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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You Talking To Me??

I usually post in the morning.
I'm all groggy and bitchy...
and the words seem to spew forth effortlessly...

It's 2:30pm.

I had a very pleasant day with my BFF.
Talking... Shopping... Talking... Lunch... Talking.
I'm in a great mood.

Yet... I'm still feeling incredibly bitchy.
It's like this blog holds the key to my bitchy heart.


This eeny teeny tiny blog... has its share of critics.
And I'm honestly OK with that.
I don't expect to please everyone
(you got to please yourself).

But I wanted to address some emails
I have received lately.

1. "You do a bad job of keeping up with Rob news"
First off...
Blow me.
Second... This isn't a 'news' blog...
It's just a place for me to vent and rant
about my unrequited feelings for Robert Pattinson.
If you want constant updates and the latest
pictures and videos...
Go to ROBsessed.
They are the best.

2. "I get that you love Robsten, but just because I don't
agree with you doesn't make me a Twi-Twat."
I've never said that. EVER.
I actually like differing opinions...
It keeps things interesting.
But like I have stated before...
(and sometimes I wonder if people comprehend my words)
Twi-Twats are a special breed of Twilight Fan.
Delusional. Bitter. Jealous. Insane.
And dangerous.
Dangerous to Kristen and Rob...
These kind of fans make me worry for their safety.
I've seen a Twat up close and personal...
and believe me... its not pretty.
It's fucking scary.
It's best not to confront Twats yourself...
They are better left handled by professionals.

3. "You swear too much"
Fucking blow me.
I swear. It's how I express my feelings.
I don't mean to offend anyone...
but I'm not going to censor myself...
or write what I think people want to read.
Oh and fuck that noise.

4. "Kristen Stewart sucks and so do you"
What can I say?
I'm in good company.
I'm loving Kristen these days.
I know she would probably say something like...
"I don't fucking care what you think."
And I would just add...

First comes Denial
Then comes Anger.
Then comes Bitter Disappointment.

Get the fuck used to it.

Bye for now


Larissa said...

UHUUUUUUUU \o/ You go girl!!! I fucking love your posts!!!! Keep bringing girl!!!!
Lov this one!!!
First comes Denial
Then comes Anger.
Then comes Bitter Disappointment.

Get the fuck used to it.

imloco2 said...

LOL Love your thoughts Rose. I don't cuss much because it's not me, but there's nothing wrong with how you express yourself. I actually like the way you write and talk and think. I'm glad you're sharing it with the rest of us. (Boy, I hate being this bland, but I just can't say Fuck for fucks sake. *g*)

Kelly said...

3. "You swear too much"
Fucking blow me.


Anonymous said...

yeah Twi-Twat...get the FUCK used to it!!!!
p.s i'm fucking love you, Rose!!!!!