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Thursday, August 27, 2009

When You're Gone, How Can I Carry On?

Where are those happy days,
they seem so hard to find
I try to reach for you,
but you have closed your mind
Whatever happened to our love
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice,
it used to be so good
So when you're near me,
darling can't you hear me
The love you gave me,
nothing else can save me
When you're gone (when you're gone)
How can I even try to go on
When you're gone (when you're gone)
Though I try how can I carry on

I'm going through severe withdrawal.
Yeah... sure... at first I laughed about it...
Boldly stating how happy I was that Rob
was getting some peace and quiet.
But who the hell am I trying to kid?
It's been like... 2 weeks? Months?
I can't even remember anymore.

Let's face it.
I'm sad.
I miss him.
It actually hurts to think about him.

I just need to see him.
Just one little picture?
I need to know he is OK.
I'm not asking much, am I?
A brief glimpse...

That face.
That smile.
That hair.
I have to see him.
I want to see him.
Every fiber in my body is screaming for him.
Just one little hit of Robert?
A little one.
That's all I am asking for...
I promise that will be enough.
I will do anything to to see him again...

I don't usually pray for this sort of thing...
Can you let me know that Robert is OK?
Can you just let me look at his beautiful face...
Maybe watch him walk...
Let me see what shirt he is wearing?
That's not a lot to ask... right?


This is so hard.
I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.
My head hurts.
My heart aches.

I need Robert Pattinson.
I do.

Addiction is tough.

When you're gone...
Though I try
How can I... carry on?

Bye for now

(Lyrics for SOS belong to ABBA)


Suz said...

Rose, how did you get into my head.

I've done nothing but EAT for the past 24 hours trying to fill the void. (past patterns, don't judge)

Rob is my sustenance.. Without him. It's peanut butter... HELP!

It's almost as if he didn't exist at all.

Anonymous said...

Rob obsess got his new pic tho…but I wanna see his Stewie too(pout!)

imloco2 said...

Our prayers have been answered! Rob goodness. Walking even. So why am I sitting here wanting more?

Mrsfrou said...

I love your blog...you are so awesome and a Robho after my own heart.

Drought is officially over sistah's...Robossessed has some new pics of Robward. Sooo gooood...yum, yum, yum.