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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Edward Cullen Perfection.

Someone got it right.
Robert Pattinson finally looks like my Edward.
Yes... MY Edward.

I read "Twilight" before Rob was connected to Edward.
So I had my own vision of Edward in my head.
And even though I think Rob was perfectly cast...
He still didn't quite match up to the Edward in my mind.
My Edward (and oh how I love typing MY Edward!)
was always more mature... more serious...
More seductive...

Until now.
The new pictures released from New Moon...
That Edward?
That is what I see when I close my eyes.
That is who I see dragging his nose
along Bella's jawline... down her neck...
This is the Edward I see...
Gently kissing Bella's warm lips.

New Moon has gotten it right.

Now. Remember...
The previous picture of Rob from Twilight
is one of my favorites...
That was the pic that made me realize that
Rob could be Edward.
Now I see that
Edward can be Rob.

Should I be ashamed to admit
that I love Edward Cullen?
Well, I do...
Should I be ashamed to admit
that I love Robert Pattinson?
Well, I do...

Thank you New Moon Movie.

Thank you for bring *my* Edward to life.
I don't have to use my imagination
to see Edward anymore...
I can finally see him clearly.
And he's beautiful..
Brilliant perfection.

Bye for now


Lynda said...

Yes, I definitely agree with you, this Edward does fit more into the image that you get when reading the book. Even though he does not look 17,he is so much more mature that you CAN picture him looking like this. I really LOVE this Edward from New Moon, he just looks so mature, sexy, hot and Robert-like!!!!

Tess said...

They've done a wonderful job with the makeup this time around.

Rob's face has really matured over the past year (and now wonder) He looks older, but not in a bad way... more like his face is catching up with his spirit..

Yeah that's it.. we don't get old, we just catch up with our souls. I like it!