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Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember Me Robert


I kinda just want to talk about Robert today.
Maybe writing about the hate only perpetuates it.
I don't know... but I'm taking a break.

Rob was on the Today show this morning.
He looked wonderful (as always)
but underneath him was this:
"Beyond Twilight
Vampire Actor Stars in Remember Me"
Vampire actor? Really?
Do they think he is actually a Vampire?
Do they think that is all he is?
Having 'Beyond Twilight' was enough...
Don't you think?
And Matt Lauer sorta spoiled the movie a bit...
I already know what happens in the movie
I had access to the script...
So I read it!
But there are a lot of people who like to 
go to a movie and be surprised...
And Lauer took a little bit of that away.
Kinda Lame.

I like Pierce Brosnan.
Interesting choice for the father.
I kinda like how Remember Me
is all about NYC and stuff...
But Robert, Emilie and Pierce all have accents.
All different.
And all trying to sound not only American...
but with the New York twist!
Fascinating... yes?
I love Rob's voice
Just hearing him speak makes my heart race.

Robert is on Jimmy Fallon tonight
which should be great!
I'm sure Fallon will have to do
Robert Pattinson is bothered...
I look forward to it!
And tonight is the Remember Me premiere.
I really want to see this movie.
I know that I would see anything that has 
Rob in it...
But I guess I'm looking forward
to the VAMPIRE actor
hiding his teeth for a couple of hours.

Is he not the most adorable human being in existence?

So sweet.
So cute.
So damn adorkable.
I love him truly.
Seeing him smile...
makes me smile.
And that has to be worth something.

I haven't forgotten about Kristen.
Still adoring her, too.
Still rather protective of her.
(yeah, yeah, I know... but I can't help it)
And there were 'sightings' of 
Robert and Kristen out to dinner...
Hanging out.
that they are able to do this without
the constant glare of someone's camera.
And Robert looks HAPPY doesn't he?
And I'm thinking Kristen has something to do 
with putting that big smile on his pretty face.
And seeing Rob so happy and relaxed...
Makes me so happy.
One of the best things ever...
is seeing Robert Pattinson
REALLY smile.

Bye for now.

*Go see Remember Me*


Anonymous said...

I saw that too ,Rosie.The idiots at the Today show put as a title a vampire actor.WTF?Is Rob a real vampire?No.Is he allurung as a vampire?Yes.I mean shows like that are completely morons.I wish the saga will finish soon and Rob and Kristen will step away from all this craziness and stupidity.

Nicole said...

I was a bit chagrined about that caption thing, too, Rose. It's not necessary at all.

jackie w said...

Hey Rose! Firt of it, i agree with you about that ridiculous thing... Robert is a vampire actor? Today he is a very talented actor!! Second, i repaired in his smile...yes, i agree when you said it is kristen's thing....
Oh, and congrats for your birthday!! I love your site!!!

Anonymous said...

He's not special. Hes just another shallow heart-throb. And he will always be the vampire actor. Sorry to break it to you.

Anonymous said...

Sightings of them out to dinner? hadn't heard. love love love.
if anyone does anything to kstew tonight, i'll flip my shit. haters/cling-ons/nonstens - chill out. if rob likes her, why can't you?

Patricia said...

Rose: Once again honey "you took the words right out of my mouth" ! I can't believe Matt's whole interview (NOT VERY GOOD)! It was like when Regis interviewed him and didn't know what "New Moon" was about. Matt really fucked up (telling the time line
of movie.) Jesus !
But enough negative, back to the most gorgeous man on the planet! OMG he is so adorable, sweet, smart, loving, sexy ,funny and the most likable man I have ever seen. I can look at him 24/7. That smile! And he looks well rested and oh so happy! Being in England the last couple of months has really been good for him. With his family and friends and Kristen! Oh yes He's in love with Kristen and Kristen is in love with Rob. THEY ARE A COUPLE! THAT'S WHERE THE BIG SMILE REALLY COMES FROM! I'm in seventh heaven with the next couple days with the interviews and shows he'll be on, and I will see "Remember Me" on March 12 CAN'T WAIT! Grazie Rose I always look forward everyday to your post. ENJOY HIM! ALL US LOVERS OF ROB AND KRISTEN WILL! I hope she's at the premier, but I know she'll be at the after party! So looking forward to pictures.

Jude said...

Anonymous 10:55AM: Aren't you the brave one, coming on here and spreading your smug, petty little message anonymously. If you have something to say, at least have the guts to use your name; otherwise, STFU.

Anonymous said...

HEY there Rose. I cant wait to see RM and it was nice to see Rob. today on the today show That big smile just love it Yes you can see that he is happy ,and im glad that he is there with his lady. I HOPE ALL GOS WELL WITH KRISTEN.Im sure Rob.well see that shes safe( the best he can)I to think that Kristen well be there for Rob.if not at the premier then at the after party I wish them the best of luck Love them both. You have a good day my friend. Deb.

Anonymous said...

Rob is a cutie.Love him sooooooo much.I hope RM does well.Just for him,i don't care about the movie.I didn't like the script anyway,but i want to go well for Rob.He deserves it.BECAUSE HE'S NOT A FUCKING VAMPIRE ACTOR.He's a sweet,talented guy.And very human,i might add.

Anonymous said...

Americans are idiots.They trat him like a pice of meat,like he's another celebrity shit,like Efron.Rob is sensitive and a good guy.I'm sure that all this attention and craziness annoys him,but i hope it'll end soon and they will leave him have his privacy with the girl he has chosen and completes him and makes him happy.It's not nobody's business,but his.All the nontens can fuck themselves,because Rob will never do that to them.They're all phychos.And dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:29, how short-sighted of you to say that all Americans are idiots with regard to Robert. Some Americans are idiots and some people from other countries are as well.

I find it odd that you would come onto a blog that basically celebrates Rob and his many gifts to spew such venom.

I am far from the only one who sees Rob as so much more than just a "heart-throb." He's well-bred and well-mannered, intelligent, intellectual, kind, talented, loyal, thoughtful, witty, has a hellacious work ethic, and much more. I also wish him good health, continued success, and above all safety.

What I wish for you is that you find some other venue to distribute your message of ill will.


KT said...

I was bothered by the caption as well. Why not say 'actor Robert Pattinson' as that is his name. Also bothered by Matt saying that the Twihards were responsible for RM Saturday which couldn't be further from the truth. The 3 women in charge of it don't even like Twilight. Matt is really slipping as a journalist. But Rob was handsome and adorable as always(those eyelashes!) and looked really tired. Kristen has been keeping him up at night(literally lol)

Anonymous said...

"vampire actor"...the proper reaction to this will be…”OMFG!!! they catch the real vampire and his an actor too!!! Holy ShitttTT!!! ”lol!
And Rob and Kristen, I’m in love with your guys love…

Anonymous said...

Pictures on the red carpet are great! Rob , Emilie and Ruby together is a terrific one. However, even better yet, many say Rob rocks the film. Rob rocks the red carpet, and Kristen rocks being there supporting her man. So glad that reports say his family and Tomstu made it for the evening.

I see maturity, calling their own pace and doing things their way own way. Yeah for them. Rock on RM. Rock on Rob and Kristen.
With a big smile - Olivia

Patricia said...

Rose: I'm over the moon as I know you are too! We love them! Rob and Kristen put a BIG SMILE on my face tonight!!! I just had to share my happiness with you Rose. I know you feel the same. YES!!!!!!! My wishes came true for them! Kristen loves Rob! Rob loves Kristen! Rob and Kristen ARE A COUPLE!!!!! She has GUTS to walk the red carpet! Kristen Stewart Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Remember Me premiere was Epic! I loved all the coverage and Rob looked so handsome! Only bad part was Kristen haters that I didn't even know were Kristen haters were in full force. I don't care if people don't like her, but when I don't like somebody I don't dwell and obsess and be completely insane about it. Why can't people be happy for Rob and his movie, and if you don't like her leave it be? I just hope Rob had a great night tonight. It was his night and I'm glad the people HE wanted there were there to support him.:)

BellaRoma4 said...

Am so behind, trying to catch up! So many good things have happened since Friday. RL gets in the way of my KPattz obsession.

I'm going to be at the theater openning weekend. Plan to see it more than once. I've been a fan of Pierce and Chris for years and am really looking forward to seeing them with Rob. Nothing against Emilie. I've never seen Lost. Read the script too so the ending is not a surprise for me. Will be taking plenty of tissue with me. Really hoping this movie is a success.

Thank you for another great post, Rose. =)