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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Looking For Twilight

I was 'out of town' this past weekend...
Husband does that to me now and again.
Maybe its to get me away from Vampires...
I'm not sure.

But anyway.

Our place is located in the "North Woods".
Which basically means its in Northern Wisconsin.
But driving up there (it takes about 4 hours)
I noticed how much it looks like Forks does
in the Twilight movie.
We were smack dab
(Really? smack dab? When did I turn into my grandmother?)
in the middle of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.
I kept expecting to see Edward running around
with Bella glued to his back...
Looking really cheesy and lame...

But alas... No.

The North Woods has 9 Indian Tribes
(and they have casinos... woohoo!)
So my chances of seeing a Jacob Black would
have been far greater.
If I ever had the need to look for Jacob...
Which I don't see happening anytime soon.

I decided to go out in search of Twilight...
And I found nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Oh sure... lots of red pickup trucks...
Lots of waving bears carved out of logs...
But no Twilight related anything.
No merchandise, no posters...
No Edward, No Bella.
I wonder if the movie was even shown here...
The local library did have one copy of the book.
And it was there. Right next to "New Moon", "Eclipse"
and "Breaking Dawn"... all available.
I found myself asking anyone I could if they had
heard of Twilight...
And the best line I heard all day?

"Yeah, Twilight. Sure. That's the best time for fishin'"

I give up.

Robert Pattinson?
You will be the end of me.

Bye for now


Vampsus said...

I did the same thing in Santa Fe this summer, and ended up buying a hat with a chile pepper on it that said Bite Me! Pathetic.

kvaughn75 said...

I can beat you. My MOTHER didn't know who Twilight OR Rob was until today!! And it's not like she lives in a cave, she works full-time in an office of women my age and knows everyone in the tri-state area. Needless to say I choked on my lunch and proceeded to give her a crash tour of Robwardland..and Robstentown...and Twilightville. oy.

Tess said...

Really? No Twilight paraphernalia at all? Will wonders never cease.

Even the hypermarket in the small village I stayed in this summer had the whole series, a book by SM I've never heard of before (I think, since it was in Italian) AND a book dedicated solely to Robert Pattinson!

Glad you're back Rose.


Kelly said...

LMAO!! ".... best time for fishin" You should have immediately warned them what fishin did for Harry Clearwater in the movie :)

Ah to see the real world collide with our Twilight world...our Rob world... precious!

Thanks for the giggle this morning!