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Monday, February 15, 2010

Robert and Kristen- I'm a Believer.

This is how I feel today.
(I only wish I looked like she does)
I'm tired.
I'm annoyed.
I'm done.

There are just so many haters out there.
People who hate for no real reason.
Who judge others...
Who decided who people are
without knowing the person.
People who have decided whether they 
like me or hate me...
Based on my opinion
of whether or not 2 people are dating.
How does that work?
Am I the only one who finds that
completely and totally ridiculous??

I will tell you what I'm not.
Because I know.

1. I'm not a "ROBSTEN"
How can I be?
Robsten is a combination
of Robert and Kristen.
I am neither.
So lets throw that fucker out the door...
2. I'm not a "SHIPPER" either.
Shipper and Robsten have all these
negative qualities attached to the words.
I don't fucking ship anything.
A ship is something that floats on water.
I'm not into ships.
I'm not on a ship
Let's sink that bitch... now.

3. I am friends with many people
who are "Nonsten".
or "IDontGiveACrapSten"
I love some of these people.
I think they love me back.
They know me.
They don't judge me on my opinion.
They accept it.
They accept me.
We accept each other
and even if we don't always see
eye to eye...
We still love.
That's how its supposed to be.

I will tell you what I am.
I'm a believer.
That's all.
I believe that Rob and Kristen are dating.
It's just my conclusion to what I have seen.
That's all.
You don't have to believe.
I'm totally OK with that.
I won't chase you onto other forums...
I won't tweet at you until you relent...
I won't follow you around the internet...
Hoping to change your mind.
I know there are scary people out there.
I know that there are people who take things 
too fucking far.
I know that the delusional haters
exist on both ends of this never-ending drama.
I know there are extremes.
Scary... frightening extremes.
That. Is. Not. Me.

I just believe.
I'm not consumed.
I'm not crazy.
One day I might not believe.
But for right now...
I do.

Does that make you wrong?
You just believe differently.
I accept that.
I won't call you names.
I won't attack you for your opinions.
Just let me have mine.
In Peace.
So tired.
Of the drama.
Of the hate.
Of the attacks.

I just want to love Robert Pattinson.
I just want to love Kristen Stewart.
I don't need anyone to tell me how to do it.
Or if I'm doing it wrong.
Or even if I am doing it right.
I'm a believer.
That's all.
Bye for now.


loredana said...

I'm a beliver too. that doesn't make mea better or a worst person it's somethink that I am. I'm not shame of that and I don't care what other people think. Thank you Rose!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose. Wisdom. xo Lauren (Freedomland11)

Anonymous said...

Bless you, my thought EXACTLY!!!!
So tired today/night (Sydney time)just go away you haters, believe what you want to believe but fuckin leave us alone.
I also hate the name shippers, I don't have a ship and to me it implies I sway one side to the another, NO I just believe & love both Rob & Kristen and I have been a true believer from day one never swayed.
I don't bash you non believers,but all I ask is stay away from me and stop polluting these sites!
that's all, sorry for the rant but today was a hard day!!!!

May said...

Dear Rose,I swear its like you live in my head. Love, me <3

Patricia said...

Rose: every morning I look forward to what you have to say about our favorite man (Rob Pattinson) and favorite couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson....This is YOUR BLOG and you can say anything you want, I LOVE THAT! AND YOU DO! I LOVE that even more. Please continue from your heart and tell us your feelings about him. That's why I come here a few times a day. I believe very much how you do about him and them as a couple. let's just enjoy the love here and ignore the HATER"S. They seem to suck up all the air of love and spew hate out. I'm sad for them. grazie for always speaking your mind and letting me share my thoughts. Love to you! Rock on Rose

a plee said...

Oh Rose, you made me unhappy. That's not because of you, no, it's because what people are doing with you. They are bullying you. And why? Because they won't accept your opinion. I mean there are so many Rob and Kristen-Believers like you in the whole world, but no, they picked YOU out...I'm not happy about that. I've read a lot of your posts. And in many posts you wrote, you have enough of those haters. You were so strong and I wish you still are and you will be, because those haters never stop. And that makes me sad. I just can't believe how people can be so...nasty.
I believe in Rob and Kristen, like you. And I believe in you, that you'll be strong.
Wish you the best and please stop posting, if you thought about that, there are so many Rob and Kristen believer like you and there are a lot of us who support you ;)
Keep on,

a plee said...
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Rita-Portugal said...

Dear Rose, I'm a believer too. Like many many others just like us. And we believe that the love between those 2 are real, and as humans we are free to think for ourselves and we should just ignore haters. They have their point of view, we have ours . Respect!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Sorry you are getting a hard time. I'm ignoring the hate and stupidity ~ just hangin' out here. Keep up your wonderful posts. We believe in you!

Hailie said...

Not on a ship? Me either. I'm on a boat... a motherf*cking boat. Sorry, that's what popped into my head as I read what you wrote... (Yah, I know, my mind is a bit warped.) :)

I agree with everything you wrote (per usual), and I'm saddened by the drama, and the irrational, misplaced hate. So ridiculous.

Keep on doing what you're doing... and don't let the crazies get you down.


Anonymous said...

Rose, stop giving the haters a platform. All your posts mention them. I for one wouldn't know of all their hate if you didn't post it either. I'm a believer in Kris and Rob too. They are beautifully in love at a soul depth. Celebrate that and stop giving the haters the attention they thrive on.

Anonymous said...

Hugs for you, Rose. I feel your exhaustion -- I feel it myself.

When you put yourself out there (bloggers, posters, writers, whatever) you open yourself up to this kind of thing.

I believe the only way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. They seek to stir things up for the sake of stirring things up -- not because they are married to some noble belief. They get a charge out of making others unhappy.

And for the record, I am also repulsed by the current shorthand, cutesy habit of combining names (Robsten) or reducing them to nicknames (shippers) or even acronyms (KFC).

But I do love you and your prodigious writing talents. Thanks for not getting too discouraged to keep giving us our Rose fix.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I am a believer to. I some times try and let it ( all the hate )go in one ear and out the other but it dose make me mad to.People are going to think what they want just for the attention that they get I DONT CARE WHAT THEY THINK I LOVE BOTH ROB AND KRIS and want the best for them . I feel that some people have VERY cold HARTS or NO harts at all and i feel sorry for them .I wish you the best Rose YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON WITH A BIG HART lov ya girl.. Deb P.S. keep up the good work we your true friends in joy your post (at lest I do )

hotchick-babe said...

Hey, Rose. i realy like reading your posts everyday and I enjoy them. It brings me hope that i am not the alone who believes in Rob and Kristen's relationship and also whoes views ain't changed with the hate around this situatation. keep up the good work.

Sunshine said...

Don't let 'em get you down. Honestly, I think haters have been backed into a corner by the truth. They don't want to see it, they put great effort into denying it, and they pour their haterade over every person that believes differently (aka: people with brains, two eyes, and common sense). You keep on with your thoughts, because whether you realize it or not, your thoughts mirror a big majority of people. Most of us just don't have the talent to say it so eloquently.

Jolie said...

Here here!!!

Couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

So tired.
Of the drama.
Of the hate.
Of the attacks.

Dear Rose, if you are so tired of them. Why don't you ignore them and move on?

There is so much to talk about Rob and Kristen, what we feel about them, what they inspire us, their careers, their handlers, their future etc etc etc

Rose said...

It's not really about me that I am so tired, it's more about friends who are innocent but get caught in the crossfire of hate. But you're right. Fuck the haters.
My blog is for commenting on current topics when it comes to Robert and Kristen...
This is me... Moving on.
Thanks for all the kind thoughts and comments. It means a lot to me to know that there are people out there who BELIEVE... just like I do. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

JUST FORGET THOSE HATERS. are just jealous , ROb is not theirs!
Everybody has the right to believe in what they believe !
I don't understand people wasting their time writing bad things to other people !
their life must be so unhappy to waste their time doing this !

Amanda said...

I don't care whether people believe Rob and Kristen are together, but what I don't understand is the hate that usually comes with it. See, I like Rob and I DO believe they are a couple but I don't hate Kristen but they supposedly don't believe they are a couple and hate her to the extreme.. isn't that a sign they actually do believe they are together? Because I don't think they could feel that way for no reason.
I also hate the term shipper. When I think of shipper I think of wanting R/K together nomatter what. I only support them together because it seems like the are together, and are happy together.
Rose, you're one of the best bloggers for Rob out there. I hope you don't get too bogged down by the drama! *hugs*

30yearoldtwilightfan said...

I have never posted here before but have read your posts, I will never understand the hate. The jealous, crazy people out there. Death threats, bashing, hurting feelings. The internet is a curse sometimes. I'm glad there are a few of us normal fans, we need to stick together.

kristine.hills said...

My dear Rose, i think people who don't believe RK are together it's bc they've never been in a relaysh before or never been in love with someone. If they felt the love they would understand what you are talking about.I loved Twilight books but i wasn't aware of RK until i saw a vid and they had all my attention, it's obvious they love each other they really mind with their feelings.
What i don't undestand is why people come here and bash you THIS IS YOUR PLACE, YOUR 'HOME', and i don't visit sites which don't write good things about RK, i just don't go there.
I'm glad you are going to move on and let these losers behind.

Have a nice day!!!

Elisabeth said...

Love you for this blogg! You're also in my head! Exactly my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I think there are more normal fans than not - it's just that the haters and the really scary ones make a lot of noise. And, you are right 30yearoldTwifan, we do need to stick together and support the positive bloggers and websites. I, too, am staying away from the hate. That's why I'm here! Go Rose!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose Im glade to hear your moving on Don't forget Ill be one step behind you all the way. You go girl. We think alike. TO HELL WITH THE HATERS.And so for ROB and KRIS we want the best for them always Your a GOOD woman Rose keep your head up hun You do have us believers that are with you lov ya girl Deb.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog, Rose! I agree with everything you said. With so many bad things written about Rob n Kristen each day, it's like a breath of fresh air to read your blog.I don't know how people can say that they are Rob or Kristen fans if they diss the people who mean so much to them!

Anonymous said...

I think at this point everyone is past the "are they aren't they" phase. Even nonsteners are sure of this fact, they are together, they've been sure of this since the IoW pics. Hence the uproar regarding the Eclipse pics and the fact that they will actually Eclipse the RM promo, because they know those pics are that good! without putting down RM but no one can deny there's no comparison between the two on screen couples. Nonsteners realize they are fighting in vain and the best they could do is bitch at fans for "supposed" lack of support for Rob's "other" work, or too much enthusiasm towards the E/B story...not realizing that many people BECAME FANS in the first place after watching the E/B interaction. So immature( of supposedly mature women) if you ask me!
The fact that people see something when they look at those two is by no means "shipping" them. It's just is, it's there, whatever it is they've got. Now if Robstens stopped dreaming of R&K babies, and Nonstens stopped calling Kristen a skank who doesn't shave her legs, and just loved Rob, and maybe ignored Kristen if they didn't believe she's good for him, then we could have world peace lol...ok wishful thinking but, close!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm a believer, too!! Please ignore those haters, don't dwell on them, don't give them a mention. They exist because we keep talking about them. Hahaha so I'll shut up now. Bless you, Rose for being a believer in Rob and Kristen. Cel

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog Rose!! Your wit, humor and honest opinion make me smile - Thank you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog! So glad to have found it.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, until recently, I didn't know 'nonstens' existed after the Paris pictures and IoW trip. Weird. Does nonsten still mean you don't believe in their relationship or does it mean you don't support the relationship? Because the evidence is a little overwelming at this point. And I heard today Kristen is going to the BAFTAs! Woohoo! I hope we get some R/K news or pictures!

Bellaroma4 said...

Love your post, Rose. I'm a fellow believer too. I don't understand the hate. I don't like the attacks either. Love your blog, agree with your thoughts, and look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

I think that Rob and Kristen's strategy to keep their privacy or the way they handle their personal lives creates the clouds of doubts to everyone of us. There are some who believed truly to their relationships but mostly are confused specially when haters are stirring up all these mess. I do believe about Rob and Kristen specially when I could see them acting as just Edward and Bella because I could see that there is more than acting behind those scenes. They created something that we really felt that they are more than just good friends. We call it instincts and I am 58 years old and married for 25 years.

TIKisokA said...

Another brilliant post Rose!
I would also like to call myself a 'believer' in Robert and Kristen!

I always keep in mind... to each his own...so let others BE, right? you have your opinion...they have theirs.. so let's just respect that =D