sleep. You're amazing. Greetins from Argentina.

PS: You said Robert is in London filming a movie. What movie is it?
PS 2: Do you know where is he filming Unbond Captives? They're supposed to film that movie in the south of Argentina (where I live) And I hope they come soon! Thx

Anonymous said...

First of all, I would like to say that I don't mind at all for these pictures. And I surely do not worry for Kristen regarding this photoshoot or wonder how she took it. I'm sure she didn't mind. Hell, it's just a photoshoot, if she worries about this, she'll be dead before the end of filming Bel Ami! I'm sure she's fine with the photos and the biggest proof is her spending 3 weeks with Rob in England recently.

Now I don't get why people are so mad at other fans who don't think it's a good move from Robert or worry that it might not be the best for him and his carreer right now. Not to forget those who wonder what image he wants people to have of him. I think these are normal questions for a fan to have. Now of course they have to realise it's HIS carreer, HIS image and he knows better than us and in the end it's HIS decision to make. He thinks it's the right choice… great. Some people wonder if it really is… great.

Now there are extreme behaviors, like boycotting his next movies because of these photos or not being a fan anymore. Well it's their right afterall. Doesn't mean they were never real fans. Being a fan doesn't mean unconditional love afterall (at least imo). Actors will always loose some fans due to some of their choices and gain some other fans for the same reason. That's how it works. People recognize something in an actor that they like, then they don't anymore. Whether it's because they didn't really know the actor in the first place (let's face it, none of us know the real Rob and I'm pretty sure not everyone has the same image of him probably), or because they change or the actor himself changed.

Oh and I don't think there is a double standard regarding Rob and Kristen. Yes Rob's taking all the heat right now but Kristen sure has taken a lot of her own too in the past months. Guess people are overly passionnate as far as these two are concerned and everything will be blown out of proportion and one of them will be blamed.
No wonder their people try their hardest not to associate them to each other (or to the twilight saga for that matter) more than necessary, thus the non confirmation of their relationship and their having to keep it on the downlow as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind this photoshoot and sure won’t get mad at him for it or won’t worry on Kristen’s behalf. I’m sure she’s fine.

Will I like the photos? I don't know, maybe not. I’ll decide when they’re out.

Do I think he's old enough to make his own decisions? Absolutely and I respect them.

Do I believe he has to do his best to make people forget Cedric/Edward? Absolutely! He has to gain a larger fanbase and be seen as more than a sexy teenager! Some younger female fans won't follow him in his new carreer path but who cares, he has to follow it anyway.

Was it the best moment to make this sexy photoshoot? Yes and no. No because of the 2 next twilight movies where he'll need his perfect handsome nice guy image. And let's not forget RM soon. But yes because it's the film makers/producers he has to convince he can be more than Edward and he has to prove this ASAP. Like right now, when only 2 movies are out. Before there are 4 (or 5) of them already and it's too late to dissociate him from Edward.

I think he could take no risk to keep his fanbase until the twilight saga is over but what is much more important is to break this image asap as far as movies executives are concerned. Because THEY are the ones who will give him the chance or not to try out other roles, to try to interest other audiences. That's the very first step. And it's the key to a successful and long carreer. The second step is to get the actual audience to follow or gain another fanbase (which he'll do if he choose the right projects). So he has to branch out and reach other audiences now, since I'd fear in 1 or 2 years it'll be too late. Not letting himself imprisoned in his Edward role and convincing tptb of his versatility fist, then hoping for teh best as far as the fanbase is concerned (but I'm sure he'll keep most of his fans because seriously, a charming smile, a look and everyone is back on the Robert bandwagon). He's at a turning point in his carreer. His next moves might be risky but it's essential for the future of his carreer.

So in that aspect, yes he's totally right to do this photoshoot right now. Even if it causes some drama among his fans. It's definitely a risk to take and I'm happy he's taking it. As long as he doesn't do more than that (I wouldn't want him to be the male version of Ashley lol. No offense to Ashley and her fans though. I love her but I wish she would stop with the sexy photoshoots).