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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Thinking...

Day 10 (? I'm not sure... could be 10... could be 110)
of the Robert Drought of 2009.
(Is it still 2009?)

1. No Rob. At first I was kinda happy about it...
Selfishly it means that my heart beats normally...
My blood pressure remains in a safe zone...
And my stomach has stopped flip-flopping like a fish out of water.
But now I just want to see him again.
I want to see the "Eclipse" Edward...
Just a glimpse and I will be satisfied.
For now.

2. There was a recent release of some
unknown Rob photoshoot.
You know which one I am talking about.
The 'batman' pics... with Rob in previously unseen poses.
There is one in particular that caused quite an uproar...
Rob laying on his stomach, on some sort of fluffy rug...
Showing a bit of skin where his shirt pulled up by his ass.
Um. No.
Just fucking no.
That picture is ALL kinda wrong.
First, Rob laying on some bullshit rug
in some lame ass shit pose?
I don't see it.
Rob letting his ass crack be exposed in a pic?
I don't see it.
The whole lame ass pose in general?
I don't see it.
And whats with Rob's head?
It looks abnormally large for his body.
It looks like a badly done manip.
I've heard all the arguments as to why it is real.
I get it. I do.
But it looks fake to me.
It doesn't look like something Rob would do.
I guess time will tell.

3. Robsten.
You didn't think I couldn't NOT talk about them...
Did you?
It seems that even the die-hard Nonstens are starting
to realize that Rob and Kristen are together.
Oh sure... you still have your Twi-whores who will
never stop fighting the obvious...
Who will let their bitter jealousy sustain their lives.
But only medication will help those unfortunate people.
So sorry.

4. Nikki Reed has been seen dancing around Vancouver.
*gasp* What a surprise!
She cannot glom onto Kristen anymore...
So she has set her sights on... Elizabeth Reaser?
I'm truly sorry if you are a fan of Nikki's.
I mean... shes pretty and all...
But she's such a famewhore.
She attached herself to Rob and Kristen
and rode that horse for as long as she could.
She will take whatever she can get...
Her 15 minutes have to be close to being over.

5. Let's talk about Twitter.
I'm really loving it.
I didn't get it at first...
(and I'm still slowly figuring it out)
But it really is a lot of fun...
And there are some terribly cool people there.
Awesome people. Interesting people.
And man, the news about Rob just fucking flies on there.
Twitter is the place to be if you want to know
the latest news on all things Robert.
OK, some people give out Rob's locations...
And some people use it to stalk him...
But for the most part it fucking rocks.

Oh and theres this site...
called Cursebird...
"A real time feed of people swearing on Twitter."
I put my name in...
and this is what came up...

Rosesee swears like a Scottish Comedian
Ranked: 147,090th worldwide Swears: 21 Score: 94 of 100

A Scottish comedian? WhatTheFuck?
I know I can do better than that!
Fucking A.
94 of 100??
That's fucking bullshit!
I need to work on that bitch.
Big fucking time.


Bye for now


maria said...

I know what you mean Rose..I am also conflicted between my happiness that finally our lovebirds have some piece and quiet and by my desire just to look at them a little bit, I miss them terribly! Especially Rob of course!!
I wanted to ask you a favor, if you want of course! I have about two weeks that I'm following your blog, and I'm fascinated by your thoughts and how much similar they are to mine! I was just wondering what do you think of Eclipse as a book..especially about the whole Jacob - Bella thing? I am really curious about your opinion because I honestly had a very hard time reading that part..I was crying and screaming and throwing the book away until I finally reached towards the end..if you have the time and the desire I would really like to know what you think :)

Kelly said...

I appreciate you love of Robsten... and hey I've always been of the "if he's happy I'm happy" camp. I enjoy Twilight, loved the book(s)liked the movie, but I hang around for Rob... facts is facts and the man just totally f*cking owns my ass... and we're not talking a small amount of property there :)

(I'm putting on my protective gear, shoulder pads, chest plate, knee pads, shin guards, helmet... where the hell did I put that cup... ah there it is, a girl can't be too careful when she's about to oppose a view :) )

What I am about to say I do not say lightly, especially not to you Rose…

I wish I could see the whole robsten thing.. not see it as in I need picture proof, just see it. To me they don't seem like a likely couple. And I don’t like being thought of as a “Twi-whore” because my view is opposing. I'm pretty sure part of the reason I don’t see it is that I just don't get her. I don't dislike her, NOT AT ALL.. I don't know her. But what I know of her.. I just don’t get her. I hope she is completely different on a personal level... because as someone in the public, to me anyway, she is very one dimensional, almost cold, closed off. I know she has to protect herself and the public can be very forgiving, but I want to like her.. I want to look forward to her work..I want to embrace all the is Kristen and Robsten... I just don't see it.

But as I began with.. if he's happy I'm happy and if she makes him happy, she's ok in my book. I just wish I could see it I see the closer relationship, I do see that a close friendship.. but I don't see the rest. Of course I don't know him anymore than I know her, so he could totally not be what I think he is.. and then the whole theory would be toast..

Thanks for the thoughts.... and thank for letting me respond!

Rose said...

Kelly. Just because you don't agree with me, doesn't make you a "Twi-whore". That's not what I meant... at all.
I fully accept there are opposing point of views. In fact, I welcome it! It's what makes this whole thing interesting!
Twi-whores are the people who are DELUSIONAL and BITTER and DEFENSIVE. These people want to hurt Kristen. I mean... actually go find her and beat her up. These people have delusions that Rob will fall madly in love with them... This is a very small part of the ROBsessed out there. Thank God.

You don't have to get Kristen. I don't always understand where she is coming from either. Isn't it nice that we don't have to?
Rob seems to get her.
I'm OK with that.

Rose said...

Maria:) I will have to give that some thought and get back to you!

Kelly said...

AH.. I get it now.. ok cool.. so we agree to disagree.. and I'm good with that.. I heart you though.. and love your blog!!

debbi said...

I have to say how much I enjoy reading the posts on this blog - people can offer different views without getting nasty or defensive. I was reading comments on another Rob blog about the whole "coffee scandal" and those folks had their panties in a complete bunch over it and were pretty heated with one another. Seriously, people? Over 2 people maybe grabbing coffee? The Nonstens were out in full effect saying there was no way that story could be true. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but what's amazing is that the idea of Rob and Kristen bothers some people so much that they can't even tolerate a story of them getting coffee and jump all over folks to disprove it. Personally, I think if someone was going to make up a story about Rob and Kris, they could do better than a coffee run, but that's just me. The hostility over there kinda brought me down, so it was nice to come over here and find some refuge. I feel like the people here "get it."

Amy said...

Hi Rose,
I just recently discovered your blog and commented a few times. I like your "haiku" style writing. You drop f-bombs like Skittles sprinkling down from a rainbow, and it's hilarious! Anyhow, thanks for your thoughts on Twitter. It's still a little strange to me, but maybe I will muster up some courage to sign-up.

imloco2 said...

It's not because I love Kristen so much that I want Rob and her together. And it's not that I romanticize them and think they have the love of the ages. (they might or they might not) But when I see them together I see two happy people and I see a smile on Rob's face. Like sunshine that is. And I see a smile on Kristen's face. The cynical girl that nothing impresses..except Rob Pattinson. LOL

He gets her. She gets him. They're happy. (at least I'm pretty sure) That's all I need. (except a damn picture so I know what they look like now!)

Anonymous said...

For me watching Robsten in pics…videos and ect, is like watching a beautiful peaceful scenery…they got this amazing aura (you can literally feel it ) when they around each other and I never care about others celeb, only Robsten AND NOT B/C THEY ARE E&B…cause I hate Twilight series lol!!!!