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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rob and the Private Pretty©

I finally got a new phone.
I mean like a real phone.
A phone that actually works.
And coincidentally...
A phone that lets me get online
Read email
And basically keep in touch with Rob.

How I would love to be on Rob's speed dial.

Someone commented on a post from a few days ago...
(forgive me for being incredibly lazy for not looking it up)
Saying that my feelings for Robert...
Were just LUST.
And although I will admit that I do indeed
lust after Mr. Pattinson
(Am I not human? Do I not lust?)
There is a lot more to my feelings.

It's not about sex for me.
It's not about the crotch shots...
It's not about 'doing' him...
It's not about guesstimating the size of his...
Well... You know.

I truly believe that I love Rob.
It seems so silly to even think it.
It seems so impossible to rationalize...

I would rather be his friend
than anything else.
My real fantasy of Rob?

He calls me on my new phone...
Caller ID says "Rob"
And the ringtone is "I'll Be Your Lover, Too"
We chat a little... about nothing in particular.
He laughs... I melt.
He wants to meet at a club...
There is live music and a great atmosphere...
We meet.
We hug.
Oh... we hug.
He swallows me in his arms...
I nuzzle into his neck...
And I smell Robert Pattinson.
And you KNOW he smells delicious...
(I melt again)
We sit close together in a booth...
We drink.
We talk...
About music.
About books.
About life.
We laugh.
We hang out.
(and yeah, I'm still all melty)

THAT is what I dream about.
Being in Rob's life.
Being someone that he wants to be with.
Being someone who puts that gorgeous smile
on his beautiful face.
Being someone who appreciates Rob
for being an amazing human being
"behind the face".
Being his FRIEND.

Yes... Rob is beautiful.
And yes... he is sexy hot.
But I want what is inside the sexy...
I want The Private Pretty©

Bye for now

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I loved this Rose! If it was a simple as just lusting after this gorgeous man, I personally wouldn’t still be investing the time I do in my Robsession. I’m not in love with Rob, but I am absolutely intrigued by him and completely unable to satisfy my interest. To have Rob as a friend would truly be the ultimate!