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Friday, February 26, 2010

Spending My Birthday With Rob and Kristen!

They say its your birthday.
Happy birthday to you.

It's my birthday.
And I don't say that to get people
to wish me a happy day...
I say that...
Because it's my fucking birthday
And I feel like writing anything I want.
I always write whatever I want.
But this time I can do it while eating CAKE!
(You remember the delicious cake
with all the icing? That one)

Should I feel like this today?
The sun is shining.
I didn't wake up dead.
I get presents.
And the walls of Robsten denial
are crumbling...
crumbling down.

Yeah... This is how I feel today.
Jumping for joy!
Eating yummy cake dripping with icing...
And enjoying all of the excuses.
of the people out there
who just cannot accept what is right in front of them.


1. Rob and Kristen are together in London.
This isn't the first time, either.
They have been seen out and about.
No pictures?
So what.
Does it really matter?
The sightings are coming fast and furious now.
You know it bugs the hell outta you.
It's fucking eating you up.

2. Not liking Kristen Stewart is your right.
You also have a right to your opinion.
But hating her?
Trashing her?
That's an opinion?
That's just sad.

3. People can keep saying that
Rob and Kristen are just 'friends'
Rob feels sorry for her because she
doesn't know anyone else in London.
Kristen is a lesbian
and Rob is helping her comes to grips with it.
Kristen is just using Rob because
he's the famous one now...
Rob is just using Kristen
because she's convenient.
Well hell...
Just make up shit as you go along!

Where's Robert?
Where's Kristen?
Oh yeah... TOGETHER.
And its not like this is the first time
oh no.
This is ALL the time.
Whenever they can be together...
They are.
If Rob were hanging with 
like he is with Kristen?
Of course they would be dating.
You can justify your hate for Kristen all you want.
If she wasn't WITH Robert...
You wouldn't give a shit about her.
You wouldn't have forums erected
just for the sole purpose of hating on her.
(and really... you are on the same side
as Perez. How fucking scary is THAT?)

And that concludes my birthday post.
I know its all been said before.
I know it will be said again.
I know that even if there were pictures
of Rob and Kristen making out in a pub...
There would be excuses and rationalizations
as to why Rob's lips were on Kristens.
I look forward to Robert and Kristen in NYC.
Will she be on the red carpet with Rob?
Probably not...
There will be after parties
and there will be sightings.
And there might be a picture of the 2 of them...
Bye for now.

Happy Birthday to Me!


Lizzie said...

Absolutely love your posts Rose!!
Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...


happy birthday sweets!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose. Your blog always makes me happy. Love it.

RitaPortugal said...

Happy BDay Rose :)
and I agree with everything you say, like always :D Have great day .

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Rose. Hope it's a great one.


a plee said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!
Thanks for your blog, every post you've done is a little b-day gift ;)

J said...

Happy Birthday darling! We love ya and hope the ALL your birthday wishes come true!!!
Love the post (but then, there hasn't been a time that I don't!)
Let the haters be haters b/c that's all that's gonna keep them warm at night.
And we can smile b/c we know who's keeping our boy warm at night lol
and what makes our boy happy, makes US happy...isn't that what being a true supporter is about?

Patricia said...

Rose: Happy Birthday to You! I worship at your alter! I have been over the moon over all the sightings of Rob and Kristen. YES THEY ARE TOGETHER (get real haters) They have been for a long time now and together every chance they get! I LOVE IT! As far as New York City, I can't wait to see our beautiful man there for his Premier. "Remember Me" is getting good buzz! I can't wait to see it 10 or 15 times. I love him! I hope Kristen and him get more time together before he has to go back to London for BA. while he's in New York (but it sounds like a whirl-wind trip for him.) Enjoy your Birthday Rose and many more happy ones! Don't forget "EMBRACE US LOVERS OF ROB AND KRISTEN AND IGNORE THE HATERS" Rock on Rose! Grazie

Anaïs said...

I don't know you but you're my fu**in' hero =D
Your posts are always awesome !
Happy Birthday from France =)

May said...

Dear Rose, first and foremost...


Second, and you said it well...

Where's Robert?
Where's Kristen?
Oh yeah... TOGETHER.
And its not like this is the first time
oh no.
This is ALL the time.
Whenever they can be together...
They are.


And just so you know,ILYSFM,bb. So fucking much. :))))

Robsten forever said...

Happy Birthiday ROSE!!! I love you and your blog everyday and great post today!! i cannot wait to see all of whats going to happen in the next few weeks and im soo excited!!! I love RObert and Kristen and anyone who Hates is just jelalous!!! They are the best people in the Fucking world and that is why they are the people i care most about!!!!!

Jena said...

Happy Birthday, Rose!!!

Your blog is my absolute favorite. You just tell it like it is. Love you for that!!!

Jena, rkknitter on Twitter

debbi said...

Pics or it didn't happen is getting OLD. People will believe what they want to believe, pics or no pics, so it doesn't matter. If people really care so little if Rob is dating Kristen, why do they try to dispute every account of her with him? If it was reported that TomStu was with him but there were no pics, no one would question it. They would celebrate the bromance. Before Kristen arrived in London, Rob hadn't been spotted out nearly as much. Sounds like he is having a little fun outside of work. Good for him.

Happy Birthday Rose!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose! You're the best! Have a great day.

deejon67 said...

Happy B-Day Rose Luv Your Blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose!! Thank you for the laughs and your witty charm. Can't wait to see what other presents we get from Rob and Kristen. Maybe you'll get a really nice one for your birthday. LOL.


RPaddict said...

Enjoy your day Rose. Your entitled.

Your as always spot on about Patz and his bird. Hope they're having a hell of a day "together".

TodoTwilightSaga said...

Happy Birthday hon!

Paloma said...

HEY! Happy birthday. I never comment in here but I do ALWAYS read your posts. I love them, I love you! HA, lol :P You're so cool. And I have almost the same way to think you have. Anyway, you're right. In everything. Actually, I was reading Perez's posts yesterday and.. OMG what a f*cking ugly, bitchy, shity fat guy! I hate him. Everything Kristen does or wears or says it's wrong. Oh c'mon, suck my oaejlasjdlksa. So.. Enjoy this day and eat all the delicious cake with all the icing that you want. See ya!
Greetings from Argentina :)

misty said...

Happy Birthday Rose! Love your way of just stating the obvious.

Thesabstar1 said...

"If Rob were hanging with
like he is with Kristen?
Of course they would be dating."

This is so true!

and a happy happy to you;-)

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday To You, Rose!

Anonymous said...

Happy birhday, dear Rose! I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday i made the mistake to visit the nonsten forum.I guess i was curious.And i regret it big time.The people there are nuts.They have disguisting photos of Kristen,they post trashy things about her and they're shipping Rob with anybody else but her.Even with EDR or Stephanie,even if they're older than him.Some women are there are snakes.And i feel sorry for them and they're family,because the majority are married with kids.

About R/K's sightings.As much as i love reading stuff like that,in the same time i find it stupid and creepy.This twitter craziness is out of control.Rob and Kristen are human beings who deserve privacy.It's their right.Some "fans" want to know about every move they make,if they're french-kissing,how they were looking at each other and ridiculous things like that.And of course they bring as an excuse that they love them so much and they support them that's why they want to know about them.Well love them less and respect them more.Because sometimes i think that if one of us was in their shoes,we would have gone crazy with all this scrutiny.Good for them because they are so strong.But until when?It must be very bad for them and their families reading stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose! Another perfect post! Love coming here everyday to get my little ray of sunshine. You have a wonderful way with words. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birtday sweet Rosie,happy birthday to you!

You can put the music!


keiffer said...

have a happy birthday rose!

almodovarmom said...

Have a great birthday. I so enjoy reading your blog and having you tell it like it is. To NOT believe at this point is simply delusional...

Anonymous said...

Happy bday :)
but was just wondering... that do you make of the comment she makes about her and rob at the end of this interview? Never heard her answer a question so bluntly but i also don't know when the interview was: http://bit.ly/acrIYE

kristine.hills said...

You are my Queen!!! HAPPY FANfuckingTASTIC BIRTHDAY!!!You deserve all the best in your life, and you CAKE must be DELICIOUS!!!

People saying the fans didn't take a pic of K bc she is not so famous as Rob.SERIOUSLY, it's pathetic,and how about R asking the fans to leave them alone, give them privacy? Maybe the girl bumped into R and asked him a pic and he asked her to be discret and not stalk them.If i bumped into one of them IDK if i'd have courage enough to ask for a pic.It was their time.
and YEAH KRISTEN is as FAMOUS as ROB.the difference between them is people love bashing K all the damn time.
I CAN'T understend why blindsten don't Get it, 'Rob is with K', end of story.Lets enjoy they are HAPPY.
The British LOVE K, and the best proof is SHE WON BAFTAs bc they voted for her, she is LOVED in England, lets show the same affection or at least RESPECT their choices.

Enjoy your day as much as possible!!! and the cake too...

Anonymous said...

Rose, Happy Birthday. Enjoy the cake and the icing. Read you faithfully everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE i hope you (get) Have a nice day.cant wait until March then we well see our guy and his lady I have a friend who is going to London I wish i was her hahaha i love your post today like always YEP YEP YEP the hate is out there same shit different day have a good day my friend and happy birthday Deb.

Anonymous said...

Hey again Rose! Have you bought your Remember Me tickets yet? I just got mine on Fandango! That might make a good b'day present for you! Woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose!

I am always lurking in your blog!
Love to read what you think!
Keep it up!


Becca Lynn said...

Happy Birtday Rose! You know I started reading your blog last year not really knowing these kindof sites existed but really enjoyed your humour and talent and that you recognized that Rob and Kristen were more than pretty faces but very talented young actors.

Now I have a bone to pick with you...while reading thru some of your old posts you mentioned some story you recommended on a fanfic site. Again I had no idea such a site existed...I read whichever that story was and now I'm hooked, addicted whatever you want to call it and it's all your fault!!!!! Thanks Rose. Have you ever written anything yourself? I already had mentioned that I think you have talent and so do many of those authors...a few of the stories really blew me away!

Becca Lynn

Anonymous said...

Oh happy birthday Rose, hope you have an awesome day BB ;)

As always love you posts. Never go a day without coming here and reading what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I luv you and your blog!!

happy birthday rose!!! (:

Bellaroma4 said...

"There will be after parties
and there will be sightings.
And there might be a picture of the 2 of them...somewhere...TOGETHER."

Happy Birthday, Rose! =)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YOu rock my world Rose! You deserve a big ROb and Kristen Icing cake!!! March is going to be the best month ever. Because it is my bday and Remember Me comes out and also the trailer for Eclipse. So stoked!!!

Have a great one hon!


Lois said...

Happy Birthday @RoseSee! I effinly adore this post! Yeah, you go get 'em haters!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose and thanks for the birthday post!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rose!
Thank you for your honest and wonderful blog.
You select the best photos, they are always such a treat. Your comments are always right on. You so rock this world of Rob and Kristen supporters.
Birthday love and wishes to you.
Love and positive wishes to Rob and Kristen. I am a believer and cheer them on in life, work, and love.
May their movies open with phenomenal numbers and super positive reviews.


Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day, Rose. May you have many more Birthdays.

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day Rose,I can't believe you and I have the same b-day,i'm probably older than you are.I hope you're enjoying your cake like me.Rob and Kris was spotted leaving UK together today,here's some photo from a fan.www.twilight-gallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=107822&.Wow, this two really are inlove and obviously wants to be together.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a Cling/crazy free day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday! Absolutely love your blog.

Anonymous said...

hapy birthday Rose!you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I love your blog e your opinions!

eli from italy!
dear heathers: where's robert?where's kristen?TOGETHER!
repet again: T O G E T H E R