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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kristen and Robert - Reunited and it Feels SO Good!

Kristen at the 'Yellow Handkerchief' premiere.
Gorgeous as always.
While some may have you believe that
Kristen is just riding on Rob's popularity...
That she doesn't have anything going on.
I beg to differ.
Yellow Handkerchief
The Runaways
Welcome to the Rileys
The girl has been busy.
And I'm so loving all the pictures of her
with Eddie and the cast...
looking all happy and glowing.
She's adorable.

So yeah...
Kristen is a busy girl.
Promoting 4 films.
Flying over to England for the BAFTAS
Presenting at the Oscars.
Truly... no one likes Kristen Stewart.

Is this what it will look like
when Robert picks Kristen up at the airport?
*wink wink nudge nudge*
People are getting their knickers all twisted
about Kristen and Robert being in the same place
They are pulling up the damn seating chart
at the Baftas to make sure Robert isn't
sitting next to Kristen.
And good gracious...
They hope that Rob isn't the one who will
be presenting the award to Kristen
(if she wins it)
And let's not forget
"The award that Kristen is up for 
isn't even a REAL award. It means nothing"
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
And please let the whole
Dog/emotional connection bullshit go...
(that's my new word for the haters)
Rob made that comment while Kristen
was probably sleeping in his bed that morning.
Cling to that!

I'm looking forward to the BAFTAS
and seeing Rob and Kristen all dressed up
with plenty of places to go (together)
I have a feeling that the above picture
will be played out...
over and over again...
Except it won't be Edward and Bella.

Bye for now.


gemsslvs said...

Excellent Post! I think u said it perfect!!! Sally :)

loredana said...

"Rob made that comment while Kristen was probably sleeping in his bed that morning.
Cling to that!"

HAHAHA! you're so funny, I love you post like I always do.

Lizzie said...

love your posts Rose!!c

Anonymous said...

Rose you did it again. Cling to that. Love you x

Patricia said...

Rose: "You the WOMAN" You always hit it out of the ball park! She did look beautiful last night. Here's hoping that we see them together in England. I hope she wins at Baftas! I know I will be disappointed if couple pictures don't show up. I hope he has time from BA and they enjoy her visit.I also hope she stays there and comes back with him for "Remember Me" New York's Premier! Then I woke up! Grazie Rose Rock On !

katy said...

Loved your post....but today I'm feeling a little sad Kristen said some great thing about Rob in Remember Me...however it made me said when she said 'it's hard to talk about our friends'...I tottaly believe that they are togethet, I don't know it just made me sad...the haters are going to say...'you see she said they were friends'...and also some people are like forget Rob...Eddie is the guy for kristen.
I wish that Rob and Kristen would say that they are a couple to shut up all the hatters.

Anonymous said...

Cling-ons! I love that. Your too clever. Yet another great post. Hope Kristen wins but who cares if she doesn't . She's going to London town.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually not expecting anything during the London trip. I'd be shocked if I even see a picture of them together. So of course that will mean that Rob is trying to play the single card & that he's a dick of a boyfriend (sarcasm).

Why the hell does Taylor have to be at the Oscars too? How many award shows is that for him now? My dream pairing would be Kristen & Dakota together presenting best song. I'd rather see The Runaways presenting then Bella & Jacob.

laurieO76 said...

I ♥ you, Rose. You always say just what I'm thinking (or at least I usually agree with you). Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

And i wonder if Krisen's father regrets the comment he made last year about the Oscars. Something like going because the movie was good & not because it made a lot of money. Oopsie there Papastew.

Anonymous said...

Rob made that comment while Kristen
was probably sleeping in his bed that morning.

What comment is that? Btw, long time lurker, first time commenter. I love your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Robstens over you silly girl. Don't expect to see any affection between Rob and Kristen at the BAFTAs. But expect to see plenty of it between Kristen and Taylor at the Oscars. Taysten Forever!

katy said...

i think Rob will be busy promoting Remember Me or he will be back in London because of Bel Ami...unfortunaly.
Also don't think will be seeing any picture of Rob and Kristen together or even together in the awards...but I would be SO HAPPY IF THEY WERE TOGETHER

katy said...

What?!! Taysten Forever you wish...that will never happen.

loveactually said...

Some people think Kristen has nothing going on and is riding on Rob's coat-tails? Are You serious?? Kristen is one of the most respected young actresses of her generation. She has done over 20 films and has worked w big names like Sean Penn, Meg Ryan , Robert De niro, Ryan Reynolds, Emilie Hirsch etc etc. People in the industry have nothing but glowing things to say about her not only as an actress but as a person. Unfortunately too many people can't see passes the Twi mania and see the big picture...ya know the whole can't see the forest for the trees kinda thing...

Kristen as an actress is so much more then just Bella in Twilight and riding on the coat tails of her heartthrob costars and Rob is so much more then just a heartthrob...just wish most of his fans would let them both get beyond that.

Great post Rose!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!But I beg to disagree that Kstew is riding on Rob's popularity!!she is popular on her own...

cathrobsten11 said...

You hit the nail right on the head. People take everything they say out of context and it makes me mad. They are two incredibly talented people who are together and in love. Just face facts haters!

Anonymous said...

UMMM, Katy, the BAFTAs are in LONDON. Hence the reunion...great post Rose! I am a Rob fan, but I love Kirsten too. She looked fab last night. And honestly, I am most excited about Yellow H. It's just my kind of movie.

Once again, out of the park. Love you.

kharma1 said...

Good Morning Rose,
I wanted to post a comment and wish you a nice and restful, weekend. As always, another great article and wise words, I just wish some people would heed them.
I truly want to believe that the majority of us are kind, loving, wonderful, generous people and there's just a minority of people that are full of hate and jealousy.
I want to hold on to that belief because it truly saddens me when I do hear this hate especially towards these two young, talented, beautiful souls that want to be together. What the heck is wrong with that and why the hate towards that. Are people that evil that they do not want anyone to be happy because they are so miserable. These people need to find some sort of faith and guidance because the lives they are leading is not a life at all while they are placed on this earth. Life is too short, enjoy every minute of it and show kindness to others and you will see how much kindness you will get back.
That's all I have to say. Thank you Rose.

kristine.hills said...

Do you know what is better? Even if R was not going to be at BAFTAs they would watch it.And you are RIGHT they are freaking out bc they will be together at the same damn place ;)
and about the seating chart, it's NOTHING, do you remember MTV music awards their seating chart were no side by side, and what did they do??? They were at backstage TOGETHER and that PRETTY pic surfaced next day.
I AGREE 100% W/YOU i have the same feeling ;)

"I have a feeling that the above picture
will be played out...
over and over again...
Except it won't be Edward and Bella."

Beutiful post as always!!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people can't see the forest for the trees Loveactually. A lot of people didn't know who Rob or Kris were before Twilight took over, myself included. I just knew Kristen as Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room (after somebody pointed it out to me) & Rob as Cedric Digory in HP.

I've heard the same comments about Rob riding on Kristen's coattails...it's the way this screwed up fan community works.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose. Once again, spot on!


Jolie said...

Didn't Rob say in one of his many interviews that Kris and himself saw Twi as a launch for both of them...he was relying on her and she him and it worked...look at what has happened since. Although KStew did work before never was she ever popular as after Twilight.
In regards to the BAFTA's and being there as the same place same time what would be so wrong for them to say hi and hug? Go with me here...if Kris says hi to Sean Penn in a street out in the open...papzs and all, why wouldn't she opening acknowledge Rob at an event...it would look downright ridiculous to ignore one another and pretty stupid as well. I'm not talking PDA just two 'great friends' smiling and greeting each other (pretending they didn't come together etc)..is that too much to ask?

Hayley G said...

you define "you rock"

Anonymous said...

Rose, your post this morning makes me smile out loud. (Is that possible?!)

It always surprises me why people still allow themselves be jerked around about whether or not R&K are together.

Long ago I decided to use my common sense (and your wise words, Rose) to come to my own conclusions. Of course they're together!

I wish them a happy reconnection at the BAFTAS, and I congratulate Kristen on her nomination.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose good morning Just loved your post and I hope that Kristen wins Sunday she has worked so hard and I myself thinks she deserves it and I bet that Rob thinks the same way. It will be nice to see them together again BUT if I dont get to see them together OH well i'll know that they are or well be soon(in his BED )I seen where they were sitting every one last night but i didnt see where there sitting Rob. I know its not with Kristen but who knows they mite not even sit them self like someone said above (M.T.V. Awards)Well any way i wish the BEST for HER and Rose you go girl. Like always you rock . Have a good day my friend CANT wait tell SUNDAY. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Your post was perfect. I have nothing else to add. Oh, except this:
R/K haters and Rose haters to the motherfucking left!
Love ya.


Anonymous said...

"Rob made that comment while Kristen
was probably sleeping in his bed that morning."

Yes Rose, SPOT ON with that!!

Jenny Lumet writes in the Details article that she met Rob 24 hours before BA rehearsals and she wirtes that she met him at "...a London night with deserted, snow-piled streets, after an epic storm that paralyzed Heathrow and shut down the Eurostar trains...

This storm that shut down the Eurostar trains here in Europe was on Jan 7th/8th. So the interview was probably between Jan 9th/11th.

And if you followed twitter than you remember that Kristen was more than likely still in London on Jan 9th.

Anonymous said...

@Katy Actually she said "friends and people you're close to.." It's not as if she could really say anything besides that.

I really hope we get some R/K BAFTA/London pics.

Kathy said...

I swear, could Kristen be any more gorgeous than she already is? I'm so crazy about her. I adore her. I adore Rob. Yep, they are together in London. No doubt. I cannot wait to see them at the BAFTAS. I was thinking too, wouldn't it be SO cool to have Rob present Kristen with an award if she wins? And then she can say 'I'd like to thank my boyfriend Rob, I love you baby'. Ok, I know she wouldn't say it outloud, but I'm sure she'd be thinking it. Oh these next few weeks are going to be so good aren't they? So much to look forward to. Have a great weekend Rose. Awesome blog as usual.

robsten forever said...

ROse I am sooo ezcited for the Bafta's because i miss seeing rob and kristen together!!!
I Fucking Fucking Fucking LOVE kristen stewart no one is like her and she is literally my favorite person in the world.. and rob is right next to her!!! \
I literally cannot wait to see what is going to happen at the bafta's but once again thank you for making me feel 10 times better bc you know not seeing them together really makes me depressed!! I cannot wait!! Great Post!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you, rose...will you marry me? hehehe your blog has become my personal heroin. you just say it the way it is. i have to read it everyday. you are like a guiding star for many of us.keep it up.


Audrey said...

Dear Rose,

You once again spoke what's in my mind and I really look up to you!

Oh! I hope that we will see that pic in R/K version soon enough too and in the meanwhile, same as you, I'm so looking forward to the BAFTAS.


Bellaroma4 said...

Loved it!

"I have a feeling that the above picture will be played out...over and over again...Except it won't be Edward and Bella."

Thank you.

rosa said...

Great post. You know, Robert has been using his dog Patty as a deflection to who he really cares about since his GQ interview article. It's a clever distraction, and saying he's this emotionally lame guy who only loves his dog helps to shut down more probbing questions about who he truly cares about. Beyond Kristen too, he seems very protective about revealing much about his family members just the same. The family members get the "I only love/miss/care for Patty" treatment as well. Funny aside? Kristen uses a similar tactic, she tends to talk about her cat being the only thing she can't live without either. Sneaky kids!

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen definitely will be clinging to that this weekend!!!!Taysten will never happen besides Tay Tay has Stretch Armstrong so it will be Taystrong, he can wrap those stretched arms around Tay Tay!!! .....Sorry Cing On's....Robsten forever!!!