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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen- All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go!

Is this what Robert will look like today?
All shiny and pretty?
The man dresses up real nice.
REAL. Nice.

It's like 4 pm over in England right now...
So I'm guessing they are getting all ready to go.
I can't wait to see him.
I can't wait to see Kristen.
I can wait for all the drama that inevitably surrounds them.
You have to admit it's entertaining
reading about people scrambling for an explanation
to every glance...
Every movement.
Every THING they do...
I'm gonna need some popcorn.
Will we get any pictures like this?
It would be nice.
Since we didn't get any pictures of them together
(and really... wtf is that about?)
At the New Moon premiere...
I'm not holding my breath.

I'm sure Kristen will look stunning.
Both Robert and Kristen...
All dressed up...
After parties.
Hotel Rooms.


Love this picture.
Here's hoping we have some to add from today.

Good Luck to Kristen Stewart
I hope she wins the award she is nominated for.
She deserves it.
All of the good things coming her way.
(including Robert)

Someone commented that I should
clarify what I say...
That I am only speculating.
Because SOME people will believe me
when I say that Rob and Kristen are together.
Couple of things.

1. I never claimed to be an inside source.
I write what *I* believe.
Everyone is free to their opinion.
Even if they don't agree with me.

2. I wish there was a sarcasm font...
Because it's pretty clear to me
that people can't decipher sarcasm.
At. All.
Oh well...
If you don't possess that ability.
If you don't have a fucking sense of humor about
all of this over the top drama
about 2 people dating?
Get. The. Fuck. Out.

The Daily Cling.

"I don't care if they are dating or not.
I don't think they are. But if they are
it means nothing to me.
Everyone else is delusional!
Everyone else is crazy!
I just hate  don't like Kristen Stewart.
I just don't like the way she looks.
The way she acts.
The way she dresses.
The way she talks.
The way that Robert is always around her.
I don't care! I don't care!
I'm not JEALOUS!
Now leave me alone so that I can post
a zillion more times about how much
I don't care!
I don't care!
I have to convince everyone that 
Do you believe me now?"

Cling on.
Bye for now.


Grigal said...

Awesome & MTE

RitaPortugal said...

support honeu!
I dont see the point of haters still reading this! really! if they don't believe it, why waste time? just for a laugh? well, honestly I don't see the funny part in someone's thoughts... We get a laugh at your pointless thoughts too!
btw, love the post Rose!

Patricia said...

Rose: I don't think WE will see any PDA or pictures of them together (just like at the New Moon premier,) which is kinda dumb all the pictures of her and Taylor and none with Rob. So OBVIOUS (they don't want them showing any affection towards each other ) Jesus ! WE KNOW BETTER! I just wish they would show something! ANYTHING! I'm still hoping for her WIN and pictures of the two of them together. I can DREAM CAN"T I ? And Rose quit beating your head against the wall with THESE CLING ON's and Hater's. There are so many LIKE US that know they're together and are HAPPY FOR THEM. Rock ON Rose! grazie for all your comments ( I LOVE THEM)!!!!!

debbi said...

"Now leave me alone so that I can post
a zillion more times about how much
I don't care!"

Perfect. Really.

As for the BAFTAS, I really hope it isn't a repeat of the New Moon premiere. Whether they are just friends or more (I say more), it's ridiculous to not even be photographed together. For what, to avoid gossip? Sorry, but the ship sailed on that one a LONG time ago. I hope they surprise us all tonight.

Anonymous said...

lmao. I LOVE the whole "cling on" thing. Its a fvken win for me!

Well done Rose you truly are EPIC!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose well todays the day (I'V) been waiting for I hope that Kristen wins tonight AND YOU KNOW I WANT TO SEE MY FAVORITE COUPLE even a peek would be nice I hope they in joy each other hehehe And i dont give a DAMN what other people say.I think that Rob. and Kristen are TOGETHER!!!! Thanks again Rose hope you have a good day my friend . Deb.

Amanda said...

Kristen won! Did everyone see the cute smile on Rob's face when the award was being presented and the even cuter bigger smile after she said her speech? SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

i'm soo happy!!!!she won!!!baby wins yeaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!*jumps ups &down*

Anonymous said...

I hope the story from GB isn't true. He destroys Kristens great day. I hope they are still together and have some romantic and steamy time together full of love and devotion. I hope they stay strong through this business.

Anonymous said...

Rob looked gorgeous He looked well rested,well fed and loved his longer hair and sideburns(shades of Cedric!) and he was adorable when he presented the award(for screenwriting, what an appropriate award for him!) and congrats to Kristen on her RS award. Rob looked very happy for her. And sounds like they are off for some private fun...both GreyGoose(who sponsored the after party)and InStyle mag tweeted that R/K sneaked out of the party together as soon as the food was served. NAUGHTY. lol

Anonymous said...

If everyone is entitled to their opinion why do you insist on name calling at those who don't agree with you?

Your blog can be thought provoking, I would love it if it weren't for the constant mudslinging and name calling.. very childish.

You seem an intelligent person, perhaps you could just tone down the nastiness, state your opinion and let people comment. Just because someone is not nice to you in their comment/respond, doesn't mean you should drop yourself to their level.

You can have your opinions and beliefs, I just don't understand the same argument everyday. You must have other things you can write about where these two people are concerned....this can't be all they are to you... just a sticking point?

Just a comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh cute, apparently R/K snuck off together during the after party.:) Few seperate magazines tweeted it. I bet Rob's so proud of his girl!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@anon 9:52
Is that why they left the after party together? So no, it's not quite clear haha. To them either apparently.

Anonymous said...

i'm really...really happy about Kristen's wining and really...really sad about Gauge/CaliNative70 passing :<

her vids always brigthen my lil Robsten heart.

Nicki Finn said...