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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 32- Kristen and Rob are Perfection

So tell me...
What the hell?
Robert looks phenomenal...
Of course he does!
As always...
It fucking HURTS to look at him.
He somehow manages to look sexier...
fucking more beautiful...
Than he did before.
How does he do that?
I'm starting to wonder if
Robert Pattinson
is indeed perfect.

Rob in Japan.
You gotta admit...
The man travels well.
He goes for hours and hours
on a plane...
and comes off looking like this??
I get in the car for 10 minutes
and I look like I was run over by the same car.
Or maybe a truck.
A big truck.
So that just takes us back
to the fact that
Robert Pattinson
really IS perfect.

Kristen in Brazil.
If we are going to talk about perfection here...
Let's talk about how beautiful
Kristen looks here.
I love how gorgeous she is...
The clothes?
The hair?
I'm loving it.
The face?
What can you say about that beautiful face?
Its the theme of the day...

Bye For Now


Cat (hungover) said...

My head feels like it was run over by a truck and smack numerous times by the mud flaps....

last night was brutal....

and yes. Rob is perfection....

Anonymous said...

much has been said about their togetherness, and then recently the split.

it's silly but i am so worried that they are not together no more...it is total madness, i know, but i just am..

i just hope they are together & that they continue to be..

reassure us Rose that they are together still...?

imloco2 said...

I don't like to admit it, but I have to confess... There are times that I see a picture of Rob and I just study it for long minutes to absorb the sheer perfection of his face. The shape of his jaw, the curve of his lips, the beauty of his eyes. And I do see perfection. Which is hard for regular guys to live up too you gotta admit. *g* No wonder they curl their lips at him.

But I've seen a few shots (not many) where he can look absolutely homely. What gives? Is it the camera that finds perfection? Honestly I don't think so. How many people that have actually met him say he is even better looking in person? Is that possible? Better? He says no one ever thought he was beautiful before Twilight so it can't be true. I think it just took Twilight to get people to really look at him.

And while his face is divine, I think it was the interviews that let us get to know Rob, at least a little, that makes him even more beautiful. Inside and out.

imloco2 said...

Oh, and I forgot to add (got lost in the Rob perfection ;) that I love Kristen's wardrobe when she is working the press. I don't know who dresses her or how much input she has, but she is always stylin, looking cool and just right for her age. Classy even in a funky kind of way. Totally unique. Love it. She looks like she got some much deserved sleep also, or the makeup people are really good too. *g*

longtobeme said...

I am disappointed by this new information. I guess R&K are just hanging out...maybe R hopes Kristen's parents will adopt him, too. She has 2 adopted brothers.
Worse, the implication that one or both are gender challenged if they are roommates and inseparable buddies. I hope the agent for R reads this because R is looking ridiculous and his behavior is compromising K's reputation.