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Friday, February 12, 2010

Robert Pattinson isn't a Shepherd.

Look closely at the above picture.
I am not in it.
(are you?)
I don't blindly follow the herd.
I don't Baaaaaaaaaaaaa
at all the right places.

I've been poking fun of the 'sheep' 
since I started this blog
(Right Trixie?)
The lambs that cannot make up their own minds.
The Ewes that cower in fear and try to hide.
The sheeple (yes... SHEEPLE)
Who don't have an opinion of their own.
That's not me.

Forgive me Paul McCartney
(You know I love you)
But this lyric has been going through my head...

Too Many People Preaching Practices
Don't Let Them Tell You What You Wanna Be
Too Many People Holding Back, This Is
Crazy And Maybe It's Not Like Me

I got quite the response yesterday from my post.
You know...
All I did was give my honest opinion.
I admitted that I hoped to be proven wrong
when I saw the whole movie.
But now I'm not allowed to comment on the trailers?
Where is this written?
Because I wasn't impressed with what I saw
in the clips...
Makes me a 'bad' fan?
Am I just supposed to immediately love
and cherish everything Robert does...
Just because he's Robert?
Don't get me wrong
(and oh... so many of you did)
I Love Robert Pattinson.
I want Remember Me to do great...
How many ways...
How many times do I have to say that?
Because honestly, 
A few people who read my blog...
can't possibly comprehend what I wrote.
It's like they were reading something
completely different...
It was mind boggling.

But to recap...

1. I don't apologize for what I wrote.
I still stand by my opinion.
I don't see a lot of 'chemistry' 
between Robert and Emilie.
This has NOTHING to do with Kristen...
Or Twilight... Or New Moon.
I'm talking strictly about what I have seen
on the clips... 
and in the bits and pieces I have seen thus far.

2.  I hope I am wrong.
I WANT to be wrong.
But lets face it people...
This is just MY opinion.
It's not like Robert is going to read this
and decide to quit acting because
I'm not all gooey gushy about 
Remember Me.

3. I don't understand why this
became such a big deal.
Why certain people came on my blog
and tried like hell to convince me 
that Remember Me is a great movie!
I haven't seen it yet.
And I have stated (again and again)
That I will wait until I have watched
the movie in its entirety before
making my final opinion.

4. And don't fucking come here...
and tell me what to say...
and when I can say it.
I'm not one of the herd...
I'm the Collie that nips at your heels...
and tells you where to go.

And through all the drama of yesterday...
Even though she had nothing to do with
Remember Me...
Kristen still gets slammed.
I say that I don't see the attraction
between Rob and Emilie...
And right away people are screaming
about how I just don't want to see it...
that I'm just one of those people
who doesn't want Rob to be with anyone else.


Yeah, I know there are the lunatics out there
who lose their mind at the very THOUGHT
of Robert being with someone else onscreen.
Not me.
Who refuse to go see anything that doesn't
have Robert and Kristen together.
Not me.
Who think Robert is disrespecting Kristen
by having intimate scenes with other actresses.

My opinions about the clips
of Remember Me...
Good fucking grief.
And just between you and me?
I'm allowed to have an opinion.
You don't have to like it.
In fact...
I prefer you don't.

Baaaaaaa for now.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. From what little you can see from the trailer, I am not seeing the chemistry between them either, it seems forced or acted, not as natural as the interactions between Rob and Kristen. I hope this changes when we get to see the entire movie.neptunesgirl49

Anonymous said...

Some people are obviously sheeps.They think that you're a real fan only if you follow and accept everything Rob does.I don't understand why these people come at your blog,Rosie.They can always go at Rob;s INDb,where the girls are worshipping with crazy heat RPattz.I didn't like RM clips,either.But i wasn't impressed with NM,too.And i love Rob.So,am i a bad fan or a good one?

Sally Scott

novie said...

agreed with Rose!the closeness between Rob and Emilie seems to be forced and hard,not natural like he did with Kristen.

~J~ said...

It's really fucking sad that these people are coming on YOUR blog, telling you what you should/shouldn't see, say or think. That's complete bullshit. This is a place where you get to express your opinion (not gods law for christs sake). I love reading your thoughts bc it's raw and funny and totally honest. So you didn't see chemistry...gasp! I didn't either! And you still stated over & over again that you're reserving the full opinion until you have the entire puzzle pieced together (like any SANE person would do). It wasn't a judgement, it was a fucking observation...people need to get a grip and leave you the hell alone! You rock bb!

Patricia said...

Rose: "YOU ROCK" When I was younger I always stood up for what I believed and stuck by my decision, sometimes I would change, but not because someone told me too; because I seen a different truth. You go Girl. You will state your opinion in full after you see "Remember Me" That's how I feel, like I said yesterday, I was also disappointed with the chemistry, but will keep "an open mind" with more trailers (that I'm sure we'll see lots of) I love Rob and hope like you do that "Remember Me is off the charts !I also hope that we see lots more sightings of "that Doll Baby" and Kristen with him. Grazie As you can tell I'm not a sheep either and am proud of that ! Love you

Brazilian said...

Hi, Rose.

I don't exactly agree w/ you about RM clips. Because I really liked them. Not so much the shower scene. But the restaurant dialogue was great. The cab scene is nice too. Now, IMO the lack of chemistry can't be denied. They don't match.

Ok. I'm a Robsten. Very Robsten. But I wanna see Rob showing his best always. We know he's a great actor. He so far impresses us showing himself as a wonderful and humble youngman. And we hope the world to see this we fans already do.

So despite being a Robsten, I wanna see Rob doing his best regardless who is his romantic pair on the screen. Apparently Emillie didn't fit him well. I hope she surprises me next month, when I'll see the entire movie. Uma and the others on Bel Ami better be well fucked by him. Because that's one of the things that are expected from his character, Duroy.

And yes, I'm still a Robsten. Some actors seem to have problems separating their RL from their careers. This don't seem to be a problem to Robert or Kristen. But is a big problem to several fans. I keep wondering why is that...

Well, I just wanna say I may not entirely agree w/ you. But I respect and understand your concern and opinion.


@BraGirl2 ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely 100% agree with you - the chemistry seems a little 'forced' based on what I have seen so far. Doesn't mean I won't see the movie or hate it outright, what has been seen so far are very small parts of an overall piece that I cannot wait to see in full. Thanks again for all your spot on posts :)

Kelly said...

I think that when you blog, you open yourself up to all kinds of interpretation and comments. You may be saying one thing and your point just never makes it across and people think you are saying something else.

In blogging, unless you block commenting, you open yourself to it. Opinions are both positive and negative and you need to be prepared for them. I think as long as you write what you believe from your heart and you can always stand by it, then you don't need to defend your opinions.

Are there "sheep"?...... sure.. some people can't think for themselves. Some people don't even know they aren't thinking for themselves.

I know I don't think he is perfect..I got the biggest kick out of all the silly TP questions and comments the other day from the Bel Ami set pic..

NEWSFLASH: Rob Pattinson is human and as such, uses the bathroom like the rest of us... Who would of thunk it? I would have been more concerned if he didn't use TP! Just saying....

Being misunderstood is a fact of life. And no matter what you say you meant, people will interpret as they see fit.

I'll tell you what Rose, I hope you find that you are wrong.. I hope beyond all hope that you realize that you are wrong about "Remember Me". It's not because I think Rob is perfect, far from it. And it's not because I want you to change.

So why do I want you to be wrong so badly? I want him to do well, period. I want him around for a long time. I want to watch him grow as an actor. And I want him to always be proud of his choices. Not all choices are the right ones in the end, but when the decisions were being made, they were the right one at the time.

All the wishing in the world.. all my wishing.. won’t matter. In the grand scheme of things.. I’m just another opinion, another person, another voice.. in an already large, deep, dark sea of them. But it won’t stop me from wishing.

If that makes me a sheep.. then BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........

Once again Rose, thanks for making me think!

May said...

Bb,ignore the naysayers.Its your blog and FFS,you have all the right to express your opinion.;)

I sometimes really hate this fandom,because out of minor,banal thing, we all manage to make an incident of enourmous proportions.Oh and some ppl in this fandom def need to take a chill pill. *sigh*

Anyway,just wanted to say I know how you feel.After all,we are all on this same side,as far as I`m concerned. Rob FTW ;p

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the trailer because I have seen enough, I'm going to see this movie no matter what the critics say. Part of it is because of Rob.

This is your website and you can write whatever you want. I do agree, people think whatever Rob does is fabulous and not all is.

The problem is we all know too much about this movie and that Emilie wasn't the first choice and some others would've been better. That is where all this critism is coming from. Mila Kunis would've been good, I loved her in Sara Marshall but supposedly Summit didn't want to pay her price.

From the clips I've seen Rob's accent isn't that bad and I can't wait to see Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper.

Love reading you.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:05 My understanding is that Emilie was ROB's pick... so how could she not be first choice?

Juliana said...

I completely agree with you. Some people are so mean. And I really love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my language but FUCK THE HATERS!!! They have no bearing on your life and your opinion! What happened to freedom of fucking speech. They act like everything Rob does is gold. I like him a lot, but this whole "Rob is perfect and hes sooo untouchable" is sickening! Your post on his chemistry with Emile in RM was SPOT ON! I applaud you for that because although the trailer was freaking EPIC the others released by summit was....not very exciting! I too couldn't hear him speak, i didn't get the "Hot chemistry" that others saw, but then again the same people said the same thing about Rob and Kris so idk. But i think your awesome, keep preaching your thoughts because 99.9% of the time i totally agree with you!

Luvs ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not a sheep & I enjoyed the clips. Knowing the script, I can appreciate why there would be & should be the initial awkwardness. But to each their own.

And I'm one of those who adore "Robsten" but hated the chemistry in New Moon. So sue me, but don't you dare say that I'm hating on Kristen or say that I can't stand to see Rob with ANY woman.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Rose. I like the fact that you don't tout a party line. I also love good, honest discussion, dissenting and otherwise. But frankly, with regard to too many of yesterday's response posts, who let the snakes in?

I know I'm biased in this way, but if someone is going to spew vitriol, they might try proof reading it first. Far too much of it sounded crazy, immature, and unredeemingly nasty.

Love you, Rose. Hated all the venom in yesterday's responses.


Patricia said...

Rose: it's me again Patty. When I first seen Rob in an interview (I thought who is this beautiful, shy,witty and sensitive man)? Then I bought "Twilight" then I was obsessed and I felt possessed by this man ! I thought "Oh my God" what's wrong with me. I'm an old lady and I watched "Twilight" 29 times and read each of the books (over and over again) I was a little embarrassed about my feelings for him and I just couldn't read enough or check the blogs enough for information on every aspect of his life and career and Rob and Kristen (those videos of them) TRUE LOVE ! I am soo happy they are together! I think they belong together! So when I found your blog, I was so excited, because you thought and wrote very similar (TO HOW I FEEL ABOUT HIM AND THINK OF HIM) You're smart and loving and sarcastic and "YOU ROCK ROSE" grazie for writing all these wonderful post. I am so glad I found your blog and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate being a part of Rob Pattinson lovers and Rob and Kristen lovers. So fuck the hater's and rock on.

Audrey said...

Rose-I have to agree with you about the RM trailer we have seen by far. Honestly, if it wasn't played by Rob, I would have decided not to watch the movie after seeing those previews. Maybe Summit hasn't shown us the greatest yet (that I honestly hope they're just showing us the worst ones they consider by far), but to make my comment based on the trailer, I'm sorry but I have to adjust the purpose of my original plan from 'to see Rob and his acting in RM' to 'to see Rob's gorgerous face in RM'. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

'This has NOTHING to do with Kristen...'

yeah sure, all Robsten crazies say that, no, they're biased, they can deny it till they're blue in the face, it doesn't make it true...

Anonymous said...

@anonymous February 12, 2010 11:14 AM

Exactly, I can see the double standards here, from Robsenites.

If you think there was absolutely NO chemistry between Rob and Kristen in New Moon, you're labelled a Kristen hater, a Nonstener, your opinion is seen as invalid.

But of course those who say there's little chemistry between Rob and Emilie are called honest fans, pfft yeah right

I have nothing against KStew, and Robsten, but to me there was no chemistry between E/B in NM.
Now go, call me a blind hater.

Anonymous said...

Well, I really like Rob and Kristen and I'm still for Edward and Bella, that's my obsession to Twilight Saga Books. Any movies of Rob doesn't interest me without Kristen so I'm hoping and waiting for the Breaking Dawn. But anyway since I'm living in Europe, in a non-english speaking country, there's no way we can have indie films in our theaters (Kristen's films)not unless with wider distributions including Rob's films. They said it's too expensive for them to have movies which include translations or subtitles. I am expecting that DVDs will be available for these indie films of Rob and Kristen.

kristine.hills said...

Rose i'm happy bc i'm not the only one who couldn't see 'THAT' chemistry either. And i thought about it, and we know how Rob was under a LOT OF PRESSURE while doing this movie. Summit's pressure, the stupid gossips/rumors about R and E, lunatics fans, crazy papps and he was far away from K(NOT, i'm not talking he CAN'T be away from her, of course he'll do that a lot, they are actors and it's part of their job). He had the weight of the world on his shoulders.And Summit was/is selling the wrong fish, this movie is much more than sex scenes, it's about family drama and i know his focus was on it 'DRAMA'.I'm sure he doesn't want this status of the hottest guy, he wants to be a GREAT actor and not a pretty face.So i do believe we'll see Rob's fantastic acting in RM when the real focus is: drama movie.I have nothing against E, but there was not THAT chemistry at all, and summit failed when released just those sex scenes. And yes Rob was VERY uncomfortable while presenting those trailers w/EdR. Pressure kills us. But i have faith in Rob, and in the end i want to believe he did a great job, bc he deserves all the best, bc he is a genuine and incredible guy.And who cares about this chemistry??? i can't wait Rob's drama movie, i want to cry a lot. And i'm sure i'll.

Rose-love the way you are not afraid of showing your emotions and thoughts i admire you so much.

And REAL fans have the right to make comments about their idols, it's called constructive reviews.

Now he's at home (LONDON + family + K) everything will be all right, no more summit(at least not this time). lol


SunnySRZ said...

Hi Rose,
Loved yesterday and today...don't usually post but wanted to show you some love. I have a similar opinion about RM trailers. I watch Rob with his friend, sister, father, the cop and the receptionist all fine I feel the energy, the emotion if you will. Then the girlfriend, she's flat no emotion or energy not much Rob can do with that. I really like him in How to BE and Mother's Bad Handbook so I don't think its him. I'm looking forward to Bel Ami for him to play off of really good actresses I think the emotion and energy will be there.
As for Kristen, she has had many male co-stars in her movies and I love her best with Eddie Redmayne, can't wait to see this movie. Rob even mentioned in an interview shes brings something out of him (at the audition) I think she does this with all of her co-stars; its believable.
In Real LIfe I love Rob and Kris together but on screen right now I'm rooting for Eddie so Rob pic your game up in BD lol.
Ok, now that I've said my piece let the mud slinging and telling me I don't know what I'm talking about begin.

Nanc said...

Can't figure out why anyone would lash out at you over any of your comments. I don't think many other movie rolls are ever going to compare to the Epic roles of Edward and Bella. They just don't come around that often.
I think Robert's portrayal in RM looks like it's going to be great. One thing we all have to remember is that the intensity level of romance won't be as strong in this film as the Twilight movies. He isn't playing a guy who hasn't kissed anyone for over 90 years, added with the fact that he fears he will hurt or possibly kill her if he gets carried away. Lots of emo there! Even without the added factor of such good chemistry between he and Kristen.
Yes, the characters in RM have issues, but not to the extent of Twilight. So whether or not he and Emile have as much chemistry, the scenes will have a different tone anyway.
There will always be some level of enjoyment watching films that Rob is in, as well as several of the other actors that have played our beloved Twilight characters. I'm personally glad I've been introduced to so many new (for me) actors.
Bel Ami will probably be the same, maybe more erotic than Twilight (however, nothing is more erotic to me than the sexual tension that Stephenie created in Twilight) but I still do not think that the intensity will match what we have in Twilight.
It's just good to be on the side that just really loves and enjoys both Rob and Kristen, isn't it.
Love your Blog and your attitude!

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:55


kharma1 said...

Dear Rose,
You keep doing what you are doing, you are doing an awesome job.
We are definitely not sheep and as long as we are not spewing hate and bashing innocent people, we have the right to have our own opinions. What I do not like is when people hate other people for being different and not going along with the norm. Is that why they hate Kristen? That picture you posted, she is absolutely, naturally gorgeous. If she didn't go into acting, she could of been a model. No wonder Rob looks at her the way he does. Thank you Rose, have a Happy Valentines Day and weekend.

Robin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

people:there is no chemistry at all, it's not a romantic movie it's drama, deal with it, no, we can do better, let's respect each others POV. And NM summit f.cked again, and promoted the wrong chemistry Bella and J. Edward was barely in NM, summit wanted B/J and the movie was not good.It was wrong, that's why RM can fail, the wrong choice again. I want to be wrong, let's wait and see.
And please don't tell me we are RK shippers, we are adults discussing about someone who we care: ROB, and not about his PERSONAL life.

Thanks Rose.Go ahead, you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

to Audrey
if you just want'to see Rob's gorgerous face in RM'. DON'T GO

Anonymous said...

to Kelly...

Amen to that!

*baaaaaa with you*

ps; Rose call me hater or whatever but seriously Kris and Rob are way more awkward together..

Tina said...

I totally got what you said. He looked awkward when he splashed her with the sink hose and it seems the scene should have been light and playful and it didn't come across that way. I am glad you spoke your peace (as you always do :)

Love the baaaa for now - you're so damn clever!!

Anonymous said...


Kristen is in LA, she's hosting a party in La Vida nightclub tonight in LA.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON ROSE you go girl im with you all the way I seen what THAY the ( BICHS)said yesterday and it made me soo mad. I can see what you were saying and i feel the same way about Rob. I to well wait to see the hole movie before I have a opinion Thanks again Rose keep up the GOOD work

Amanda said...

Do people have a reading comprehension problem? Not to be rude but some still don't understand what Rose was saying.
Rose wasn't saying if you like the clips you are a sheep. She was saying if you think people not liking the clips make them "bad fans" because people have to like everything Rob does then yes, that does make you a sheep. If that's not you, no need to get defensive about it.

Sometimes I think people purposefully misunderstand things just so they have something to get worked up about.

Also, nobody said your a hater if you don't like E/B chemistry. But if you are one of the ones who have to drag Kristen into a post that has nothing to do with her, just to insult her, what does that make you?

Anonymous said...

oh ROse i'm proud to be a RoB fan when i read you. I thought the same thing about the chemestry of rob and EDR.But it's not necessary to compare the chemestry E/B to R/EDR. it's not the same story. E/B love is supposed to be the biggest ever. I hope my ROB did great in RM, i really hope it. he deserves it. I will go to see the movie to support my Boy.

Anonymous said...

I came across Twilight movie casually, I had never heard of it but my brother broutht the video home and I watched it. I fell instantly under the spell of Rob&Kristen chemistry..they didn't just act, you could feel their emotions, there was something special and C. Hardwick could capture it.

I didn't feel the same watching New moon. I have to agree with the poster who say told it so, and I don't blame on Rob and Kristen, Rossenberg's script didn't help at all.. Bella's bedroom scene was utterly wasted. I'm sorry to say, but C. Weitz could not captured the magic between Rob/Edward and Kristen/Bella.

Concerning RM, I think there's some sort of chemistry between Rob and Emily, their clips and nice, but I don't see magic, I don't feel anything special or outstanding between them. We'll have to watch the movie.

Thanks Rose for your original blog, I love it.

Anonymous said...

To anon 12:51 PM

I know dear, but i was talking about 'Home is where your heart is'...;)
She may not be there but her heart is.

Jimena said...

Thank you for this, I loved it. These last few days I was stupid enough to visit Rob's IMDB forum and the sheep mentality there is mind blogging. You are not even allowed to say something negative about Emilie, even if it's not related to RM -how many people don't like Claire in lost after all?- because the Robsheeps jump on you before you are even finished clicking the 'post' button. I wonder where these Fervent Defenders are when another of his co-stars is attacked, you know who I am talking about right? The one they so sweetly referred to as 'the one that shall not be named'. Disgusting.

Kathy said...

Rose, you are SO right...again. First of all, we all know Rob is hot and, a great actor. But that does not mean he is going to have that chemistry with everyone he works with. There IS a difference between the chemistry he has ON SCREEN with Kristen and with EMilie. There is. I see it as well. This is just MY opinion, which I AM entitled too. With EMilie...it's PRETEND, it's ACTING. With Kristen, there is something more honest there, it's truer, it's deeper. Some things don't look the same to everyone, and that's ok. I agree with Rose though. Don't bash her for her opinion. We all can't be on the same page. Rob is a great actor, and so is Kristen. They don't always have to be together or connected at the hip. They are actors and they will ACT with other people. It is what it is. Love you Rose, and don't let these people get you all fired up. You ARE entitled to YOUR opinion, and if they don't like it then they don't need to be here. xoxo

Fandom Fighter said...

I'm curious, why is it that because one group of people have the same opinion, which opposes yours, they are sheep... yet all of you here share Rose’s opinion and you are not? Perhaps it's not so much that the others are sheep... perhaps it is just that they disagree with you and you therefore feel threatened and must be condescending.

If you all dislike the "hate" they supposedly show ... why reply in kind and show them hate?

In this world is that that two wrongs make a right?

Anonymous said...

i have seen the shower scene and now i am happy !!!
yes , because i only saw two actors acting.... as if it wasn't even ROB.
It was even weird.
And sorry for the haters but when I watch twilight, even if i don't want to i can see more than two actors acting, having pleasure being with each other.

Anonymous said...

i have seen the shower scene and now i am happy !!!
yes , because i only saw two actors acting.... as if it wasn't even ROB.
It was even weird.
Nevertheless, i loved this romantic scene.
And sorry for the haters but when I watch twilight, even if i don't want to i can see more than two actors acting, having pleasure being with each other.

Anonymous said...

As always, great blog post. It's always refreshing to read your reasonable comments. As for the RM clips, the acting seemed stiff to me and so I'm a bit concerned for what the critics will think. I, like you, have every intention of reserving my final opinion until I see it all together. Just from seeing isolated clips does not let us in on the overall tone of the film or personality of the characters. It is unfair to judge one way or another from a random clip or four. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.


odaleia said...

be strong my dear. I have the same opinion as you abou what i saw on the trailers and some people are not talking to me anymore, because i´m a bad fan who doesn´t support Rob. And yes, to some idiots it´s all about bashing Kristen. It´s funny when people say that YOU can´t see Rob with another woman, because they are the same people who can´t see him with Kris. It´s your opinion, on your blog. People don´t have to agree with you, but aparentely you have to agree with them.
Like you, i do hope be proven wrong about RM. I do love Caroline and Adam already.
You are a great fan (hell, you created a blog about the man!), you CAN have your own opinion about Rob or whatever you want.
I love you, i love Rob, i love Kris and i love your blog.
The fandom need to chill.

Anonymous said...

@Fandom Fighter

If people think everything Rob does is perfect, and Rose can't even have an opinion about a clip of his movie without people freaking out on her saying she is a bad fan by not liking it, doesn't that make them sheep? Some were saying you can't ever say anything against that movie or you aren't a fan. Rose WAS NOT saying if you disagree with her and thought the clip was great you are sheep. Please READ her post and maybe you'd understand what she is saying. If you read Rose frequently you know she loves Rob and she stands up for Emilie all the time. She was only saying those particular scenes weren't the best. It should be okay for her to have an opinion without people jumping down her throat. She has a blog called pattinsonintoxication, Of course she's a fan of Rob. I think she's actually promoting opposing opinions and just saying even the best fans don't have to think everything he does is perfect. It doesn't make you less of a fan by not liking something.

I think you are right Rose, some people comment before reading.

Anonymous said...

I think people really need to get a grip. Expressing a less than enthused opinion about a clip is not reason have a war of words.

The blogger had an opinion. She expressed and it was centered completely on the two actors in question. It had nothing to do with Kristen or Kristen and Rob. Kristen should not even been brought up in the comments, because Kristen has nothing to do with Remember Me.

I don't get much chemistry from Rob and Emilie because I find the Tyler and Ally to be the weakest link of the story. It has nothing to do with Rob or Emilie. I find the relationship cliche-ridden. I'm also not fond of the Ally-character archetype (free spirited girl who helps heal the troubled boy) because it is so done and done and done again. Which kind of brings me why I don't care for the clips as a 'selling point' (key phrase), they seem as cliched as initially thought they would be. But again, it isn't Rob or Emilie. It is the relationship. I don't find it interesting or intriguing. I find it dull and lackluster. If the romance was all there was to the movie, the story would not hold. The good news is that the romance is NOT the whole of the movie.

Problem is that Summit is selling this movie as a romantic drama. It isn't. It is a family drama. The strength of the movie is the sum of its parts. That's the true 'selling point' of the movie. Rob's best work probably isn't with Emilie. The first trailer worked because it included scenes with other people. The reviews coming out of the test screenings mention that all the relationships are good. Tyler's relationship with his girlfriend is just one part.

For someone like me, who doesn't really like the Tyler-Ally angle, these clips aren't going to work for me. But throw me in some Tyler-Daddy or Tyler-Caroline or Tyler-Aiden and then we can talk.

And as a disclaimer, I'm not a Robsten shipper (I hate the Robsten name and I don't believe in shipping real life couples; that's just weird to me). I do support Rob and Kristen as individuals and as a couple. But if you think I'm being biased, think again. I thought the chemistry in New Moon was missing too and I hope they were able to step it up in Eclipse.

But again, Rob-Kristen's chemistry and Rob-Emilie's chemistry are two separate issues from two very different kind of stories.

Anonymous said...

And srsly, this debate just got old because Rob's DETAILS pics are coming out now. *lol*

robsten obsessed said...