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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Random Rose and Robert Pattinson.

It has come to my attention that sometimes
teenagers read my blog.
Thanks. But.
Just so you know...
I cuss. A lot.
So if your eyes start to burn...
Look Away!

Random Thoughts.

1. I've used pictures in this post from
one of the BEST shoots of Robert... Ever.
There are like a zillion of them
(give or take a million)
And all of them are beautiful.
I hear Joe Cocker...
straining to sing the lyrics...

You Are So Beautiful To Me
Can't You See
  You're Everything I Hoped For
  You're Everything I Need
You Are So Beautiful To Me

Such Joy And Happiness You Bring
Like A Dream
A Guiding Light That Shines In The Night
Heavens Gift To Me
You Are So Beautiful To Me

Can't ya just hear Joe squeaking out the
"to meeeeee"?
Those are my lyrics for the day.
2. I should hate Stephanie Meyers.
Like fucking hate!
Edward Cullen has ruined me.
I loved reading his words.
I loved reading about his love for Bella.
Why did you do this to me, SM?
I became so fixated on Edward.
I read your books over and over
(and over and over)
And lets just add another over in there
for good measure.
And then...
THEN you go ahead and put
Robert Pattinson in the movie role.
I mean... 
Were you trying to kill me?
Robert is the closet human alive
to be able to bring Edward from the page...
To life.
And now I'm all intoxicated with Robert.
And Edward.
Thanks a fucking lot.
For everything.
You have changed my life.
Is that good or bad?
Depends on who you ask.

3. I'm all bitchy, itchy...
Kinda twitchy.
Why? Why you ask?
I'm missing that face up there ^
You know how you just think about something...
and your stomach kinda flip/flops?
Well anyway...
The most recent pictures of Robert...
With a little girl
In a car
He has looked so serious...
And while it would be easy for me
to just throw in the 
"He's missing Kristen" stuff...
The why isn't my deal right now.
But all I ask is this.
of Robert smiling.
Where the laugh reaches his eyes.
That's all.
Robert Smiling.
I need it.
*scratches arms*
*can't type. shaking.*

4. Well. I swear.
(no fucking kidding?)
No.. I mean...
I wrote a post about the DETAILS magazine rumors...
and almost immediately after I was done...

Gossip Cop came out and said:

First off, Pattinson is FULLY clothed in all 
of the dozen or so photographs.
He’s not even shirtless in any of the pictures.
And there are no straddling shots. No lap dance shots. 
No simulated oral sex shots. None of it.
While it’s true the models are nude in some pictures, 
remember that it’s Details magazine,
so readers won’t be exposed to their details either.

Insiders tell Gossip Cop the photos are “super sexy,” yet “tasteful.”
We also hear the pictures have an “Old Hollywood” feel to them. 
One source described the photos as 
embodying “1920s, 1930s Hollywood glamor.”

And I'm not sure how I feel about it.
But then...
I was reserving judgment until 
I actually SAW the pictures anyway.
I believe about 10% of what I read...
And that's probably too much as it is.
I look forward to seeing this.
I hope Rob is smiling.

Gorgeous... yes?
I put this pic in here 
because it had the red background.
And Kristen looks beautiful.
And Fierce.
And I miss her too...
Even though there was a picture of her
recently taken while on Jury Duty??
I miss that face.
Along with that other face.
I wish I could see both faces
Together. Again.
Do I have to wait until the BAFTAS?

Will my next song lyrics be...
And it feels so good.

I'm smiling.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Nice words, like reading what you write. Closet Rob/Twi Fan here and yeah def no teenagers should be reading. Girl you are good. I'm curious (and u don't have to answer) do u have a man in ur life and if so how does he feel about your roblove? My DH is confused by it all and a little annoyed. Anyway I'd love to see the pics you talked about with Rob in car and Kristin on jury duty, do u have a link? Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Great comments. I, too, miss Rob smiling. It worries me. A lot. That's why I like him with Kristen. He smiles. He is happy. I like a happy Rob and I want him to be happy, however it is. Thanks Rose for writing what we all are thinking....

Anonymous said...

I would like to see pics of Rob smiling too. And yes, the type of smile that reaches his eyes. When he really smiles, his whole face smiles.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with what you said, with everything. I miss him too, a lot. I love seeing them together cuz they look happy. Smiling Rob... it's been a while, hasn't it? God, I miss it!! *sigh*
I love your blog, you always say true things, just like now... :) ~E.

Anonymous said...

Rose, SM has also ruined me. I've always been a prolific reader with an eclectic reading taste. If there was a genre I didn't much like it was romances. Then, at the request of my niece I read. . . and reread. . . and reread the Twilight saga. Now I too am ruined.

I spend entirely too much time trying to dissect just why these books and ultimately the matchless Robert Pattinson have such a transformative effect on me. I just know they do . . . he does.


Anonymous said...

I'm a teenager and i read it :)
i Love you blog, i hate the normal robert pattinson sights (mainly written by teenagers) because they're so silly and squeeeeing all the time! You words are thoughtful, justified and often poetic (<3)
and that's what I want to read.

Its easy enough so skim over your cussing, infact I quite enjoy it, it's pretty funny and not like I never hear it

p.s im 15 so an older teen!


Anonymous said...

*i meant robert pattinson sites!

imloco2 said...

Well, once again you nailed it. Just what I’ve been thinking for weeks now. I need a smile. A real smile. You can tell when Rob is really smiling a Rob smile. You just can. And I haven’t seen one in a long time. Too long. I try to tell myself that he’s smiling plenty in real life when the cameras can’t see him. Giggles with Kristen, laughs with his buds. But I haven’t seen it so it’s hard to believe. Just one smile..is it asking too much? Hell, even in the ask rob vids for RM he is all solemn and subdued. I’m beginning to think he’s not happy. *sigh* I think too much sometimes for sure, but you started it... *g*.

Patricia said...

Rose: I feel like you've read my mind !(AGAIN) I wake up thinking about him and go to sleep thinking of him. I did the same as you with the books, and are still reading them with him and Kristen in mind. Edward is what we all want " someone who would crawl naked through broken glass, to be with you" Rob is beautiful inside and out ! I LOVE his smile. I also miss it and hope to see him soon.I keep wondering how they'll deal with valentine's Day, Bafta Award show( there in England) his premier in New York ( will she fly to new York for that) ! I hope so, then we'll see that HUGE smile again. In the meantime I'll enjoy all your beautiful pictures of him and read your post ! grazie

Anonymous said...

Rob's best smiles have always been with Kris...she just makes him giddy...miss that a lot. Yeh, lots for them to do...apart... but coming together soon. Can't wait. BTW Love your blog Rose...so candid and right to the point...it is part of my 'daily thoughts' reading! Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a while now but never posted, mainly because TBH I've been so discouraged from all the crap that one keep encountering throughout this "strange" fandom of Rob&Twilight I won't lump Kristen in there because her fans are a little more stable than some of the strange ones I've clashed with on some sites (IMDB)... I've been discouraged to cheer for those two, or be excited about their news, to express my happiness regarding their success (when lumped together as a couple) I was only "allowed" to speak about Rob on Rob's Imdb board, any mention of the girl would cause a war and disgusting, aghast feelings from a bunch of the strangest women I've ever come across in my entire life!!! This wasn't the only site I've witnessed this horrid trend, others I've visited also had some nutters with the same inclinations to hate hate hate and twist and turn things to make thing people who like the pair sound like a bunch of lunatics!! How ironic when some of them have a website dedicated for Kristen's hate!!
Well my intro was basically to say, that because of all the hate I've experienced, I've come to conclude that maybe, all this hate for Kristen and her existence in Rob's life is the reason why those two are discouraged from sharing their relationship publicly by their "teams/ management/studios"? and in turn possibly is the reason why our poor boy looks so distressed and forlorn!?
He did say once that studios follow public opinion very closely and that he was asked to keep the hobo image when people started to express their love for that image! So maybe studios/mgmt or whatever are asking them to slow down because of some nutters on the net expressing their hate for his pairing with the one person that he enjoys the company of the most?! He wants to be taken seriously he wants to expand as an actor and expand his fan base, he wants to excite his fans with new projects and wants their support, and to be able to achieve that he needs the support of the suits in order to get more serious work offers and to achieve that he has to follow their advice to slow down with the one thing making him smile and that is his feelings for his girl...I dunno when will we be able to see that smile again, so freely, so openly and without reservation. I guess you can thank people of nonsten.com for his lack of smiles and the total decline of the free spirited Rob that we all knew and loved for almost 2 years now/ some even longer...I wish those causing him pain, misery and suffering the same infliction upon their own lives, maybe then they'd learn to keep the private lives of others just that, private, and stop meddling with nature...leave the guy alone and his sweet, loving and free spirited nature will shine again, and grow like a bright ray of sunshine...will that happen? I dunno but wish it so!

Gemsslvs said...

I have to say your a wonderful blogger, Your posts are raw and honest and that's the works of a great story teller and I mean that sincerely, not many writers can put it all together with all emotions, I have come to enjoy reading your blog every day :) it's wild, hot & very cool!.. I miss them too but soon they will be around :)..

Anonymous said...

I remember when we all got to know Rob through those amazing interviews in promo of Twilight. I also remember thinking that this guy was so charming and disarming and beautiful, I'd never seen anything like him. I knew we were seeing something rare and ephemeral because he'd never again be this innocent and free. Sadly, I was right.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose i do have to say YOU read my mine AGAIN some times I think that you are my twin we have so much in common I MISS ROBERT PATTINSON SMILE the real one you know the one he has when he is with KRISTEN STEWART you can see it in there eyes the way they look at each other i know they have there jobs to do but PLEASE cant we just get a look at his smiling face thanks again Rose.... Debbie.

Patti said...

Hello- I'm pretty new to your blog but I just thoroughly love reading it. I'm no teenager, far from it, but I too became mesmorized by the books. The difference is I only read them after the first movie came out -because RPatz is just so beautiful. I could only picture he and Kristen in my mind while reading the books and could never even imagine anyone else playing the roles of Edward and Bella. I ADORE THEM TOGETHER!! I think it so sweet that they feel in love. Keep up your great posts!!!!

Bouffant said...

DeDe, see Gossip Cop's question yesterday, asking fans whether we will buy the March issue of Details. Who do you think wants to know the answer to that?
It's a crying shame that Rob's management is giving any weight to negative, nasty opinions on the internet from imdb/Nonsten posters. Those girls plan and attack, they post repeatedly on fan sites, making themselves look like a much bigger portion of the fan base than they actually are.
I wish Rob's management would just trust that what the majority of Rob's fans love about him is how open he is, including how openly he expresses his feelings. Just let him be, let THEM be. We don't need to pretend he's single, most of us don't really care. What inspires us, makes us care, leaves us craving more, is his honesty, his charm, and the way he loves his girl. And we love her, too.

Anonymous said...

to Bouffant, well said! That is exactly what we love about him and Kristen with him. Most of his fans really feel this way. We want what is best for him and what makes him happy. Kristen obviously makes him happy. Who else on this planet has any clue what is like to be him, to have his life? If one is really a fan, they have to let him have a life. Robert, don't be controlled by your crazy fans. Most of us are sane, rational people. Most of us don't care who you are with, if she makes you happy. Kristen is that girl! That's why we love her, as Bouffant said above.

Anonymous said...

Perfect post, Bouffant! Great insight and well said. Bravo!


Rachel said...

Perfect blog...so many of us wanting...waiting patiently for a picuture of Rob....serious cravings have developed in my once normal life and i complelty blame SM.
Like you and many others I read and reread and reread the books...my DH just rolls his eyes at me now....but I don't think he fully understands the mind fuck that Edward/RPatz has done on me...............

Look forward to your next blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm healed with my misery since I visited this blog. As the days and the weeks goes on I feel confident that Rob and Kristen are together and loving each other. I am so eager to see everyday in this blog any development that pertains to them and that made me more stress free knowing that I can rely on ROSE, on her every word in this blog. BTW, thank you so much, ROSE.

Anonymous said...

Delaney twiited yesterday that Rob was invited to present at the BAFTAS but his management adviced him NOT TO GO... Why the hell...?

BAFTAS is like the OSCAR in the States, what a hell of management has he got that lead him to pose with naked models arising a lot of buzzing and don't let him attend BAFTA's? Any young actor would be honored to be invited to an event like this. I don't get it...

Everybody is saying that, probably Kristen will be attending BAFTAS because of her nomination and that's why he's adviced to not attend.

Everybody know that Kristen and Rob are an item, then why on earth his management and Summit are always trying to separate them, always trying to make him appear like single and free? At this point is RIDICULOUS.

Does anyone actually believe that a young actor makes more cash for a movie if his status is single? totally ridiculous.

Sorry if I made mistakes, english is not my first language and I'm a bit pissed too...

Rose I'd love to see your insight in this subject.

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:10am

Even if everbody now assumes they are a couple doesn't mean they are ready to come out in public. Not now before RM, maybe at Eclipse, and then still in a quiet way.

What do you expect from them at the BAFTAS? Holding hands, walking red carpet together? No way. They probably wouldn't even sit next to each other. Do you want to see them ignoring each other? Remember the VMAS or New Moon premier. The whole world is watching and many would say, look they have broken up.

It was a good thing that they avoided all the awards completly (GG, PCA, Oscars).

And it was very convenient that Rob had to be in London for work and Haiti, so no one was asking why he is not at sundance.

So their management would probably give this advice: Kristen is going to BAFTAS because she is nominated and it is a big thing, Rob can't because of his schedule (remember he has to be on set the next day).
Rob is so busy that he can even do just a "quickie" promotion for Remember Me as Marc Malkin reported today. So no one would question that he is to busy to go to BAFTAS. Best solution for them. I wonder why Delaney doesn't see it that way.

And I know, Ted Casablanca stirred the pot a lot this week but he was also hammering in the fans heads: "the are together, total real and hot for each other, but on a working break (=physically apart, "not messing their coifs")- and: "THEY DON'T DO SHOWS LIKE BRANGELINA)".

And when I heard on e-online today that Kristen is hosting an event for a good cause later this month, I was asking myself if it conviently would be the last weekend of feb so she cannot be at the RM premier in NY?

Maybe everything falls in its place.

Don't be pissed I am sure if she attends BAFTAS, they will have a lovely weekend in London - together.

And a good month later BA will be wrapped and soon Eclipse promo begins.

Anonymous said...

TO 7.48 AM.

So you basically are saying that after a 2 years on and off relaysh, Rob and Kristen can't even show up together in an important event because they're not ready. I don't see why the world should turn outside down b/c they attended BAFTAS together and I neither see what kind of preparation they'd need to do it.

However they're ready to go on pretending that they're just friends, even if it means that one of them has to turn down the invitation to the BAFTAS, just to keep the "friends comedy" up. They're not supposed to speak up neither to hold hands, they just should support each other and enjoy Kristen's success if she wins the Award.

Ted said that Robsten don't do shows, that's it. He didn't mention Brangelina at all cause Brangelina don't do shows either. When you love your partner, you support him/her in the most important events of his/her life and you don't matter what the public may think, you just want to make happy the one you love.

Anonymous said...

It's not about "being ready" for anything. I am positive they support each other and love each other. Just because they don't play it out for the world to see doesn't mean it's not happening. Look at penelope cruz and javier bardem (sp?) they never walk a red carpet together, but they are in a good helathy relationship.

They're not really keeping secrets from anyone, their families know (rumored that clare loves kristen), their friends know,ect. The BAFTA's are a big deal, i would love it if rob went and was publicly there for kristen but, between bel ami and the media attention that will get, idk if it will happen.

This doesnt mean there is anything wrong in their relationship, this doesnt mean he's "ashamed" of her or won't "claim" kristen. They're fine and a beautiful couple.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that they have always to hide or pretend to be what they're not? It's not natural. They should just relax and don't care so much about their handlers or public opinion. IMO so much concern has to be really stressful for them.

Javier and Penelope don't walk a red carpet together, but in these last months, gossip magazines have brought out lots of pics of them holding hands, hugging or kissing while they were walking along the streets and they knew they were being pictured.

Patricia said...

Rose: OMG I just seen one of the Details picture of Rob !!!!! I'm dead, dead. That man kills me. He is sooo gorgeous! There are NO WORDS ! Enjoy everybody !

Anonymous said...

they're really not hiding anything in my opinion. I'm sure when they were in the U.K they walked around holding hands and cuddling at dinner,ect. once again, just because not everything is caught on a camera doesn't mean they're not affectionate.

Penelope and Javier have been together for 3 years now and they're just becoming more public. Once again, I think those who matter to them know. Their families know they're in a relationship with each other as do their friends.

I'm sure there are times when they would like to walk a red carpet together but I also think rob and kristen (especially kristen) are private people.

Also, that details picture was amazing =)


Anonymous said...

By the time Rob and Kristen stop beign private, they'll have broken up and they'll be with other people. They are too young to last indefinitely in the hollywood world.

Anonymous said...

you never know, beyonce was 19 when she started dating jay-z and they've lasted (so far). Time will tell with rob and kristen but they seem to really care about each other.


Anonymous said...

An actor meet new people in every movie. He/She can get involved intimately with her/his partners depending on the sort of scenes they ve to shoot. They can develope a very good relationship, just like Kristen/Rob did in Twilight. It's a lot easier for an actor. Beyonce is a singer. Neither Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins lasted forever and they got married being quite old and mature.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get why all this hiding. Why they cannot attend an event like Bafta together. Do you think is just b/c Rob&Kristen are private people or Summit doesn't let them to come out to light?

Anonymous said...

To Bouffant

I couldn't agree with you more, I wish his management/team was as insightful as some of his more sane fans! I hope this desperation of some of the nutters to break them (Rob & Kris) up will subside soon and that they could find another "pretty boy" they could all fantasize and wet themselves over and leave this beautiful soul to live his life as he pleases, without stress, guilt or shame...I wish, hope and pray for this to happen sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

I to just seen the picture of Rob in details,cant wait to see the rest(you GO rob.)How do you know if Rob and Kris are not together?? that is what there management would like you to think .Ya there not together now because of movie (his) but I do think they still call and talk to each other. I do think they ARE a couple and a good looking one to. I wish the best to them both and to Rob GOOD JOB.

Anonymous said...

I think what they are doing is for the best of their career and their private lives. I don't understand why people make a fuzz of what they must do or what they should do. Why do you have to compare their relationship with the other celebrities that started young when they are Rob and Kristen and even they are compared to those celebrities they are doing different things. When Rob is in London and Kristen is in LA that's already a big difference with regards to their distances. You have all those theories in your head but in reality it doesn't really work that way because each person got their own individualities and decide whatever is convenient to both of them. What the other fans are doing are too much putting their nose to their personal affair. Just be happy and contented of what they can offer but to mind their own business is too much for them who wants to keep their lives as private as they could.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kate. I don't see them as hiding their relationship. It's more like they don't want to talk about it and make it an even bigger deal in the media. Their friends and families DO know about them being a couple and let's face it, that's ALL that matters to them, the people they know and care for, the people who are the most important in their lives do know about them. And that has to be enough for them.
I also agree that because we didn't have pics of them kissing and being affectionnate when they were in London doesn't it didn't happen. I'm sure they're quite open with their relationship in their downtime, it's just they carefully avoid drawing attention to them, avoid pics and paparazzi. Do you honestly think they would have agreed to these pics with the young girl in IOW if they were hiding their relationship? They did know there was a big possibility of them being posted on the internet. Obviously they didn't care.

Now they are dedicated to their jobs. They do know they have to try and get most of the focuse on their work instead of their private lives. They know they have to get away from the twilight saga as much as they can if they don't want to be stuck in their characters. So when they have their professional hat on, they just focuse on their jobs and won't talk about each other. When in their free time, they'll just enjoy their time together, but out of the spotlight as much as possible, so that their relationship is not brought in their jobs more than it already is.

I do think they're dealing with all this very maturely and doing fine. Kuddos to them.

The BAFTAs, I think that would suck if they wouldn't let him go, just because Kristen is there. Sure his being too busy with BA would be the perfect excuse. But I for one think it's obvious that'd not be the real reason. Especially since Delaney said he was asked by his team not to attend. Clearly if he was too busy, they'd not have to ask him. I think it's a shame. He doesn't have to walk the red carpet with her or sit beside her or anything!

But whatever... Kristen will be in London for the BAFTAs probably... so they'll get to spend some quality time together for a few days... And I'm happy for them... I'm sure they are delighted with this opportunity, no matter if Rob attends or not the BAFTAs :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, R and K agreed to take pics with the little girl in Ventnor, but they didn't pose together.. They are hiding their relationship and it's up to them but I guess it's unnatural and stressful though. When you're with the one you love, why should you cross your arms to avoid touching her? for instance..

I don't think this deal can get any bigger than it does.. The more they want to keep out of gossip, the more media attention they'll get. It works like this. When you're one of the most googled celebrities and you hide your relaysh from public eye, the media will haunt you till they get the million $ pics.

Anonymous said...

Oh it could get bigger! As bigger I mean it could totally overshadow their professional lives, being the only thing that would be talked about every time they do interviews/red carpets/... And also they want to keep something, their relationship, for themselves. They're trying their hardest to keep their private and professional lives apart. They won't manage to totally do that but they at least can try not to add to the fuel. That's one of the reasons I respect them a lot.

And I doubt them getting public would change anything. Like K said, it woudln't make her life easier. Romance sells. If it's kept out of the public eye, the speculation sells. If it's public, well it still sells, look at Brangelina, it's not like people are not interested in their private life!

So what do R&K have to gain in being public? Not much imo, if anything at all. And I believe that if you give one finger, people would take your whole hand, so better keep that finger to yourself. It's not hiding, everyone knows you have fingers, you just don't show them off lol.

And anyway, it's not like they're harassed by the paps right now or in the last few months after NM promotion was over. They could slide under the radar and enjoy being together, without paps on their trail, they could go on vacation unnoticed (except for these 2 pics THEY agreed to be taken. And seriously, together or apart in the pic, it didn't change the fact that they were 'busted', and everyone knew they could see it as a proof they're definitely a couple. So letting a 'proof' being posted definitely isn't hiding as far as I'm concerned).

Actually I'd say they are right and made the right decision in the way they handle their relationship. They were able to enjoy being together while sticking to their wish of keeping something they care about (their relationship) for themselves and draw a line between private/professional lives.

But I guess it all depends on what everyone consider 'hiding'...

Patricia said...

Rose: I feel that because we care so much about them, we want to see photos and hear every truthful thing that is happening. I understand why they MUST have some private time ( you'd go crazy if your whole life) was like the premiers ( screaming crowds, everywhere you go) . It's hard on us ( their fans who love them )not seeing them together. I dreaded the "New Moon" premier because I knew it wasn't going to be like "Twilight's" and I was right (they kept them apart). Which I think was dumb. WE know they are a couple and love each other. I understand them wanting privacy, but please ,please go to some of these awards together so your fans can see the smile on each of your faces when you are together! We need "OUR FIX" OF ROB AND KRISTEN ! grazie, for letting me vent ! I miss their beautiful faces!

Anonymous said...

Patricia, I completely agree with you. We, Robsten fans, are not asking them so much. There's no need to be so radical.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We just want to get some pics of them looking happy together but there are insane fans. Unfortunately. More than we think probably. So that might be where this need to be so radical comes from. Are they right or wrong in the end? Who knows. But it obviously is their choice (except at awards and premieres where I think the studios and their teams also have a say in it), they made it knowingly and right now it kinda works for them.
But maybe one day they'll change their mind, once the craziness lessens or if they realise their 'tactic' doesn't work?... But it'll be for their own reasons, not for the fans' sake ;) Frustration will be our lot as long as they think it better to keep their relationship quiet...

Anonymous said...

I just don't see why people need constant confirmation of their relationship. I mean I LOVE seeing them together, but they don't plan their days around how to please their fans "robsten fix" you know?

Also, the holly girl who took the IOW pics said that they didnt request to take seperate pictures but that's just how they ended up posing and that they each took the picture of the other. I wouldn't say that was some steath plan to not be photographed together.

Also, keep in mind (depending on what you believe) they"ve only been solidly together since april/may 09 .. not even a year. would you tell the world about your relationship ,even if you are crazy in love, so soon? maybe in a year they'll be a bit more open because they'll have been together longer. Zac and Vanessa started dating in 2005 and they didn't start talking about till 2007 ... sometimes you just need time and less pressure.


Anonymous said...

"they don't plan their days around how to please their fans "robsten fix" you know?"

Yes, that's evident. We don't expect, either, that they plan their days around how to please us. We're more than pleased to see them supporting each other in important events like Bafta's or taking a pic together at NM's premiere in LA for instance. Summit didn't want Robsten getting in the middle of NN release and all they got was a lot of buzz an complaints from the lack of Rob&Kristen pics. That's all.

Rob&Kristen have been solid since april-09, but I can state they've been in an on/off relaysh (MA was there from time to time) since she turned 18.

Anonymous said...

ITA with your whole post Kate.
I agree on the fact that they won't act according to the fans' wishes, on them not requesting to have their pics taken separately in IOW, on them only seriously only dating since April-May 09 being probably one of the reasons they're not talking about their relationship for everyone to discuss and over-analyze it more than people already do right now.

Anonymous said...

^^ Wow. I'd heard on ted's board that she and rob were on/off since twilight but I wasn't sure what to believe. thanks for the info, and I wasn't trying to be rude or anything I too would LOVE to see rob at the bafta's or kristen at the remember me premiere.


Anonymous said...

and thank you 1:23 =)


Anonymous said...

I guess nobody for sure can know if anything happened between R & K before Spring 09... She was still (officially at least) with MA back then so no way Rob & Kristen would tell if (and that's a big if) they hooked up during Twilight or before the last time she & MA were seen together. And it's fine, it's something really private, not our business ;)
We can only be sure they were together from May 09 imo...

Patricia said...

I guess I need to clear something up. I think I'm talking out of "both sides of my mouth" ! On one side I want to know how Rob and Kristen are doing and how often they're together. The other side I do not like the mag. rags and all the made up stuff about them to (just sell bull-shit)! I also don't like the paps taking pictures of them where they are staying and letting all the crazies know where that is. One thing for sure, I care about both of them and that's why I post on Rose's blog, because I know she LOVES THEM LIKE I DO !

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Patricia.

Rob and Kristen fell for each other in Twilight, but as she had a boyfriend -MA-, they held their feelings back as much as they could. However in the promo, it was quite obvius there was something going on between them. It wasn't necessary that they hooked up, they spent a lot of time together while travellig, staying in hotels, making photoshoots etc

MA/Kristen/Rob had an oon/off relationship for a while, untill she had to make up her mind. That happened in april/09.

Anonymous said...

i don't care about how all this happen...all i care is when they together, it's magic!

Jaz said...

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