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Friday, August 14, 2009

ROBert and kriSTEN

Well. Well. Well.
I was looking over my post titles from the last few days.
All I have to say is...
Good Fucking Grief.

The "R" word is in 8 out of 10 Titles.
I guess I am in much deeper than I realized.

Maybe I can blame the lack of Rob news
for my ongoing "R" infatuation.
I mean...
If I had new pictures of him to look at...
Maybe I wouldn't be spouting off
so much about "R".

Or maybe not.

I would like to think that
I can stop any time I want.
I would like to think that
I am miles away from most fanatics...
But am I?

As the magic 8 ball so cleverly says...
"Outlook not so good"

The fact of the matter is...
I'm kinda a bitch.
(yeah... 'kinda'... riiiight)
And I'm a gifted shit-stirrer.
Oh... I love to put my big ol' paddle
in that vat of "R" stew
and stir like crazy.

Does that make me a bad person?

Magic 8 ball?
"Better not tell you now"

I've been all about "R" lately.
So much so...
That I actually feel protective of them.
A grown woman.
Married to husband.
Mother to sons.
Getting all angsty about a relationship
That has absolutely nothing to do with me.

A year ago... if you would have told me
that I would be fucking obsessing
over a 23 year old actor...
a series of books and movies...
and a relationship between
this actor and his co-star...
I would have said...

And yet.
Here I sit.
Writing in my Robert Pattinson Blog.

Do I need help?

Magic 8 ball?
"As I see it, yes"

Bye for now

1 comment:

zelda555 said...

If you are obsessing ...please.. let me find a good psychiatrist and book us BOTH an appointment!!!