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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Think... Robert and Kristen.

Don't you ever get tired of all the drama
surrounding Robert and Kristen?

Oh sure... I've been known to 
dip my paddle into the pot...
and stir with a vengeance...

But sometimes
Sometimes you wish all the ridiculous chatter
would just fucking stop.
Sometimes you wish that people
would get a grip on reality
and not make every little thing
such a huge deal.

I've been getting a lot of emails about
Rob's upcoming photo-shoot in Details magazine.
I haven't seen the pictures.
I've heard about what they might look like...
Naked models.
Rob in compromising positions...
Stuff you would expect from a mens magazine.

"Rose- I'm so upset with this news of Rob
taking pictures with naked models!
It's so disrespectful to Kristen!
It's just not right for him to do something like this
and throw it in her face.
What do you think?"

"Rose- I'm scared to see these new pics
of Rob in Details magazine.
Why would he do something that 
is so not him?
Are people forcing him to pose in
lewd suggestive ways with naked girls?
What will happen with Kristen?
What do you think?"

I think.

I think that this is a magazine layout...
I think that it's pictures taken with models
with a zillion people around...
I think I'm jealous of those models.
I think that Robert wants to be seen as 
something other than
a teenage vampire.
I think that I can't wait to see
Sexy R-rated Robert.
I think it's not up to us
whether Kristen feels disrespected or not.
I think the fact that she spent 3 weeks with 
Robert in England AFTER the pictures were taken
tells us that Kristen was OK with it.
I think people just have to piss and moan
about anything concerning Robert.
I think that Robert and Kristen are together.
I think that I don't care if you do.
I think it's ridiculous to hate someone you don't know.
I think it's odd that people would rather
have Rob with anyone other than Kristen.
I think that together or apart,
I will always love Robert and Kristen.
I think that people shouldn't put so much faith
in gossip rags and twitter.
I think that no matter what is said
or what is done
People will continue to believe
what they want to believe.

I think.
Do you?

Bye for now.


ZivaMJ said...

Hell yeah Rose, everything you've said is EXACTLY what I think!

Melody said...

Amen. It's a freakin' photo shoot.
Get a grip people. I am looking forward to R rated Rob as well. It's gonna be good times!

RK_Team said...

i really don't care about this photoshoot, but people who believe in every rumor makes me sad...really sad...and im really scared :(

Robpattdul said...

totally agree...thanks ;)

deejon67 said...

Luv Your Blog Luv Your Post They Are Fine.

May said...

You are totally right,as always,bb. <3

What makes me LMAO is the fact that some ppl are unable to differentiate between WORK (which this mag spread is) and their personal life. Plus,I think Kris knows Rob well enough (and obviously trusts him and vice versa) to not be bothered by few naked chicks. Although,I`d prefer Rob nekkid too. JS ;p

Anonymous said...

i think, yes i do.
and i think you're awesome ;)

misty said...

Well said. These two have careers. They will take pictures with others, they will kiss others and they will grope others. It is called a job. Bring on the R rated Rob and Kristen. I am ready to see them drag in a audience beyond Twilight. By the way, how people going to handle Bel Ami. Rob's role is of quite a ladies man who beds lots of women. Personally, can't wait to see that one.

some quotes, some thoughts... said...

Finally someone who dares to say what all of us are thinking!! well said Rose!!! I think you are soooo right!!!

Patricia said...

Rose: Once again you're SPOT ON ! I love Rob and he's going to do photo shoots, HE'S AN ACTOR! This is his job! It has nothing to do with LOVE ! It is what actors do. I believe like you do that Kristen understands (she also is an actor) and like you said she spent three weeks with him after the shoot. They (I believe) are in love and they are together. This Bull Shit about the management telling them to cool it is also going to stir up the haters. let's just enjoy the Rob and Kristen followers that love them and want them to be happy. Also I can imagine what's going to be said when Rob gets into "Bel Ami" with all his co-stars. We'll have to have a shovel handy! Grazie for your comments. I love them !

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous post! Thank you. I feel so protective of these two, it's ridiculous. I am sick and tired of the idiots who bash Rob for posing for a photo shoot, and Kristen for not dressing up for Sundance. Give me a break! I cannot wait for the challenges Rob and Kristen will surpass, and the envelopes they will push, together and independently. Glad to see there are sane, mature fans like you out there! Did I say I love your post? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that I can't wait to see
Sexy R-rated Robert.

exatly wat u said is wat i thought....but nobody can confirm they r dating except 4 them!!

so the issue with Kristen being disrespected is not even an issue....and if they are dating ..i don't think Kristen would ever be insecure about him posing with naked models...its a professional job....its not he is at a girls crib taking naked pics with her??

Chilax people....all I'm anticipating is for Rob 2 bring on the R Rated sexiness on!!

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with this photo shoot and if they are indeed lewd and raunchy, is that I don't see how this helps his acting career. Of course we all want the best for Rob and we don't mind watching a rated R Rob in movies when he's portraying a character, but how does Rob posing in an uncompromising picture promote him as an actor and not just another sex symbol? Or is that all we want Rob to be known as?

MsTwilica said...

Hell yeah!
Took them words right from me!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you're always dead on. Kristen and Rob are deeply in love, at the soul level, not just a co-star-fling. They both want their careers to move forward and are each others biggest fans and support system. Rob absolutely adores Kristen, it shows in every picture of him looking at her. And she feels the same depth for him. They have a plan, they choose (wisely) not to share it with the world. Unfortunately the media and some fans will fill in the blank time with negative stuff. But I see two people with something rare and special between them that they're trying to nurture and respect in a public career. Such an adorable pair. I miss them.
Anyway, Rose, well done, as usual. Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think you are exactly right!

Anonymous said...

As always Rose, you hit the nail on the head. I love the way you think. Awesome job

Anonymous said...

I also think Rob is awesome, awesome with Kristen, awesome in general. Can't wait to see what he can do! Love him. Love your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey Rose thanks again you said what was on my mine he (IS'NT a LITTLE BOY ) he is a man doing his job and him doing this photo shoot is letting people know hes not that 17 year old boy(Edward) good for him cant wait to see him in them Kris knows her MAN better then we do she said it herself

Library Babe said...

Love it! Bring on R-Rated Rob!

Anonymous said...

Perfect post as usual, Rose.

I know that Kristen has developed her career in a very wise way, and Rob has said he admires Kristen's career path. It seems he is trying to develop a varied career path of his own. He and Kristen are both very smart and obviously have good advisors and the support of their families. I leave their careers to them. The Details magazine shoot is Rob's choice and not a big deal.

One thing you can be sure of is that Rob and Kristen have talked out all this career stuff thoroughly with each other. They both know the ropes and understand the pitfalls.

They're young. Who knows if their relationship will last. But if it's meant to be, I think they stand a better chance of relationship longevity than the vast majority of celebrities.


Anonymous said...

i think I do

and i think i would also love to see kristen with naked handsome men !!!

TanjaB. said...

I think that I love Robert and Kristen, that they're a couple and they love each other very much. That's their private life. Then there's their jobs, like this photoshoot.
Personally, I can't wait to see it. You know what I'd love to see even more? The BTS of this photoshoot, because Robert with naked women around? I can totally see him blushing and stuff. *lmao*

Anonymous said...

Word, Rose. All the people who are so quick to judge Rob and Kristen by some impossible standards just slay me. Take a look at them. They look beyond happy, so that's all I need to know. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Just one question.

I'd appreciate if anybody can enlighten me.

One of the most reliable Robsten's sources, Delaney, stated that Rob was not happy at all with this shoot and that he felt unconfortable.

If it was a Rob's choice. Why did Delaney say that?


tanitan said...

Rose you are amazing! All of your posts reflect what i think and feel and I love that you post them for all to read! Thank you! :D

Jude said...

"Rose- I'm scared to see these new pics of Rob in Details magazine. Why would he do something that is so not him?"

SERIOUSLY?? WTF? Excuse me, but how the hell does this person know what's him or not him? Just because one reads magazine articles about and/or hears interviews with the guy, doesn't make one the be-all and the end-all expert on his true feelings about anything! ARGH!! Sorry for the rant, but that kind of "thinking" just drives me up the fucking wall!

So he posed with some naked girls -- he's 23, well over the age of puberty, so what's the big deal? If any other actor were doing this, no one would give a flying rat's ass. But because some fans tend to infantilize Rob, they think he should be kept in his Edward box and never progress beyond that. If you're a fan, shouldn't you want him to go on to other things? It's his career, and if he wants to remain successful in it, he's got to change and grow, whether you agree with his choices or not.

As far as Kristen is concerned, she seems to me to be a pretty centered, outspoken young woman. I would guess she's well aware and confident that while other women can hang around the playground (naked or not), she's the one who gets to play on the equipment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
I just came from my round of walk and eagerly went to your site if you still have this breathtakingly handsome banner of yours, oh my, my husband is laughing at me when I said: yes! Rob was still there! Thanks a lot Rose, you really made me happy. I rarely made comments although I visit everyday but this time I didn't hesitate to ask you to let it stay. Thank you so much, you're an Angel!


Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with this shoot after doing some research b/c I had never read Details is this, their photoshoots seem hella cheesy. Every shoot is white background/hotel room or white background/beach. The only semi interesting one was Lamberts w/ the naked chick and even that didn't look particularly thought out. More like "hey take off your clothes and pose near this white background." My hope is please at least let the pics be like Efrons which looked expensive and planned. But going over past cover shoots for Details I dont really have high hopes for this shoot. Just saying, he'll always bring the pretty, but their shoots seem lame.

Anonymous said...

You tell it like it is Rose.. I heart you. And R rated Rob.. hell yes! I just hope there won't too much hate going around the day the photoshoot pics come out. I love Rob and Kristen and will support them in whatever they do :)

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous post, thank you...
everything you've said is exactly what I think!


MLU1126 said...

I think you are 100% correct
= )

Anonymous said...

Right on Rose. Any pictures are good pictures.
You always have a positive take on things.
This is all for fun...right?

debbi said...

Rob's a big boy and can handle a naked lady (or two or three). I'm also sure Kristen didn't bat an eyelash. I agree with others in hoping that the whole premise doesn't come off as over the top. Nothing wrong with a sexy photo shoot - I say yes, please! But depending on how it's done, it could come off as trying too hard. But having the sense I do of Rob, I don't see that happening. Which is why I can almost believe he may not have been thrilled with the concept. This isn't a movie role - it's just a magazine layout. So if he had any reservations at all, I'm sure the whole thing was kept in check - and will be hot nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I think ... therefore, I am :)

I agree with all that you said because I have also thought the same things. I'm so glad I found this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
I like your blog because you have one topic everyday for everyone to discuss each other's opinion but apparently you always said the right thing for everyone to agree of what you said. You have lots of gorgeous pics of Rob and Kristen and it's a pleasure to read your post and see those pictures.
Love you,

Kathy said...

Rose, I THINK you're right...again !!!!

Anonymous said...

I have issues with that Details shoot Rose ...one ironically being the Harpers Bazaar shoot. I had a serious difficulty with it because they made Kristen look not like Kristen at all. Those were dresses for Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman.
And looked like some cheese Sears engagement portraits.
While I loved the interview, I disliked the photos.

Rob has already done a Vogue shoot with Emilie. I would understand an additional shoot featuring just him. JUST him. I have in mind that hes promoting Remember Me, but its a pg-13 movie. A raunchy shoot is unnecessary. Its overexposure. Rob as an actor has to gain men cred, be appealing for another audience.But I dont see him doing it this way.
I want Rob and Kristen to detach themselves from Twilight.I do. But you cant deny that in Robs case it seems to merely just shake Kristen off his image.

Kristen is strong.Kristen is standoffish, Kristen is a girl with attitude, Kristen dresses down,Kristen opposed to Ashley,Kellan and Taylor wont let herself be objectified,Kristen doesnt want men to want to fuck her.

She has 2 R-rated movies. She plays a hooker but she is not sexy in that movie, she is a broken kid with an unsteady personality. She took the role of Joan Jett in a movie deeply concerning misogyny. Joan Jett is the symbol of female empowerment. In the Runaways Kristen yells 'Sell music not your crotch'.

Women are usually just props in Details shoots. just props. just a pretty body, pretty tits, pretty legs, pretty asses.

Kristen in her Runaways promo will be talking about women being the opposite. And everyone at that time will have seen her alleged boyfriend surrounded by naked props.

Call me oversensitive,call me biased but Rose I am exactly her age.

Remember Me and The Runaways premiere just a week apart.

But those are just pictures we're talking about right?

Anonymous said...

Someone in another post said that Rob needs to make a photoshoot like this b/c fans tend to infantilize him..

I say, does he have to pose with naked women an a sexy attitude to show that he's grown up? My God, he's not a kid neither a macho-man, he's an actor who's trying to build up a serious career. Doesn't he want to be taken as a solid actor? I've never seen Hartnett, Bale, Franco, Dicaprio, Washington or Norton making this sort of shoots..

I'm afraid this is not going to do any good to his career. It'll arise controversy, it is already and the pics have not come out yet.

Rob doesn't need controversy, he's already got a huge amount of fame. What he needs are good films and good characters to play if he wants to be taken as a serious actor.

It's my view anyway and time will tell..

SkylarBCullen said...

I think... you got it just right.

I also think I second you on the being jealous of those models!

I'm new to your blog. I freaking love it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you, rose, 100%. i don't see what the big fuzz is over a photoshoot. kristen and rob were/are fine with it, obviously. some people cannot seem to let rob do his thing the way he thinks fit. it's getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

i am glad i'm still got kristen to obsess with...why Rob, why!!!!!!

Nicki Finn said...

Wouldn't it be great to eventually find out that Kristen was at the photo shoot...even though I know she most likely wasn't, it would just be nice to throw back at all the creeps that are "scared" for Kristen that he was posing with "naked" models !! BRING ON THE R-RATED ROB PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

Deborah said...

Love your posts Rose!

It's so annoying how some members of the fandom are always on the watch to throw Rob under a bus. Rob is doing his job and sexy photoshoots for a young, attractive guy are part of the package. Heck for all we know Kristen was present for the shoot. Regardless, she spent by reports several weeks with him in the UK after this shoot. She therefore obviously supported him, so if people are going to rag on Rob they would need to rag on her also.

Rob is going to be having sexy scenes in both Remember Me and Bel Ami, so it stands to reason that a push needs to be made for the public to see him as a man and not a teen pinup. Racy photos get that message across. I'm sure all those ripping about this will be the same ones front and center enjoying them. Pfft

Anonymous said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

Anonymous said...

If the details of the shoot are what I've heard (him groping the model while she's naked..etc) I as a fan do think it's a mistake for him. Nothing to do with Kristen, obviously she was fine with it. But for his career. I don't see a lot of serious actors doing that sort of thing, because something like that (imo) is silly. I know I'm in the minority of the robsessed in my opiniona but I don't think I'm any less of a fan by saying that. I guess we will just have to wait for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Z-Fg_2TxHpM/Sx44ro0-oOI/AAAAAAAADZ8/Zhw6A1F9gXA/s640/leibovitz_katemkoss_johnnydepp-thumb-600x394.jpg (johnny deep)
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_9JIK7lI8Zj0/SZ4EDz4_pgI/AAAAAAAAA14/cnfnDa8h0sU/s1600-h/Kate.jpg (kate winslet)
http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Sandra-Bullock-sandra-bullock-743670_1280_800.jpg (sandra bullock)....Some serious actors who did it.

I dont wanna judge Rob, even if the shoot just like I,ve heard (bla..bla...). We dont know how exaclty R/K feel about the shoot but seem they're just fine.

All of us just guessing something we didnt know at all.
All of us project our mind/thought on him/her.. (she getting hurt, he insulting her...bla..bla..)
some of us dissapointed and hate him, some of us love it and can wait for it. Maybe Rob will get more fans and maybe he will lose too...

But his life is move on (our life too..). He will prove his talent, and we can still love him or hate him. But IF some of us dissapointed and hate him so much, please don't take it too personal, as he comes as a celebrity/actor he nothing owe us.
He just doing his job and he do it in professional way even in a racy photoshoot or naked scenes with other women. And no matter it pushed by summit/his management or his own decision.

I love him/her just the way they are (they're smoking a lot and drinking habit, bad roles model actually), BUT they give me smile and cry in every roles they play in their movies. And I thank for them for it...

sorry for my bad English
Rose, I love your posts

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this shoot. If the rumors are true about what is in the pictures I don't believe it's a good thing for him RIGHT NOW. I understand he's trying to move on from Edward. However, his next movie needs to do well, and he needs a lot of the fans he has. I'm not saying he'll lose fans by this photoshoot but I do think it's a risk some people may be put off by. A lot of people who didn't think it was a good idea today were told they weren't really Rob's fan. I don't think you need to agree with every decision he makes to be a good fan. I'll support him 100% and probably even drool over the pics, but, maybe an R rated movie such as Bel Ami would have been better for this type of promotion? Idk, I could be completely wrong. Also, the celebrating haters and over the top Robsteners complaining are very annoying. Why do people have to act like it's against Kristen?:/ Photoshoots aren't reality. IoW and Paris holding hand pictures, that's reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm just having a really bad feeling about this photo shoot and I hope he is not permantly tarnished by it. But if what I'm hearing is correct then it's just not the type of publicity that is good for Rob right now. Let's just hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

Yes...just hope for the best and hope his next movies mooorreee better, then the racy photoshoot just like an episode in his career.

and let ignore the hater and the complaining robstener. they just make trouble and poisoned themself with hateful, animosity and sillines (no wonder war still exist in this world :) )

Let us move on and ready for RM (laughing, smilling and crying with this movie.....can wait for RM...)

lilyb said...
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lilyb said...

Oh please, some people are being way too dramatic.....controversy? tarnished reputation? lool wut!?....it's a photoshoot NOT a sex tape...I'm sure HW peeps will be/are aware that it's a photoshoot. The only ones who seem to be in an uproaor are the PC fandom members....GET OVER IT

Anonymous said...

If these photoshoots are true and he really posed like the one I read, I can't believed he did those photoshoots. It seems like he is just starting his career and needs publicity when he is already famous. Did he do this for money? Was he given by a big sum of money just like the sex symbol in Playboy Mag? Or was he drugged that he doesn't have common sense at all about these photoshoots? Well, if Kristen is OK about it because it's just photoshoot what about some of the fans who can't take it? Are they going to be disgusted with this and support him less? If there's no problem with Kristen at all, why should I react negatively. After all we are all here to support Rob and Kristen. I love them both and hope everything will be alright for both of them.