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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Rose Rants Regarding Robert

Sunday Morning.
Still have a headache.
So excuse me if I'm even bitchier than normal.
Is there a normal bitchy?
Is there such a thing as a normal bitch?
How many more times do you think
I can put bitch in a sentence?

Never (bitch) mind.
On to my bitchy rants.

I was going through my emails...
and there was a decided push in one direction.
Let's see...

I'm using Remember Me pictures today.
Because Rob is beautiful in every one.
Because Rob is in NYC promoting the movie.
Because I fucking love Robert Pattinson.
I said LOVE.
Because I do.

Email #1

Rose: Why must you keep trying to pound the fact
that you believe Rob and Kristen are dating?
We get it! You don't have to keep trying to prove
that you are right. Can't I just love Rob?
- Rob Fan

Dear Rob Fan: I usually blog about what is
going on in the Rob Universe.
And unfortunately (for you) it is often about 
Robert's relationship with Kristen Stewart.
I can't help myself when there is actual drama
about the yellow bag that Rob is carrying at the airport.
I mean, seriously... "Robstens" and "Nonstens"
were scouring the Internet trying to prove that it
either WAS or WASN'T his bag!
Like the bag was the holy grail of 
relationship status!
Anyway, Rob Fan...
It's pretty obvious that I'm a believer
of Rob and Kristen...
WHY oh WHY do you read my blog???
-A Rose is a Rose

What is sexier than walking Rob
running his hand through his hair...
Carrying a pink sleeping bag??
I dare you to find it!

Email #2
Dear Rose: Thanks for writing what I feel.
I have read on IMDb that some people were
going to throw tomatoes at Kristen if she shows up
at the Remember Me premiere!
Why do people have to carry their hatred so far?
-Scared for Kristen

Dear Scared: I wish I had an answer to your question.
I know the haters don't like it when the word
is thrown around... but I really don't know what else
would explain the intense hatred of a 19 year old actress
that they think they have all figured out.
Obviously no one is required to like Kristen
just because Robert does...
But wishing bodily harm on her?
Throwing things at her?
That is beyond dislike.
That is fucking scary.
-Protective Rose

Have I mentioned how damn gorgeous
Robert Pattinson is?
Have I?
Oh yeah... I probably have.
Sometimes I just can't stop myself...
He has this effect on me.
It's bewildering.
I like that word.
It's perfect.
It's what he does to me.
Email #3

Rose- I really don't see how carrying a bag
at an airport means Rob loves Kristen.
I don't see it at all. It's so obvious that they
are just good friends. Nothing they do
is out of the ordinary or points to them being a couple.
Why don't YOU open your eyes and see?
-20/20 vision

Dear 20/20-
I'm so HAPPY for you!
You have seen the light and have the
good grace to share it with me!
How can I ever thank you enough?
I'm pretty sure there is room in the world
for more than one opinion.
Admittedly I see Robert and Kristen
with my 'Rose' colored glasses...
But it is what I see.
I have no agenda...
No sinister motivations...
I have no reason to WANT Rob and Kristen
to be a couple.
I just think they are.
It's really that simple.

You go ahead and believe whatever you want.
I will believe the truth ;)
-Realistic Rose

Bye for now.


Sara said...

I totally love your blog! I've never commented before, but I always read it, and you're like a breath of fresh air amongst all the ridiculous stuff that gets thrown around about Rob & Kristen. And you never fail to make me smile. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Some people will never see the light. By constantly bringing those people up, you are just giving them a platform. IGNORE THEM!

That tomato thing though was blown WAY out of proportion by the way. One person made a very bad joke & it got blown up on Twitter. But I guess a tomato joke is so much worse then those saying they wished Rob would die in a plane crash.

Rose said...

Anon @10:43

Couple of things.

1. Read the words right below the banner pic. If you lack a sense of humor... DON'T GO ANY FURTHER.
I will address whatever I wish to on my blog.

2.And where the hell did I say throwing tomatoes was WORSE than wishing Rob would die in a plane crash? I think ALL haters are pretty fucking scary. And wishing harm on actors because they don't do what you want them to do is pathetic and disgusting.

3. Oh yeah... Stop reading my blog until you have learned reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

You know what I don't get, the people who say, "I don't see what carrying a bag at an airport means at all?" Or, "I kiss my guy friends on the lips all the time." Or, I hold my guy friends' hands all the time." How about, "What's the big deal about them being on IOW together? It's just two friends spending holiday with other friends." And on and on and on. If it was just ONE thing, ok,maybe. But all of that, plus the millions of other things I didn't list? come on....I don't care that some people don't believe, I really don't. But for them to say you are trying to convince them, well,they will never see it. And as you said, why even come here then? There are plenty of other sites that share their (warped) viewpoints. Go there. Meanwhile, I'm staying here. Reading you Rose. Cuz you're good! You are a good,witty writer, and I like the truth! Sad others don't.
Have a great Rob-filled day. I know I will.
sara2 (hi Sara at the top!)

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm sorry you're still feeling the affects of your Birthday celebration and also the negative e-mails that you receive ("YOU CAN PLEASE SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CAN'T PLEASE ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME" Some statesman said that! That's how I feel about what some followers post and e-mail to you. I love Rob and Kristen! You love Rob and Kristen! We both believe they are in love with each other and ARE A COUPLE ! We can post till HELL FREEZES OVER and there still will be haters and non-believers but that's OKAY! We are free to believe what we want and I believe in them! Rob's interviews ( for Remember Me press ) have been wonderful! SO ROB AND HIS SWEET WAYS AN ADORABLE REMARKS ! LOVE, LOVE LOVE HIM AND YOU for being yourself and posting wonderful post everyday! Rock on Rose ! grazie "EMBRACE THE LOVERS OF ROB, THERE'S A LOT OF US"

RitaPortugal said...

I agree totaly with the comment up here. And I always agreed with you Rose. And hater should fu** off, you have as many rights to believe in whatever u want, and if they don't believe in the same as you do, well... they should respect it, like you do :)
Love you Rose and your Blog. follow me on Twitter, Im following you already :D

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is: Jesus fucking christ! people grow up! I love your blog Rose!

Atiaofthejulii1 on twitter

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I feel ya Dont know why theres so much HATE out there i guess because some people dont know what it is like to be in love or to be loved i feel sorry for them.What a sad life they must have.Kristen has a lot of us that DO love her and wants the best for her AND that is Rob.They Love each other and is there for each other(GOOD OR BAD) I dont think that Rob well any thing happen to his lady.I cant wait to see RM.Kristen said it was good.Well my friend i hope you have a good day.Keep up the good work Rose you make my day. Deb.

Audrey said...

Rose, thanks for sharing those emails you got with us. But still I can't understand those people who apparently don't agree with us who believe the fact that Rob & Kristen are in a relationship come and read your blog on a daily basis. I really don't get them and funny enough some of them even consider you that you're convincing people believing in what we are believing? Maybe that's exactly their case, who knows? But then convincing you not to convince other people just even seems funnier. I bet you do come across loads of emails with different "opinions", huh?

Anyway thanks again for writing this amazing blog for sharing and I hope your hangover will leave your asap.

Have a nice Sunday there!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you quite bitchy today Rose. Maybe you should lighten up a little yourself.

Anonymous said...

Haters say they kiss their male friends on the lips. Wow!! Guess I’m old fashioned. Let me tell you something, the day you kiss Robert Pattinson a couple of times in the same evening on the lips no matter how lightly and you are just friends you need to check yourself into somebody’s hospital. I bet any woman that kisses him on the lips has more that buddies on her mind. He is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking what if Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone did all the things that Rob and Kristen do. Would it even be a question that they are together? Holding hands, cuddling at concerts, vacations, dinners, spending as much time together as possible inbetween films, telling hotel balconies..etc. Somehow I doubt many people would try to justify any of it, or come up with conspiracy theories of why they aren't a couple if it was them. I like R/K together, but I wouldn't care if they weren't together, logically I just think they are.
Rose, if people disagree with your opinion why come here and write you? I don't go around to nonsten blogs writing and commenting. I think they're insecure with their opinion and they see truth in yours, and it bothers them, so aswell of convicing you they are trying to convince themselves. Great post as always Rose!

mara said...

Rose, hope your headache gets better. Love your blog, I come here daily. Don't know if you saw the tweet by a journalist that interviewed Rob yesterday. He told her he wants a long and happy marriage like his parents. Awww. Add to that wanting to be a young dad and I think "Is this guy real? Can we clone him?" LOL Other guys his age let alone popular good looking actors are out to get all the pu$$y they can and what does he think about? Having a loving wife and children. Mama and Papa Pattz did a wonderful job with him. Haters/nonstens can't tell me Kristen doesn't have something(everything!) to do with this. Hoping this comes true for him. He deserves it.

Anonymous said...

As always, I love your post, Rose. And Mara, I love yours also; it's just how I feel.

I remember back in early Twilight promos when girls would scream at Rob that they wanted to have his babies. He responded that he didn't even want his own babies. Now he's talking about wanting to be a young father and wanting a long and happy marriage.

Good guy, well bred and raised. I so agree, Mara. Mama and Papa Pattz did a great job. This is why he's the guy of all our dreams. Even without the fame and fortune, he's quite a catch.


Anonymous said...

Rose, always love what you have to write. Come here everyday so I can smile. Sorry about your birthday celebration headache. Can't wait for the RM premier.

Patricia said...

Rose: Me again, I love the way EVERYONE that interviews Rob says the same thing. How thoughtful, caring, humble and how down to earth he is! And of course DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson did a good job raising him, and it shows the way he has handled himself from the start! It's so good to have him out there again, I've really have missed that smile!Can't wait for "Remember Me" !!!

Anonymous said...

Um, haters, I believe this is ROSE'S blog and SHE is entitled to write whatever the hell she wants to and if YOU don't like what she writes or what she believes THAN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !!
And the comment about throwing tomatoes at Kristen...whether or not it was a comment that got blown out of proportion or not,it IS a scary thing to read. I think it's just awful that people hate Kristen like they do. ROBERT LOVES HER. IF YOU HURT KRISTEN, YOU HURT ROBERT. And if Kristen decides to be at the RM premiere, either with Robert or Tomstu, then she should be allowed. It is her right as Rob's girlfriend....AND, SHE IS ROB'S GIRLFRIEND. Now, with all that said, Rose, I hope you're having an awesome weekend. Keep the great posts coming and stay the F***ing AWESOME person you are !!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Rose,take some headache medicine,so you fell better.Awesome post today.
Keep it coming.Haters were all over he web,spreading lies and BS regarding Rob and Kris,it's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Haters are pathetic.Do they think if R/K aren't a couple they have some sort of shot at RP? that's just SAD,ABSURD.

Rose I love ypur blog.totally

eli (from italy)

真;ˋ said...