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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Robsten and the Mystery of the Bracelets!

Oh I'm in such a pissy mood.
I apologize in advance.

1. Husband annoys me.
He's not 6'1...
He doesn't have sex hair
(I'll be honest, he doesn't really have much hair)
He doesn't play guitar...
Well... I know this isn't fair.
I know.
I'm not exactly a piece of prime real estate...
But Husband fucking irritates me right now...
So I'm just pointing out the obvious...

2. SO! Robert was spotted (i.e. stalked) at LAX!
He looked thoroughly THRILLED, too!
And do you want to know the topic
of conversation throughout Twitter?
What does this mean?
Well... Kristen was spotted with 2 bracelets....
Read into what you will.
(and the theories are fucking hilarious!)
I like to think that Rob and Kristen
are having a nice laugh at the whole
ridiculous drama this has become.

3. Bryce Dallas Howard.
I can't hate on her.
I really don't know anything about her.
Besides the fact that she is Ron Howard's daughter...
And I kinda like Ron Howard.
His work on 'The Simpsons' alone
is worth my affection.
And even though I like Rachelle...
It's not Bryce's fault
That Summit is a fuck-up...
I mean, really...
Look at what they did to "Twilight"!!
So I will give her a chance.
As if I have a choice?

4. OMG! Guess What????
Rob now has 2 bracelets
and Kristen has none.
What does it mean?
I just made it up.
Isn't that what people do?


5. Last night before I went to sleep...
I was counting black bracelets...
It was an amazing sleep aid...
I fell right to sleep!

6. Rob?
I adore you.
I don't care how many bracelets you are wearing.
I hope you are as successful staying out
of the excruciating glare of the camera
in LA... as you were in NYC.

Good luck with that.

Bye for now


imloco2 said...

LOL I'm sorry you're having a bad day, but I got a big laugh with the braclet announcement. LOL The things that are made up these days boggles my mind. I just hope Rob is happy wherever he is and whatever he's doing. ;)

Suz said...

Rose, I am the crankiest bitch today... could be cuz I too have been having a hard time sleeping lately..(could be Rob is on the wrong coast.. sniff sniff) Tonight, I am going to count black wristlets and sway..

3 SWAY zzzzzzzzzz

Tess said...

Loved this post Rose..

I thought this was especially brilliant.

5. Last night before I went to sleep...
I was counting black bracelets...
It was an amazing sleep aid...
I fell right to sleep!

All the speculation puts me to sleep period.

PS: Will you wear my bracelet?


Anonymous said...

OMG the braclets so funny!!!
noticed on a youtube video with Rob on the set of How to Be with a black braclet that you tie like the one he wears now