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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
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is purely coincidental.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday's Sarcastic Soapbox

I survived.
And sometimes that is hard to do.
Birthdays can be a real bitch.
Especially when friends buy you 
'birthday shots!'
Mixing alcohol never works for me...
And that is why at this very moment...
The guys with spiky helmets
and pointy shoes
are running all around my stomach.
And I won't even describe my head...
Mostly because I fucking can't.

And huge THANKS to all of you
who wished me a Happy Birthday!
So sweet. So kind.
And it honestly made my day
so much better!
Thank You. Thank You.

A couple of things.

They are in NYC!
So surprised!
OK, I'm not.
Truly if you just think logically...
It all works out.
But there you go.
Rob, Kristen and the beloved TomStu
all landing safe and sound.
Lots and lots of clinging, folks.
The clingy clinging Cling-ons
can't fucking let go.
They can't.
They won't.

TomStu is adorable, isn't he?
I love how he's such a great friend to Robert.
LOVE it.
And the yellow bag that Rob is carrying?
Supposedly its Kristen's!!
The Hatey Clingys can't stand that!
He can't be carrying her bag!
He mustn't!
Is it so bad that Rob is a gentleman??
Oh and the Hatey Cling-ons
just cannot stand that Kristen is in fact...
In NYC with Rob.
If you were with Robert Pattinson...
and had the chance to like..
fucking BE with him as much as possible...
The End.

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality 
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see 

Open your eyes and SEE.
I know it's just my opinion.
Yada Yada Yada.
But let's try and look at this
Rationally. (is that even possible??) 
1. Kristen has now flown to England
Twice in as many months.
Both times she was pictured with Robert.
They hung out.
Pubs. Concerts.
Where do you think she slept at night??  
2. Robert and Kristen have flown to 
NYC together.
I know some will say that they are 
just sharing a plane...
or some nonsense...
She doesn't HAVE to stay in NYC!
She's there...
He only has a few days in the States
before I'm sure he has to go back to London
and continue filming Bel Ami...
They are spending this time 
3. It's NOT coincidence.
It's not happenstance.
They are together
Because they want to be!

 4. And oh yeah...
even when the clingers begrudgingly
admit that maybe this 'miserable' couple
are possibly dating....
They have to pepper it with
"It won't last." 
(How long has it already been??) 
Is this the real life, is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality 
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see 
Bye for now. 


Anonymous said...

Rosie,darling,your post is great,AGAIN!Today i read stuff out of this world about Rob,Kristen and TomStu.Stuff like:Kristen is covering Rob and Tom's relationship,because they're gay,three of them are gay!Kristen is really with Tom and Rob is just helping her(bahahaha).Rob is gay and he has a gay yellow bag.(!!!).And of couese there are some who sais that they can't wait to see Rob with EDR walking the red carpet,because they look cute and happy when they're together(!!!)I thought the chick was married.

otsuu said...

best post EVER.. best pics EVER.

I'm sooooo happy!

Happy b-lated bday Rose

I love u! ;D

Roxbury said...

Love this!

Happy belated bday :)

Anonymous said...

LOL again Rose you hit that nail on the head with a heavy hammer. Fact people need to get over the ownership of Rob, the only one he snuggles up with is Kristen. I want TomStu as Garrett for Breaking Dawn, what do you think?

Twimarti said...

WOO HOO!!! Happy Birthday! What a belated birthday gift - more Robsten / KPattz pics! Always love your smackdowns of the haterz...we're always here to support you!

RPaddict said...

I love them together and I love them apart. I love that they're happy. I love that they support each other, as friends or as lovers. In this crazyness that is their life, they have each other to lean on. Why would people who say they love Rob deny him who and what he needs. I love to see that their are people like YOU Rose, who respect Rob and Kristen and their choices, and stand for them.
Your blog rocks! Feel better soon.

RPaddict said...

@at anon 11:51- It would be so cool to see TomStu in BD as Garrett or in another role in BD. Sometimes dreams can come true.

MeTweeder said...

Have I told you b4 how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG...I swear you ALWAYS seem to say what Im thinking!! Ive read some of the comments on other pages and seriously I just cant believe some of the things people are saying i.e. "Its Robs bag" "Ohhh look at Rob and Tom together (as in TOGETHER)" Ummm WTF?!?!? Is it just easier for people to think he is gay rather than dating Kristen?? I have nothing against gay people but I DO NOT think that Rob is by ANY means in a relationship with that man...People just blow my mind!!

Besides all that mess Im glad to see they made it back safe and sound...Now time to prepare for the RM madness!! = )

Lizzie said...

Liz is standing up and applauding!!!

Bravo Rose!!
Love your posts and your blog!!

So happy they are enjoying themselves.

robsten forever said...

great post!!! i am so excited to see them here together and to know they have been together just makes it soo much better when saying fuck you to the haters!! but it made my day seeing them together at the airport and to know that she is here supporting rob!! and the bag thing omg too fucking cute!! i about died!! i thought i couldnt love those two people more than i already do but i love them more and more everyday!!!!!!!

Patricia said...

Rose I feel your pain (those Birthday Shots are killers, but so much fun)! I'm glad you had a Happy Birthday!
I'm also "OVER THE MOON " that Kristen is with Rob in New York! (Pictures) speak for all of the haters; and who cares about the haters. Fuck Them! I'm happy that Rob and Kristen are together and that his best friend (TOM) is there also for support of his movie "Remember Me" Plus keeping Kristen company while Rob is doing all the press interviews that last all day. That's what FRIENDS DO! (get a grip haters) You should be so lucky to have loving friends)! But how could you when there is SO MUCH HATE INSIDE YOU???? BUT ROB AND KRISTEN HAVE THE EVENINGS!!!! I LOVE THIS COUPLE AND HOPE THEY WILL ENJOY THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS TOGETHER BEFORE ROB GOES BACK TO film "BEL AMI" AND KRISTEN DOES HER PROMOTIONS FOR "THE RUNNAWAYS"
BTW What a gentleman our man is in carrying Kristen's yellow bag! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THIS ALSO WOULD BE AN ISSUE! GROW UP!
grazie Rose for once again giving me another wonderful post! And feel better! Rock on Rose

Kathy said...

Rose, I love you. Plain and simple. You say everything the exact way it should be said. Yep, they are TOGETHER in NYC. I LOVE how they make an effort to spend as much time together as they possibly can. That's what people who are in A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP do. I'm SO happy they are together and that they made it safely to NYC. We honestly don't even need to question WHERE she is sleeping at night. Seriously, how could anyone turn down RP? The haters, clingers, etc, are just jealous. What a happy, happy day. I hope Rob and Kris have an awesome weekend together. Have a great weekend Rose. xoxo

Juliet4Rob said...

First and foremost, I simply adore Robert Pattinson. Like you, Rose, and all who visit your blog, I want nothing but the best for Rob. His happiness is ultimately our happiness. He is in one of the most unique situations imaginable and it makes my heart sing to know that he is surrounded by the people that love and support him, especially during one of the most pivitol moments of his life and career. I wish him success, happiness and continued love and support from all of those who truly love and cherish him.
He is one of a kind and I thank God for him everyday! He just makes me so happy. :) Thank you Rose for sharing all the Roblove.
Happy hearts to all. Cheers!
BTW~Happy Birthday Rose! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved these pics! But to me even if i get beaten here, i see that Tom seems to be very much with Rob and i mean it. This is more than a good friend thing to do for a good friend, let me tell you that this, to me is not even classy! If they (Rob and Tom)are best friends, then i can see it like he is a sucker of Robs success.. Can you just stay and celebrate for him in London? is he even a famewhore?is he trying to be in the DL? Does Tom work?even more i find it disturbing when there have been pdas of Rob and Kris... to me its such of a bad taste and even disturbing that a male friend always come with my boyfriend feeding the sexuallity rumors. Its none of our business anyway but as me everyone has got an opinion on them..... I find Tom very disrespectful.(if it was the case). The rumors about sexuality? well i have to admit that would beat me down. Now go ahead, hit me.

kristine.hills said...

Not only Kristen but also Rob want to be TOGETHER that's why she is w/him in NYC. ROB WANTS KRIS WITH HIM. And yeah he's a gentleman carrying her bag.

Love ya ROSE!!!

ROB/KRIS God bless you.

Anonymous said...

First off Rose I seriously love your blog! I come here everyday and I really like your views of things like Rob.lol But I do have something to say to Anonymous 12:35- did it ever occur to you or anyone else who thinks TomStu is riding Rob's coattails that Rob invited Tom to go with him to NYC or the other events? That maybe Rob wants his bestfriend with him? And no they're not gay lovers- two guys aren't allowed to be good friends? We have heard everywhere that the two have been friend since grammar schooland I dont know about you but the friens I've had for 15 years- yeah we're pretty close, like family. And TomStu does work, he has an indie movie with Rachel Bilson that is coming out, or just came out and I saw him in Pirate Radio and he rocked it!Sorry if you don't like my rant but i love TomStu as much as Rob and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how yesterday people were trying so hard to prove Kristen did not come with Rob to NY, but today they say "it doesn't matter anyway" and my personal fave,"Can't she get her own friends", you hit the nail on the head with that one Rose, when you said if you were in her position, you'd spend as much time with Rob as you could too. That's what people in a relationship do, they support eachother. I wish people would stop hating on the situation, and just be glad he's happy.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:35
They have known eachother for years and years. They are best friends. Stop trying to turn it into something it isn't. He's there to support Rob, and no he isn't trying to gain fame from Rob, he has his own career. It's good Rob has support from two important people in his life.

I thought it was so cute how we see Kristen carrying the bag at Heathrow and Rob carries it for her at JFK. And Rob said he isn't chivalrous Pfff. :)

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why people who say they are fans of Rob think she should not be there. Don't you think that he asked her to be there and she wants to support this very important event in his career just like his family and friends. She will not overshadow the premiere. She will stay in the background. The delusional fans will have their two seconds with Rob at the media events and Kristen will have him after.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose so you survived your birthday haha.Well any way hope you had a good one. SO as you can see you were right AGAIN.I can hear it now POOR hates WHAT WELL THEY DO ( keep hating) I hope that Kristen and Rob and Tom have a good time in NY.People are going to say what they want.I feel sorry for Tom.I guess no ones(haters) never had a best friend .Some one you have known all your life,someone you can say anything to,someone you can tell HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR LADY to must be sad . I have a friend for 27 years now she knows me better then i do myself.Are we GAY HELL NO But she is my best friend.Thank you Rose for your post today.yesterday,tomarrow.Have a good day my friend Deb.

Anonymous said...

Tom and Kristen are there because:
Robert invited them. It's going to be a big day for him on Monday. He wants the people that truly care and support him with him. Why not? Tom is like the brother he never had. Some people are so lost. By the way there are hot pockets in that yellow bag for him. See Kristen is always making sure his cutness is well fed. Stop the hate people!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Rose, I fucking love you and I hope you had a fan-fucking-tastic birthday!

This post was awesome.


Anonymous said...

Love the post and pics today, Rose. It just makes me happy.

I also love all of the responding posts today to this point (especially yours, RPaddict; that's just how I feel). It's so nice not to have to wade through hateful crap.

Rose, yours is a blog that discourages negativity and where we can all express our love of our favorite actor and his girl.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...


SEEM ROB AND KRIS heard you !

loveactually said...

Rose- I have nothing really to add except I love you and your thoughts. This blog brings me great joy.

Happy Belated Birthday! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday, Rose!!! I love the pictures of Rob and Kristen at JFK, especially the ones with Rob carrying Kristen's yellow bag. Rob looks so sweet in these pictures. That's what men do when they are in serious relationships. They carry our bags!! And they don't mind looking silly doing it. Cel

Anonymous said...

I see that someone had tried to show that Rob has had the yellow bag since last year. I looked at the other bag and they are not the same. The other bag is bigger while the JFK bag is smaller. the handles are not the same. Any woman can tell right away that there are two different yellow bags. Just thought I bring this here. Cel

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with an earlier post - seeing Rob and Kristen together at the airport, she smiling, he such a gentleman - makes me smile and feel happy.

Why, as a grown woman, having celebrated my 29th birthday many, many times, would it make any difference to me? True confession - I have never been so taken by any celebrity in my life, even as a teenager, or young woman. Rob is a truly unique young man who gives me hope. I cheer for him, I cheer for Kristen, She intrigues me as a strong, intelligent young woman who both challenges and compliments Rob as an excellent partner in life and choice of career. I cheer for their happiness. The love, respect, support, and dedication Rob gives his family, Kristen, and close friends is admirable, and heartwarming. I really like how he has maintained friendships with his Brit pack. I have friends I went to high school with many years ago who are still my closest and dearest friends who know me better then all of my friends and coworkers that I have know over the past decades. I totally get the friendships and desire to have these people share in Rob's very special times, such as this RM movie premiere. I think it speaks volumes about his admirable character. ( Will his parents and sisters also be able to attend?) Oops, now I am really going on too long. Thanks Rose, Happy Birthday again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you have a bad headache Rose,but at least you have a good b-day.Rose you're awesome,I like reading your post all the time.I can imagine what the haters will going to do now.Their been slapped in the face how many times already.LOL.
Jean 2626

imloco2 said...

Not much to say about the clingons. They get too much attention as it is. But can I say how much I absolutely love the way you find song lyrics that resonate with what's going on with Rob and/or Kristen or both. And usually it's a song I know but I suddenly hear it in a new way and it means more than it did the minute before. It's a gift that I'm glad you share with us. :)

And Rob today in interviews...I just love him so much. He's unique in the world and unique is always valuable. I wonder if Kris is finding something to do or just resting while she waits for her guy. :)

Nicki Finn said...

Happy Birthday !!!!! Sorry, I didn't know !! I love your post and hope you feel better in case there is new news to blog about tomorrow. If you are interested I am reading Bel Ami and it is really good. He is going to nail the part but if you want a low down on the story I will be happy to let you know !! Feel better and keep blogger, you ROCK !!

Johanna said...

You're awesome Rose! Everytime I log on to your site, I know I'm gonna get myself a good read and have a good smile on my face after reading your last sentence. THANK you so very much! You always nail it.

And by the way - QUEEN ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Rosesee I love your post. You always do nail things here. What a scary thing for these young actors. Rob's "fans" are truly disturbing. I've been a social worker for 15 years; I've worked with a lot of disturbed and disturbing people. Rob's fans top them all. I actually worry about Rob and Kristen - no wonder they have a collection of body guards that compare only in size and intensity to Obama's! I wish them the safest and most enjoyable time in NYC and hope the haters stay away from the premier. Can you *imagine* what Rob would think of them hating on Kristen like that? It's mind blowing. I hope someone is studying this somewhere; fans gone bad. Very, very bad.

Anonymous said...

I should have said "some" of Rob's fans top them all ... heck I'm a Rob fan! My comment wasn't meant to spread any hate; peace everyone :-)