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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert and Kristen... Kiss Like This.


What can I possibly say?
I absolutely love Robert's face in this pic.
I would like to imagine Robert from
the point of view of the model.

Sweet Kristen.
Look at that wonderful smile!
And that arm belongs to Sean Penn.
He's about to hug her.
She worked with Sean.
Sean obviously likes Kristen.
Have you ever heard someone she worked with
say a bad word about Kristen?
People that actually KNOW Kristen...
seem to really like her.
Imagine that.

Is kissing with your mouth open
(and possibly some tongue)
Something a director tells you to do?
Do you have a choice about HOW to kiss a co-star?
Like say...
You don't really get on with this person...
Do you kiss them like this?
Just wondering...

Bye for now.


Me said...

I totally agree about the kiss style, it wa actually one of re dirt things I thought when Idaw the picture, wow who kisses like this? I have to say also it got me excited thinking about the kisses on Eclipse, because one of the things I'd notice on New Moon was that, in my opinion, the kisses between Rob and Kristen were kind of "different" then Twilight. Did you notice that too, was something missing there?

debbi said...

I absolutely love that Details pic of Rob. His expression, his body language - all great. So good to see Kristen out and smiling too. You're so right, people who actually know her, can't say enough nice things about her. Those are the opinions that matter. And the Eclipse kissing pic - LOVE IT.

On a side note, just saw Kristen's seat at the BAFTAs - right behind Bel Ami stars Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas. Maybe Rob won't be too busy working after all. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Yes...It was very mild in Twilight.

Anonymous said...

Rob did not open his mouth when he did the kissing scene with Kristen....

I also notice the way he held her in Eclipse as if he didnt want to let go..:)

Patricia said...

Rose: Short but sweet! I love your comments.. BTW I think Rob WILL BE AT THE BAFTA'S! Now that Uma and Kristen Scott are scheduled. I would LOVE TO SEE ROB AND KRISTEN TOGETHER SOON! ( Come on they will BOTH be in England,) and it's been a long month! Let's keep our fingers crossed! xoxox

Patricia said...

Rose: Sorry I didn't comment on your point of the kissing. There is no doubt( Rob and Kristen have it) No one compares with that! Spot on again Rose. I LOVE YOUR POST. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING. I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN. GRAZIE

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen were actually french-kissing at Twilight(you can see that at the outtakes in the DVD),but that cockblocking SM didn't like it and CH edited badly.

Patricia said...

Rose: Are you sick of me yet? I just read that Rob WILL BE PRESENTING AT THE BAFTA! YES

Nicki Finn said...


Anonymous said...

About the kissing.....I read or saw an interview with New Moon's director Chris W. and he spoke of how he did not direct Kris and Rob on the kissing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
I love your blog and I read all your posts. In fact, I agree with all you wrote here! So, thanks for this beautiful blog.
I have noticed too that still of Eclipse, and I thought: wow, this is definitely a French kiss! And I'm so happy to see that Rob and Kristen will be at the BAFTA's, I hope they will have a very good time!

Anonymous said...

You do what the director tells you, and what the role and script calls for... but what do I know according you to and your followers I'm stupid and a hater.

Anonymous said...

^^ that's not true (depending on who you talk to you) only if you cant respect others opinions are you a hater (in my opinion) anyways spot on again rose!


imloco2 said...

"You do what the director tells you, and what the role and script calls for... but what do I know according you to and your followers I'm stupid and a hater."

No, actually, I tend to agree with you. When they are in front of the camera it's about how it looks on camera, or what the story calls for, or it should be. You can be in the most passionate embrace of your life, and if you're not positioned right it can look like crap. I actually thought it might have been better if CW HAD directed them in those scenes. Or at least cut it better. I can't really think of one of their kissing scenes in NM that I'd nominate for the MTV awards. Just Sad. *g* and if their kissing scenes ARE a reflection of their actual feelings for each other, who knows what stage of their relationship they were in when they did the kissing scenes in NM?

But heck just one still from those scenes in Eclipse are award worthy. LOL We'll see what gets in the movie though. I saw some stuff when they were filming NM that made me think they would be EPIC too. Not so much in the actual movie. Not that I hated the movie. Hell, I saw it 7 times in the theater. Just coulda been better...

I do love that Details shoot and article. That's gonna be a keeper. and I hope R&K get a little BD practice before or after the BAFTA's. ;) Fingers crossed Kristen wins!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose I love the kissing But I love any thing that Rob dose and its even better when he dose it with Kristen I hope the best of luck to her this Sunday at the BAFTA's .and i DO hope that she and Rob do get some alone time together. I MISS SEEING THEM TOGETHER OR APART cant wait to see there movies coming out. well have a good day my friend and like always good post. Deb.

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of rob and kristen..my thought on the kissing...you can tell there is emotion and feeling in it...normally actors do not kiss with their mouth open unless they actually have feelings for each other..just ask ed cibrian and leann rimes.

Anonymous said...

*re-read the book again*...hmmm eddie teeth and tongue supposed to be very poisonous...how the hell??? ok Robsten having their moment lol! like the deleted scene from Twilight...

angelfire_2002_2004 said...

Hey don't know if that was a genuine question about the kissing thing or not, or if you were being sarcastic, but Yes they can dictate how they allow co-stars to kiss, or where they feel comfortable allowing them to put their hands. At least that is what the director from the Notebook Said on outtakes of the lovin' scenes, they talked about that and how they have to wear this little cone or whatever. Also in that eclipse photo with them hugging, it totally looks like his hand is trying to creep into those jeans