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Monday, February 22, 2010

The BAFTAS Brought Rob and Kristen Together!

So many lessons learned.
So much knowledge.
So much... denial?
You know what I'm talking about.

Let's start at the beginning.


1. She won the "Rising Star" award!
Some people can't even let her have that.
"It's a popularity contest".
Well... being NOMINATED was a huge honor.
That they thought her body of work was worthy
of being nominated for this award...
Says it all.
Kristen looked humble and overwhelmed.

2. I have to say it...
This wasn't Kristen's best night in appearance.
The dress was pretty... but ill fitting.
And while her face was gorgeous as always...
Her hair. Well... it didn't do anything for me
but that's also part of the reason I adore her.

3. There was an interview after she won the award...
Kristen looked emotional.
She looked like she was overwhelmed by 
winning this award...
Like she didn't feel she deserve it.
She is shy, nervous and awkward in public.
Often confused for 
aloof, distant and cold.
She deserved the award.
She has earned it.
I'm thrilled for her.

4. Rob on the red carpet.
OK. He looks pretty good...
He does.
I'm not feeling the hair.
Yeah, OK...
I know he's filming Bel Ami...
and I know he has the longer hair
and I don't have a problem with it.
Just the hunk hanging in his face.
Did Kristen and him use the same stylist?
Very similar hair...
Kinda the just showered (together)
better get ready kinda look.

5. Who the hell am I kidding?
Robert is sexy and beautiful as ever!

Was it raining in London?
Low flow showers?
Now that I think about it...
Not too many people had good hair.

6. The host of the BAFTAS?
I have no idea who he is.
But he was awful.
And not even close to funny.

7. I know that the BAFTAS is like the
British version of the OSCARS.
OK... cool.
But such a different production.
Oscars are all glitz and glamor...
Baftas were all business.
They had Robert.
In a tux.
And that is always a good thing.

Oh so much conversation about one picture.
I've been giggling and chortling all morning.

I thought I would share some of the Clings
that I have read this morning...
Ready? Cuz even though you've heard
most of this before...this gets kinda good.

Before there was a picture...

1. "Please. All this talk about them leaving 
the after party together. 
NO picture. NO proof.
There were cameras EVERYwhere.
There would be a picture if it were true."

2. "There is no way there is a relationship.
There weren't near each other all night.
Kristen looked miserable."
AFTER the picture.

3. "Who cares! I share cabs with friends
So what? Doesn't mean true love!"

4.  "That doesn't even look like Kristen.
Are you sure it is her?
I think her face was photo-shopped in..."
5. "Rob looks like he doesn't want
to be with her.
Kristen is so ugly."

6. "OK. So there is a picture.
So they did leave together.
Kristen doesn't know anyone else in London.
Rob is just making sure she got back to her hotel
safe and sound.
It's what friends do."

7. "Rob had to work this morning.
Kristen was probably tired.
That's why they left early.
9. "Thanks a lot for being discrete!
The relationship is DOOMED!"

10. "I don't care.
The shippers are crazy.
I don't care.
The shippers are crazy...
I don't care..."

You get the gist of it.
Does the picture MEAN anything?
I guess it means that Rob and Kristen
decided to leave a party... Together.
Because let's face it...
Whenever Robert and Kristen are in the same place
at the same time?
They are TOGETHER.
It's just a fact.
Kristen didn't have to hang out with Rob.
Rob didn't have to hang out with Kristen.
They do it...
Cuz they WANT to.
Might as well get used to it.
It's been happening again and again.
And again.
It keeps happening.
No amount of clings will change it.
Cling on.
Bye for now.


Laura said...

LMAO! "Cling on."
Great post, Rose! I love this blog, and I love YOU! xoxo

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! *Of course* they are together - they were seated near each other, she looked at him as she walked by his seat (even the audience members shown seemed to think that was cute), she looked down at him after saying hi to her family and before leaving the stage. They sat next to each other at the post-party (wouldn't have automatically been that way if it wasn't requested, no doubt), and you don't leave with someone just because you're friends with them. Did Anna Kendrick leave with them? NO. People are crazy, you're awesome, and so is Robsten!

Angelica said...

He was so adorable when she won. Totally in love!
And they haven't senn each other in a long time, so I'm sure thay're catching up :)

And I did a happy-dance for hours (no) when I heard that she won! SO SO SO SO HAPPY! Could give anything to meet her.

I'm like a proud mom.

Luv u, K! ♥

kARLOTITA09 said...

I love that ur not a crazy Robsten-ite. That you love then each as an entity, cause that's how a LOT of us feel, but we are constantly overshadowed by the crazies who only see a re-enactment of Edward and Bella, and the haterz who think all the rest of us are crazy.

I am THRILLED for Kristen, I was watching the BAFTA's telling myself that I didn't care if she didn't win cause she was still amazing, but the moment she won I couldn't stop squealing (yeah, Im that cool -_-' ) LOL

Rob looked god, not amazing but that man can never look bad in my eyes!

and they left together... and in my mind that means they had a veeerryyy good night :P

Anonymous said...

I love all your posts. I am ecstatic for Kristen's success. Love her so much. She's so great and humble. She really deserved the award. I am not surprised to see Rob and Kristen together. As for the haters, what they think are insignificant to all of the great day at BAFTA awards.

May said...

As usual,you express what most of us think,bb.Rob and Kris will always find a way to each other.:D

IMHO,Kris was amazing&a vision in white Chanel.She was overwhelmed & nervous,but she was so honest and humble,even though she totally deserves every award.<3

Oh and Rob?Rob was completely and utterly adorable&so fucking proud of his girl. It totally made my life. :D

I will not even touch haters&nonstens BS with a 10-foot pole this time.They are so not worth our time. ;p

Amanda said...

Yeah, so many were so adamant that they didn't leave together and there was "no proof" and after there is proof, they say it doesn't matter anyway. Why were they trying to disprove it in the first place then, if it makes no difference? What I've mostly seen today though is people begrudging admit they are a couple but saying she's "bad" for Rob. So ridiculous. Anyway, I'm really glad Kristen won her award. She deserved it.:) Rob looked really cute and smiley and proud of his girl.

Thesabstar1 said...

love them. love you.

Here is Rob's reaction to the KStew win (after she leaves the stage and there was a short 'upcoming vid'shown)


RPaddict said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and very much enjoy your thoghts on Rob and Kristen. We are of the same mind much of the tim.
With that said I'm very much over the moon for them both. Happy for Kristen for the win and for her humble and overwhelmed gratefulness to everyone.Happy for Rob because he is "delighted" for Kristen and others that won,(lol his shout out to Jenny). I just love to see him happy.

Jime said...

kristen is so humble, that's really sweet. And what rob said about her...they truly care about each other...SO MUCH :)
dont like rob's hair, but he is still perfect. A shower together (loveeeed it), what a steamy shower.
And the last picture has me smiling like an idiot

Patricia said...

Hi Rose: You say what I feel! I also thought the dress was pretty but didn't fit as well as the outfits she wore at "New Moon" fan junkets. she is uncomfortable in these situations, but very emotional and overwhelmed (it looked like to me)when she won !I wanted to see Rob's reaction to her win (at the time) but they didn't pan in on him) I watched it on BBC America and some people said on the live program they did show him and he was smiling! I love him, I loved him saying he was glad that (the make-up artist) won, her being his for BA. He is always SO THOUGHTFUL! I wasn't crazy about his hair either and he wasn't touching it continually like he always does.( Maybe trying to break that habit for movie part) Different style for BA (BUT THAT FACE AND SMILE, KILLS ME EVERY TIME) The high light for me was the picture of them leaving in the limo together, THAT MADE EVERYTHING WORTH WHILE. As you know I love them. My mood swings seem to depend on what's happening with THEM! That's scary! SCREW the hater's WE KNOW THEY'RE TOGETHER AND IN LOVE! But I do wish they would just be a couple and enjoy their limited time together even when they are in public. I guess I hope for more Paris tar mat pictures ! Grazie Rose ! great Post !

Anonymous said...

Your post was back once the mark. I like your point of view and despite the enthusiasm, you never lose your objectivity.I'm so happy for Kristen and her success. But there are bloggers who contributing to a fatal drag to put everything into the dirt.
Fast times publish a contribution to the most beautiful moment in her career, as he reported that Rob and Kristen have been separated since a week. Then claim today that he would pour out on a costar on the set set of Bel Ami his heartache. And his most intimate feelings everyone confided that has just a shoulder to cry freely. Bulls***! I think that's not Rob's character. GB you are..........! Check your source.
Rose I#m so glad that I found your blog and I hope we have a long time with our beloved couple. Hope they grew stronger and stronger with every second they spend together

PP said...

It always baffles me what people come up with trying to deny this relationship. It's actually quite funny! And that picture in the car is just epic.

Kelly said...

I admit I'm not a fan of her work.. But I think it's great that she won and has a strong fan base. It was she who said that she apprecaited the FAN's being this dedicated to her, and it was Noel, after, who corrected her saying her peers had to nominate her and though the people voted it didn't make the award any less important.

She may be shy, she may be unassuming, I don't always see it that way. I think it is her responsibility now to step up and be the "star" She may not like it, but she has to do it.

Look, I have to do a lot of crap day in and day out, that I HATE doing. But I do it, with a smile on my face, and to the standards expected.

I chalk up a lot of her mis-steps to age.. she is young.. and still has a lot to learn.

I wish she would just do one thing or the other, either dress up as expected, or just don't. Throwing on a pretty dress and shoes and running out of the house is just wishy washy. Do it or Don't... there is no middle of the road. And that color really did nothing for her.. she needs a better stylist because she can be very very pretty.

That said, I do congratulate her on her win. I apprecaite that she appreciates her fan base and their hard work on her behalf.

As for Rob, the just out of the shower look works for him... Men and women have different sets of rules... it's just how it is. The smile was there and that's all I care about.

As for them leaving together.. don't care.. I'm not a cling-on... I just don't have an interest in their personal lives.

Glad you are having a happy day Rose... I knew you'd be smiling like the Cheshire cat today.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose did you in joy the BAFTAS last night? I know i did.I was so happy to see that Kristen won.And even happier when I saw pic. of my Rob and Kristen together . I think Rob's hair was like that for the new movie he's doing( dont like it to much) BUT it's Rob And I DO LOVE ROB any way (wet,dry,clean,dirty,sitting,running,HO YA LAYING,eating, smoking,drinking )AND KISSING.I hope he and Kristen had a good night last night and a better morning. I hope she'll stay there awhile. I hope you have a good day my friend .Like always love your post Deb.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Sunday was a HAPPY day for me. Rob looked gorgeous. Kristen looked gorgeous. Robert was sweet with his presentation. Kristen was humble and sweet with her speech, AND...THEY WERE TOGETHER !!! TOGETHER. TOGETHER. TOGETHER. Hey, did I say they were TOGETHER? Enough said. Point made.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing about how Rob looked last night?? He looked HAPPY! Very very happy!! We haven't seen him smile that much in a long long time. Wonder why??? HMMMM? I liked his hair - guess the rain didn't help much. He looked younger, very British and fabulous. I liked Kristen's dress,but agree it did not fit very well. Maybe the rain again didn't help things. Anyway, the cab picture made me very very happy...I know I shouldn't like a pap picture, but there you go. I did. So glad they are happy and TOGETHER! Yay!! sara2

Nicki Finn said...

Anon 10:28
Is there a video of her walking past him to get the award? I missed it !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We all know why Kristen won.The Twilight crazies exploded internet to give their queen that award.So what?She could smile more,you know.She looks like someone died.Maybe her talent?LOL

And Pattinson?Oh,my God!He looked like shit.His hair?Awful?His-i think i'm sexy-look was to laugh for.

And the pic of them leaving together?So what?It's the first couple that leaving together?Why are you making such a big deal?They don't worth it.

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:52 why the hate? What do YOU look like? Go away. Spew your crap somewhere else. "They don't worth it." WTH does that even mean??

Robsten FOREVERRRR said...

It has honestly made my fucking day to see my two favorite prople on the planet TOGETHER!!!!! I Am sooo excited for Stew and i just love her soo much!! i swear i would do anything just to hang out with her!! I WORSHIP HER!!!! Rob though i know he is sexxiii as FUCK his hair i agree was a little to much Bel Ami. These two people mean the world to me and i love them each soo much.
I hqave to admit i love them so much and want them to be ttogether and happy soo bad that i swear my mood changes when i havent seen them or theirs bad gossip out about them! I literally Cry when good or bad stuff happens to them in their lives!! But that picture of them LEAVING TOGETHER!!! MADE MY FUCKING DAY!!!!! EVEN WEEK!! I LOVe them and will for everyday for the rest of my LIFE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, the haters are ridiculous! I second Delaney's call to arms. Put up or shut up. How do they measure up? I'm thinking...not. Thank you for yet another wonderful post. I thought Kristen looked beautiful and Rob...he looked great! He looked so much younger for some reason. Love the car pick!

imloco2 said...

I am officially obsessed. I watched tweets from the BAFTAS, Live Feed from the BAFTAS and then I watched them on tv last night. Crazy. LOL I might have been the only one to actually like Rob's hair last night. It made him look younger and even smexier (not a typo) to me. He seemed like he had some extra confidence in his walk last night too. His walk and his general demeanor. I wonder if some of Georges Du Roy's confidence isn't leaking over to Rob. *g*

And Kristen...I'm so happy she won. I do believe she deserved it. Her body of work is pretty impressive. And her body's not so bad either. ;) I love the dresses she picks out. The white was gorgeous even if it had a few fit problems.

And Elle Woman of the Year! The awards keep coming. Can't wait till she getting awards for acting.

Bellaroma4 said...

Love it!

So happy for Kristen. First of many, I'm sure. As for Rob, how sweet that he congratulated the BA makeup artist on her win.

When I saw the last pic yesterday, I was grinning from ear to ear. Love them lots. =)

Nicki Finn said...

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Nicki Finn said...

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