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Saturday, August 15, 2009

5 Stages of Robsten.

Acceptance of Robsten.
Is it possible?
Will there ever come a time
of peace and togetherness
in the land of ROBsessed?
I'm thinking... NO.

Here are the 5 stages of Robsten...
Some people go through the steps
and come out on the other side...
realizing what is right in front of them.
And others? Not so much.
Stage 1: Denial

Denial is a temporary defense against Robsten.
Some people love this stage... live this stage...
"They're just friends."
"He hooks up with all his co-stars"
"Where's the proof?"

Stage 2: Anger

Anger is when they realize that denial is futile.
This is also the stage that many people
seem to get stuck in...
"WHY her??"
"It's going to ruin the movies!"
"She's not good enough for him!"

Stage 3: Bargaining

This is where they cling to hope...
and will say or do anything to rationalize it.
"Please let it be a rumor."
"Just because he's in a hotel with her doesn't mean anything!"
"Perez is right!!! Ted sucks!"

Stage 4: Depression

They finally begin to comprehend
the certainty of Robsten.
"I couldn't care less!"
"They deserve each other."
"It will never last!"

Stage 5: Acceptance

Very few reach this stage...
instead preferring to linger in Denial and Anger.
" I don't want to talk about it anymore."
"Well, someone that hot should be doing it with somebody!"
"As long as Rob is happy... I'm happy!"

The 5 Stages of Robsten...
Which stage are you in?
Bye for now
Edit: This post is only my opinion...
and my opinion is dripping with sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

Lol! Spot on my friend, spot on.

Anonymous said...

lol i think my friend is on all 5 at once i'm not jokeing

skye282 said...

Best post i've seen in a long time,lol, you are right on all counts:)

Anonymous said...

Like your last Robsten blog, spot on!

I don't think there will never be peace, because the people who can't handle "losing Rob" or having a say in who they want to see him with will spend their days commiserating with other Nonstens.

You know how it'll be: Anger. Kristen bashing. The only way to make themselves feel better that Rob didn't choose them? Turn it into hating. Aren't they sad?

I'm just gonna smile and be happy they're together, because I think they're beautiful together...

Anonymous said...

It so sad really that people have to hate Kristen because Rob chose her..They need to lay off the poor girl..I cant beleive they call themselves fans of Rob..but try to pick his love interest..truly sick.I feel so bad for R/K.

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant to say

"I don't think there will ever be peace"


Dreea said...

Such an accurate description of the emotional experience that is Robsten!!! I’ve been suffering from ORD (Obsessive Robsten Disorder as coined on another blog) for about 2 months now... :) The first 4 stages were fun and breezy… But before I knew what was going down I was in Stage 5 and found myself emotionally invested - and totally confused by how and why I got there! The idealist and the hopeless romantic in me finds comfort and giddiness in this stage. Comfort, but definitely not peace because I know my heart will break a little - who am I kidding??? - way more than a little, if Robsten turns out to be just figment of our overly active imaginations! And still I ask - why and how did I get here? : )

Suz said...

Rose.. to quote Jack..

"Rose you KNOW ME"

I am 1-5 depending on which day of the week it is...

But EVERYDAY, I cannot deny my undying love for Rose! xx

half_my_self said...

I've been at 5 since the getgo! :) LOL!

Anonymous said...

I don't fall into any of those categories. Unfortunately, I may be a bit more pathetic with my own Robsten Obsession stages. These are the ones I went through after watching Twilight. Stage 1. Oh, there kinda cute together, and pretty good chemistry on screen. Stage 2. (Occurred after watching their interviews together.) OMG, they are adorable together! They are so on! Stage 3: What the heck? She has a boyfriend?! No way, she needs to dump her BF and get with Rob. Stage 4: (After pics of them together in VC) Oh yeah...they are definitely hooking up. Good times, good times. Stage 5: Aww, they are totally in love. They're more than just dating, they have to be engaged by now. Stage 6: Never mind engagement, Rob and Kris are totally married! Yup, those are the stages I went through and I'm sticking with it.

Love, k1

Nicole said...

I'm another one that skipped the first four and went straight to #5, lol.

k1, I like your stages, too!

Anonymous said...

I've been at 5 since I joined an insider's blog via Twitter last month; became a 4 after the MTV Awards, even when there was skepticism about them eating dinner alone at Cicconi's. I'm ridiculously giddy about Robsten, hopeless romantic I guess. None of my friends know, they all thought I was nuts for trekking to Brooklyn to see Rob film this summer. But it can't be helped.

xo mandalynn said...

I love this. So true!
I'm Stage 3 - 5, depending on the day and situation.

I love reading your blog.
Your feelings are often similar to mine, I just hate to admit it lol

cosmo7197 said...

I love that this is so true. Regardless it's their lives to live and speculation and/or hate does no one any good.