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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Robsten Proof?

I can't wait to hear the excuses.
The rationalizations.
Because you know you will.

I can hear it now...

"You have to lean into someone to hear what they are saying at a concert."

"I always press my lips onto someone elses when I want to know what they are saying."

"The pictures are so blurry... You can't really see what is going on."

"It's just two friends discussing the music of the Kings of Leon."

"It doesn't prove anything."

A part of me wants to be a total brat and just giggle and say...
"Nanner, Nanner... TOLD YA SO!"
But I don't have to say it.


Because you can fucking SEE it.
It's right there in front of you.
Rob and Kristen are so IN to each other.

Stages 1 and 2 of Robsten will be in full force today...
Denial and Anger.

But seriously... come the fuck into stage 5.
It's actually quite peaceful here.
It's a happy place.
I know I'm fucking smiling.

Bye for now
P.S. I know these pics look intrusive...
But I'm pretty sure Rob and Kristen knew
that they were being watched...
and obviously didn't seem to care.
They were in a public place,
in a crowd of people at a concert...
And for the sake of Robsten?
I had to do it.


kr said...

Epic Robsten day. Love them.

Melissa said...

ILY, Rose and I totally agree with you! :-)


Anonymous said...

YES......thank you. I feel like I'm in "same wave-length heaven" when I visit your site. I'm soooo smilin'. Please don't stop.

Lula! said...

Again...the voice of reason.
You're a genius.

May said...

You totally fucking rule,bb. JS. :D

imloco2 said...

I've been at level 5 since the beginning, mostly because I'm too old to be lusting over Rob for myself. ;) Robsten rocks and you rule Rose! :D

Netti said...

yeh Ive been at level 5 :-) good for them!!!!!!! wooooooohoooooooo

maria said...

100% stage 5!!!!!!
I am so sick of seeing like a hundred youtube videos of these photos and half of the comments are exactly the excuses you have pointed out!! I mean come on!!!!!!Like they are going to make out in public in order to convience some blinded narrow-minded children...open your eyes and admire them people, because they are glorious together!!!